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Chapter 1 618

When Li Jingzhong was heard, Li Heng instantly shot a brilliance of light, but quickly shook his head, and Li Heng’s eyes slowly dimmed.

“But this time, it’s a trivial matter. I heard that I found my personal jade in Xiao Yu’s bedroom, I am afraid things are not that simple!”

Speaking of Li Heng’s bursts of laughter, the whole thing has been inexplicable until now, but all the evidence does point to him, let him be arguing.

“Don’t be discouraged, you have done it before, you have never done it before, you haven’t done it, others don’t believe it, but I have been with the Prince of Foreign Region and His Royal Highness for so long, naturally knowing what is going on. And my grandmother forgot. Did the early Southwest War and the Talas’s War Prince of Foreign Region just go, not everyone thinks it is impossible, the other side is much stronger than us, the danger at that time is much more than we are now, but Prince of The Foreign Region didn’t do the same. Even on the Imperial Court, Confucianism Sect First Imperial Prince and King Qi were stunned and almost dominated the Royal Court, but recently it was not frustrated in the hands of the Prince of Foreign Region. Even the First Imperial Prince Although he hated to die, he still had to reward him with a seven-person job.”

Li Jingzhong is on the sidelines.

Wang Chong, if he heard this on the side, would be very surprised and look at Li Jingzhong.

The first traitor of Great Tang in his eyes, Li Jingzhong, who had a gray nose in his hand, was actually the most confident person for him, even blind.

On the other hand, when he heard Li Jingzhong, Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng also remembered something, and the clouds between the eyebrows also dissipated a lot. The corner of the mouth unconsciously revealed a smile.

Not long ago, during the time of Bentham, he also paid attention to it in the palace. When I heard that First Imperial Prince had to grant a reward to Wang Chong, he also broke a lot of treasures in the palace. Li Heng also almost laugh out loud.

Indeed, in Wang Chong, there seems to be an incredible power, just like a bamboo shoot that broke out of the earth. The kind of resilience that seems to be revealed in Wang Chong is extremely impressive. It’s like there is nothing in this world. Things can stop him. As a friend, this is definitely the best ally.

As an enemy, Wang Chong is definitely the kind of enemy that everyone is least willing to encounter.

“It’s true, Prince of Foreign Region I am isolated in the palace, and now you can only help me!”

Raised up Li Heng’s heart secretly thought.


The Clan House is divided into the inner government and the foreign government. The foreign government is located outside the Imperial Palace. It is specially designed for disciples. The inner government is located in the remote part of the Imperial Palace in the northwest. It is specially designed for the royal scion, including the mistakes made in the palace. The palace ladies, the eunuchs, the eunuchs, everything is under the jurisdiction of the clan.

The carriage was only a moment, and it arrived at the Clan House.

When I took the dismount car, Wang Chong looked up and saw a gray-black flying scorpion. It was so gloomy and oppressive. It was completely different from the magnificent colors in the Imperial Palace. Before entering the Clan House, Wang Chong felt a cold breath. A wave of waves washed like a wave. As Yang Zhao said, the guards around the Clan House are denser than any other place in the Imperial Palace, and the jailers of the clan palaces look fierce and look very vigilant. Wang Chong and Yang Zhao have just dismount cars. Still not close, a pair of fierce eyes have come over, even though the two are Great Tang War God, the strength is superior, the other is the cousin of Imperial Concubine Taizhen, the identity is outstanding, but the jailer sees the eyes of both Others generally have no two.

“The jailer’s jailer is very special. They have been stationed here for most of their lives, and they have never communicated with other Imperial Guards and Jinwuwei. They don’t know anything about the inside and outside, don’t look at you and I am extraordinary, but For them, one does not know.”

Yang Zhao is on the sidelines.

“But it’s okay, the goddess has the Token of Sage Emperor. When I first entered the palace, I was quite curious about the clan palace. I took the power of the goddess and took the Token of Sage Emperor. I also went in and went back. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee to take you in.”

Yang Zhao said, smiled slightly, turned a blind eye to the fierce jailers around him, took a step, led the way, took Wang Chong, and walked inside the patriarchal palace.

This move immediately attracted the attention of the four surrounding jailers, but Yang Zhao did not panic, not waiting for these people to speak, stepped forward, immediately took out the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Token from his arms, ready to shine to these clan palaces. The jailer looks.

However, when it was said that it was too late, it was at this time that things that the two of them could not have expected, and Yang Zhao did not show Token, a burst of armor vibration, accompanied by heavy and powerful footsteps, suddenly The two sides of the Clan House came. The guards of the two rows of more than ten clan palaces held their long squats and suddenly ran out from both sides. They didn’t even look at Wang Chong and Yang Zhao. They just went straight to the door.

“Come on! Close the gate of the Clan House, there are orders on it, anyone, etc. Within seven days, it is strictly forbidden to enter the Clan House. All the mortals who need to be picked up are postponed for seven days!”

Headed by the prisoner Leader, facing back to Wang Chong and Yang Zhao, pointing to the high dark black doorway of the Clan House.


In the eyes of everyone, the two main gates of the seventy-eight meters high of the Clan House quickly closed. On both sides, two prisoners of the clan palace rushed forward and took out two iron chains with thick arms. Pass the bolt and lock the two doors. In the rear, following the two jailers, one hand, quickly placed two seals on the gates of the clan palace. On the staggered seal, one wrote the prisoner’s weight, one wrote the trespasser, and the top was stamped with a vermilion. Once anyone breaks in and the seal is torn, it’s natural to see.

“This, what is going on?!”

Seeing that this scene happened under the eyes, Yang Zhao looked ugly, stunned, and could not say a word. It’s too late to come to the clan palace at this time.

Wang Chong stood behind and frowned slightly.

“What is going on here? What are you doing?!”

Yang Zhao’s face was gloomy, and immediately went forward and shouted.

“Who are you? The things in the Clan House are also you can meddle!”

Unexpectedly, the leader of the clan, the prisoner, heard the words, turned his head, and looked very strict.

“Globe! What are you talking about!”

Yang Zhao looked at the jailer Leader, his eyebrows were beating and he was very angry. He just boasted Haikou in front of Wang Chong, and now the Clan House is closed in front of his eyes, and it is strictly forbidden to enter within seven days. Lost face in front of Wang Chong.

Yang Zhao said nothing, immediately raised the golden Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Token in his hand.

In midair, the Token shines brightly and instantly attracts everyone’s attention. Seeing the Golden Dragon on Token, the jailers around can’t help but change his face.

“I command you, open the door, and the Prince of Foreign Region will go in now!”

Yang Zhao is very vocal.

“Oh, even if you have Sage Emperor’s Token, it’s not the same. If you don’t allow it, you won’t be allowed to enter it! Within seven days, no one can enter the Clan House!”

Unexpectedly, the leader of the prisoner, the sneer, sneered, even if he saw the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Token in the hands of Yang Zhao, it was tough and did not change.

“Hello, big courage!”

Yang Zhao was furious and the whole face was ugly.

There is Imperial Concubine Taizhen behind Yang Zhao, and almost no one dares to provoke in the palace. However, Yang Zhao is crawling from the bottom. He is sleek and has long sleeves and dances, so he rarely uses this identity to suppress people.

In this palace, there are very few things that he can’t do, but this time, Yang Zhao never thought that he had already taken out the Sage Emperor Token, and he was killed by a jailer. Go to the Clan House.

You know, he just boasted about Haikou in front of Wang Chong.

“Gap stuff, believe it or not, I picked your head!”

Yang Zhao is angry.

“Forget it, let’s go!”

Just as Yang Zhao was in a rage, a voice came from the ear, and a palm stretched out and pressed on Yang Zhao’s shoulder to stop him.

“Wang Chong ?”

Yang Zhao had wanted to swear, but turned her head and saw Wang Chong behind him, and suddenly stopped.

“Since the Zongren government is strictly forbidden to enter on the 7th, then we will not enter.”

Wang Chong indifferently said, much calmer than Yang Zhao expected.

“But if you don’t see the Fifth Imperial Prince, you can’t ask for a lot of key information. Can you start without it?”

Yang Zhao said.

“Oh, no. I have got the news I want.”

Unexpectedly, Wang Chong just smiled and didn’t explain too much. He looked at the two seals on the door and flashed a blazing light in his eyes.

At the end of the two seals on the gate of the Clan House, the two sides of Zhu Yin were extremely glaring, and Wang Chong just looked at it and immediately recognized it.

Sage Emperor Jade!

“Accepted by the sky, both life and advocacy.” These eight words are also known to the children of the folk, is the symbol of Sage Emperor, and the most powerful thing of the entire Empire.

This point, even the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Token in the hands of Yang Zhao can not match.

The Zongren’s door seal was stamped with this thing. It’s no wonder that the jailer Leader was tit-for-tat. Even if he saw the Token in Yang Zhao’s hand, he would not give in.

“First Imperial Prince !”

In a flash, a thought flies past the mind, although I can’t enter the Clan House, I can’t see the Fifth Imperial Prince, but for Wang Chong, when I saw the vermilion Sage Emperor jade seal on the seal Everything is already understood.

If at the gate of the palace, I heard Yang Zhao’s words, Wang Chong’s heart was only doubtful, and there was no solid evidence. At this moment, the bright red seal on the seal of the Zongren’s house suddenly made Wang Chong’s heart. Confirmed.

The palace is in trouble, the private feelings of Fifth Imperial Prince and Xiao Yuxi, including Xiao Yuxi’s death… all of this, there is a person hidden behind it.

First Imperial Prince !

Sage Emperor retired, now the entire Great Tang, can take charge of the party, can close the ancestral palace, except First Imperial Prince, no one else.

“Let’s go! Take me to Xiao Yu’s bedroom to see it!”

Wang Chong gravely says, since Li Heng has no way to see oneself in person, he can only start from Xiao Yuxi, who has already been born. The evidence is found in Xiao Yuxi’s palace, and it can only be started from there.

Hey, the next moment, before Yang Zhao reacted, Wang Chong slipped his sleeves and immediately turned and walked toward the carriage.

Behind him, Yang Zhao stunned and watched Wang Chong enter the carriage and quickly chased it in:

“Wait for me!”

The carriage was smashed and the two left quickly.


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