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The latest chapter of the Emperor’s period, the first thousand six hundred and seventy-seven chapters died without proof! Floating astronomy

Chapter 1 617

人皇纪最新章节, 第一千六百一十七章 死无对证!,飘天文学


“When did it happen?”


Wang Chong gravely says.


“Probably last night, when she was found by her close-knit lady, she had already hanged herself. At the Shuhua Palace, she was already hanged with white enamel, ready to be buried. I only knew this from my sister.”


Yang Zhao said.


Yang Zhao’s sister, naturally, is Imperial Concubine Taizhen.


The Fifth Imperial Prince’s affairs involve the royal scandal. No matter which generation, this kind of thing will be tried to cover up, so even the eunuchs in the Five Emperors* don’t know the details. However, Imperial Concubine Taizhen has a special status, and her position in the palace, there is almost nothing in the harem that she is not in contact with.


This is why Wang Chong took the initiative to contact Yang Zhao.


Want to know the hidden secrets of the palace, Imperial Concubine Taizhen is definitely the closest one to the truth.


The carriage was quiet and the needle was audible. Wang Chong, who was mired in a close look, was not bothered, knowing that he needed time to digest this shocking news. Fifth Imperial Prince and Wang Chong have always been close, and now Xiao Yuxi is dead again. Li Heng is equal to sin plus one.


Wang Chong’s investigation is probably going to be in trouble.


“How did the things between Xiao Yuxi and Fifth Imperial Prince be discovered?”


Wang Chong thought about the moment.


The prince and the priest have special identities. Even if they are in contact, they are more evasive. If there is an affair, they should be more hidden and avoiding people’s eyes and ears. How can such hidden things be easily exposed? Wang Chong has been suspicious until now, but the people at the Fifth Imperial Prince only know the result, and the specifics are not clear at all.


“This is a question for you.”


Yang Zhao said.


“This is a royal scandal. All the things that can be covered up are hidden. Except for the things themselves, others, the outside world has no way of knowing. I have learned the truth from several eunuchs who often walked around Xiao Yuxi.”


“The gossip about Xiao Yuxi in the palace has long been known. It is said that it has been witnessed by people, but not many people have taken it seriously. But just a while ago, a private letter was sent from Xiao Yuxi, I heard that it was from Xiao Yuxi found out in his close-fitting clothing. Although it has been smeared in the 浣衣坊, it is difficult to distinguish, but some of the above words can still be distinguished.”


“In the palace, this is taboo, and the Zong people’s house was directly dispatched. It was thought that the court lady who served Xiao Yuxi had a private feeling, and the letter of the lover’s private meeting was accidentally stolen in the clothing. But according to that name The confession of the palace lady said that this is not his own, but also said that there are more things in Xiao Yuxi. This is related to a beggar, things are not the same, the Zongren government did not dare to neglect, immediately took action .”


“In the whole process, the Clan House still respects Xiao Yuxi. After all, things are not small. If you make a mistake, even the Clan House can’t afford it. But the final result is unexpected. The secret of Xiao Yuxi’s palace. In the box, I really found it, not only the Fifth Imperial Prince, but also the personal jade.




When I heard the last two words, Wang Chong’s body shook and looked at it steeply.


“Well! In addition to Yupei, there is a copy of the personal love of Fifth Imperial Prince.”


Yang Zhao nodded seriously and continued:


“At the time, I found these two things and shocked everyone. I heard this news in the palace, and it was very shocking. But Yupei is not going to lie, the jade that the Fifth Imperial Prince left behind, Even I have heard of it, this is something that ordinary people can’t fake.”


“How could this be?!”


Wang Chong looks stunned and has a ups and downs. Yu Pei of the Fifth Imperial Prince, of course, he also saw it, as Yang Zhao said, that is what the Fifth Imperial Prince never left and cherished. He never imagined that the key evidence in the whole thing was actually this.


“… After that, the Clan House tortured a few of the palace ladies around Xiao Yuxi, and they also confessed to this. And on the Fifth Imperial Prince, the Clan House also found some of Xiao Yuxi’s personal tokens, as if Xiao Yuxi What was the hand-embroidered handcuffs? It was already nailed on the board, which caused a lot of vibration. Just last night, Xiao Yuxi suddenly “sickly committed suicide”, but still made many people feel shocked. Although the palace has been banned from the news, but the various trails The news is already flying. I am afraid that it will not be long before this thing will be completely leaked out.”


Yang Zhao looks dignified.


The carriage was dead and the atmosphere was extremely suppressed.


Wang Chong was sitting in the carriage and his heart was heavy.


Harem*, this is taboo!


As a prince, Li Heng is afflicted with the harem, and it is already a death sin.


What’s more, according to Yang Zhao, both Fifth Imperial Prince and Xiao Yuxi’s “private meeting” and “behaves intimately” have been seen by their own eyes. Although Yang Zhao said it is a gossip, not many people believe that But when it comes to what is happening now, Wang Chong feels that this thing is true.


It’s just the truth, it may not be like what few people have seen.


There is such a person’s card, plus the physical evidence of Li Heng Yu Pei and the love letter, the real precisely human evidence, the Fifth Imperial Prince is not washed even if it is washed.


And Xiao Yu’s Death, for Li Heng, added the last knife, and there was no evidence of death.


When Xiao Yuxi died, many things could not be checked at all, and there was no way to check it, and Li Heng’s charges were more and more serious.


What worried Wang Chong was much more than that. Once the news came out, regardless of whether Li Heng had gone wrong or not, he eventually lost his inheritance and became the next Sage Emperor.


In the dynasties of the dynasties, no one would make a person who is in trouble with the harem become a king. It is only suspect that he has lost his qualifications!


– In the case of the heirs, the ministers on the Royal Court must be more careful than anyone imagined.


“Good means, great ambition!”


Wang Chong muttered, in a flash, passing a person’s figure in his mind.


Although all the evidence now points to the Fifth Imperial Prince, which is not good for the Fifth Imperial Prince, Wang Chong still believes that Li Heng is by no means such a person. With his understanding of Li Heng’s, he absolutely can’t do *the harem, and the slander.


If he is such a person, it is impossible to become the “Zhongxing Lord” of the Great Tang in the later generations, and it is even more impossible to have the “True Dragon Quest” released by the Stone of Destiny!


Backed by the carriage, Wang Chong was silent and had been silent for a long time.


“What about the Fifth Imperial Prince, what do you think of now in the palace? Do you believe in the Fifth Imperial Prince?”


Wang Chong suddenly gravely says.


“Oh, if it’s that simple, it’s fine.”


Yang Zhao sneered:


“Because of my sister’s relationship, I am basically familiar with the ups and downs in the palace. That Xiao Yuxi, I have seen it a few times before. Her temper is very cold. She usually eats the Buddha, and it doesn’t look like it is private with the Fifth Imperial Prince. The person who loves, and she died too much. The two of them have just been exposed. The Fifth Imperial Prince was captured and taken to prison by the clan, and Xiao Yuxi immediately hanged himself, which is too fast. None of the people in the room are blind, can’t you see this?”


“And, I checked, Xiao Yuxi’s accident, a few of the slaves she served around, all because some things disappeared, and then disappeared. Only a short time, these palace ladies disappeared too fast. If it is private, with What are they? Xiao Yuxi is dead. At this time, as a loyal slave, isn’t it a good thing for her?”


“Xiao Yuxi is not as good as my sister, but after all, it is also a jealousy, and has always been without a fight. Now that she is dead, she is still dead, and even the slaves around her have disappeared. The one in the palace, the palace In the Imperial Guard, the palace lady, the eunuch, I changed a lot, and many of the old Eunuch and the old people who lived in the palace for decades have not recognized it. Now they have become more and more serious, and they have reached out to one. Oh, it’s too unscrupulous, it’s impossible!”


Yang Zhao sound hate.


Yang Zhao did not say it, but both of them knew that he was who he was. Who has the right to mobilize the Imperial Guard and replace everyone, and the Fifth Imperial Prince is in prison, who is the best and who can get the most benefit, which is not known.


Wang Chong didn’t talk, leaning back against the carriage wall, his face was looking thoughtful.


Aside, Yang Zhao did not bother, and was quite convinced by Wang Chong and Yang Zhao. Knowing this time, he must be thinking about countermeasures.


“The place where the Fifth Imperial Prince is being held, take me to see it!”


I don’t know how long it took, Wang Chong opened his eyes and opened his mouth.


Xiao Yuxi is dead, and many things can’t be traced. Wang Chong is now most concerned about the situation of Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng’s, and as the core figure of the whole thing, he may ask some answers from his mouth.


“Fifth Imperial Prince over the top of the precisely winds and waves, the clan government sent a large number of guards guarded, the current clan palace is heavily guarded, the force has increased at least six times, three steps, one post, five steps and one whistle, outsiders can not be close But fortunately, the Niangniang is ready, we can go in at any time!”


Yang Zhao nodded and said that he quickly gestured outside.


“jià! ”


After a while, I only listened to it, and the carriage quickly changed direction and went towards the Zong people’s house.




“Uncle Jing, what do you say outside? Is Wang Chong in the palace?”


In the depths of the Clan House, the ground is covered with thick hay, and Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng looks up and looks out through a small window above the head. The look is full of hope.


The dungeons of the Clan House are gloomy and cold, and there is no sky. The faint oil lamp light that comes in the small window is the only source of light in the dungeon, just like the hope in his heart.


“Reassured, Your Highness, the Prince of Foreign Region will come! In this world, as long as the Prince of Foreign Region wants, there must be nothing he can’t do!”


Li Jingzhong admonished on the sidelines, there was such a big thing in the palace, Fifth Imperial Prince was arrested in the Clan House, and as the Fifth Imperial Prince, Li Jingzhong was equally difficult to escape, and was also confined to the clan. The house.


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