The Era of Gods Chapter 225


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Although the upper limit of power on this plane is not high, after all, there are several powerhouses of extraordinary levels. I know that there are other planes besides the plane. In fact, there are Space Cracks leading to other planes on this plane. It’s too dangerous for ordinary people to pass.

Yun Shaoning intends to stabilize and reinforce the cracks in these planes, as a natural gate to different planes, as a springboard to attack and conquer other planes.

But before that, he must first summon the Kingdom’s artisans to build a cross-interface Transmission Gate.

According to the regulations, the Transmission Gate was built within one year, that is, at the end of the 1st Stage, but that is only the standard for the excellent evaluation of the 1st Stage. In fact, most students will overtime. He didn’t care about the 1st Stage results at all. The focus is on the 2nd Stage.

Like him, Lin Xiao did not rush to build the Transmission Gate within a year. After capturing that small drow city, he immediately moved the base and started to expand with the space below the city. .

This drow has enslaved tens of thousands of slaves, plus the previous conquered, Lin Xiao now has a total population of nearly 20,000 in his hands.

The war game population is the resource. He selected a part of the population of 20,000 including more than a dozen races to establish a full-time army, the rest of the cave people farm, and the gray dwarves specialize in mining.

As a civilization that can build cities, the drow is one of the rulers of the Underground World no matter what plane it is in. This plane is no exception. Lin Xiao obtained this huge Underground World from them. data.

Yes, you can use the word huge to describe it.

After getting the information they knew about Underground World from the drow, Lin Xiao knew that this plane was not the small plane he had imagined, it was estimated to be a bit large.

He remembered that he had just arrived in this strange plane group. There were many joint-like nodes in the overlapping plane group like octopus tentacles, and the volume was much larger than the plane that formed the tentacles on the side. It is estimated that the plane he is descending on is the large joint node plane.

Of course, this large scale is relative to the other small planes of this plane group. According to the general standards of the chaotic virtual sea, this is only a medium plane.

Although it was a little unexpected, Lin Xiao was happier.

The plane is bigger. Doesn’t it mean that if you can successfully conquer this plane, even if you only use half of the certificate, the evaluation when the time comes will definitely be super high.

Because of this, he slightly changed his plan.

It turned out to be waiting for the establishment of the cross-border Transmission Gate, and summon’s own family members pushed the plane in waves. If it is really a small plane, it is not difficult to do it.

But now I find that this is a medium-sized plane. In addition, I have encountered a giant dragon before. It is not easy to attack this plane. Especially now it will be discovered by the will of the plane at any time. Once discovered, That is all people are enemies.

It’s not that the whole world is really an enemy, but under the hint of the will of the plane, all creatures encountered will be involuntarily hostile to him, making it easier to encounter powerful monsters.

For example, if there is a giant dragon in the Underground World, the sleeping giant dragon suddenly wakes up because of hunger or an earthquake, and then it seems to be random when going out hunting but flies towards him unconsciously. , Once you find him, you will definitely treat him as a prey, regardless of whether a person’s meat is enough to stuff his teeth.

Normal giant dragons seldom use humans as food. They are too small to cram their teeth between their teeth, but this is not a problem under the will of the plane.

Even if he is as small as an ant, he may be burned to death by the giant dragon’s breath.

At this time, it has been more than a year. I don’t know if it was hidden in the underground world. Planar Will did not find him after more than a dozen scans. Lin Xiao was accidental or accidental.

But I didn’t find it was a good thing. At this time, he has collected enough resources and built a cross-world Transmission Array, just waiting to be activated.

But Lin Xiao did not activate immediately, but temporarily sealed it, and continued to command the current conquering subordinates to expand outward and conquer the underground creatures or tribes in the nearby Underground World.

Because once activated, it will immediately be discovered by the will of the plane and fall into a hostile environment of all the people. Even the conquered subordinates may rebel or flee.

So he has to conquer more underground creatures as much as possible before he is discovered, establish a huge power first, provide resources for himself, and act as cannon fodder for his dependents.

In the next time, other students activated the Cross-Border Transmission Gate one after another, and opened the Divine Realm gate immediately after unlocking the permissions. A large number of summon family members began to raid the current plane.

Even Yun Shaoning is no exception. As soon as the Transmission Gate was completed, a large number of family members were immediately summoned to defeat the other two kingdoms in the plane together with the empire under his own rule, and unify the entire plane.

Then start to stabilize the few Space Cracks in the plane and look for the next target.

By the time he found a plane that was determined to be dozens of times larger than his initial plane after exploring, he was ready to attack, it was already the third year after their arrival.

Besides the void, the huge void battleship is still very quietly parked in the sky, and all the senior teachers are still there.

These are just one of the many incarnations of seniors. What should the real body and other incarnations do? The most recent task of this incarnation of seniors is to stay here…and have fun.

Each True God has a varying number of incarnations. Generally, the incarnations owned by the weak divine force that has just been ordained are related to the number of their own priests. The initial few priests can have several incarnations. The rules governed by these incarnations Corresponds to the priesthood.

For example, Lin Xiao will have the four priesthoods of truth, creation, great naga, and murloc in the future. Then, after he has just made the god, he will have the four clergy incarnations of truth, creation, naga, and murloc. The power of incarnation and this The four priesthoods correspond to each other, and they have half the power of the true godhead.

For example, incarnation has two levels of real body godhead, and incarnation is only Level 1.

But once promoted to a weak divine force, he will have the incarnation of five gods.

These five incarnations all have the four clergy of truth, creation, naga, and murloc. They also have only half the godhead level of the true body, but their strength is much stronger than the previous clergy incarnation.

Most of the seniors sent by seniors are clerical incarnations, which shows that they are still in the weak divine force stage. There are only three divine incarnations for the sixteen seniors and the class teacher.

Three years is almost fleeting for True God, who has already enshrined the gods and has immortal life. No one is impatient because of the long time, but because of entering the 2nd Stage, they are excited to observe the Junior Brothers. which performed.

At this time, the light curtain has been disassembled, and each Senior has a huge light curtain in front of him, inside each showing their optimistic Junior Brother, and one of the Senior’s optimistic is Lin Xiao.

This Senior was observing the light curtain with great interest, and suddenly he slapped the table and pointed to the screen in the light curtain and said to the other Seniors:

“This young man is fine!”

He raised his head and asked Jin Sisi:

“Sisi Senior Sister, come and see this classmate, is it one of the few students you like?”

Several people around came over, Jin Sisi looked at nodded:

“He is one.”

“That’s all right, this time he estimates that he will get the best spot.”

At this moment, the other Seniors all stretched their heads to take a look, and they were nodded. One of the Seniors said in a rather surprised tone:

“This cow, how did he do it, it’s been three years since the plane will not scan him?”

He looked towards the other Senior and said:

“It seems that more than 80 people have not been discovered yet. The one who persisted the longest lasted only 13 months before being discovered.”

The entire group was observing for a long time to no avail. Su Senior rubbed his chin and stared at the growing huge city in the huge underground space in the light curtain, muttering to himself:

“There is no reason. With the territories he is currently conquering and the servants who are enslaved, he is considered a pivotal force in this nodal plane. It is impossible that it has not been discovered by the will of the plane. This will not be because of him. Staying in the underground world, you will not be able to find out. The interference of the underground on the will of the plane is not as high as you think.”

At this moment, a Senior pointed to the light curtain and shouted:

“Look, he is about to activate the cross-world Transmission Array summon family.”

Everyone cast their gazes over, and saw a huge array in the center of the huge underground city in the light curtain lit up. White magical auras spread rapidly along the array, and finally gathered in the center of the array, turning into a huge and terrifying power that exudes terrifying power. The beam of light soars into the sky…


All Senior’s bodies leaned forward at the same time, staring wide-eyed into the light curtain. The surging energy beam suddenly disappeared silently after less than 100 meters, as if it was wiped directly. It’s the same, but all seniors know that this cross-border Transmission Gate has been activated, but…

“Why does the plane will not react?”

It’s not just that the Seniors don’t understand, even Lin Xiao himself is stunned, he is ready to be found by the will of the plane to be the enemy of the world, but didn’t expect …..

“This is not normal, this is definitely not normal!”

Lin Xiao didn’t have any joy on his face.

Normally this is a good thing, but you can still make a fortune if you don’t find it.

But the situation is so weird, he can’t sleep well without knowing it.

He immediately thought of the Rubik’s Cube in his own hands, but he wanted to make the Rubik’s Cube not at all. His own cheat means only simple functions such as decomposition, refinement, and integration. In these aspects, it is estimated to be a great divine Force is incomparable, and there is absolutely no such function as it is encountered now.

Except this…

He ruled out the treasures that might have this effect one by one, and soon thought of two possibilities.

One is the priesthood of truth, and the other is the core shell of the crystal wall system.

Looking at the good things in his hands, the only things he can do are these two.

Well, after thinking about it, he excluded the priesthood of truth.

The true priesthood of truth does have the ability to hide himself, but the problem is that he has not yet condensed the priesthood of truth, but is just about to take this path.

Exclude this, the answer is ready to come.

He wanted to return to Divine Realm to communicate with his real body, and when he returned, he couldn’t stop the joy on his face.

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