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Chapter 1 616 [plus]

“You must ask someone to ask, you must know the inside story.”

Wang Chong opened his eyes and secretly thought.

However, despite the limited news, Wang Chong was not sitting still, but in the carriage, Wang Chong also thought about something. After a while, several pigeons quickly flew out.

And as he drove all the way to the Imperial Palace, in the shadows of the street, several figures stared at the Wang Chong’s carriage and quickly flew away.


Suddenly, the carriage stopped and quickly stopped. At the same time, the coachman’s voice came from outside:

“Wang Ye, Imperial Palace is here!”

Wang Chong robe glimpse, open the curtain and take the dismount car. Looking up, I saw the Great Tang Imperial Palace in front of me, as magnificent as ever. But when Wang Chong looked up, there was a strange feeling that could not be said.

“All the Imperial Guards have been changed.”

Wang Chong’s secretly thought in his heart flashed a deep haze in his eyes.

Great Tang Imperial Palace, Wang Chong has also been in the past several times, very familiar with the Imperial Guard here, and it happened here shortly before the picket event, the Imperial Guard Wang Chong at the gate of the palace also had some impressions, but when Wang Chong came to Gongmen again, only to find that even those people were changed.

The palace gates were all replaced with a new face, even the armor of the body was different.

Not only that, but the smell in their body is also somewhat different from that of the Imperial Guard. It is not so calm and heavy, and it is obviously new.

“Who is in front?”

When I was meditating, suddenly, a voice came from the front. Wang Chong looked up and saw the entrance to the Imperial Palace. A group of “Imperial Guard guards” separated. One of the guards of the Imperial Gate Guards of the Imperial Guards walked up from behind and blocked in front.

“Bold, Prince of Foreign Region enters the palace, do you dare to stop?”

I haven’t waited for Wang Chong to talk, but the coachman couldn’t help but speak.

“Hey, there is something in the palace today. Within seven days, all foreign ministers, except for the DPRK, are strictly forbidden. In the Prince of Foreign Region, please come back!”

The Commander of the Imperial Guards looked cold and his feet were separated, and immediately spear a cross, inserted on the ground, a look of iron and selflessness.

Wang Chong’s brow wrinkled, and the eyebrows suddenly passed a cloud.

As a member of his Prince of Foreign Region, even the power of the palace does not dare to offend him easily. If he is not instructed, how can a small Imperial Guard Leader dare to be so arrogant.

And what is the story of the seven days?

“What’s your name?”

Wang Chong suddenly said:

“Listen to your accent, it should be from Hebei. The Imperial Guard selection has strict standards. The Imperial Palace South Gate is the passage for the courtiers. The Imperial Guard Leader guarding the gate must reach at least the Martial Sovereign Fourth Layer. See your Astral Qi float. Xuanyuan, Lingbi, Xuefu, Sanyingying and not full, should have just reached the Martial Sovereign Third Layer, and no more than four days. There is still a distance from the Martial Sovereign Fourth Layer, which does not satisfy the Imperial Guard Leader. Who is the selection of the selection?”

At the end of the day, Wang Chong’s eyes were sharp and thorough, but in a few words, he immediately said that the Imperial Guard Leader was pale, his face changed, and his flustered look was completely different from the calm and calm at first.

He didn’t think that Wang Chong’s eyes were so sinister, not only did he see that he had just broken through the Martial Sovereign Third Layer for a few days, but he was well aware of the regulations for the Imperial Guard selection in the palace, and he did not meet the requirements at first glance.

The Great Tang statute has always been strict, and even Emperor Taizong has set an example by example, and dare not violate it. The same is true of the Great Tang Kings of the later generations. It is an iron law, and nature can’t be easily violated. At this point, the identity of his Imperial Guard Leader is not trivial!

More importantly, he himself knows that the position of his own Imperial Guard leader is not so positive.

If Wang Chong wants to track him, then he is probably a dead end!

When I think of this, the Imperial Guard Leader is cold and sweaty, and my heart is bursting with coolness.

“Don’t let go! You have a little Imperial Guard Leader, there are a few heads, even the carriage of the Prince of Foreign Region, you dare to stop, do not know the Prince of Foreign Region, but the Sage Emperor appreciates the grandeur, is the Great Tang’s Emperor’s Disciple? ?”

It was too late to say that, at that time, at this time, a sigh of sighs came from behind the Imperial Palace. The sound did not fall, a middle-aged man wearing a black hoe, wearing a white silk rug, serious look, is striding from the rear.

“Yang Daren!”

The Commander of the Imperial Guards hadn’t spoken yet, but the Imperial Guard around the gates looked like a glimpse of them, bowing their heads.

Looking at the capital, you can make these Imperial Guards so awe-inspiring, and like to dress like this, the arty, only the Great Tang’s Tai Zhaoqing Yang Zhao.

Yang Zhao doesn’t have a lot of books, and he is gambling. He doesn’t know why he did the official. He especially likes the arty style, and he is a writer. Needless to say, Yang Zhao is also a royal family, behind the Spart Emperor’s most favored Imperial Concubine Taizhen.

However, even if the First Layer is deducted, his Sage Emperor’s pro-Taiwan status is enough to make people jealous.

Although Yang Zhao didn’t learn nothing, but in terms of numbers, he had the talents that were difficult for ordinary people. A Taifuqing’s position came to his hands. He actually put the Great Tang’s internal affairs and taxation in a proper position, and he was well organized. Wang Chong even heard that because of some of his measures, Great Tang’s national treasury has filled more than 20%.

For a huge Empire like Great Tang, 20% is already a very impressive number.

More than that, Yang Zhao, Tai Fuqing, is also in charge of the entire slut, the imperial eunuch, and the Imperial Guard’s embarrassing expenses. Although the House of Representatives is not chaired by Yang Zhao, all the heads of the House of Government are playing with Yang Zhao. Hot, one by one is his head.

——Yang Zhao This means that even Wang Chong has to admire a few points.

The entire 嫔妃 嫔妃 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , The Imperial Guard also respects him three points.

Wang Chong saw Yang Zhao at the rear, which was also a jump of eyelids. In Wang Chong’s impression, Yang Zhao took the folding fan in his hand, often with a hippie smile and cynical, but today’s Yang Zhao is serious, unsmiling, and very different from the usual.

At that moment, Wang Chong felt a move in his heart.

“You are not saying that within seven days, there is something in the palace, all foreign ministers are strictly forbidden to enter? Prince of Foreign Region, but the guests of our Imperial Concubine Taizhen, can’t he even enter?”

Yang Zhao looked cold and didn’t say much. The palm of his hand turned over, a palm-sized, golden yellow Token with a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon pattern on it, and it was in front of the Commander of the Imperial Guards.

Throughout the ages, the ritual system was very valued. Each Step Layer, each identity, has its own shape, rules, and can not be improved. Looking at the world, even King Qi is so arrogant that he only dares to use three claws. Although First Imperial Prince is known as the first heir to the throne, he only dares to use Four Claws. In the entire Imperial Palace, he dares to use Five-Clawed. Golden Dragon’s, don’t ask yourself.

“Don’t tell me, you can’t even recognize this thing?”

For this one to stop Wang Chong’s Imperial Gate Guard Leader, Yang Zhao has no good face. He and Wang Chong are brothers, who is difficult to Wang Chong, who is embarrassed that he is Yang Zhao, and he can not get along with Yang Zhao and Imperial Concubine Taizhen.

“In the beginning, Sage Emperor said that as long as it is what Imperial Concubine Taizhen wants, outsiders can’t stop it, and the offenders are embarrassed, what? You want to fight against you?”

Yang Zhao cold channel.

“Don’t dare!”

The Imperial Guard Leader’s face changed and he and others quickly retraced aside.

In front of Wang Chong, he was already in a treacherous battle. He was cold and sweaty. It was just that it was difficult to let go. Now that Yang Zhao appears, he is holding a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Token, just to the side and let it go.

“Hey, what are you doing at the Palace Gate? Don’t hurry up!”

Yang Zhao coldly said.

He was reminded that the Imperial Guard, who was standing at the entrance of the palace, trembled and quickly retreated to a farther place.

Holding the nine-clawed Golden Dragon Token, they played first and then they didn’t even dare to disobey.

“Xiandi, let’s go!”

Yang Zhao showed a smile, proud, and walked toward Wang Chong.


Wang Chong smiled a little, boarded the carriage, and crossed the palace gate with Yang Zhao, and entered the inner court in the eyes of an Imperial Guard.

And no one noticed that the carriage passed through the palace gate, and it was quiet and the atmosphere was very dignified.

“Brother, what happened in the palace, Fifth Imperial Prince was arrested into the Clan House, what the hell is going on?”

In the carriage, the two brothers stood side by side, and Wang Chong first opened his mouth and broke the calm.

“Don’t you know? Xiao Yuxi committed suicide.”

Yang Zhao came to the door and looked dignified.


Upon hearing this sentence, Wang Chong fell into a shock shake, his eyes wide open and staring at Yang Zhao. The latter seemed to know what Wang Chong wanted to ask and nodded seriously.

“wēng! ”

For a moment, Wang Chong changed his face and a heart suddenly sank.

Although Yang Zhao did not elaborate, but Wang Chong already understood that Xiao Yuxi in his mouth must be the one who was infected with the Fifth Imperial Prince.

“how could this be?”

Wang Chong muttered to himself, and his heart was full of turmoil, and he had completely lost his initial calm.

Xiao Yuxi is the key figure in the whole thing. Wang Chong entered the palace this time and wanted to meet this Xiao Yuxi. The crisis of the Fifth Imperial Prince, as long as you see this Xiao Yuxi, ask the truth, it is easy to solve.

It was only Wang Chong who never thought that this Xiao Yuxi was already dead.

This is before him enters the palace, the history is not enough!

Wang Chong has experienced the fire and tempering of the officialdom and the battlefield. It has been deeply understood that Xiao Yuxi’s death at this time is tantamount to death. Even if the Fifth Imperial Prince is being smashed, it can’t be washed out!

At this moment, Wang Chong was very heavy in his heart.

“You know now, why is the atmosphere in the palace wrong? It’s not a trifle to die in the palace. Now it’s up and down, including the empresses of the palaces, everyone is watching. Not to mention, this one Things also involve a prince.”

Yang Zhao looks dignified.

He is gambling, only to feel that there is nothing in the world that is impossible to be happy except for the collapse of the world. So I have been playing haha ​​and cynical, but now he even feels that the atmosphere in the palace is very wrong.

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