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The latest chapter of the Emperor's period, the tenth chapter of the text, the lesson Yao Feng, floating astronomy
    "Yao Feng, you sent Ma Zhou to harm me! Today, we are also one newspaper and one report! ”

人皇纪最新章节,正文 第十章 狠狠教训姚风,飘天文学


    Wang Chong crossed the back of Yao Feng. With the help of Little Sister, he worked hard all his strength, bowed left and right, bowed to Yao Feng, and a pair of fists greeted Yao Feng's face, playing Yao Feng's nose and face.


    Wang Chong is also hateful. This Yao Clan is designed to smother his father, and the small ambassador let Ma Zhou deal with himself. One big one is not a good thing!


    If he didn't return to his fifteen years old, Wang Clan would be ruined in their hands.


    "This punch is for my big brother!"


    "This punch is for my own!"




    Wang Chong's iron fists are like rain, and they are full of strength. Rao is Yao Feng Realm cultivation base far beyond Wang Chong, but after all, it is flesh and blood, and Wang Chong Commander for 30 years, what kind of torture in the army is well known, know where is the softest, where is the most painful, where can not help Pump up.


    Yao Feng started to be hard-pressed, and didn't want to lose face in the hands of two children. However, after a few punches, I was surprised to find that Wang Chong’s strength was not as good as that of his sister, but it hurt ten times, and finally could not help but mourn.


    "Little beast, you dare!"


    Bang, the ground tremble, Yao Guangyi broke through the floor from the bottom, and saw such a scene. Rao is Yao Guangyi, his heart is deep, his mood is not indifferent, but when he sees Yao Feng's horror, he can't help but anger and rush.


    Yao Feng's situation is what he did not think of.


    "Two little beasts, give me life!"


    Yao Guangyi looked like a blue-green body, and his body fluttered to the two brothers and sisters Wang Chong and Wang Xiaoyao. One right hand was arrogant, and the light and flame of the five fingers condensed into a small sun, emitting a majestic pressure. Wang Chong and Wang Xiaoyao went to the two brothers and sisters.


    Although Wang Clan Little Sister is also known as Divine Strength, it is also eclipsed in the face of this majestic flame.




    Wang Clan Little Sister looked awkward and scared his face. She is daring, and she is not afraid of it, but it is comparable to the same age, which is comparable to Yao Guangyi.


    “Stop it! Who dares to do it, I killed this kid first! ”


    With the flames, Wang Chong couldn't see the situation in the room, and he couldn't see who took the action. However, this does not prevent Wang Chong from scorning his opponent.


    Hey, a small knife in the sleeve, a sharp blade immediately resisted Yao Feng's neck, and a hook in it, a circle of faint blood immediately oozing out, and looking a little further, Yao Feng Yao Gongzi I really want to die in the hands of Wang Chong, a fifteen-year-old child.


The strong flames came to an abrupt stop a few feet away from the two brothers and sisters of Wang Chong. Behind the eye-catching flame, the face of Yao Guangyi was born.


    “Yao Guangyi !!”


    Wang Chong’s heart was shocked, and it’s only clear who is the person who started it! He had only seen Yao Guangyi several times in the previous life, but this time he saw him for the first time.


    Yao Guangyi's gaze, like the one in memory, is a look of a male.


    "Small beast, if you dare to hurt my family, the old man will kill you!"


    Yao Guangyi's face is blue and green, and the look is gloomy and terrible. If the eyes can kill, Wang Chong is afraid that he will die many times before he died.


    …heh Yeah?


    Wang Chong sneered, he hates people to be embarrassed, let alone yell at him or Yao Guangyi:


    "You want me to smash the corpse, I want you to be a great grandson. I would like to see if your family, Yao Feng, is a copper rib and can hold my knife. ”


    Wang Chong said that the knife blade was in the middle of the hook, and the blood line oozing out. The two sons, Yao Guangyi and Yao Feng, were white.


    I don't want it


    Yao Feng exclaimed.


    "Junior Lord… "


    The people around him were also shocked. Wang Chong and Wang Xiaoyao are two brothers and sisters of Wang Clan. Originally, this is at most a small fight. They can't dare to kill their own lives. After all, the relationship between the two is there.


    But when I saw Wang Chong's look, everyone discovered that this Wang Chong was even more crazy than his Little Sister.


    This kind of thing is completely exhausted under his madness.


    "Little beast, you dare!"


    Yao Guangyi's eyes are round and round, and the whole body is trembling.


    "Reverse! Still not let me stop! ”


    A thunderous sound exploded in the room, just behind Yao Guangyi, a majestic and familiar figure, such as Yue Luan, stood in the sound of the house.








    Wang Chong was happy in the heart and called out with Wang Xiaoyao.


    "Reverse! See what you did well! ”


    Wang Yan looked at the two brothers and sisters, and his face was even more ugly than Yao Guangyi. The ones he hated most in his life were those who rebelled against the law. When I was drinking with Yao Guangyi in the underground, I also talked about the land of the capital, where some people are here.


    However, Wang Yan never imagined that in the Vast Crane Pavilion, the fights were actually their own children!


    Wang Chong didn't think so much. When he saw his father appear, Wang Chong was very excited. As long as he can attract his father and destroy his meeting with Yao Guangyi's, his own hard work is worth it.


    "Father, things are not what you think."


    Wang Chong quickly explained:


    "It’s Yao’s and Yao’s people first.”


    shut up


    Wang Yan is very angry and looks angry. "You are really disappointing me!" Hey, your mother and I thought that your prodigal son would turn back and get lost. I don't think you will change your nature after all! – You are really disappointing me! ”


    The entire singer was silent, Wang Yan was too famous, and the people in the entire Vast Crane Pavilion were chilling under the majesty of Wang Yan. Wang Xiaoyao was even scared and pale, and his body shrank.


    From small to large, this is the first time she saw such a big temper. Wang Xiaoyao vaguely felt that he was a big disaster.


    Wang Chong knew her sister's feelings, shook her palm, and felt a sigh of relief in her heart. The joy that had just risen was long gone.


    I have done so much, and I have put so much effort into it, just to resolve the family crisis. As a result, in my father’s mind, I was still a stubborn counter!


    Wang Chong only felt bitter in his heart.


    Yes What the father taught is. The child is wrong! ”


    Wang Chong bowed his head.


    Incorrect What is wrong? Obviously they started first…"


    Wang Clan Little Sister immediately disagreed. She has always been afraid of fear, the most feared is the father. When the father Wang Yan appeared, he immediately scared his face and stunned. But when I heard the voice of my brother, Wang Chong, I was very dissatisfied, and even my brother ran into my father.


    Although she is very afraid of her father, she is even more reluctant to be wronged by her brother Wang Chong. Obviously my brother did not do anything, why should you admit it!


    These people are more bullying, is it still their fault? Although I don't know why my brother should deal with these people, Wang Xiaoyao is convinced that the little brother has his reasons for doing so.


    shut up


    Wang Yan was furious.


    "Little Sister, don't say…"


    Wang Chong quickly pulled his sister's hand. Although I was misunderstood by my father, my heart was a little uncomfortable. But as long as the plan is successful. Everything else doesn't matter.


    Out of this kind of thing, everyone saw that Yao Feng was half-dead by himself and Little Sister. Even if Yao Guangyi was savage and savage, he could not be able to pull his father and him together.


    Even if it is a fool, knowing what happened today, it is impossible to misunderstand that his father and Yao Guangyi colluded and rebelled against King Qi. Wang Chong can feel that Yao Guangyi obviously knows this, so it will be particularly angry.


    As for the father Wang Yan there…


    One day, he will understand his pains.


    Wang Clan Father and son, you say a word, Yao Guangyi with red eyes, but can't help it. The two fathers and sons sang together, who knows if they are acting.


    "Small beasts, don't give me the wind!"


    "Yao Guangyi, you give me a stop!"


    A sigh of energy, shaking the sky, Wang Yan's face was gloomy, and finally couldn't stand it.


    How is it to be his own child, but Yao Guangyi is in the presence of his father, the left and right "small beast", and the right sentence "small beast", where is Wang Yan's father?


    Yao Guangyi's behavior has already passed the boundaries!


    Although they belong to the same family, Wang Yan does not need to be polite to Yao Guangyi, how to play with their own children, how to discipline, it is their own business. It is still not possible to teach Yao Guangyi this outsider!




    As soon as the sound fell, Yao Guangyi suddenly changed his face. The two men glared at each other, and the little fighting room was filled with gunpowder because of a few words between the two Great Tang Generals!


    The two Great Army leaders, Great General, were angry and the rest of the room was stunned and afraid to move.


    All Yao guards have a taboo look.


    Wang Chong saw this scene and his heart was slightly comforted. My father is still facing himself! However, at this time, Wang Chong did not ask his father and Yao Guangyi to clash.


    "Yao Guangyi! I want your son, I will give it back to you! ”


    Wang Chong did not give the two people a chance to conflict. Wang Chong is familiar with the trend of later generations. Although Yao Guangyi is not a thing, at this time, the two families are not completely broken, and they are fighting for life.


    Hey, Wang Chong pushed Yao Guangyi, secretly made a trick, didn't wait for Yao Feng to start, pressed acupoint on his back and fainted him.


    "There is no way to fight the tiger, but it is bitten by the tiger." Wang Chong is definitely not going to do this kind of thing. Yao Feng's strength is far stronger than himself. If he puts him away, he still doesn't know how many things are going to happen.


    Yao Guangyi swayed and quickly caught his son Yao Feng.


    "Wang Yan, look at the good son you taught!"


    Looking at Yang Feng, Yao Guangyi, who was swollen in the arms of Wang Clan's brother and sister, was bleeding. Today's plan, he prepared a lot, invited a lot of subordinates and King Qi's aides, and had to do a lot of work in advance. I didn't expect to be broken by Wang Clan's two half-sized children.


    Yao Guangyi is still not sure whether the father and son are coming together and acting together. But no matter what, my plan is a complete abortion.


    At the beginning, I had a ticket for King Qi. When King Qi knew the news here, he might be disappointed with himself, even with his ability to doubt himself!


    Thinking of this, Yao Guangyi is even more heartbroken.


    "Wang Yan, this thing won't be the case." Even if this matter is reported to you, I must let you Wang Clan give my son a confession! ”


    Yao Guangyi stared at Wang Yan, hate the channel. Now that the plan has failed, there is no need to succumb to it. Yao Guangyi picked up his son and turned away with a group of Yao’s Expert heads.


    Yao Guangyi As soon as he left, Wang Yan's face sank immediately.


    "Reverse! Still not giving me home! Don't you think it's enough here to disgrace me? ”


    Wang Yan stared at Wang Chong, cold channel. His eyes turned and fell on Wang Xiaoyao:


    "Yao, you are too disappointing. I will follow your third brother less in the future, otherwise I will learn badly like him sooner or later. – After I went back, I will be banned for three days, and I will not step out of the door! ”




    Wang Xiaoyao screamed anxiously. Can not go out, but in such a small room closed confinement, not to kill her.


    "No bargaining, this matter has not been discussed!"


    Wang Yan squinted.


    Wang Chong listened to his heart. Three feet of ice does not form at a single day, who had just made a scandal with Ma Zhou to rob nor did, and played vast act with Yao Crane in Pavilion Clan take Ion, it's probably harder to change a father's mind about himself.


    But regardless of whether the father does not believe in himself, there is something Wang Chong must say:


    "Father, I know that you don't believe what I say now, but there is one thing you must remember!" After the father returns to the border, if you find Hu People crossing the border, please remember to withdraw 50 miles! necessarily


    “What do you mean?”


    This reversal is inexplicable, even when Wang Yan fine is angry, I can't help but hear this, and I don't ask a subconscious.


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