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Chapter 1 614


I don’t know how long it took, a voice suddenly came from the darkness. The next moment, the light flashed, just like the arrow of the string, a few figures like ghosts, from all corners, and quickly rushed into the palace of Fifth Imperial Prince.

At the moment of landing, a small needle like a cow’s hair flew out. These cockroaches had not reacted, and they were fainted and fell to the ground. The pedestrian Speed ​​was extremely fast, but in a matter of interest, he entered the courtyard of the Fifth Imperial Prince through the heavy corridor.

There is not even a breath before or after.


Sword Qi was in the moment, just after seeing the desk at the Fifth Imperial Prince reading the oil lamp, a Sword Qi burst into the room and blasted to the opposite Fifth Imperial Prince. At the same time, countless Hidden Weapons were like squally showers and fell into the body of Fifth Imperial Prince.

However, Hidden Weapon shot, but it was not a physical sound. It was just a blink of an eye. The body of Fifth Imperial Prince was torn apart, and the explosion exploded. There were countless pieces of wood chips flying in the room.

“Not good! It’s a trap!”

Seeing the wood chips flying all over the sky, everyone suddenly changed their mind and immediately knew that they were fooled.


Everyone suddenly changed their mind and wanted to escape from here, but it was already late.

“Catch the assassin!”

A sorghum voice broke the calm and sounded throughout the northeast corner of the Imperial Palace.

In the next moment, the dense footsteps and horseshoes around the four are like the tide. For a moment, a few people looked dull and pale.

“Oh, crouching for so long, I finally can’t help but hook up!”

At this moment, in the Imperial Palace, the sound of shouting is like a thunder. In the dark, I don’t know how many Imperial Guards are heading for the Imperial Imperial Prince’s palace.

And under a bright palace lantern, Zhao Fengchen held his hand and smiled lightly. In this action, he only needs to be responsible for encircling it and not letting the assassins escape. Wang Chong has already been properly arranged to actually arrest Quest.

No accidents, the assassins were difficult to fly.

Zhao Fengchen has seen their means and knows that these people are out of the blue, absolutely foolproof.

“My Royal Highness, Fifth Imperial Prince, I said they will act tonight, now you believe it!”

Zhao Fengchen suddenly did not return.

An Imperial Guard stands behind him, but look closely, what is the Imperial Guard, clearly the Fifth Imperial Prince that should have been in the palace.

“These guys are too courageous! The big emperor is simply trying to put me to death!”

Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng At this time, looking at the distance is also a lingering fear. Wang Chong has already said that he should fully cooperate with Zhao Fengchen. He had more or less doubts, but at this time, I fortunately listened, otherwise I am afraid It is not always possible to escape this robbery.

The other party was brewing for more than a month. It was only at this time that it was completely hands-on. It was a pity that the other party underestimated him. I don’t know that Wang Chong also waited for them for more than a month.

“Almost, now is the time to close the net, my Highness and I go and see it!”

Looking at the hour, Zhao Fengchen took a step forward and went straight ahead.

“What?! Li Heng is not in the palace?! All the people we sent were caught?!”

At the same time, in the East Palace, First Imperial Prince received a message, and he shouted his eyes, his face was incredible.

“Yes! The other party seems to be ready, our people are all caught, six people are doing their own, but there are still three people being jealous!”


First Imperial Prince’s forehead twitched and slammed into the table next to him, and the whole person was very angry.

“Wang Chong! Must be Wang Chong!”

This first-time First Imperial Prince has a murderous eye.

“Pass me to order, let all of our people transfer!”

“Yes! Your Highness!”


At the same time, in a secret place in the Imperial Palace, a sectarian martial artist with a tiger-backed bear’s waist, which looks extremely powerful, is full of blood and is coming out of the black-painted cabin across the threshold.

“How? Asked?”

Zhao Fengchen greeted the road.

“Hey, does he really think he is a piece of steel? I can’t ask if I am out! The address is here, the time is tight, let them know how to act!”

The man wiped his hand with a towel and took out a letter and handed it over.

Torture confessions, those officials and their poor more than 100,000 miles, the Assassin is just a profession, an identity, take off this identity, which is still a common person.

Since it is a human being, how can you not ask the news?

“Thank you!”

Zhao Fengchen was overjoyed. After a moment of screaming, an eagle rushed out of the sky like a lightning bolt and flew out of the Imperial Palace.

Just counting the numbers, the eagle fell from the sky. On the ground, a palm rested, and immediately caught the eagle that fell from the sky.

“Everyone, I found it out!”

“Now is the time for us to repay the Prince of Foreign Region!”

“It’s really a dead end, it’s not good to provoke anyone, but it’s going to provoke the Prince of Foreign Region. Who is bad for the Prince of Foreign Region is to be an enemy of our sects!”

“Go! Kill them all, one does not stay!”

I don’t know how many sects of Powerhouse stand in the dark.

The trip to the northwest, if not because of Wang Chong, they probably have already died in the ground, and the royal prince in the Royal Court, whether it is martial arts or character, is deeply admired by the martial artist.

Even Song Yuanyi, the lord of the righteous allies who had been chasing him, had turned him into a jade, not to mention other people.

I can get the right support from both sides, except for the Great Tang Prince of Foreign Region. I am afraid I can no longer find a second person.

Xiū xiū xiū, but for a moment, everyone disappeared.


Time passed slowly.

“His Royal Highness! Not good! Our people are all killed, one does not stay!”

Suddenly, an Donggong’s bodyguard almost climbed and rushed in. Without saying a few words, it was already cold and sweaty, and all of them were soaked.

“Globe! What are you talking about, I am not sending a message to let them leave!”

First Imperial Prince angered.

“His Highness, the news is undoubted. After we sent out the news, we did not receive a reply, so we sent people to check it out. We found that the place was full of bodies everywhere. It seems that our people were suddenly attacked when they left. And the other side’s attack was extremely fierce, killing all of us in almost a short time!”

The more the guards said, the smaller the sound. In the end, the head was low and trembled, and they didn’t dare to take a look at the First Imperial Prince.


Upon hearing this news, First Imperial Prince was severed with a shake, his body squatting, and he took a few steps back.

“how could this be!”

For a moment, First Imperial Prince was hit hard.

The assassin in the stronghold outside the city was his hard work and hard work. Everyone there is loyal to him. As a prince, there are many things that are not convenient to do. At this time, such special forces can play a huge role.

But now he is hard to cultivate, and the power that belongs to him completely has been uprooted overnight, and the whole army has been annihilated. For First Imperial Prince, it is tantamount to being broken by an arm.

“Wang Chong! It’s you, it must be you!”

After the initial shock, First Imperial Prince returned, and the whole man was shivering.

This thing, the fifth brother Li Heng has not been so capable. In such a short period of time, first of all, to destroy his actions in the palace, then he will wipe out his secret assassin outside the city, the time is matched with moving clouds and flowing water, tacit understanding, not ordinary people can do it. of.

Only Wang Chong behind Li Heng can do it all.

“Why? Why are you not willing to cooperate with me, but you have to form an alliance with the incompetent Li Heng? I can’t compare with him. Why do you have to force me?!”

At that moment, the candlestick was swaying in the East Palace, and the first Imperial Prince was distorted in the light.

For the picket, Wang Chong did not go through him and set up the institution directly. In the end, he moved out of the name of Gaozu to make him lose face.

In the Bentham incident, Ishbara Khan’s letter is still a thorn in his heart. Wang Chong sent four hundred men to the same operation without passing him, completely treating his regent as nothing.

This time, Wang Chong pushed him to the corner.

“Why do you have to be against me?!”

First Imperial Prince gnashed his teeth and his face became more and more awkward.

Wang Chong’s military talent is undeniable, and his planning strategy is equally superior. He once thought about it more than once. If he got the help of Wang Chong’s, he would inherit his position as a status quo, and he might be able to stage a paragraph. Sage Emperor has the same friendship as Duke of Jiu.

Only Wang Chong disappointed him again and again!

He seems to have to force himself down. At that moment, First Imperial Prince has a sullen face.

If the ministers on the Imperial Court saw it, they couldn’t believe it. This is the wise and honest First Royal Prince in their eyes. And under the Highness, the guard was already pale in his face, and he couldn’t even dare to show his breath.

If the news here is spread out, I am afraid that tomorrow he will land the first person and his life will not be guaranteed.

Among the halls, there was silence. No one knew at that moment. By the stimulation of Wang Chong’s, First Imperial Prince’s desire for power was so strong that it could not be added.

“Wang Chong, this is what you forced me!”

First Imperial Prince flashed a stern light in his eyes, and his expression suddenly became cold.

“Commanded, the action can be advanced.”



“Oh la la!”

Everything settled, and a moment later, a pigeon from the Imperial Palace set off, flew through a lot of space, fell into the newly completed, impenetrable defense, and at the same time the magnificent Prince of Foreign Region.

“Oh, it seems that this matter can finally come to an end. At least, Fifth Imperial Prince doesn’t need to consider the assassination anymore!”

In the hall, in the high throne, Wang Chong opened his eyes and looked at the letterhead on the pigeon’s leg. He smiled and looked forward.

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