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The end of the 1808th chapter of the Three Kings!


And do not mention the various wild reactions, among the capital, is still rising winds, surging clouds. For more than 30 years, Empire has never had such a rebellious move in the hinterland of the capital.


The Dali Temple, the Clan House, and the Ministry of War, including the Government Offices, were assisted by a side-by-side, joint trial, and disposed of in just a few days.


“First Imperial Prince, Li Wei’s rebellion, ignoring the father and son, summoning the Imperial Guard and besieging Taiji Hall. After Sage Emperor’s approval, the first imperial Prince’s identity was deprived, and he was detained and placed in clan, and he will never leave. , Junchen and his son, never meet each other!”


“Second Imperial Prince Li Yao and Third Imperial Prince Li Yao are one of the main criminals of this palace. They deprived the two emperors of their status and exiled Lingnan. They must not set foot inland forever!”


“King Qi Li Qi is ambitious and unconcerned. When First Imperial Prince rebelled, his sins were difficult. The criminal department copied the family, seized the ancestral home, and became a monk. All the family members were all sent to the army.”


“Beiting Great Protectorate Zhang Zheng, Big Dipper Great General Army Fumeng Lingzhao colluded with the East Palace. There was no Sage Emperor, and the soldiers were rebellious. Their sins were difficult. Among them, Zhang Zheng has been decapitated, and Fu Fengeng Lingzhao is handed over to the Ministry of Justice and Dali. Temple is disposed of by law!”




A long list of names, all of which are the main criminals of the Three Kings chaos, the list of those disposed, one after another, densely packed, filled with the various places of the capital and the Imperial City. This is a major event that Great Tang has not seen for decades. In the capital, I don’t know how many people are attracted.


“The big rebellion, the big rebellion!”


“Sage Emperor wise God Martial, is an emperor, they dare to murder Sage Emperor, it is a great courage! Such a rebellious person without a father without a father, death is not enough!”


“There are those accomplices, one should not let go, they actually dare to murder Sage Emperor, it is not as good as a pig!”


“Yes! Be sure to pick these people out too, and you must not let them go! Don’t kill these people, not enough to fill the world’s anger!”


“Rebellion and rebellion, this is a big sin. If you don’t take all of them out, it’s not enough to watch the world, it’s not enough for the future generations to quit!”




Everywhere in the capital, there were crowds filled with indignation. For the people of the capital, what happened that night completely overturned their cognition and gave everyone a great shock.


The monarch and the minister, the father and the son, this is the whole Empire, and the foundation of the existence of the Middle-earth civilization. If the Lord is incomprehensible, but it is the time of the prosperity, Sage Emperor is the recognized master of the world, carefully In his hands, Great Tang can reach an unprecedented level of strength. These people even dared to murder Sage Emperor, which aroused the anger of everyone.


This kind of dialogue, one after another, took place in various places in the capital.


On the Vermilion Bird Street, a gorgeous carriage slowly moved. Outside the carriage, Zhang Que looked at the crowd gathered outside, and was very excited.


“Wang Ye! The First Imperial Prince can no longer turn over, and the rebellious people who followed up with the rebellion. Nowadays, although the world is big, I am afraid there is no place for them to hide! See who will dare to rebel!”


Zhang Que twisted and leaned against the Wang Chong Road inside the carriage.


The carriage was quiet, Wang Chong was sitting in danger, and when he heard Zhang Que’s words, he frowned slightly, revealing a deep worry.


He had heard all the arguments outside, and although the Three Kings chaos had ended, the influence of this matter had just begun, and there were signs of further storm expansion and fermentation.


“This is not good!”


Wang Chong’s heart secretly thought. In the original history, the First Imperial Prince party first and the same, killing many people, and then Sage Emperor took the post, after the investigation, and even strangled a group of people, in order to calm the anger, the scope of the two waves of killing is extremely wide, countless The Empire elite died in this civil strife.


Wang Chong clearly remembers that when the whole storm is at its worst, as long as there is any involvement with those who have rebelled, even if they have only sent a bunch of dry wood, they have been to the other’s residence, even if there is only one side. And was implicated.


At that time, people were upset, everyone was in danger, sole view influence and destruction, even more powerful than the chaos of the Three Kings. This is also the biggest worry for Wang Chong.


Folk anger can be understood, but without control, further expansion will cause secondary harm.


Now that Empire is showing signs of swaying, and another catastrophe is coming, the influence of this matter, if not controlled as much as possible, is tantamount to being ruined in the face of catastrophe.



When thinking about it, the carriage crashed and stopped. Wang Chong frowned and raised his head subconsciously.


“Prince of Foreign Region, is the Prince of Foreign Region inside?”


Suddenly, an excited voice came from the front of the carriage, but it was a Beijingese official who did not know when he noticed Wang Chong and stopped in front.




Just like a huge stone fell, in an instant, Wang Chong’s carriage was boiling around.


“It’s the Prince of Foreign Region, the Prince of Foreign Region. Here, everyone is coming!”


I don’t know who shouted. In an instant, there were no hundreds of surnames, and the look was excited. Like the waves, it quickly surged from all directions.


In just a short time, around the Wang Chong’s carriage, the Third Layer outside the Third Layer, it is full of dense, hundreds of thousands of Jingshi people.


“Wang, I finally saw you, you are the hero of our Great Tang!”


“The great hero, Prince of Foreign Region is the hero!”


“Prince of Foreign Region !”


“Prince of Foreign Region !”


“Prince of Foreign Region !”




In all directions, there are crowds of excitement everywhere. The chaos of the Three Kings has ended. After this palace change, many details are leaked out. In the extremely unfavorable situation, the entire Empire is almost in the rebellion of First Imperial Prince and King Qi. In the hands of the party, the rebel parties and even the courtiers of the Hall of Spreme Harmony were imprisoned. If it wasn’t for Wang Chong, no one would dare to imagine what the Empire would look like.


Outside the carriage, Zhang Que saw this scene and his heart was very happy. After such great efforts, the evil of the Three Kings was gradually revealed. Before this, the folks had misunderstood Wang Ye, especially the battle of the Confucianism, and even the books written by the princes exhausted their efforts. It was burned and it was heartbreaking. But now, through repeated actions, the ambitions of the ruling and the wild have gradually become clear.


Have to say that this is a huge gain.


The crowd was extremely enthusiastic. Wang Chong’s wagon took a full half of the time. It was only after getting out of the crowd, all the way along the streets and all the way into the palace gate.




As Wang Chong entered, the huge palace gate behind him slammed shut, and since Sage Emperor retired, since the Three Kings chaos, this is the first meeting of the Great Tang Dynasty.


In the vast Hall of Spreme Harmony, when Wang Chong was in a robe and stepped into the hall from the outside, in all directions, countless eyes fell on Wang Chong. Wang Chong’s gaze is awe-inspiring and dignified. Although he does not even have a weak crown, he has no oysters and childishness of his peers. It is a faintly fascinating seal. Discouraged.


After the Three Kings chaos, First Imperial Prince fell, King Qi was also copied from his home, and became a monk. No one can compete with Wang Chong. Wang Chong has become the first layer of the entire Empire.


In the hall, even Li Linfu saw Wang Chong coming in, and he narrowed his gaze slightly, and lowered his head slightly to show respect.


After a few moments, the pilgrimage officially began. In the eyes of everyone, Sage Emperor was wearing a robes and wearing a crown. He first appeared on the Imperial Court and sat down on the top of the Kowloon throne.


“The public has something to do early, nothing to retreat!”


A mellow voice rang in the hall. After a long period of disappearance, Eunuch Gao was wearing white robes and wearing a brocade, and finally appeared again beside Sage Emperor. In Great Tang, as long as Sage Emperor and Eunuch Gao stand on the Hall of Spreme Harmony, it is like two pillars of the sea, set the whole Empire.


Eunuch Gao’s voice fell, the hall was dead, everyone looked at me, I looked at you, no one came forward. The remnants of the Three Kings have not disappeared. Dali Temple, the Clan House, and the Six Departments are still tracing the rest of the party. At this time, the people are undecided and no one wants to speak.


“Your Majesty, Chen has a present!”


Just when the main hall was dead, suddenly an official, looking solemn, walked out of the train, and instantly attracted everyone’s attention.


After the palace was changed, the people were in a state of chaos. The people demanded that the people who participated in the palace change be severely punished. In order to stabilize the people’s hearts and revitalize the DPRK, the courtiers asked the majesty to severely punish the intrigues in the palace, so that they could be effective!”


“Now the capitalists, as well as the various prefectures and governments, are discussing this matter. I hope that Royal Court will severely punish those who are treacherous, and there is a petition for all the people in the hands of the people. Please also take a look!”


The official said that the halls were suddenly discolored, and even the Great General Army Albus, beside the main hall, Sage Emperor couldn’t help but jump.


“Yes, please kneel down and severely punish!”


The voice of the man fell, and countless courtiers in the hall followed. In the chaos of the Three Kings, a large number of courtiers were detained at Hall of Spreme Harmony. Even their wives and relatives were detained and guarded. This made everyone feel abhorrent. Now some people start, everyone will let go, and they will nod one by one. Seconded.


Seeing the voices of the imperial court in the Imperial Court, more and more, a catastrophe will soon pass at the Royal Court, at this time –


“Your Majesty, Chen thought it was impossible!”


Just as the crowd was boiling and the sound of the company grew louder, suddenly a voice rang on the Imperial Court and interrupted everyone. Wang Chong was in a robe and handcuffed the board.


“The chaos of the Three Kings, the sin is the mastermind, and the rest are under coercion. Now the principal offenders have been in vain. I hope that you can forgive the rest and avoid being too involved!”


Wang Chong looks firm and his voice is loud.



When Wang Chong’s voice fell, it suddenly seemed to fall, attracting the attention of everyone in the hall. The entire hall was silent, and even the Sage Emperor on the main hall looked at Wang Chong.


No one thought that as the biggest hero in this palace change, Wang Chong would actually say something to those rebellious people!




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