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Chapter 1 613

The appearance of the four golden unicorns is equivalent to saying that Wang Chong’s status is above King Qi, which is unacceptable to him.

The Prince of Foreign Region was officially built. Just in the fireworks and fireworks, and in the congratulations of countless Wenchen military generals, Wang Chong finally took a group of joyful and joyful officials and officially stayed in his own residence.

This newly built mansion is twice as big as the original Wang Clan mansion, and the weather is majestic. Even Sage Emperor has sent 500 Jinuwei for Wang Chong to defend the house, these Jinwuwei They are all carefully selected, all of them are loyal to their duties, absolutely reliable, and the weather inside the mansion, even after watching, even Wang Chong is amazed.

He originally thought that King Qi would cut corners on this matter, but it seems that once Royal Court has determined Wang Chong’s treatment and specifications, even King Qi can only move hands and feet, extend the construction period, the specific internal structure, one flower one Wood can’t move.

– This is the rule of the Royal Court!

After the fun, everything is silent.

“Oh la la!”

An exquisite gold-copper Flood Dragon pot hangs in the air, a white waterline squirts from the tiger-shaped spout, pouring a fine white cup with a fine white interior. in.

“Good tea! This should be the first gold medal of the First Imperial Prince.”

In the hall of the Prince of Foreign Region, a voice rang, and King Song picked up the teacup on the table and gave a soft sip of it.

“The eyes of His Royal Highness are indeed the ones that the First Imperial Prince rewards.”

Wang Chong chuckled and put the bronze Peak Dragon pot on the palm back to the table, smiling slightly. After waiting for such a long time, his Prince of Foreign Region was finally completed, and how King Song missed this opportunity. This is also a rare opportunity for two people to sit together and relax with tea.

“Take a good taste, this is the Finest Quality tribute tea. This year, there are a total of five boxes for the tribute. Two boxes are given to the goddess and we, a box of Sage Emperor is reserved for personal use, and a box is given to the old lady. You A box or First Imperial Prince took out his own collection. From this point of view, the first award, First Imperial Prince is also intentional.”

King Song said, while he was light, he took a sip.

Wang Chong smells and laughs without saying. He really can’t learn about the tea ceremony, and his personal ambition is not here, so he can’t taste anything high or low.

“The situation in Beijing is very subtle now.”

King Song suddenly spoke.

“Oh? ”

Wang Chong’s eyes stunned and it was a big surprise. King Song has never been targeted. There is definitely a reason for this.

“You may not know that your house has some specifications that are beyond the initial specifications. These are the craftsmen who are doing it privately with King Qi.”

King Song smiled slightly.

When Wang Chong heard this, his heart was shocked. He rarely talked about this. King Song said that he didn’t know it.

“But the Ministry of Industry…, not always King Qi is in control, how can they allow?”

Wang Chong was surprised.

“hē hē, what do the craftsmen do underneath, do you think they will not know? This time, your Prince of Foreign Region can build so much in advance, the biggest and most important, because of the officials of the Ministry of Industry. This is also The reason why King Qi is furious.”

“Bentham incident, more than 400 hops, Confucianism Sect not only did not find a way to solve this problem, but tried to push things down, big things are small, small things are not, this thing even the official bureau of Confucianism Sect also see If they don’t go on, they will not dare to express their opposition, but they will support it with their own actions. It is for this reason that your house can be built so quickly.”

“From this point of view, Wang Chong, you are really beautiful in this game!”

King Song put down the teacup in his hand, gently licking his beard and looking at Wang Chong in front of him, his face was appreciated.

I heard King Song’s words, even if Wang Chong couldn’t stop it for a while. On the Imperial Court, First Imperial Prince and Confucianism Sect were in the same breath, and Wang Chong instinctively didn’t pay much attention to it. If it wasn’t for King Song, he didn’t know that the Bian incident actually caused such a change.

“hē hē, there are not so many sectarians, Confucianism Sect and Confucian School are not as powerful as they are supposed to be. The so-called fairness is right, the right and wrong, everyone can distinguish, the word justice is far beyond the martial art. See you.”

King Song smiled. For Wang Chong, out of Elder Generation’s mentality, he always has some peace of mind. No matter what, King Song always wants to appear on Imperial Court and try his best to help Wang Chong. But this time, it has made King Song a lot of heart.

The times are changing. Maybe he used to be the backing of the Ministry of War. It is the pillar of the entire Tang soldier. But now, the younger generation has grown up, even without him, Wang Chong is also a man. Not only did it withstand attacks from First Imperial Prince, King Qi, and Confucianism Sect, but it also won a bright and beautiful victory.

This is the passing of the fire. I have worked hard for Great Tang for most of my life. I can’t relax in my heart, but now, he can finally let Wang Chong and the younger generations in the in-court experience to support the sky of Great Tang.

Wang Chong looked at King Song in front of him, and his heart was one after another, thoughtful.

King Song just smiled and didn’t bother.

“Wang Ye, the hour is almost the same, then, that thing should be off.”

I don’t know how long it took, a familiar voice rang in the hall. The old butler was in a gray robe and suddenly came forward from behind.


When he heard the old housekeeper, King Song blinked and suddenly returned.

“Almost, Wang Chong, I will go first, and I will meet you again next time.”

King Song said as he stood up.

“I am sending my Highness!”

Wang Chong stood up and sent King Song all the way. Watching King Song rush into the carriage and disappear into the distance, Wang Chong’s eyes flashed a glimpse of doubt.

I don’t know why, when King Song left, he gave him a very urgent feeling. Wang Chong and King Song have been in contact for so long. King Song has always given him the impression that he has never been able to walk, and he is still too fast. He is the first time he sees King Song so urgent.

“I don’t know where he is going.”

Thinking of what the old housekeeper said before, Wang Chong flashed a thought in his mind, but King Song did not say, Wang Chong did not ask, turned and Wang Chong quickly disappeared into the house.


The night was quiet, and when Wang Chong gradually suppressed Confucianism Sect, the depths of the Imperial Palace also progressed.

The northeast corner of the Imperial Palace, hey, a figure flies past, like a big bird generally across the void, quickly disappeared.


Shortly after the disappearance of the figure, a strange laugh came out from the dark corner of the Imperial Palace. In the blink of an eye, the two figures were tall and short, and they came out from the inside.

“For a long time, I finally couldn’t help but appear!”

One of the figures has a cane on his hand, and his eyes are very sullen. If you look closely, you will find that his lips are unnaturally twisted, and the muscles are slack, and even the teeth are missing a few. This is a dumb performance. Because the muscles of the lips are less used, they are more slack. If there are sectarians here, they will be able to recognize them. This person is a famous dumb in the rivers and lakes.

However, even though it is dumb, it is not impossible to speak. If you identify it carefully, you will find that the sound just came from his abdomen.

Abdominal language!

This is a cultivation method to make up for his innate defects. Through the muscle vibration of the abdomen, Astral Qi can make a sound. Even if you don’t care, you can’t see his natural defects from the outside.

“Hey, dare to fight against the lord, it’s a dead end. Even if he is a First Imperial Prince, whoever offends the Prince of Foreign Region, who is against our entire sectarian world!”

The tall man next to him also spoke. This person is naturally a scorpio in the sky.

Like the dumb, Heavenly God is deaf, but with extraordinary savvy and talent, cultivation has a set of ancient special methods that can capture the sound waves in the air through Spiritual Strength and Astral Qi to understand each other’s meaning.

Most importantly, because of their natural disabilities, both of them have a special set of methods that have many martial artists’ unmatchable abilities in surveillance and tracking. Two people, one who is good at optimism, one who is good at listening to the law, the two join hands, within the entire Imperial Palace, except for the area where Sage Emperor is located, even if there is a mosquito flying, it is difficult to escape them. Eyes and ears.

This is why Wang Chong specially invited them to the Imperial Palace.

“Notify Zhao Commander that there are a total of nine ‘mosquids’ tonight, flying from all directions to the area where the Fifth Imperial Prince is located. Tell him that you can close the net!”

Scorpio suddenly turned his head and looked at the Imperial Guard behind the darkness.


Looking at the two people in front of me, the Imperial Guard was full of awe in the eyes, turned his head and quickly left.

The night is quiet and the breeze is gentle, but there is an invisible murder in the air. In the darkness that ordinary people can’t notice, countless figures are moved around the palace where the Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng is located.

Regardless of the turmoil of the outside world and the invisible murder in the Imperial Palace, the Fifth Imperial Prince’s palace is now brightly lit, as usual. The palace ladies and the eunuchs were completely unaware of it. Several palace ladies even yawned because they were too tired.


In the depths of the darkness, a wave of consciousness drifts through the void.

“This time, the above is a dead order. If you can’t miss it, you can’t miss it!”

“Oh, rest assured, they have been arranged. At least half an hour, even a mosquito around the Five Emperors* will not be close. All the Imperial Guards have been opened. Now in the palace, only Fifth is left. Imperial Prince and some palace ladies who don’t know anything.”

Just a few feet away from the ridge of the Five Emperors*, a few black-faced masks, dressed in night clothes, lie on the ridge, motionless. Their bodies are like cheetahs, full of endless explosive power, but the atmosphere of the body is like nothing, just like a piece of paper.

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