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The first thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight chapters


Not to mention the changes in the capital, at this moment the Prince of Foreign Region, the military force is on alert, the candle is bright, burning all night.


Prince of Foreign Region In the hall of the Grand Hall, above the high seat of Wang Chong, there are many confidants in front of Li Siye, Guo Ziyi, Su Shixuan, Xu Keyi.


Although he has withdrawn from the Imperial Palace, Wang Chong is still monitoring the movements in the palace to prevent unexpected changes.


I don’t know how long it took, a figure stunned and suddenly appeared at the door of the main hall. The man’s body was broken, bloodstained and looked obviously injured.




An exclamation, the other people have not responded, Zhang Que is a look of a tight, and quickly flew past, and helped the figure.


“I’m fine!”


Old Eagle shook his head and opened the palm of Zhang Que.


“I am just a little prostration, my blood is not mine!”


In the gaze of Zhang Que, Old Eagle quickly took a deep breath and went forward to kneel down in front of Wang Chong and bowed.


“Wang Ye! Fortunately, I am not insulting. I have successfully killed Jin Youshi. Wang Ye does not have to worry about this person again!”


Old Eagle said as he grabbed a huge parcel behind him and placed it on the ground.


In the hall, everyone saw the parcel, and all eyes were bright.


The palace change, the Goguryeo People Jin Youshi, although the martial arts is not high, but his damage and injury to everyone is far more than other Martial Path Powerhouse. More importantly, this person is very incomparable. When he feels that something is wrong, he immediately starts to slip.


The people also looked for it and found no trace of him at all. No one thought that Old Eagle had just awakened from the coma and killed the Goguryeo Eagle King who was in danger to everyone.


“Not bad!”


Wang Chong nodded:


“This is hard work for you! Your body is still not good, let’s go to rest first.”


A finger of his finger, a golden Astral Qi immediately broke out and immediately spotted on Old Eagle. With the help of Daluo Xiangong, Old Eagle’s face quickly became rosy, and his skill and energy, including his injuries, were at an alarming speed recovery.


“Thank you, Grandpa!”


Old Eagle took a sigh of relief and stood up. The old Eagle brought the bag containing the Goguryeo Eagle King Jinyou stone skull and was quickly taken down.


After Old Eagle, the second one to walk into the hall is the Stegosaurus.


Unlike the Old Eagle, the Qingyang son has a powerful, loyal guard, an armor and a mask on his face. After entering the hall, his gaze first fell on the Qingyang son on the right side of Wang Chong. After a while, he quickly looked at Wang Chong above the main hall.


“Humble general, I have seen Wang Ye!”


In the eyes of everyone, Jianlong strode forward. Accompanied by a burst of armor vibration, kneeling down in front of Wang Chong.


“How’s it going?”


Wang Chong gravely says.

“Everything is over. Zhang Zheng is more difficult than imagined. He saw the battle in the city subsided and immediately retired. I chased him for dozens of miles before he succeeded in killing him. In addition, when I came back, Tonglu Heavy Cavalry also joined the battle, and the Beiting Protectorate General has no heads and basically gave up resistance.”


Stegosaurus Christine.


Wang Chong nodded and was not surprised. Albus and Tonglu Heavy Cavalry swayed in the palace, especially in the first stage of the battle initial stage, after the palace, I am afraid it is difficult to survive the anger of Sage Emperor. It is his only choice to make a sin and to sin. There is also a large number of Beiting Protectorate Army gathering outside the city. Such a good opportunity, Albus and Tonglu Heavy Cavalry will never let go.


“Working hard. How is the casualty of the army?”


Asked Wang Chong. This time, the Ming dynasty road darkness Chen Cang, deceived Hou Junji and the East Palace, the sword dragon and the army he led contributed, but correspondingly, after Zhang Zheng led the Great Army, all the defense work was also pressed The Stegosaurus and the army he led.


“Brothers have lost a lot, but fortunately, the city is tall, plus everyone who has participated in Talas’s War, the loss is still within acceptable limits. – The main reason is that there are more people injured.”


Jianlong Cheng channel.


Wang Chong nodded. The little military force of Stegosaurus Commander was almost all the brigand stables that had been recruited from Silk Road. These people saved their lives and dug the pits to make the scorpion’s ability to be a first-class player. Only they can ambush on the road south of Zhang Zheng’s Beiting Protectorate Army, causing the other party to fall into various traps, making them more than half an hour later than the time agreed with Donggong.


“I have already mobilized all the Langzhong in the army, and I also bought a lot of Cuts & Wounds Oinment, all of which should have arrived in the army. In addition, Zhang Zheng’s head was sent to the palace according to what I said before you. Hand over to Fifth Imperial Prince!”


Wang Chong Road.


The Three Kings chaos, Zhang Zheng is also one of the main criminals, Wang Chong is now official to Marquis Wang, the seal is unbreakable, and Zhang Zheng has no help for Wang Chong, but Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng, urgently need this battle.


When everything was arranged properly, Wang Chong issued several more orders, and everyone quickly retired. There was only Wang Chong left in the hall.


“Report! Wang Ye, Fifth Imperial Prince!”


I don’t know how long it took, a Jinwuwei hurried in, and soon kneeled down in front of Wang Chong.


“No, I said, I can do this thing.”


At about the same time, a voice came from behind, accompanied by a slap in the footsteps, Fifth Imperial Prince robes, led Li Jingzhong and others to walk in from outside the hall.




Wang Chong indifferently said, it seems that Li Heng’s appeared early.


“You go on!”


Wang Chong made another gesture to the Jin Wuwei of His Royal Highness. The latter responded and quickly turned and left.


“You have been waiting for me?”


Li Heng glanced at it and quickly realized what he was doing.


Wang Chong is just a smile, no choice.


“This big thing happened last night. If you don’t have any doubts in your heart, I don’t come to me, I feel strange.”


In addition to Sage Emperor and Wang Chong, Li Wei’s biggest goal is Li Heng. Although Wang Chong planned the entire operation, there were very few known plans in advance.


Li Heng is in it, and there must be a lot of doubts in his heart. Now that things are over, Li Heng can be ashamed to endure.


Li Heng smiled and quickly walked up.


“Is your father awakened, is your credit?”


Li Heng looked up at Wang Chong and looked eagerly. As he spoke, Li Jingzhong was on the sidelines, staring at Wang Chong with a focused look.


The most crucial thing in the whole palace change is the state of Sage Emperor. When Sage Emperor’s sword is thrown out, everyone feels an unprecedented shock. First Imperial Prince was also defeated at that moment.


Although many people feel that Sage Emperor is not injured at all, everything is a game, but Li Heng feels that things can never be so simple. If it is not certain that Sage Emperor is ill, and he is already unconscious, the Emperor of the Great King will never have the courage to rebel.


Li Heng has an intuition that the father can appear in front of everyone like Spiritual’s, and absolutely can’t be related to Wang Chong.


In fact, the truth about the whole thing, except for Sage Emperor himself, I am afraid that only Wang Chong knows the reason.


“hē hē, I’m just a little bit small, but the most important thing is Sage Emperor myself!”


Looking at the look of the two faces, Wang Chong smiled and smiled slowly, satisfying the curiosity of the two.




The two people were very happy and excited.


“But how did you do it? I know that Qingyang Gongzi used you to use him, but Taiji Hall guarded heavily, and there were people with big emperors outside. The real impenetrable defense, the bird Nandu Before, both me and the in-court minister had tried to enter Taiji Hall to meet the father, but all failed.”


“More than that, Taiji Hall is within a hundred feet, overlapping, all of which are arranged by the father. The celestial dragons and Iron Guard are not only powerful, but also unselfish, the six parents do not recognize, even the emperor is the regent. I can’t get in, let alone other people. How did you get in? And it’s quiet, no one can detect it.”


Li Heng, the face is incredible. When he rushed to the Imperial Palace and saw Wang Chong coming out of Taiji Hall, Li Heng felt a great shock. From that time on, the thought had been hovering in his mind.


Taiji Hall is the residence of Sage Emperor. It is the most defensive place in the world. If Wang Chong is tough, just a little bit of movement, First Imperial Prince will find it, but after the situation, Donggong starts from the beginning. It’s unbelievable that I don’t know anything about it.


How did Wang Chong go in, for many people, it is an unsolved mystery.


Wang Chong smiled and glanced at the hall. Curiosity kills the cat. This problem is not limited to Li Heng, including the First Imperial Prince who has been detained in the Clan House. This is probably a question in everyone’s mind.


“hē hē is actually not as difficult as you think. In fact, this is not a secret. I went straight in.”


Wang Chong indifferently said.



Li Heng hasn’t spoken yet, and Li Jingzhong on the side has lost his voice. If it’s as simple as he said, then Fifth Imperial Prince Li Heng entered Taiji Hall long ago, and there won’t be so many disputes later.


“It is certainly impossible to take this identity, but it is not necessarily the identity of Eunuch Gao.”


Wang Chong smiled lightly.


“Eunuch Gao?”


The master and the servant looked at each other, and the face was wrong, but soon, in a flash, a picture crossed the mind, Li Heng was shocked, and the steep understanding of what, the look was very shocking.


“You, Wang Chong, what do you mean by saying that you are disguised as Gao Lishi Eunuch Gao, have you passed the interception of the emperor and the True Dragon Iron Guard?”


Looking at the opposite Wang Chong nodded slightly, Li Heng’s heart vibrated, and suddenly set off a wave.


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