The Human Emperor Chapter 096

“Li Linfu Linfu and Black Clthed Man have been searching for Li Xuan charts… Li Xuan charts have been held in the Sui Dynasty Palace at the Sky Prison floor 20th-layer… Huang Xi § aot = ian caregivers Sky Prison… Li Linfu and Huang Xi § aot ♫ ian collaborations… Li Linfu Linfu Linfu has disappeared.”

Wang Chong came to the head, all of these ideas were rushed out of his mind.

The kind of anxiety in his heart is getting stronger.

What happened in the world?

He just came out of the base of Sky Prison, and he was in control of Sky Prison in close contact with Li Linfu.

In the meditation, Wang Chong remembered Sky Prison, the depth of Sui Dynasty’s palace, his doubts when he met Li Xuan.

Not good! ”

Suddenly, Wang Chong’s face changed dramatically, and suddenly there’s something to understand.

“You stay here. I’ll go to Sky Prison again!”

Wang Chong finished this and immediately turned around and moved towards the big golden palace.

“Hope it’s not what I thought!”

This is where Wang Chong’s heart is highly disturbed.

But I haven’t waited for Wang Chong to come near the palace, and next moment, something that everyone can’t expect to happen —

“hong long!”

Imperial Palace was deep, shaking the Heaven and moving the Earth, suddenly coming from Sky Prison’s direction, and that tremendous noise struck the earth, as if the earth was split apart.

Wang Chong had a shock, a steep stop, and Zhang Que and Xu Keyi had been shocked after him and looked forward to the direction of the explosion.

In the barn room, neither of them understood what had happened, but in any case, the shake of the sky was absolutely not good.


It was at this point that a single shake of the heavens’s severe roar passed into the ear, not far ahead, and Wang Chong Speed, who had stopped his foot, had risen a hundred times sharply, with astonishing Speed, empty, instantly passing through the palace door, moving towards a loud direction.


“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, the old man finally came out!”

It’s just a moment, Imperial Palace, inside Sky Prison’s direction, shouting the position, shaking the ground and shaking a mess.

Within Imperial Palace, Sky Prison’s location had been stringent, and at this time it was a mess, with a guarded body in disorder, a servant falling on the earth, and all the landscapes and wagons that had been built on the ground had been bombed and turned into ruins.

And on the earth, a great force spread through the ground, ripping out a huge crack on the ground.

“Out, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Finally come out!”

“Brothers, kill!”

“Lock Sky Prison, it’s a dead man, it’s a dead place, it’s better to go out and stab this Great Tang earth with the old man!”

A long time of crazy laughing from underground.

Just blink, rays of light, together with a strong silhouette, bald head, bulging muscles, * * with a big chain of chains in hand, coming out of the ground.

His eyes, his left hand, and a corpse guarded by Sky Prison.

As soon as his wrist threw, his body, guarded by Sky Prison, was crushed on the ground with dust.

“Brothers, come with me, and do a great job today, nor do you just walk away in the world.”

“to be able to make a big mess in Imperial Palace, even if it’s dead!”

That man was playing chains, crazy said with a smile.

“haha, go!”

And behind him, a wave of waves echoed, and I don’t know how many dead prisoners like bald beards flew out of the collapsed Sky Prison.

Most of these people have committed great crimes, either by being sentenced to death, waiting for execution, or by being held here, and will never leave.

In any event, all of them are the most heinous of the poor.


By an order, all prisoners of prison each and all expression were killed in an outbreak.

Within Sky Prison, sporadic fighting continues to spread, but the voices of fighting are becoming increasingly weak, and those guards are constantly being suppressed.


Not good. Imperial Guard is surrounded! ”

Just for a moment, a prisoner just came out, not a very powerful prisoner suddenly came back, and his face was filled with fear.

Listen carefully, a long time ago, the great changes in Sky Prison have shocked Imperial Guard, the guard of Imperial Palace, and in the night, the flames are everywhere, and I don’t know how many Imperial Guard is moving to the side.

“Fear of what, kick out, pick up one more life! If you can’t get out of here, you’ll have to kill a few Imperial Guard, pull some mattresses, and you’ll be a good guy!”

First out of the bald eye, killing intent spinning, screaming, silent, directly dragging two big chains hua la a horse, first and foremost.

And on the other hand, far away, the entire palace is in a state of tension, and Great Commander of Zhao Fengchen, Li Xuan’s clothes are gathered here.

Sky Prison was born and shouted for a slaughter, which never happened in Imperial Palace, and three people were almost listening to the brakes, and the first time came here.

“How’s it going?”

Li Xuan, riding a big horse with a big eyebally-tight lock, looks forward to the head of Imperial Guard, who is responsible for gathering information.

“Back to the Lord, Sky Prison has been completely destroyed, and all of them have come out, with the guards, I’m afraid the whole army is gone!”

The Imperial Guard head is half-kneeling, and the whole person is also in fear and trepidation.

Imperial Guard is responsible for the protection of Imperial Palace, and what is happening now is so big that everyone is hard to escape, along with Zhao Fengchen, Zhao Fengchen, and is equally riding the horses of war, and listening to the leader of Imperial Guard.

“How many prisoners are in Sky Prison now?”

Zhao Fengchen was behind that Wootz Steel Great Sword, suddenly started talking. It is a matter of urgency, and it is clear how many people in Sky Prison have been able to develop a corresponding strategy.

Imperial Guard is too much to guard, with the exception of Sky Prison, the Queen of the Palace and, more importantly, Emperor.

It is not clear how Sky Prison is going to happen, and if there are any other prisoners in Sky Prison who deliberately leave Sky, knock them out, attract their attention, do what happened to Taiji Hall, and if something happens in time, people are afraid to be unable to take up a few brains.

“We have checked, and there are few prisoners in Sky Prison, with the exception of royal relatives, the Secretary of State, General Wu, Imperial Guard, Sky Prison occasionally imprisoned large bandits outside the palace, including some of the poor, extremely bad bandits in Tokyo, and others in sect.”

“However, the largest number of these people were, in fact, Imperial Guard, who had been involved in the rebellion for the last three Kings, who had been temporarily detained in Sky Prison because of the high number of people.”

“At least 6,000 people are currently estimated!”

The Imperial Guard head gravely says half kneeling on the ground.


Hear that, all three people are severe shake in the heart.

Three Kings, one part of Imperial Guard was held in Sky Prison, all of which they knew.

Imperial Guard Great Commander is primarily responsible for Imperial Guard matters, and the follow-up to the chaos of the three Kings was not subject to their jurisdiction, when the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Penalty, the People’s Government, Hall of Spreme Harmony and Sage Emperor personally ruled that the three persons were merely cognizant, but not clear in detail.

– Sky Prison is independent of Imperial Guard!

Nor did the three think that the insurgency Imperial Guard, held in Sky Prison, was so high.

“Six thousand Imperial Guard, enough to launch a rebellion!”

Crazy winds, Zhao Fengchen’s hands hold the rope, looking at Sky Prison’s direction, with a heavy heart.

“In addition, according to the results of our investigation, several of the three Kings’ conspirators, I’m afraid, were held there.”

On the ground, that half-kneeling Imperial Guard head was hesitant and complementary.

“Needless to say, as a matter of urgency, the riot must be calm as soon as possible, and in any case the new emperor must not be disturbed!”

It was at this time that a cold voice came from the front, and the Imperial Guard Great Commander Li Xuan clothes came out suddenly, interrupting that Imperial Guard headline and swiftly moving towards the strongest place to fight.

“All people listen to orders, arrest the prisoner, and no one let go!”

Li Xuan’s clothes disappeared directly in front of the sound.

And in the back, White Cold States and Zhao Fengchen, too, have a bunch of horses to keep up.


The Shooting Front, which continues to flow from prison inmates, but faced with Imperial Guard of Zhao Fengchen, Li Xuan Clothing Triple Commander, was defeated by soldiers, and repeated prisoners were taken from the hills, some of the poor were abhorrent and the most murderous inmates were directly killed in the scene.

Look at the whole riot. It’s going to be settled soon, and at this point…


Just a while of shaking the Heaven and moving the Earth, accompanied by a long and bitter scream, at least dozens of Imperial Guard Expert, who were killing, were thrown out of the ground by a terrorist force like kite with the string cut.

“This seat finally came out again!”

Later then, there was a strong breath, as usual, from the bottom of the ground, and a pound of Astral Qi was sweeping.

bang bang bang bang!

That man’s handsome, in a short time, all directions, at least hundreds of Imperial Guard fighters, like leaves, were bombed out, the entire battlefield was rolling out of smoke, and the atmosphere was amazing, and even nothing less than Zhao Fengchen, White Cold County, Li Xuan clothes and the others.

“Li Xuan, White Cold, haha, we meet again!”

A lot of laughs shaking the dome, a man with a hand stretched, directly captured an Imperial Guard leader, grabbed his neck, referred to half-empty, while his eyes looked at Li Xuan’s clothes and the others in the back, which looked terrible.

“The yellow omen!”

See that silhouette, severe shake in Li Xuan’s clothes.

Old Imperial Guard Great Commander, in the chaos of the three Kings, the yellow beacon on the first Imperial Prince Li Li was not dead yet.

Three Great Commander, the yellow star is very deep, very powerful, and in some respects even more than Li Xuan!

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