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Chapter 1, 169

At the same time, in another part of the Imperial Palace, the atmosphere is very different.

Oh la la!

Only listening to the sound of the vibration of the wings, a homing pigeon continued to fly from the sky and landed on the open window of the East Palace. On one side, a black armored guard walked up, grabbed the pigeon and quickly removed the letterhead from the pigeon’s leg, and then handed it all the way.

“His Royal Highness, Wang Chong and Yang Zhao have just come out from the Clan House and are heading towards Xiao Yuxi’s house.”

In the hall, an awkward adviser looked at the contents of the letterhead and quickly bent down and reported to the road.

Within the entire Great Tang Imperial Palace, it is the scope of First Imperial Prince, and he can’t escape his eyes and ears. Since the departure of Wang Chong’s carriage from the Prince of Foreign Region, his whereabouts have already fallen into the eyes of First Imperial Prince.

Every moment, there will be pigeons constantly reporting his position.

“Oh, it really is nothing to my expectations!”

On the main hall, First Imperial Prince was sitting at the desk, and was playing with something on his hand. He heard the news and his eyes flashed a little.

At this moment, if you look closely, you will find that the things in the hands of Li Wei are square and square, which is a majestic, sacred and noble, and the aura inside is not extraordinary. Above the jade seal, a pair of Five-Clawed Golden Dragon eyes, such as the prison, lifelike, as if to fly empty, precisely the entire Middle-earth, the symbol of the highest right of the Great Tang Empire:

Sage Emperor Jade!

The Emperor’s palm was gently rubbed on the top, and he couldn’t put it down, and almost no moment stopped. In fact, from the moment of Regency, this Sage Emperor jade was taken by First Imperial Prince and never left.

“Li Heng is just getting started, you went to the Imperial Palace, and borrowed the power of Imperial Concubine Taizhen, Wang Chong, you really have a heart and I am right!”

First Imperial Prince played with a jade, and his eyes flashed a murderous murder.

From the fight against the Fifth Imperial Prince, the design of the framed him, Wang Chong’s all reactions, all in his expectation, including the Jinyi eunuch who asked for help from Wang Chong.

From the moment Wang Chong left the Prince of Foreign Region, his every move was also expected by First Imperial Prince.

“His Royal Highness, Prince of Foreign Region, this soldier, like a god, is very difficult to deal with. Now the affairs of Fifth Imperial Prince, he entered the palace meddle, I am afraid it is not easy to deal with, and he has Sage Emperor in his hand to Imperial Concubine Taizhen Token, the current situation is probably not good for us!”

It was at this time, next to First Imperial Prince, a voice sounded. Look carefully, this person is dressed in a suit, and the predecessor of the crotch is a foreigner Lang wishing Tong En.

Royal Court’s rules, all the emperors are strictly forbidden to party, but they have to do so in order to compete for the throne. Almost all the emperors are from top to bottom. The six-person Minister is too impressed, no one is touched, but the level below is different.

And Zhu Tongen is one of the important aides of First Imperial Prince. Many of First Imperial Prince’s plans are actually perfected by Zhu Tongen.

Before the First Imperial Prince, there were a lot of taboos that didn’t dare to recruit Zhu Tongen into the palace. However, after the regency, it was much easier to summon in the name of the political affairs.

This action, Zhu Tongen is also one of the important participants. The battle of the emperor has always been cruel. If you step on it, it will be a road of no return. Only by killing a road in the blood of the corpse, can you climb the supreme position above the 10,000 people and have a chance to become an important future. From the Dragon’s Minister.

“Hey, I wish you an adult, you should not raise your ambition and destroy your own prestige.”

The voice of Zhu Tong’s voice just fell, and another cynicism immediately sounded in the hall, not First Imperial Prince, but another cold, slender body, dressed in black, with a nose pointing down, wearing a half black iron Shura The mysterious man in the mask.

His hair hangs down, his roots are straight, like a needle, and the eyes that are exposed are also swords, and they are very incomparable.

“This time, we did a seamless job, and there was no flaw left. Now that Xiao Yuxi is dead, even if he enters the palace, he can’t find any clues. And there is no evidence that we participated in this matter. On the contrary, Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng, the haunt of the harem, the evidence is conclusive, it is simply a sin. This kind of person, I wish the adults still thought he could still leave the clan palace alive?”

“And, even if he is alive, he will make such a devastating thing, and it is against the ordinary things. Can he still compete with First Imperial Prince? Will the Manchu martial arts allow such people to become the future prince? ”

I wish the child is silent, the brow is locked, and the anxiety in my heart is half-dead. He twisted his head sharply and looked subconsciously at First Imperial Prince on the main hall.

On the main hall, First Imperial Prince just smiled lightly. Obviously, although this is a mysterious man with a half-iron mask, it is only for the first Imperial Prince to express his thoughts.

“Oh, I wish the adults peace of mind!”

First Imperial Prince grabbed the jade, smiled confidently, and slowly got up from his seat. That glimpse, a huge breath, unparalleled from his body.

Governing the country, for First Imperial Prince, although only a few months, it is a reborn change. Tasting the right of the world’s most pinnacle, First Imperial Prince has also undergone tremendous changes, from the inside out, faintly produced an emperor’s phase.

And this, the charm of the right right.

“Whatever the Prince of Foreign Region thinks, it’s not so easy to save Li Heng! The Imperial Palace is not a border, not a Ministry of War, not that he can give it at will. And even if he wants to do something, it already late.”

At the end of the day, First Imperial Prince smiled lightly, but the depths of his eyes flashed a fierce coldness:

“Because, I have already decided, let the five brothers and Xiao Yu’s things happen tomorrow, and make them public in the entire Royal Court!”

“wēng! ”

Hearing this sentence, I wished the child a shock, screamed and screamed, and looked at First Imperial Prince in front of him.

Make it public!

The Royal Court is a rule of the Royal Court. There is a whole set of processes for handling this kind of thing. Why is it seven days? Because within seven days, Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng will also elute his suspicions and prove his chance.

Prior to this, it was strictly forbidden to spread this royal scandal.

This is the rule!

But listening to the meaning of First Imperial Prince, I am not prepared to abide by this set of rules. If the Fifth Imperial Prince’s troubled harem is officially made public in the ruling, even if he finally clears it, he will completely lose the qualification of the emperor. .

In the future, you can still stand in the Great Tang Empire, just like the First Imperial Prince.

“Hey, I wish the adults thought where to go. This kind of thing, how can First Imperial Prince do it personally. This is of course the people of the Clan House accidentally revealed. Although the Royal Court has the rules of the Royal Court, but Nai Some people can’t control their mouths. Can’t you blame First Imperial Prince?”

The mysterious man with a half black iron Shura mask on his face opened.

First Imperial Prince didn’t talk, just laughing and talking.

“The five younger brothers are too restless. They actually colluded with Wang Clan and wanted to compete with me for the throne. This time, first deal with him, then come and clean up Wang Clan. The way of the monarch and the minister, I have said more than once with the Prince of Foreign Region, but unfortunately He has to assist the five younger brothers. Once I am a courtier of the emperor, when I am on the throne, then it is no wonder that my heart is hot!”

First Imperial Prince Although the face is smiling, but the meaning of the show, but it is chilling.

First Imperial Prince Although the face is smiling, but the meaning of the show, but it is chilling.

This time the harem incident, he has done a good preparation, not only the certification of physical evidence, even Xiao Yuxi this only loophole has been added to him, it is seamless, perfect.

This is a lore to Li Heng’s!

And he will announce things tomorrow, even if Wang Chong has a great ability, it is absolutely impossible to stop this.

“However, although he is not afraid of him, he can’t be so dependent on him. This deep palace is always ruled. Yin Eunuch, you go to Warning Warning and let him know who is the master of this deep palace.”

First Imperial Prince sneered, and suddenly he didn’t return.

“The old slaves are in charge.”

Behind him, quietly, for a long time, there was only one voice in the darkness. Yin Eunuch is like a ghost, silent, and quickly left the hall.


On the other side, whether it is Wang Chong or Yang Zhao, I don’t know the movement in Donggong. The carriage rumbled all the way to Xiao Yuxi’s Shuhua Palace.

With the guidance of Yang Zhao, a frequent visitor to the deep palace, all the way is a light-hearted road, just a moment, it is to Xiao Yuxi’s palace.

“Is this the temple of Xiao Yuxi?”

Through the window of the horse carriage, Wang Chong saw a palace in the distance.

The original splendid palace was covered with white cloth, and a string of paper money on the ground fluttered in the wind, revealing a breath of death and mourning everywhere.

Wang Chong and Yang Zhao are still not close, and they hear a burst of screaming crying, accompanied by the voice of “the goddess, the maiden.”

“Hey, these are Xiao Yuxi’s life, the maids who served in Shuhua Palace, Xiao Yuxi died. These people are afraid that they are also fateful, not being expelled from the palace, or being degraded to the place of the Yifangfang to do some hard work. Dirty and tired, or directly into the cold palace.”

When the carriage door opened, Yang Zhao walked out and looked at the Shuhua Palace in front of him, and could not help but sigh.

Every niece in the palace has her own singer-in-law, and the palace ladies of other palaces generally do not use it. In particular, Xiao Yuxi still hangs himself. For some of the palace’s maidens, one is suffocating, and the other is to explain that these servants are not thoughtful, and they will be out of Xiao Yu’s death. Naturally, they will not be asked.

There is also First Layer, Yang Zhao did not say, but Wang Chong also understands that

“If they are expelled from the palace, think of ways for everyone to give them some money. Also, if possible, let them try to go out of the palace!”

Wang Chong opens the way.

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