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The latest chapter of the Emperor, the first chapter of the text, the death of Central Plains, floating astronomy
    Wang Chong knows that this is his last fate in the world!

人皇纪最新章节,正文 第一章 诸夏之亡,飘天文学


    "There are kings of Barbarians, not the death of Central Plains." This is a sentence in Lun. Wang Chong never thought that in this distant universe, "Central Plains" would actually "death"!


    And I am the last witness of this scene!


    The sky is burning, the earth is shaking, the dead body is smashing into the sea, and the blood flowing out merges into a river. Wang Chong can even see the earth everywhere, the rising Death Qi, the corpse of the tens of millions of Central Plains people!


    And in all directions, countless foreign race Heavy Cavalry, like the sea, is slowly surrounded.


    No one knows where these exotic Heavy Cavalry came from, and no one knows why they kept destroying the world, only knowing that ten years ago, these exotic Heavy Cavalry, full of aura of death, appeared out of thin air. And in just a few years, it has destroyed and destroyed all the Empire!


    The whole piece of land, along with the emergence of these exotic Heavy Cavalry, the space is turbulent, and the earth collapses and ruins! Thousands of lives are turned into bones!


    Today, Wang Chong leads the world's last Martial Strength!


    In the center of this "Wang Yang", Wang Chong led the last Great Army in Central Divine Continent, waiting for his ultimate fate like duckweed.


    After so many years of hard work, Wang Chong thought that his heart had been tempered enough. But when this destined moment came, Wang Chong couldn't stop shaking.


    Sadness, pain, and despair come to heart, but not for yourself, but for the brothers around you, and the ultimate fate of this Divine Continent land connected to your own blood!


    "General, please take the next step!"


    "Going to this step is not your fault! General, you have tried your best! ”


    "No need to be sad! The brothers have long had this awareness. We have not lost the face of Great Tang! This life can be accompanied by General, this life, worth it! ”


    "General, let's regenerate again!"


    "The nephews of the foreign race, come on! Let's fight another battle! Ha Ha Ha ……"




    When a familiar figure rushed past, the last hearty laughter, like a moth, but slammed into the opposite foreign race.


    "No, my dearest brothers. I will come to meet you soon!"


    Looking at the figure like the Epiphyllum of the midnight, Wang Chong's eyes were finally smashed with tears, and the tiger was tearful.


    Wang Chong is not the soul of this world. In fact, if there is no accident, he should enjoy the sun and rain in another time and space. After finishing his college life, he will live a peaceful life.


    However, thirty years ago, a mysterious meteor suddenly appeared, bringing him into a world similar to the Central Plains Great Tang in Chinese history, but in a completely different world, became a fifteen-year-old son.


    He has just arrived here. He has been rebellious and has been jealous. He feels that he is incompatible with everything here and thinks that everything has nothing to do with him.


    However, when a Taotian catastrophe swept the world, those who loved themselves and those they loved died one by one, and Wang Chong suddenly realized that he had endeavored!


    Unfortunately, everything is already late.


    In this world, Wang Chong has gone through many. More than a decade of displacement has made him lose the best cultivation opportunity in his life. It is only the last chance. Because of his military commanding ability accumulated in his previous game of strategic games, several seniors of Empire have been attracted to him.


    And he poured his own Origin Qi to him, making him the catastrophe, Empire's last military force Grand Marshal, shouldering the final hope of Central Plains.


    Unfortunately, everything is too late, he has missed too many things. Although I did my best, I still failed!


    Wang Chong slowly closed his eyes and his heart was very sad.


    He is not afraid of Death, but he is still not dead, he is still waiting. There is a person, if you don't kill him, even if you are Death, you can't let him rest!


    He is the chief culprit of all this! If it weren't for him, Empire would never be so weak!


    Wang Chong hates!


    Only blood can wash the infinite hatred of his heart!


    It’s just that the other party is too embarrassed, never easily outcropped, and easily give Wang Chong a chance. Only this time, when he appeared as a bait in this a mountain valley, Wang Chong knew that he could not help but appear.


    He has been hiding for more than 30 years, but this time, when he is completely victorious, he will never hide again!


    "Wang Chong, give up. I have already said to the king. As long as you are willing to surrender, you will not die! ”


    Suddenly, a voice came from far away.


    Just after the sly foreign Cavalry, a fat, twitching figure was carefully exposed half a head. His eyes were proud, but he was jealous and fearful.


    He is by no means a timid person, but God knows why the guy opposite is so powerful. Although he does not have a lot of military force, he can always kill ten times and ten times more opponents.


    Although he was in charge of the military force of Central Plains, it was only a few years, but the alien warriors who died in his hands were the sum of the previous decades!


    If it weren’t for fear of this guy, he wouldn’t have been hiding for so long.




    Wang Chong looked at the figure and shot the fire of hatred in his eyes. If there is no one to point to them, and they are slandered, how can these alien Heavy Cavalry cause such a great damage in a short time, conquer so many places!


    And all this is thanks to him!


    “Hey, Wang Chong, you are really the god of Art of War in Central Plains! It’s incredible that a second ancestor, Wang Clan, who is eating and dying, can become World Military Force Grand Marshal! If those old men pick you up thirty years ago, choose you as their heir. Or when the year of Wang Clan did not fall, maybe Central Plains really has a chance! But unfortunately, everything is already late! ”


    That figure is proud:


    "Wang Chong, I advise you a word, you are a talented person! The king has already said that as long as you can come over, you can spare you! And transform you into one of them! How about, think about it? ”


    However, Wang Chong is simply unheard of.


    "Kangya Luoshan !"


    Wang Chong uttered his real name in a word, and the anger of hatred was ejected. After so long, he finally waited for this moment. This despicable guy finally couldn’t help but outcrop:


    "With me, let the Great Tang be buried!"


    The roar of the earth, in the rumbling voice, a majestic Aura shot from the body of Wang Chong. In an instant, there seemed to be a dazzling sun in the heavens and the earth, so that people could not open their eyes.






    The squally winds, seeing the appearance of Wang Chong, thousands of foreign heavy Cavalry burst into a panic, like a tide to retreat.


    "Protect God to make adults!"


    Some exotic Powerhouses reacted and gathered around Kangya Luoshan, bursting out Aura and Black Flame of the shake the heavens, but it was already late.


    The bang, a glare that makes the world change its color, seems to come from the sky, and in the blink of an eye, hundreds of exotic Powerhouses and their shadows are in the blink of an eye.




    I only heard a screaming but short scream, and the fat face was twisted in the flames of Taotian, and it quickly vanished.


    When he died, he didn't think that he was already dead end. At this time, Wang Chong would try his best to take action on him!


    Resentment, struggle, but they are not able to match the invincible shot!


    "Finally succeeded!"


    At this moment, Wang Chong has an unspeakable comfort!


    Father, mother, and Divine Continent, countless creatures, you can rest in peace! ……


    Death rushed to the surface, Wang Chong's mouth showed a smile, and looked at the countless long spear with a blaze of flames toward himself.


    Bang, the last moment, Wang Chong completely detonated Dantian, sinking with thousands of exotic Heavy Cavalry around him…


    I heard that the moment before the death of Death will be extremely long, and it is true that it is not!


    Wang Chong smiled awkwardly, but his heart was extremely calm.


    After so many years, I can finally get rid of it. It’s just deep inside, but there is a deep pain. In a flash , Wang Chong suddenly remembered grandfather, three uncles, parents, big brother, second brother and elder female cousin them…


    If you were not so self-willed at the beginning, how good it would be!


    If you can wake up in time and come forward, protect your family with your own Art of War talent, how good it is to defend this land!


    Everything is late now!


    All those who love themselves and those they love are gone!


    All of this has been deeply loved, and I deeply love that all of my people have left.


    If life can come back, he will never do it again. Unfortunately, everything is too late!


    From then on, the land of China will become the hunting ground of the foreign race Heavy Cavalry. After the millennium, no one knows that there is a nation called Yan-Huang in this world. There is a land called Great Tang?


    Wang Chong is remorseful, frustrated, and unwilling.


    "It shouldn't be like this!-"


    Wang Chong shed tears of remorse in his eyes. If life can be repeated once, to make up for those regrets, I am willing to pay for everything, all!




    When Wang Chong passed the thought in his mind, deep in the sky, suddenly there was a thunder rolling. At the moment when life finally annihilated, in the depths of the darkness, Wang Chong suddenly saw a thriving meteor.


    This…Isn't it a meteor that brought yourself to this world?


    [Host awakening, start Destiny Energy! -]


    In the midst of it, a mechanical voice, without the slightest feelings, sounded in the ears of Wang Chong.


    "The son of fate! He is the son of fate! Stop him! ——"


    Suddenly, the sound of countless foreign Heavy Cavalry was heard in the darkness. These alien creatures who didn't know what Death was for the first time showed deep fear and awe!


    But all this Wang Chong didn't know, and when it was black, Wang Chong was completely immersed in sinking!




    "Why do you want to call you through?"


    As if in an instant, it seems that after countless long years, Wang Chong was suddenly awakened by a curious voice in his ear. The sound is far and near, crisp if the silver bell, with a pure and tender taste.


    Just like a stone falling into the lake, Wang Chong's consciousness suddenly opened up countless embarrassing moments.


    Who was that? Whose voice is this?


    Doesn't it mean that people die like lights? Why can I still hear the sound?Could it be…Is it an illusion?




    Just as Wang Chong thought, there was a cold and unpleasant coldness in his ear. Wang Chong didn't react to what was going on, and he felt that he was poked by something.


    It is a finger!


    Wang Chong immediately responded.


    No! People are dead, where is the body?


    Can you say that you are still not dead!


    Hey, this thought passed over my mind, and Wang Chong suddenly burst into a wave of waves. Hard work, Wang Chong opened his eyes. Soon, a burst of light spurted into the shot.


    Facing the light, everything in front of you is darkened. Just away from her, Wang Chong saw a little girl about ten years old covering her mouth and looking at herself with dissatisfaction.


    "Tell you to ignore me!"


    The little girl took Wang Chong with her thin fingers.


    "Little Sister ?!"


    Wang Chong looked at the opposite incredulously. The little girl's curved eyebrows are generally crescent-shaped, bright eyes, white-red skin, with the following silver-red leather pants, which looks like a pink jade.


    It was just the two horns of the cockroach that smashed her naughty nature. This is not the youngest sister of her own. Who is this?


    But Little Sister is not already…


    Wang Chong looked at his eyes and couldn’t react in his mind.


    Is it obvious that you are already dead? He clearly remembers that at the last moment, for assassination Kangya Luoshan, he resolutely rushed into the foreign race Heavy Cavalry, how can I see Little Sister here?


    And Little Sister is so small, it is clearly her ten years old. I am only five years older than Little Sister. If Little Sister is ten years old, then I am not…


    Wang Chong lifted his arm up. Soon, Wang Chong saw a pair of small, white arms, which was quite different from what he had imagined.


    For a moment, Wang Chong couldn't speak. Could it be…Have you been born again?


    Wang Chong is pleasantly surprised, embarrassed, and more suffering.


    "Little Sister, give me a look."


    Wang Chong suddenly said.


    As soon as the voice fell, Wang Chong saw a soft, white hand reaching out, and a small white wavy around the little hand.


    This faint scent does not scatter, as steel is like iron, giving a very powerful feeling.


    “Origin Qi Ninth Step !”


    Wang Chong twitched in the heart. This faint white skull is a symbol of the Origin Qi Ninth Step Expert. How I forgot myself, Little Sister has been a talented person and is a "strong man" of Divine Strength.


    Let her wake her up, it is not asking for trouble!


    "Little Sister, don't…"


    Wang Chong's face changed and wanted to stop, but it was already late. Kā chā, just listening to a crisp voice, Wang Chong felt that his cheekbones seemed to be broken.


    "Hey, Little Sister is quick!"


    When I heard Wang Chong's screaming, the little girl licked her face and spit out her fingers. She was embarrassed to take back her fingers.


    "Little brother, can't blame me. This is what you let me do. ”


    The little girl spit her tongue and said that she didn’t mean apologizing.


    Wang Chong smiled. Sure enough, it is the Little Sister in memory. The power of the day, the strength of the smashing, and the power of the ruin are not affordable.


    However, in the painful wrist, Wang Chong is very happy in his heart. There is pain, there is perception, you can see…, which means that it is not an illusion.


    I am still alive!


    "Is it true that God heard his voice?"


    At this moment, Wang Chong’s heart was full of emotions and feelings.


    "Three brothers, I am not saying you. Later, Shao and Ma Zhou's bastard exchanges, the guy is not a good thing, actually caused the third brother to be taught, and was said to be strong and robbed. Is my third brother using a strong robbing woman? This bastard! Let me meet next time, be sure to teach him once, see once. ”


    Opposite, the little girl did not know what was thought of, suddenly twisted her eyebrows, angry look, two horrible little hands once again k k chā kā chā sound, apparent resentment is not small.


    "Little Sister…"


    When I heard Little Sister’s sincere voice, Wang Chong’s nose was sour, holding her sister Wang Yao’er, and her heart was very touched.


    This is my Little Sister, the little Sister who loves her brother. It’s a pity that I was too jerk at the beginning and couldn’t feel it until I lost it.


    This world, then God gave himself another chance, and he wouldn’t let Little Sister encounter those things anyway.


    "Little Sister, thank you. But no, Ma Zhou, the bastard, I will deal with it myself. ”


    Wang Chong is soft.


    Wang Yao'er stunned and looked up from Wang Chong's arms. His big eyes reflected Wang Chong's eyes, and his eyes were full of surprises. My third brother, it seems that it is not the same today.


    Seeing that he usually hangs out, and makes a group of friends and friends, how can he not say this person who speaks.


    "Right, third brother, you haven't told me yet. What is a passer?What does the traversal mean? How have I never heard of it? ”


    Wang Yao'er remembered one thing, his round eyes staring at Wang Chong, two big question marks inside. To put it bluntly, the things that I care most about have not been said yet.


    For Wang Chong, Wang Yao'er is quite dissatisfied.




    Rao is Wang Chong's thick face. Hearing the words of Little Sister, he couldn't help but touch his nose and look awkward.


    The stalk about the "traversal" is the first time that he has brought from another universe to the world. At that time, his heart is full of grievances, he does not adapt to everything, no one knows, only he feels that he is the world. A hasty passenger is like an illusory bubble.


    Just seeing myself, this shofar, sloppy, very playful Little Sister ran to find himself, called himself "three brothers", and when she was a child, she teased her and asked her to call her "traveler."


    But my own joke, Little Sister is taken seriously. Again and again, ask yourself, what is the "traveler." Looking back, it should be this time.


    When I think of this stalk, Wang Chong is also awkward to die.


    "This traverser is the meaning of a handsome guy."


    HandsomeLittle Sister's eyes widened and more confusing.


    "It's a handsome little brother!"


    Wang Chong laughed.


    "Little brother, you lied to me!"


    Little Sister suddenly became furious. Although she is young, she is not so deceiving.


    "Little Sister, I suddenly remembered, my father is probably coming back soon. You still have to go back quickly, or if you are not found, then you are in trouble! ”


    Wang Chong's cold sweat in his heart, quickly transferred the topic. Little Sister is pure-minded, and although she is extremely convinced of herself, if she finds that she has lied to her, she will be able to eat with her amazing power.




    Little Sister's cheeks are raging and angry. She is young, but she is not so good. The little brother obviously did not tell the truth.


    Wang Chong even deceived her, and she finally cheated her. However, when I left, I was angry and obviously very dissatisfied:


    "I will be back soon, my mother asked me to call you, let you remember to go to the grand hall for dinner!"




    Hearing this sentence, hōng lōng lōng seems to be a thunder across the mind, Wang Chong suddenly suddenly lost.


    Little Sister said, out of the door with anger.


    Wang Chong touched his forehead and felt a cold sweat. Really thought that she secretly broke into, dare to deceive her father, can not escape the mother's eyes!


    However, it is not unexpected at all. With the ability of Little Sister, how could you escape from Buddha's Five Finger Mountain?


    When Little Sister left, Wang Chong slammed the door, leaning against the wall, his head raised slightly, staring at the high roof, his face was cold and his face slowly calmed down.


    What happened today is too strange. He needs time to think about it.


    The scene before dying once again floated to the heart, and the last meteor that I saw was slowly becoming clear. Some distant memories seem to have been forgotten, but this time it became clear.


    Wang Chong remembers clearly that in another time and space of the Earth in 2022, on the hot summer day, when he was walking on the street, he was smashed by a meteor falling from the sky and then taken to this stranger. world.


    When I first crossed here, I thought that there would be "the welfare of the traversing person", but in fact it was ordinary, even at the moment of "death", in addition to the identity of a General son, he also looks normal. There is no difference in human beings.


    The meteor, the mysterious meteor, not only brought him to this strange, distant world of his own universe, but no other miracles.


    Unexpectedly, when I waited for my death, it suddenly appeared.


    "Is it resentment? Still not the last? ”


    Wang Chong is in the heart.


    Anyway, he really came back. He really returned thirty years ago! This year, he is fifteen years old and Little Sister is ten years old!


    Central Divine Continent is welcoming its most powerful and powerful time ever!


    Whether it is the Qin Dynasty or the Dahan, it has never been as large as the original as the original. Eastern Sea from east, Cong Ridge to the west, Southernmost Jiaozhi, and Yin Mountain to the north, all of which are the sphere of influence of Empire.


    With 600,000 Great Army, Great Tang Ding Divine Continent, suppressing all the Huyi countries in Bentham. The military is even more famous, and it is said that there are hundreds of people, and even Hu People has surrendered to this huge Empire.


    In just a few decades, Empire's layout has expanded and finally reached its present level.


    This is the center of the well-deserved world.


    This is the most powerful era of Central Plains.


    The one in the palace is also known as Sage Emperor in Central Divine Continent. In this Central Divine Continent, everyone is complacent and full of pride.


    But apart from Wang Chong, no one knows that under the extremely powerful appearance, Empire is dying from the rise and the road to its decline.


    Under the illusion of the prosperous world, the horse has been ruined, and it has already contained countless crises.


    On the western side of Great Tang's Plateau, U-Tsang is gaining momentum and quickly entering his most powerful time. On the west side, Umayyad Caliphate crashed down and replaced it with the most powerful Abbasid Caliphate era in the history of Arabian Empire.


    In the northeast, the Suwen squadrons and the horses in the south, and the Er'hai in the south are also undercurrent.


    All crises are on the verge of being triggered.


    However, Central Plains Great Tang, everyone is still immersed in the illusion of this prosperous world, still know nothing about these latent crises. Even when the Barbarians were stunned and glared at Central Plains, Confucian School was still brewing a new wave of thoughts inside and outside the ruling, trying to get the Royal Court to oust the army, returning the map, pursuing benevolence and justice, and ritualizing the Barbarians in exchange for etiquette. Long-lasting peace between Central Divine Continent and Barbarians.


    This is an unprecedented self-destructive martial arts:


    The tiger abolished the claws and the wolf pulled out the teeth!


    Four years later, when the Barbarians swallowed like a tiger wolf, when another "Ruin the Heavens" disaster swept through, the entire Central Plains was no longer resistant.


    After four years, these crises broke out together, and it was a big disaster in the southeast and the northwest! This huge and brilliant Empire has completely declined.


    The family that she loves is also in the past four years, from the prosperity to the decline, disintegration, and complete decline, from the high-ranking Aristocratic Family, fell into the mud and struggled.


    In the last life, he was embarrassed, until all that could not be recovered, he suddenly woke up, but this world, with the memory and experience of the whole life, he will never let this happen again!


    Why did this huge Empire split into such a short time, when he had thought about countless times. If it can be implemented according to the plan he thought of in "Thirty Years Later", then it is all too late.


    But before that, he has to stop another big thing that is about to happen in this family. Little Sister, big brother, father, mother, and the entire Wang Clan…, everyone has been affected by this matter.


    After this incident, the entire Wang Clan stepped into the decline step by step, and it is hard to return.


    The people he loves and the people who love him are after a series of things after this incident, and slowly "go away from him."


    And it all happened when he crossed the world.


    Only at that time, he still ignorant of ignorance. But this world, he will never give up!


    Why can't a house sweep the world, and it will be finished under the nest? If he can't save the fate of this family, what else does he take to save the world?


    Anyway, he must stop!


    Thinking in my heart, Wang Chong pushed the door open and quickly went out. Outside the door, looking at the familiar scenes, Wang Chong knows that the next thing is extremely important to him.


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