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The first thousand eight hundred chapters change!


There is not much overlap between Ishbara Khan and First Imperial Prince, but in the hands of Li Wei, the relationship between Western Turkic Khaganate and Great Tang is the most moderate.


More importantly, because of the extreme strength of Great Tang, Western Turkic, *厥, Goguryeo Empire, including U-Tsang Empire, formed a common alliance and formed a relationship with the First Imperial Prince of Great Tang. Nearly invisible invisible ally.


Dalun Qinling has long been the first to say that if the First Imperial Prince of Great Tang is able to go up smoothly, it will be the best result for the countries.


It wasn’t this thing that made Ishbara Khan angry and jealous, but he heard the two words again – Wang Chong!


Li Yan’s mutiny was destroyed by any one, and he would not be more angry than being destroyed by Wang Chong.


– Ishbara Khan will not forget, and Wang Chong blatantly threatened him, let him be ridiculed by the letter, and now the interests of Western Turkic Khaganate are once again destroyed by this person.


In the heart of Ishbara Khan, Wang Chong is definitely one of the people he wants to kill, and it is the top one.


“I can’t think of it, he has failed, this is trouble!”


Later, when I heard this news, I couldn’t help but feel a lot of weight.


“Great Tang’s combat power is far superior to us. Before the precisely relying on the suppression of First Imperial Prince Li Wei and Confucianism Sect, we can make Great Tang cut half of the troops. Now Li Weibing has failed, and the Great Tang soldiers will probably reoccupy. The upper hand!”


“What’s more troublesome is that from the current situation, the Wang Chong is the main warring figure of Great Tang. After this mutiny, he made such a great credit and has reinstated his position and re-elected as Qixi Great Protectorate. The real power, its prestige and power must be stronger than before, I am afraid we can no longer hold him!”


In the end, there was a deep worry in the eyes of the five lost.


The five-year-old lost never feared any opponent, but the great Tang Marquis Wang was an exception.


He carefully studied his past wars. The wisdom and strategy of this Great Tang boy was extremely horrible. After five miles, he lost many times and changed his position at that time, even if he changed all the infants of Great Tang. In the more powerful Western Turkic Cavalry, he is not sure that he can do that horrible.


More importantly, the five sorrows have found a very keen instinct from the boy. He seems to always find danger in advance and be prepared. This unique ability, even if it is lost, is also Stunned, secretly scared.


Now the Great Tang’s Prince of Foreign Region has regained power, and in his usual style, I am afraid that the “friendly” relationship between Western Turkic and Great Tang will be instantly broken and expanded. It is definitely the most for Western Turkic Khaganate. Poor results.


“Supreme Khan, we may be actively preparing for it.”


Five lost the road, his eyes also looked at Ishbara Khan in front of him.


Ishbara Khan was silent for a moment, and the entire Ivory tent was dead.




Oh la la!


At the same time, it is in the U-Tsang Plateau, Royal Capital. A Saker Falcon flies down from the sky and quickly falls into it and disappears.


“Imperial Minister, we have failed!”


The blue smoke in the hall of Royal Capital, accompanied by the voice of the general, the death of the entire hall.


Just above the main hall, in the smoky blue smoke, a figure was faintly outlined. Dalun Qinling was wearing a wide robe. He held his eyebrows in one hand and kept the action motionless.


All the U-Tsang martial arts around the four sides were heavy in appearance, and they did not speak a word. Li Wei defeated this thing. This incident shocked the Great Tang and also shocked all the wastes around Great Tang.


But even more daunting about Dalun Qinling and U-Tsang all generals is another news:


— Wang Chong officially reinstated and re-elected as Qixi Great Protectorate!


With the performance of the palace to change the tide, Wang Chong returned to the peak and returned strongly. This is definitely a huge loss for the entire U-Tsang Empire.


Among all the top generals of Great Tang, that person is definitely the most unwanted thing for all U-Tsang people, compared to the damage that U-Tsang caused to that person, even the Great Tang’s original previous generation War God Wang. Zhongsi seems to be less jealous.


At least, Wang Zhongsi did not turn U-Tsang’s entire rich and rich Ariwang district into a barren land, nor built the City of Steel onto U-Tsang Plateau, turning Triangle Jag into a permanent place, not to mention The U-Tsang’s incomparably Caliphate Empire was completely defeated, making this huge Empire a million people, bleeding a thousand miles.


“Imperial Minister, it seems that our cooperation with Confucian School will soon break down, and we are afraid to prepare for the battle as soon as possible.


In a repressed atmosphere, the Nanyajuan Great General Army Nangri Songtian couldn’t help but speak.


Throughout the ages, U-Tsang, the huge Empire, can be put under such pressure with two words. I am afraid that only Wang Chong can do it.


“Imperial Minister, or I will go to the army now and let them prepare for defense.”


“No need!”


Dalun Qinling sighed and finally opened his mouth, his head tilted slightly, his eyes looked at the complexion on his face.


“I have this claim, and the strength of Great Tang will not be worried about us for the time being.”


“Big Dipper City, I thought I could drag him, but I can’t think of it, but this person is the heart of our U-Tsang!”


Dalun Qinling Road.


As the Imperial Minister of U-Tsang Empire, who is famous for his intelligence, Dalun Qinling is the first time to feel like this. No matter what he does, it seems that he has never been able to manipulate and manipulate the great Tang.


“Come on, send this letter to the hands of Great Tang Emperor. At this stage, we should not be enemies with them at this time.”


Dalun Qinling said as he took out a long-written letter from the cuff. It seems that he has already prepared well enough, no matter whether Li Wei’s success or failure is in his expectation.


“Alternatively, prepare for me. I will go to Great Snow Mountain in these few days and ask for Saint Monk!”






Cong Ridge goes west, all the way through Samarkand and Khorasan, at this moment the Caliphate Empire.




Among the Imperial Palace in Royal Capital Baghdad, the large-bellied Caliphate Emperor Caliph, look stunned, his thick fingers jerked and immediately crushed the letter in his hand into a powder.


“Those incompetent Confucian students, I believe them so much to them, they still let Wang Chong master the military power!”


Wang Chong !


Caliph doesn’t know tang language, but now, even he has learned to read these two words. As long as I think of Qutayba, who died in the hands of the Great Tang boy, and a million elite Great Army, Caliph has a heartache.


This huge Empire, the extremely powerful Empire in his hands, was almost under siege, approaching Empire Baghdad, which is an unprecedented shame. He will never forget this humiliation.


“High Priest, I have been waiting for such a long time. When will I be able to smother the Great Tang and completely annihilate the Great Tang in the East? Let them push their despicable and low here. Waiting for the language?”


Caliph was burning in anger, and he turned his head fiercely, looking to the side wearing a black robe, black smoke, and his face hidden in a black mist of Temple High Priest.


Today’s Confucian scholars carry out their tang language every day at Caliphate. Because of that defeat, Caliphate immediately dignified in front of Great Tang, humbled to the extreme, so that Caliphate poured into many Confucian students and opened schools. The number of people who have learned tang language in the Caliphate Empire is greater than the countries around Great Tang.


This was what he did not expect when he first allowed those Confucian students to enter Caliphate.


In the current situation, even if he wants to ban, he can’t do it. Because once it is, it is equivalent to declaring war with Great Tang, but now Caliphate is not ready to fight.


In the Imperial Palace, when Caliph was angry, all the servants and guards around him were stunned and went to retreat. I saw that Temple High Priest stood there, like a wooden stake, motionless, and even a little life can not feel, as if it did not exist.


“Almost, the storm waiting for you has already arrived!”


I don’t know how long it took, just when Caliph was about to stop, suddenly, High Priest’s black robe shook a bit, and an indifferent, uninteresting voice came from under the black robe.




Caliph looked awkward and hadn’t waited for him to react.




Suddenly, the earth moved to the mountains, and the entire Baghdad Imperial Palace trembled fiercely. At the same time, in the southwest direction, a huge atmosphere burst into the sky like a storm. The strong fluctuations were far and wide, spreading to the entire Empire. Even the Baghdad Imperial Palace can feel a faint shackle.


“this is……”


Feeling the familiar atmosphere in the void, Caliphate Emperor Moutassem III slammed his eyes and surprised:


“Great saint, you finally got out!”


When referring to the words “Great Sacred”, Moutassem III has a very respectful look, almost no less than the High Priest.


There is silence in the void, I don’t know how long it has been, a magnetic voice, majestic and heavy, mixed in the void of the void, into the Imperial Palace:


“I already know about the things in the East. I still have six days to fully clear the customs. At that time, I will definitely achieve what I want!”


“Good! Great, when you arrive, please personally welcome the Great Sacred!”


At that moment, Moutassem III was very excited.


Great saints!


As long as it is Caliphate People, there is no such thing as not knowing these three words. This is the only one that can gain the influence power above the kingship with the body of the courtier.


If you changed Talas’s War, Moutassem III would never want to re-emerge because the word “大圣宗” is a great threat to the king. But now it’s different. As long as it can kill the name of Wang Chong’s Great Tang War God, destroy the kingdom of the East, and wash away the shame of the Eastern foreign race under siege, Moutassem III has been ignored.


— Compared with the humiliation suppressed by the Eastern foreign race, the threat of the Great Holy Family to the kingship is insignificant!


“The order of the rumors, after six days, all the governors, the deputy governor, and the priests will welcome the Great Saints!”




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