The Era of Gods Chapter 226


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The indescribable power crashed down, and the huge body of the Black Dragon fell like a falling star. The thick limbs pressed on the ground, and an invisible halo of’boom’ exploded and swept the ground gravel, centered on Black Dragon. The 50-meter-diameter ground collapsed steeply, and smoke rose in the sky.

The outpost fell into silence, only the heavy breathing of everyone.

After waiting for a few seconds, Lin Xiao thoughts move, the nearest dozen stone golems and reloaded golems slowly approached with heavy steps.

“Good guy, this Junior Brother wants to catch a giant dragon alive?”

At this time, many seniors in the void battleship gathered on the light curtain in front of Kang Senior, including the class teacher Jin Sisi and the counselor Zhu Hong gathered here at the eighteen line of sight. Everyone looked forward to it, very curious. Can Lin Xiao’s plan succeed?

The smoke and dust in the sinking pit slowly dissipated, and there was no sound inside, and only the heavy footsteps of the golem remained around.

But Lin Xiao didn’t have any joy on his face, instead he was extremely solemn.

In his feelings, although there is no sound in the extremely quiet trap, there is a breath that makes him feel palpitation slowly condensing, as if something is accumulating power.

The first stone golem came to the side of the pit, raised its axe and kept jumping without the slightest hesitation, and jumped down. There was a crisp bang, and a fire star faintly flashed.

The second stone golem jumped down in the same posture.

The third is a heavy-duty golem, holding a steel battle axe and leaping down fiercely.

At this moment…..


A roar that made the soul tremble rang out from the pit. The smoke and dust in the pit exploded after a moment of contraction, and a black flame that distorted the void gushed out like a torrent of the surrounding golems. Submerged, Lin Xiao instantly lost contact with these golems.

Infinite black flames full of strong corrosive power spewed out from the sinkhole, a huge dragon-shaped silhouette venting the airflow to maintain the posture of spreading its wings, but its wings were stiff and immobile like a stone statue, rising out of the air.

“Dragon Language Magic!”

Black Dragon’s normal methods do not have this form and power except melee and dragon’s breath. Only the famous Dragon Language magic has this effect.

The Black Dragon in this state ignores the forbidden space array and quickly rises to a height of thousands of meters. The black pupils are slowly turning, and the dragon’s mouth does not move, but the sound of dragon’s roar can be heard.

“This Black Dragon bloodline is quite pure, and can continuously cast Dragon Language magic!”

At this time, all of you Senior’s interest has been raised to the extreme, and you all want to know what Lin Xiao should do in such a situation.

At this time, Lin Xiao quickly activated the divinity supernatural ability-LV3’s foresight, foreseeing the threat to him from the Black Dragon this move Dragon Language magic called Nijlam.

In an instant, he felt countless pictures sliding in front of him, and soon several pictures were fixed in front of him. This was the different results he got from different reactions in the next. He saw one of the best predictive results for himself at a glance. Immediately stretched out your hand and grabbed it, quickly took over the spirit strength of the remaining wisdom goblin mage connected to’Jin’ and transferred it to yourself, gathered the spirit strength of many goblin mages and urged a full ten points of divide force to transform into mana, slowly extending the hand The command emptiness is distorted:

“Laws. Higher immunity to energy damage…”

A layer of light film, which seems to have the concept of sturdiness and sturdiness at a glance, spreads out around him to protect the entire base.

“Lawling. Higher deflection force field…”

The first layer is covered by a force field that looks similar to the upper layer of Advanced Energy Protection Formation.

The so-called divine technique is a special divine technique system that ordinary priests cannot use. Only voters and powerful priests allowed by the gods at level 7 or above, or priests of their own Legendary level, can use it, because this ability involves In the application of rules, normal priests cannot touch this aspect without borrowing the power of the deity of faith.

The corresponding divine technique system is very powerful, far more powerful than the general divine technique.

The divine technique system is not at all standard divine technique. Its core lies in the use of rules, so it can do as one pleases when implemented and can easily imitate any divine technique or spell, including rare wizards and druid spellcasters. The spell.

At this stage, apart from Lin Xiao himself, only Slardar among all the dependents is qualified to use his power to perform this divine technique system.

“Law. Group Steel Muscles Iron Bones ….”

The magic is free from adding things and avoiding dodge. Under the blessing of divine force and the spirit strength of the dependents, all three spell formidable powers exceed the ninth-order spell, but they do not reach the legendary spell level, which is somewhere in between.

When his three spell blessings were completed, the black dragon curse in the sky was finished, the black flames swelled and the dragon turned into a round of black sun, and the slender black flames separated and fell straight from the sky , Raining on the base.

Lin Xiao sensed great horror from the black smoke. The seemingly unremarkable black smoke was sprayed straight on the higher immune energy spell Formation like a drizzle, and it jumped up and down ripples that made his heart beat. .

Theoretically, the Formation that is completely immune to any non-Legendary spell shakes violently at an invisible level, and waves of him make his spirit jump.

Every circle of ripples swayed, and he could feel a layer of energy immune light film being ablated, and within five seconds, this high-level immune energy spell formation was melted through countless small holes.

After that, it landed in the base.

From the perspective of the light curtain in front of the seniors, the entire base is like a light black rain. The black flame raindrops through the light film and falls on the ground like falling in the water and quickly swaying black ripples, whether the ground is touched by stones or broken weapons It melted quickly, and the ground quickly smashed into a round pit overlapping each other.

Falling on the intelligent goblins and golems, many of them bounce off and fall on the ground to corrode large pits, but there are also some that cannot be repelled by the deflection force field, passing through the force field and falling on the body, the golem Directly melt through holes and melt.

While the wisdom goblins blessed the group Steel Muscles Iron Bones, the black smoke fell on them, and the robes of the wisdom goblins kept shining aura. This is the defensive spell blessed by the robes and black smoke is mutually exclusive.

Every serious wizard has a pile of passive defense spells. The more powerful the wizard is, the harder it is to kill.

But the Dragon Language magic formidable power is really too big, various defense spells have failed, and the robes are quickly scrapped and melted, and the spell sequences prepared on each of the smart goblins are activated, flashing the last aura and being sent away, but There are also some spell sequences prepared by wizards, instead of teleporting spells, but arbitrary gates.

Compared to Transmission Gate, any gate is more flexible to use, both offensive and defensive, but you need to consider the landing point and the action of entering the gate after casting, so it is not an instant transmission.

In normal times, the mages can make decisions freely, but at this time, all the wise goblins are providing Lin Xiao with mana and spirit strength, which leads to a slow response and death.

Drops of black rain fell on the intelligent goblins, even though Steel Muscles Iron Bones temporarily gave them an Indestructible Vajra Body like a bottle gourd baby, but under this terrifying Dragon Language magic, they were broken after only two insistences. Open, the body is melted and died.

Lin Xiao was heartbroken as he watched the death of the cherished mage’s family members, but he couldn’t help it. This was the way he predicted the least loss.

There is no way to escape. They have been locked. Even if the group teleports to leave here, Black Dragon Nijram will follow the teleport. Each giant dragon will have a certain spell ability, but the giant dragon fleshy body is too powerful. That’s it.

Unfortunately, his divine force incarnation has limited divine force at one time. It can’t burst out hundreds of divine force at one time like a real body. Ten points of divine force is the limit.

Fortunately, the duration of the Dragon Language magic of Black Dragon Nijlam is not very long. After ten seconds, the black rain will no longer fall, and the invisible twisted black smoke slowly dissipates, revealing a somewhat tired Black Dragon. See below There are still so many enemies undead. The Black Dragon opened its mouth and spit out a dragon’s breath that was significantly smaller than the previous one and swept a dozen intelligent goblins to death. By the way, it destroyed a part of the forbidden air array stone pillar that had lost its defense.

Of course, at this time the base below has been completely destroyed, and the forbidden array has long been melted so that it cannot take effect.

There are only a few hundred golems left in the thousands. One thousand wise goblins die 2/3 in one breath, and Lin Xiao is heartbroken by the loss.

But this is not the time for heartache. At this time, Black Dragon casts two Dragon Language magics that are comparable to Legendary spells and drains the spirit strength and magic power. After all, it is not an eighth-tier Legendary dragon. It is 7th grade continuously. Casting two Dragon Language magics comparable to the Legendary level, I have to say that the giant dragon race is really too powerful.

While he was sick and killing him, seeing the Black Dragon flying in the air for a while, hesitating, flapping his wings and preparing to escape, Lin Xiao refused, and burned ten points of divine force again. Black Dragon pointed in the air:

“Laws. Shackles!”

The divine technique forms a huge white energy yoke under the action of the divine force, which appears above the Black Dragon and falls, quickly staggered back and forth, tied the Black Dragon’s front paws and wings upright, and fell. It smashed heavily into the rugged underground, with a’boom’, rubble flying all over the sky.

“My lord’s child, help me!”

Lin Xiao soared into the sky and yelled in the air. The surviving intelligent goblins around and the intelligent goblins teleported to a distance gathered towards him, and the residual spirit strength and mana surged into the sky and poured into him, feeling within the body With extremely powerful spirit strength and temporary mana, Lin Xiao without the slightest hesitation consumes ten points of divine force again and reaches out to Heavenly Void to grip:

“Laws. Seal!”

Countless white lights converged around him, quickly introverted so that the surrounding light became dimmed. As he stretched out his hand and slowly pressed towards the Black Dragon, for the first time a trace of panic appeared in the huge pupils of the locked Black Dragon, loudly Shout:

“The Dragon God is up, you can’t treat Nijrum like that.”

There is nothing in the palm of the pressed hand, but the breath of Black Dragon is weakening at the speed that naked eye can see.

This is a seal from the rule level. A normal seal cannot seal a Black Dragon.

“I really caught it.”

The seniors were quite surprised. According to their opinion, it is not difficult for Lin Xiao, the incarnation and the family, to kill this Black Dragon, but it is not easy to catch alive. It can be said that it is quite difficult. I was optimistic about him, but didn’t expect it was done.

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