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Chapter 1 769


“wēng! ”


Li Xiaokong shrank, and his heart trembled a little. Li Heng’s thing, he believed that he was secret, there was no evidence to point to him, and Sage Emperor never asked him after the situation. Not even accused him.


But Li Wei never thought about it. Sage Emperor knew it, but he already knew it.


“When you were seventeen years old, Wang Zhongsi Commander Longxi, precisely, you want to use his influence to consolidate yourself, deliberately recruit him, and he refused. You hate it, in order to suppress his edge, actually colluding U-Tsang Empire And they confessed to the song, told Longxi’s situation, and Wang Zhongsi’s military distribution to Dalun Qinling, making the U-Tsang people ready, and Wang Zhongsi’s actions at U-Tsang Stone Fort also came back. Do you think you are too embarrassed?”


Bang, heard this sentence, First Imperial Prince Li Yan’s body squatted back two steps, the whole person was struck by lightning.




Li Yan’s eyes widened, and Sage Emperor’s eyes in front of him suddenly showed extreme fear.


The thing of the year was his biggest heart disease, and his greatest taboo. Only this crime was enough to make him into the clan palace and completely lose the qualification to inherit the throne.


He never thought that this thing Sage Emperor actually thought of.


“This incident made Wang Zhongsi’s prestige at that time all overwhelming. But you are not reconciled, and specially set up a banquet in the government, invite Wang Zhongsi, use his honest and loyal character, and provoke his relationship with him, saying that he is jealous of him. He said that he was a high-powered squad, let him rush and retreat. Finally, he went here and asked Wang Zhongsi to be your prince Young Protector.”


“These, can you say something wrong?”


Sage Emperor cool channel.


At the rear, I wish the child to lie in the back. I have already heard the cold sweat. Although it is the confidant of First Imperial Prince, First Imperial Prince does not tell them everything.


Donggong and U-Tsang Empire had some connections, which he had known for a long time, but he never knew that the alliance between the two sides began at that time.


And First Imperial Prince actually sent information to U-Tsang Empire, which is already a big crime.


“There was no conclusive evidence at that time, so I haven’t asked for it at the moment. I have given you three times, twice, many times. Although you have so many problems, you will eventually be the eldest son, and you will pour a lot on you. Heart, even if you have a lot of things, it is still one of the outstanding princes among many children.”


“When the age of 19 was Jiangnan, you volunteered and spent the June to manage the flood.”


“At the age of twenty-two, Beiting suffers. You volunteered, saying that as a prince, you must suffer from the people, experience the suffering of the Bian and the people, learn the grace of the Taizong and the shackles, and remove the Barbarians.”


“You stayed for a year, and led the troops personally, rushing to the front, sweeping away the Western Turkic Khaganate’s several attacks, and did not live up to your expectations.”


“Because of this, you have not pursued your past guilt, but again, there is no place for your Crown Prince.”


There was silence around him, and Li Yan’s eyes widened, his teeth were tight, and his body kept shaking.


“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”


From small to large, he thought he was a good man, and he passed all the people, including Sage Emperor, but he didn’t think that everything, including the most secret things in his heart, Sage Emperor had already seen the details and insight into Fine and Detailed.


“This time, it is the last chance for you, but in the end, you are wasting yourself. You have deprived yourself of the power to inherit the throne. Oh, very disappointed!”


Sage Emperor Road.


“I don’t believe, I don’t believe it!”


“You must lie to me! What is the title, what is the last chance, all lie to me!”


Li Yan’s eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes and screamed.


“You are wrong, Sage Emperor has not lied to you, you are just deceiving yourself!”


It was at this time that a voice came from Taiji Hall. Accompanied by this voice, hey, one foot crossed the threshold and walked out of Taiji Hall.


“Who? Who is it?!”


Li Wei looked stunned and staggered. The next moment, just behind Sage Emperor, Li Wei saw a familiar figure.


“Wang Chong !!”


Li Wei looked awkward and his face was incredible.


At this time, it was Li Wei, including Zhu Tongen and other Imperial Guards, everyone was shocked.


There was a burst of exclamation around, and even those dragon guards were all misunderstood and did not understand what was going on.


Judging from the previous information, Wang Chong should be together with Hou Jun in the palace. No one thought that Wang Chong would appear here, and it still appeared in the Taiji Palace behind Sage Emperor.


It can be said that looking at the world, among the entire Imperial Palace, the most unlikely thing for Wang Chong is here.


“It’s you!”


However, after the initial mistakes, Li Wei immediately shot the resentment and anger of Haotian.


In the eyes of countless people, Wang Chong calmed down and slowly walked out of Taiji Hall.


The entire Imperial Palace, the smoke is rolling, the flames are blazing, and everything is there. Wang Chong saw this scene, and his heart was also embarrassed.


Despite the price paid, it is the least cost compared to the civil disturbance in memory.


In addition, this matter has finally come to an end!


“His Royal Highness, you are wrong.”


Wang Chong’s eyes quickly recovered and fell on Li Wei.


“The military order is like a mountain. If you want to lie to you, you will not be so troubled. You will not seal you as the regent, but you will also hand over the jade to you. The weight of the jade will not know you?”


Wang Chong gravely says.

“Accepted by the sky, both life and advocacy”, this is the content of the jade, representing the supremacy of the Son of Heaven and power, since ancient times, only the emperor can be in charge. From ancient times to the present, the Regent King holds the handcuffs, but will not give the jade, Sage Emperor’s practice, it has already shown its weight.


“You are nonsense!”


“You are nonsense!”


“Wang Chong! If it weren’t for you, this palace has already been successful. I have already sat on the throne of the ninety-five. The winner is the king, the loser is the villain, but that’s all, but even if I die, I won’t let you go!” ”


First Imperial Prince’s eyes are resentful. If it’s not Wang Chong, why is he?


If it wasn’t for Wang Chong, he had already won Li Heng, why bother to kill Xiao Yuxi and kill Geshu Han, so that it was so troublesome? If it wasn’t for Wang Chong, he had more than 100,000 military force and mastered the three towns of Protectorate General. Why should he always be jealous? As long as the internal and external military forces are combined, there is still great hope for success.


If he is willing to assist himself, the two are appropriate, and why can’t you continue the legend between Sage Emperor and Duke of Jiu?


Without him, there would never be so many twists and turns!


“Damn! Damn! Damn!”


First Imperial Prince both eyes blood red, all over the blue muscles, a thick black Qi who is exactly the same as the black man, bursting out from him.


“Wang Chong, I want to kill you!”


The sound fell, the bang, and no other people reacted. First Imperial Prince was shot like a cannonball and flew toward Wang Chong.


“Black Day Devil God!”


In a flash, smoke is rolling, and thousands of wild beasts are heard in the void.


Just behind Li Wei, the void is distorted, revealing a huge 12-armed Devil God, and the breath of Li Wei is also geometrically multiplied, from Martial Sovereign Realm to Saint Martial Realm to the top of Saint Martial. Then, to the peak of the Great General, and finally infinitely approaching the Fine and Detailed Realm world.


For many years, First Imperial Prince has only revealed his huge cultivation base until now, which is even more powerful than King Qi.


“Reverse! You are still obsessed with it until now!”


At this time, a majestic voice seemed to be a thunder, and it sounded in the ear of First Imperial Prince. Boom, the Devil God behind the First Imperial Prince, has no survive for a blink of an eye, and collapsed under the pressure of Sage Emperor.


First Imperial Prince’s revealed cultivation base is high, but in front of Sage Emperor, it is still a cup of water, like an ant, the bang, the huge pressure is as solid as the essence, overwhelming on Li Wei, the next moment, kā chā, Li Yushuang The feet were soft, like nails, nailed to the ground by the horrible power, and blood flowed out of his arms and pupils.


Li Xiaofu is there, can’t even move!


“In front of you, you still want to be fierce!”


Sage Emperor looked straight ahead and didn’t look at Li Wei at the foot.


“Let me go, let me go! The throne is mine, the throne is mine!!”


Li Wei looked distorted and struggled. The whole person was crazy, and finally, his eyes were black, his blood was attacking, and he passed out.


“Come, bring First Imperial Prince Lee, take care!”


Sage Emperor Road.


“Yes, Your Majesty!”


Around the clock, several True Dragon Iron Guards quickly came forward and took Li Wei down.


“Wang Chong, this time can calm the rebellion, you have made great contributions, and you have not read you wrong!”


Sage Emperor carried his hands and opened his mouth. The original cold face was softer.


“Thank you, humble official is just doing a little bit of power. Right now, the battle of the capital is not completely over, Zhang Zheng’s military force is still attacking the city, and it needs to be settled as soon as possible!”


Wang Chong walked behind Sage Emperor and took a sigh of relief.


“If Zhang Zheng dares to rebel, then you don’t have to stay!”


Sage Emperor understands Wang Chong’s meaning, indifferently said.


Zhang Zheng used to be the past, but now it is the Royal Court’s Beiting Great Protectorate. Whether it is the First Imperial Prince or not, this identity is placed there, even if Wang Chong has no right to kill the Royal Court Great Protectorate, this is also Wang. Chong side asked why.


“humble official knows!”


Wang Chong silently nodded.


“Father of the Emperor!”


At this time, accompanied by a series of horse’s neigh sounds, a familiar figure in the distance with a large amount of military force quickly came here. Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng finally brought the people of Jinyang Palace to come over at this time.


He dismounted in the distance and immediately swept toward it. It was like a signal. The hooves of hōng lōng lōng swelled like a tide. Just behind Li Heng’s, Tonglu Great General led Albus to lead 10,000 Tonglu. Heavy Cavalry surged from the rear.


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