The Era of Gods Chapter 356


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A tentacles larger than the hull of the ship are slowly tightening around the hull, that indescribable breath assaults the senses, the muscles of several soldiers quickly twisted, and the fused monster flesh and blood immediately ran away and quickly deformed A terrifying monster.


The battleship shell was crushed by the tentacles, a large number of crew members fell into the water in the distortion, and only two children of the nightmare were preparing to return.

But as soon as the light came on, the space was not distorted, and there was a force from the human Divine Realm, which directly involved them in the battle of Divine Realm.

Less than an hour after the end of the war, the two children of Nightmare immediately disappeared.

Lin Xiao also reaped 19 units of divinity from the sons of these two nightmares, one complete seventeen points, the other saw that the situation was far from good directly burned the source, and finally received two points.

The harvest was not bad. Lin Xiao was quite satisfied. After simply cleaning the battlefield, he slowly sank into the seabed.

“Sure enough to kill and set the gold belt on fire, I have to do a few more waves.”

Destroying the nightmare node is to weaken the power of the nightmare world, and killing a large number of children of the nightmare also weakens the potential of the nightmare world, both are the same.

Then he hid quietly in the seabed, and as long as the son of nightmare passed by, he would cover one’s ears whilst stealing a bell with lightning speed and ringing to prevent the world from being full of love and helpless to destroy his warship, and the power of Divine Realm would spread out. It was embroiled in full-scale fighting.

Based on the old enemy relationship and sensitivity between Divine Realm and the Nightmare Realm, as long as he takes the initiative to engage Divine Realm in a full-scale battle, the Nightmare Child cannot escape at all, and will forcibly disconnect the action to fight.

He hides quietly in the seabed, catching a single person or a few children of the nightmare, and the team of the children of the nightmare is temporarily ignored, and every time he shoots, he changes places. Anyway, all directions are hundreds of thousands of kilometers around Sea Territory. Place hands-on.

He has been hiding in the depths of the seabed. The children of the nightmare basically have no means of scouting in the sea, and they can’t guard against it.

However, after this situation continues for a period of time, it is not easy to do. When the children of the nightmare die too much, the latter naturally start to be alert and begin to appear in groups.

After Lin Xiao guarded more than a dozen large teams and failed to find a single place, he knew that the beautiful harvest day was over.

But during this time, he harvested no less than fifty-sixty sons of nightmare, each of the nightmare sons harvested more or less divinity, the maximum is more than 25 points, but the number is very small and can be harvested completely There are less than five in total, most of them burned their origins in despair, only a few points left, and the least were unwilling to be swallowed by self-destructed origins, and finally only got the bottom line.

But no matter how bad it is, there is a guarantee. All in all, this wave alone has harvested a full three hundred and seventy points of divinity.

This is an extremely exaggerated value for Lin Xiao’s level. With the addition of the previous and this remaining, he has now accumulated a total of 422 units of divinity.

If it was placed in the past, it was enough to make his divinity value suddenly increase by more than ten points to enter the fifth rank, but unfortunately now his divinity rank has entered the sixth rank ancient level, this level of divinity promotion can only be achieved through extremely rare It can only be improved under special circumstances, and normal integration of divinity can no longer be improved, even if he has all the refining integration of more than 400 points of divinity, he cannot improve a little.

But it does not mean that divinity is useless, but rather useful.

Not to mention the use of the shield of truth, the top treasure, to forcibly promote the family members to Legendary species. In the future, divinity can also be given to family members to become divinity creatures. In the future, he will become Demi-God or True God, which can grant divinity and promote core family members. Become your own god for Demi-God.

For example, the original heroes of Slardar, Alimonte, Fire Lord Culbert, etc., in the future, he will become Demi-God, and they can also be promoted to Demi-God, all of which require a lot of divinity.

It is also in the battle with the Nightmare Children to obtain so much divinity. Normally, when entering the outer plane to compete with the native gods for the plane and belief, it is generally impossible to obtain so much divinity.

But fighting the Nightmare Child is also quite dangerous. This kind of battle is either you die or I live. As long as Divine Realm connects to the realm, one must fall. There are no restrictions on this kind of battle, and there is no single challenge mechanism. With bad luck, even the super elites on the Heaven’s Chosen Ranking are at risk of falling.

It is also because he now possesses the body of Evil God by accident to do so, otherwise he would not dare to go to the land of the Nightmare Child so deep and hunt like this.

Next, Lin Xiao observed for a while again, and after confirming that there was no chance, he started a just and honorable shot and forcibly killed the large Nightmare Child team.

Yes, it is to kill on the real level, directly kill the Son of Nightmare, without docking with Divine Realm.

It is not easy to destroy a nightmare node. When the time comes, a bunch of nightmare children are also troublesome on the side. First kill the enemy’s vital power.

In the face of his violent attack, no matter how big the Nightmare Sons team can resist.

Every time you kill a child of the nightmare, Lin Xiao can feel the joy and blessing from Gaia’s will and the will of the world, double joy and double blessing.

Of course, there is also the anger from the will of the nightmare.

Normally, according to his record, the angry Nightmare Will may have come to the door early, but with the interference and favor of Gaia’s Will and the World’s Will, the Nightmare Will cannot touch him at all, let alone affect him. .

Seven or eight teams died in one breath, hundreds of children of the nightmare, this nightmare node no one of the nightmare dared to go to sea, the alert on the island was pulled to the limit.

But not leaving the island does not mean safety. After waiting for half a month and seeing the nightmare son fleet go to the sea, Lin Xiao decided not to wait and was ready to take action on this nightmare node.

But instead of going straight up, but…

He sneaked into the seabed near the bottom of the island called the No. 4 Nightmare Node, and once again activated the transformation ability, mutating the six huge tentacles into six hard arms, and the palms became two shovel, two buckets, two A pair of tongs, and then began to dig the foundation of the island.

Yes, he didn’t attack the island directly, that was stupid.

Every nightmare node will be guarded by an incarnation of the will of nightmare, and if he hits him alone, he will be hanged and beaten.

Although the body of Evil God is powerful, he does not think that he can beat the incarnation of the will of nightmare who masters all the rules of a world. The best way is naturally to use circuitous tactics.

Other than that, first hollow out the foundation and sink the island into the sea.

Although the island is huge, with a diameter of more than twenty or thirty kilometers, it is too big. One digging is the size of a piece of mud and sand as a football field, and it can dig a hole of one cubic kilometer in a few clicks.

In less than a day, he hollowed out half of the foundation of the island where the Nightmare 4 node is located.

To be honest, when I got the news from the Will of Nightmare, all the children of Nightmare on the island were awkward, and it took a long time to react, and then they were all silly and didn’t know what to do for a while.

This kind of operation is really horrible, I have never heard of it, thought about it, and I have never prevented it. Who would have thought that an Evil God would not fight directly but use this kind of trick to dig the foundation of an island. It’s like entering the hall with the correct answer in the Xueba exam, which is really bullying.

There is no way, knowing that the foundation of the island is gradually being hollowed out, and one side of the island is beginning to tilt, but there is no way.

Moreover, this completely unexpected operation had not been prepared before, so that not only could it be prevented, but the original method used to prevent the evil Divine Grade monster on the island was directly scrapped.

At this time, the children of the nightmare on the island already wanted to go but couldn’t go. Even if Lin Xiao did not stop, the will of the nightmare would not allow them to leave the battlefield. All the children of the nightmare were forcibly restrained on the island to prepare for the battle.

Finally, on the fifth night, the last part of the foundation was hollowed out, and the huge island slowly tilted and sank into the sea, pressing up a piece of sea water several kilometers high to all directions.

The thick black light column in the center of the island trembles violently, and an extremely angry will is venting its anger wantonly, but as the embodiment of the nightmare will to suppress this nightmare node, it is usually impossible to leave this light column. Once it is separated, this nightmare Nodes that lose power to suppress are very fragile and are easily destroyed by external forces.

The will of this world hates this nightmare node. Once the will incarnation of the nightmare leaves the nightmare node for a while, the nightmare node will accidentally collapse in minutes.

Under the forced suppression of the incarnation of the nightmare will, although the island slowly sank into the sea but did not break, the seawater that was pressed by the island returned to the island, turning into a tide of hundreds of meters, and the island’s facilities were like crushing dry Weeds and smashing rotten wood were swept away, smashed to the center of the island in one breath, and was blocked by a huge transparent mask. Under the mask, standing around the nightmare node light pillars were the remaining nightmare sons on the island, totaling about seven or eight hundred. name.

The sea is Lin Xiao’s home field. The thick tentacles are turned into a siege hammer, and huge ripples continue to appear on the transparent mask in the loud noise, and the nightmare child’s eyes in the mask Now fearful and extremely pessimistic about their future.

“bang! “

Heaven and Earth lit up steeply, accompanied by a loud and deafening noise, a thick water column with a diameter of more than one hundred meters rose from the sea, and at the same time a broken tentacle floated to the surface of the sea with the surging of the sea.

A silhouette of colorful auspicious clouds flew from a distance, raising his hand, and another thick lightning blasted into the sea, a large area of ​​sea water evaporated into a hollow, exposing a pitch-black tentacle on the bottom of more than ten meters.

Two tentacles were blown off in a row, although the small tentacles on the body also attracted Lin Xiao’s attention. The huge body arched hundreds of millions of tons of sea water to stand up from the sea, a halo exploded, and the island was in chaos.

Lin Xiao ignored the chaotic nightmare son on the island, but looked up towards the tall man standing on the colorful clouds in the sky, his eyes narrowed slightly.

From this nightmare child to the nightmare child, he felt that he felt a lot of pressure, this nightmare child was a certain threat to him.


Obviously, this nightmare son is the super elite of the nightmare world, equivalent to the human Heaven’s Chosen top player, and is the kind of equivalent to Demi-God summit that can be the top level existence of God at any time, only this exists Dare to face an Evil God directly.

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