The Era of Gods Chapter 227


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Fire Element Legendary spell Each formidable power is terrifying, and any one can easily destroy an army.

Of course, in my Divine Realm, it is impossible to use the legendary spell strikes of the “meteorite”, even if the Divine Realm is so big now, it can’t bear this kind of terrifying Legendary spell strikes.

Five days are fleeting. On this day, Lin Xiao is playing with the elemental elves in the depths of the ocean in Divine Realm, which has been enlarged dozens of times, and cultivates feelings with her. Suddenly he receives a prompt from the head teacher that the invasion is about to Start.

He slowly got up and looked towards the Southwest direction of Divine Realm. As the master of Divine Realm, he could clearly feel that the Southwest direction of the main Divine Realm was distorted by an invisible force somewhere, and a Transmission Gate was about to take shape.

The same anomaly is also felt by Slardar, who has become a hero of divinity. The tall hero swims out of the huge temple in the center of the Naga City, reaches for the anchor by the door and goes to the ground. Suddenly, a loud voice spread throughout the city:

“My lord warns that an evil is about to come to our world, the truth of Supreme and the Creator are above, we must squeeze the glory of our lord, and eliminate all invading evil!”

Slardar’s large, oppressive body slowly stood upright, picked up the huge anchor to point in a certain direction, and roared loudly:

“My lord told me that evil is about to appear there!”

The anchor slammed on the ground:

“Brave warriors, let’s go!”

The great Naga with high morale below raised his weapon and roared loudly. The huge noise spread to all directions. The little murlocs gathered in the city shouted at the same time, led by a powerful little murloc sitting on unicorn. Kill towards Southwest.

Under the guidance of Slardar, a group of little murlocs are already trying to tame these unicorns and form a murloc Knight.

However, the Murloc has no innate talent in this regard. The formed Murloc Knight is useless at all. Apart from running faster as a mount, it is impossible to integrate the Murloc into a murloc cavalry who can fight immediately.

This is a racial innate talent, no, no training will work.

Lin Xiao has considered whether the next genetic adjustment of murlocs can increase the proportion of land races, and increase the proportion of land species in the genes of the little murlocs and the big naga, so that they are more adapted to land combat.

Although at first Divine Realm’s main area is water, as he slowly develops, he is now based on land regardless of Divine Realm, dependents, and various enemies. In the future, he will invade foreign lands and most of the planes will be It is land-based, and the main family members must be more suitable for land.

Or, on the basis of the little murloc, re-create a branch that is fully adapted to land?

But he quickly rejected it.

Too time-consuming, laborious, and energy-consuming.

“Let’s talk about it later!”

Actually, he hasn’t thought about the next genetic modulation of the little murloc. It’s about the next first stage modulation of the Big Naga. There is a little spectrum in his mind, namely the storm giant card and dragon’s blood card in his hand. These two races are super innate talents. Both giant dragons and giants are supermodel races. If they can integrate their advantages into the genes of the big naga, they will definitely be too strong.

But it is foreseeable that if the genes of these two supermodel races are integrated into the Great Naga within the body, the amount of good fortune energy will be extraordinary, and it is impossible to get it without preparing more than fifty units of good fortune energy.

Don’t dare to make it, if half of the good fortune energy is not enough, it will be cheating.

Led by Slardar, more than two thousand naga clustered around, more than twenty thousand little murlocs, one left and one right, a huge team marched towards Divine Realm Southwest along the road to the ancient arena.

Of course that will be the future. Now he has to serve the great existence in his heart first and defeat the enemy in front of him.

In the void of Divine Realm that even Lin Xiao didn’t notice, two tyrannical wills appeared out of thin air. Outside the crystal wall of the main Divine Realm, the silhouette of the head teacher Jin Sisi and the counselor Zhu Hong was transformed.

The two True Gods who were planning to observe the main Gods Territory Battlefield immediately discovered the abnormality of this Divine Realm. The tyrannical will quickly scanned the entire Divine Realm and the affiliated Divine Realm. The five big and three thick Zhu Hong was surprised:

“This student’s Divine Realm… is unusual!”

The head teacher Jin Sisi, who is standing next to her, has divine light pupils, observing all directions, lightly saying:

“Not bad!”

Zhu Hong’s eyes pass through the crystal wall of Divine Realm and fall on Lin Xiao, nodded and said:

“Yes, this student is called Lin Xiao. It seems that His Excellency Xia Yu brought him by the way from the Super Freshman Summer Camp. Didn’t expect such an excellent one.”

“By the way?”

“Yes, I heard that I helped the respected Your Majesty pick up people.”


The two were silent for a while, and tacitly avoided the topic, Jin Sisi looked at this huge Divine Realm said solemnly:

“It seems that it’s more than just a passing.”

Vermilion nodded and said:

“That’s natural. With the character of your Excellency Xia Yu, ordinary relationships can’t be moved. I heard that this student Lin Xiao got a great opportunity in the last first stage of the Super Freshman Summer Camp. With great luck, the potential is quite good.”

Jin Sisi didn’t seem to pay attention to the Super Freshman Summer Camp before, and asked:

“Talk about it.”

“He inherited the Divine Kingdom fragments left by the ancestors of the advance army of the United Nations era in Earth, and a very rare treasure. It is said that that ancestor was a powerful divine force.”

She didn’t go into details later, but Jin Sisi scanned Divine Realm again, nodded:

“The strength of his Divine Kingdom space can accommodate 7th grade life, and the energy level can also give birth to 7th grade life. It is a good seed.”

When they were communicating here, Lin Xiao in Divine Realm had already given Culbert a miracle.

The 13,000 fully armed centaur heavy cavalry with strength between Level 3 and Fifth Level is a huge threat to high school sophomores in any school at this stage, even Lin Xiao is a little bit virtual.

It’s not that I can’t beat it, but even if I beat it, it will definitely lose a lot. This is a direct invasion of Divine Realm.

Fortunately, the flame Divine Realm has been opened up. As soon as Summon came out, Culbert ordered his summon brother. Continuously fire creatures emerged from the flame Divine Realm and set fire wantonly, melting a large amount of land in front of the formation into a lava field. Forcing the centaur heavy cavalry to stop forcibly, drew a javelin from behind and threw it at the Fire Element in the lava flame.

These guys don’t dare to crash into the lava no matter how powerful, even if the sixth rank big naga jumps into the lava, it is a dead word.

When they stopped, countless Fire Elements ignoring the sky javelin began to converge, centering on large Fire Element or super-large Fire Element of extraordinary level.

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