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Chapter 1,165

First Imperial Prince was more patient than he thought, and there wasn’t much movement after he came back, but he still couldn’t hold back. Everything is exactly the same as Wang Chong expected, from the moment when the power is hands-on, when they are completely destroyed.

First Imperial Prince has a special status, and there are many people in the palace. It is impossible for him to support this kind of power in the palace. Therefore, the stronghold of this power must be outside the palace, and it must not be the Imperial Palace.

Wang Chong couldn’t help First Imperial Prince, but it was a breeze to destroy the mysterious assassin’s power.

“Now I can finally sit back and relax.”

Wang Chong’s finger flicked, shattering the letter, and then regained his eyes, his eyes closed slightly, and continued to develop.

Hōng lōng lōng , Wang Chong The body is rolling, Astral Qi is like a tide, but for a moment, the light and shadow changes, and Wang Chong comes back thirty-three days.

Just like in the past, the thirty-three days behind Wang Chong have grown from six to eight, and are still hitting higher Realm.


I don’t know how long it took, the void vibrates, and with a burst of golden light, the piece behind Wang Chong is magnificent, as if the building with infinite space and time strength grows again, reaching the Nine Layer day.

Time flies, and after a series of events, whether it is Confucianism Sect or Imperial Court, it has calmed down a lot.

Confucianism Sect is no longer the starting point for the military.

With the capital of Wang Chong, it is quite different from the previous one.

With this rare tranquility, Wang Chong continued his planning strategy and saved his strength to arrange more people to go to the Promised Land.

On the other hand, we will actively expand our military strength and increase our efforts in overseas Island. Triangle Jag also further intensified its training to increase the military force, and also brought together some of the Khorasan People and surrounding Hu People.

But in the important general position, all are Han Chinese.

If you put it in front of it, whether it is Hu People, Westerners or Khorasan People, you will be dissatisfied, but Triangle Jag’s strength is almost entirely under Wang Chong’s. Now, as long as it is with Wang Chong, no one dares to say more.

All Hu People, Westerners and Khorasan People are convinced.

Everything was done step by step, in an orderly manner, and Wang Chong also used this rare time to step up cultivation and melt through all the cultivation methods, including Da Luo Xian Gong and Great Yin-Yang World Fortune Art.

At the same time, on the Martial Path, continue to move into a higher Realm.

The weather is getting colder, but Wang Chong’s room is warm and a huge force is flowing in his body.

In his body, the Promise pattern of the Da Luoxian pie kept on appearing, slowly turning, and getting more and more solid.

During this time, Wang Chong’s cultivation, cultivation base is getting higher and higher, and it is getting deeper and deeper. Finally, he is about to touch the bottleneck.

After Da Luo Xiangong reaches the tenth First Layer, there will be a qualitative change, which is completely different from the previous one. What Wang Chong is doing now is to impact the tenth First Layer.

Hōng lōng lōng !

Wang Chong is surrounded by more and more white fog, and the golden light in the fog is getting thicker and thicker. Only a moment later, Wang Chong is sweating all over the body.

I don’t know how long it took, and with a loud bang, the rolling Astral Qi torrent seemed to encounter the invisible obstruction of the First Layer, which collapsed sharply.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Chong took a long breath and the whole person seemed to be exhausted.

“Or not!”

Wang Chong shook his head and felt a little disappointed.

The more difficult it is for the Luo Luo Xian Gong to become cultivation, the difficulty will increase in multiples, and when it comes to the bottleneck, it is even more difficult to break through.

“Sure enough, it is the world’s first strange technique! I am afraid I still have to try a few more times to be successful.”

Wang Chong’s heart is secretly thought.

Although it is the world’s top ten strange technique in Divine Province, it is much more difficult for Da Luo Xian Gong’s cultivation than the Great Yin-Yang World Fortune Art, but Wang Chong is not discouraged. The more so, the more you expect this cultivation method.

Wang Chong breathed a sigh of relief and stood up. He picked up a towel from the side basin and was about to wipe it. Suddenly


An anxious voice suddenly came from outside the door, its sound did not fall, and a rush of footsteps immediately approached Wang Chong’s direction.

Not a moment, Jin Wuwei of a Prince of Foreign Region immediately hurried into the hall and crouched on the ground.

“His Royal Highness, there is an Eunuch outside to ask for it, and it is said that it is the person of the Fifth Imperial Prince. There is an extremely important thing to report to the prince.”

“Oh? ”

Wang Chong’s brow was a big surprise.

“Let him come in!”

Soon, a smothered eunuch, who was in a thin shape, hurriedly stumbled and ran in.

“Wang, the prince is not good! Five…Fifth Imperial Prince accident, Fifth Imperial Prince was arrested in prison!”

The embarrassed eunuch was pale and looked very anxious.


Upon hearing this news, Wang Chong was severe shake, Huo stood up and the whole person changed dramatically.

I haven’t waited for Wang Chong to react. At the same time, a familiar voice rang in Wang Chong’s mind:

“Warning !True Dragon Quest has undergone tremendous changes, temporary changes, and True Dragon. Because the host did not resolve the crisis, deduct Destiny Energy 300,000 points!”


Along with this cold voice, 300,000 Destiny Energy Points quickly detached from Wang Chong’s mind. Unlike the past, this stripping was accompanied by a violent body pain, like a million needles.

At the same time, the Jinyi eunuch entered Wang Clan’s. At the same time, a news shocked the entire Imperial Palace, Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng, the sinister harem, sinful and sinful, has been arrested and imprisoned by the clan.

Although this matter has been pressed for a while, it may erupt at any time and become a political storm that shocks the entire ruling and opposition.


Just a moment later, Wang Chong’s carriage drove out of the palace, the extremely expensive carriage, and the Jinyi eunuch who vented the message to Wang Chong sat in it. On the side, Wang Chong’s face was dignified and shocking.

He can’t believe the news until now.

It hasn’t been long since the last time the Fifth Imperial Prince was called for help, especially since the group of assassination Fifth Imperial Prince was arrested. Wang Chong originally thought that this matter had come to an end.

But never thought that it would have evolved into this way, the Fifth Imperial Prince was actually caught in the Clan House, and it is still the crime of the future palace!

“Warning host, True Dragon is an important core figure of this world. It will take the history of the whole world and Dragon Qi of Middle-earth. If the host fails to save True Dragon, it will deduct one million Destiny Energy Points!”

“Note that the host has only five days to think about countermeasures, the host will face huge deductions, and even Death! Please take action as soon as possible!!”


In the midst of it, not long ago, the sound of the stone of destiny echoed in my mind again.

In the impression of Wang Chong’s, the sound of the Stone of Destiny is rarely so severe, and the rushing wording “Please take the initiative to act as soon as possible” is rarely used. Obviously, the Fifth Imperial Prince incident is not as simple as the Imperial Palace. .

Once Li Heng has an accident, the fate of the whole world will change. Without Li Heng’s Great Tang, Wang Chong can’t imagine what the future will look like.

“What did Li Jingzhong say? Why didn’t I tell me when I started the accident?”

Wang Chong came back and took a deep breath and quickly looked at the opposite eunuch.

The things in the Fifth Imperial Prince, regardless of size, were arranged by Li Jingzhong, including the letter from the eunuch, which is also Li Jingzhong. But the whole thing, from the beginning of the accident, to the arrest of the Fifth Imperial Prince, such a big thing, especially involving the important emperor in the palace, it is impossible not to go through the investigation, there must be a time difference in the middle, but Wang Chong is always After Li Heng was arrested, he closed the news that the Zongren government got.

I have to say that this is a big mistake. If you noticed him at the beginning, it would never be so hasty.

“When things happened, everyone thought that they made a mistake. Even the Fifth Imperial Prince didn’t take it seriously. At the time, they also said that they would try their best to cooperate with the investigation. But I did not expect that when the clan palace appeared again, it would be embarrassing. In the name of the chaos, the Palace Imperial Prince and the general manager Li Jingzhong were arrested together. The general manager only asked the small to find the king to ask for help, and then was taken away by the clan.”

I remembered the thing that happened in the Five Emperors not long ago, and the eunuch of the Jinyi was still full of fear and was extremely upset. The Fifth Imperial Prince is now rising rapidly among the emperors, especially after healing the Martial Path in the body, and in the battle with Third Imperial Prince, even the Third Imperial Prince Lee. All of them were sent to prison, which made Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng famous and famous in the palace, and became a strong competitor of the throne.

But no one thought that the Feis Imperial Prince was actually locked into the Clan House.

When the people of the Clan House came in with sinister sorrows, it was definitely an unprecedented shock and shock to them, the eunuchs and palace ladies below.

Wang Chong didn’t talk, but he frowned deeply, his eyes showing a thoughtful look.

“Do you know which palace is the goddess?”

After a while, Wang Chong said again.

“I don’t know, things happened so suddenly. And, involving the emperor…the goddess…, many messages were blocked, and the slaves didn’t know.”

The eunuch of the Jinyi was full of red, shy and embarrassed, and suddenly fell to the ground with a bang:

“Wang Ye, Fifth Imperial Prince is not such a person, please be sure to save him anyway!”

He looked like he was crying all over, and he said that he would start to look up. But soon, a thick Astral Qi came out and stopped the action of the eunuch. At the same time, Wang Chong’s voice sounded from the top of the head of the Jinyi eunuch:

“Reassured, I will definitely save the Fifth Imperial Prince!”

The carriage quickly fell into a deadlock, and Wang Chong sat in the carriage, leaning against the wall, and his brows were getting deeper and deeper. The news from the eunuchs of Jinyi was very limited. Except for “Fifth Imperial Prince, the palace of the disaster, and the shackles, they were caught in the clan palace.” All the other details were almost unknown, and they were all urgently promoted. Palace.

With these messages alone, it is difficult for Wang Chong to develop effective countermeasures without knowing the specific content.

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