The Human Emperor Chapter 1853

“It’s too early to relax now. Caliphate has died 200,000 Great Army, and there are 3.6 million. It’s just a slap in the face of them. It’s still not hurt. Prince of Foreign Region and Prince Young Protector Not optimistic.”

There are still many people in the crowd who are sensible.

“What! What do you mean, Prince of Foreign Region, are they still at risk?”

“Northwestern enemies have not gone, Caliphate’s great saint Zonggu Taibai is still in the army, where can relax, the northwest is the victory or defeat, the Great Tang is the survival of the dead, it depends on the Prince of Foreign Region.”

“But it is! I believe in the Prince of Foreign Region! He can defeat the Meng-U Allied Army in the southwest, killing nearly a million U-Tsang, Western Turkic, and Caliphate coalition forces in Talas, and will surely be in the second war. Beat Caliphate, no matter what, I believe him!”

“Yes, I also believe in the Prince of Foreign Region! Since he can annihilate the Caliphate Heavy Cavalry on the first day, he will be able to annihilate the remaining forces of Caliphate. Moreover, he is also surrounded by Prince Young Protector Wang Zhongsi, Empire fierce tiger Zhangchou. Jianqiong adults, as well as Beiting Great Protectorate An Sishun adults.”

“In any case, Caliphate is not an ordinary opponent. I really want to have a tyrannical Martial Strength, fly to the northwest, and fight with the Prince of Foreign Region for the Great Tang!”


Among the capitalists, the restaurants and teahouses, the streets and the streets, are optimistic and full of worries. No matter what, the war in the northwest, every move, affects the hearts of everyone in the world.

At the same time, the Imperial Palace, the depths of the palace, is also brightly lit, and the tension in the atmosphere is much worse than that outside the palace.

The entire Great Tang 100,000 Imperial Guard, more than 70% have been pulled to the northwest, as the Gyeonggi heavy land, this situation has never been seen, and now many Imperial Guard inside and outside the Imperial Palace are temporarily deployed backup Imperial Guard.

“White Great Commander, Lee Great Commander, Zhao Commander, King Commander…, all the Imperial Guard executives have almost gone to the northwest, and they don’t know how they are doing now. I hope that this battle can be achieved in one battle.

At the height of the palace, an Imperial Guard Leader stood side by side, looking northwest, full of worries.

Deep in the Imperial Palace, the atmosphere of uneasiness and ambiguity permeates the void. No one knows how this unprecedented war will go. It can only wait silently, silently believe, and wait for the final result.

At the same time, the highest point of the Imperial Palace was cold, just in front of the white jade steps of Taiji Hall. The two figures stood and stood still, and the robe was blown by the breeze, hunting and flying, as the owner of the entire Empire, most Sage Emperor and Gao Lishi are also sleeping for the same night.

“Its daybreak.”

Suddenly, Sage Emperor spoke up, breaking the silence between the two.

“Yes, it’s time for a decisive battle.”

Gao Lishi began to understand the meaning of Sage Emperor.

Caliphate came out of the way, Great Tang is also going all out, this battle will never be long-lasting, both of them understand that today is the day of the Great Tang and Caliphate battle.

At this moment, even the voice of Gao Lishi showed a slight tension.

“Gao Lishi, Gu Taibai is not an ordinary person.”

Sage Emperor spoke again.

“Yes, but the Prince of Foreign Region is not an ordinary person. He is the military force Grand Marshal!”

Gao Lishi immediately followed.

“hē hē, you really haven’t changed at all.”

Sage Emperor heard the words and laughed.

One master, one servant, one prince and one minister, and the same mind, this has been for decades, and Gao Lishi will always know what he is thinking.

Wang Chong is indeed a person in his relationship. Whether it is southwest, northwest or three kings, Wang Chong has fully demonstrated his strength and passed his test.

This is the heir he chose for Great Tang. Looking at the world, there will be no better successors than Wang Chong for decades or even hundreds of years.

“It’s a pity. He was born decades later. Otherwise, he might be able to get what he wants in this life!”

At the end of the day, Sage Emperor suddenly sighed deeply.

Gao Lishi heard the words, suddenly silenced, and there was a faint look in the eyes, but nothing was said.

“There is no one wish to achieve it with your own wishes. In the past, this is the case, and the future must be the same. Why do you have to be artificial?”

Gao Lishi said.

“hē hē !”

Sage Emperor just smiled and shook his head. Not much to say, his own situation, he knew it again, Gao Lishi was just comforting him.

“This time in the northwest, everything can only rely on themselves. You can’t help you, and it’s hard to help them.”

Sage Emperor looked up and looked at the direction of the northwest, revealing a deep regret between the words.

Gao Lishi heard a word, and there was a deep worry on his face.

No one knows more about the current situation of Sage Emperor than him. The arrival of the Three Kings, the arrival of Huang Longzheng, forced Sage Emperor to take action to make that sword. The sword seems to be magnificent, magnificent and enemies. It was shocking, but it actually made Sage Emperor’s physical condition worse and his body load increased dramatically.

Now Sage Emperor has no way to make that sword anymore.

Moreover, Sage Emperor is located in the heart of Beijing and the city, and has a fixed role in the national movement. As long as the king is in the heart, the people of Nine Provinces will perform their duties, and they will be in good position.

However, if Sage Emperor leaves, the Royal Motors will levy, then the 3.8 million Caliphate Heavy Cavalry’s massive impact will spread to the limit, the world is full of turmoil, evil spirits, and thieves, and then people are worried, I am afraid that they will not be defeated. It is.

This is why once the country is peaceful, the world is stable, even if the martial arts is prosperous, and then the ambition of the king, you must sit in the Imperial Court, not easy to leave. Once the king Wang Li opened, and wants to drive the pro-insurance, the ministers must also endlessly chatter.

“You don’t have to worry about your Majesty, the Prince of Foreign Region is the person chosen by your Majesty. The old slave believes that he will not let his majesty disappoint!”

Gao Lishi said, taking a deep breath and bowing down to Sage Emperor, and bowed.

Sage Emperor heard the words, just smiled lightly, looking at the defense line in the northwest, saying nothing.



The East gradually became clear, and the night was fleeting. With the arrival of the morning sun, the entire area, the atmosphere was unprecedentedly tense, and finally reached the moment of decisive battle.

Hōng lōng lōng, the earth shakes, the smoke is rolling, after a few moments, millions of Caliphate troops are soaring, once again swept away, the huge black crescent moon flag fluttering in the wind, exudes a huge atmosphere.

In the direction of Great Tang, hundreds of thousands of silver-white steel walls, one blockaged like a fish scale, reflecting white light in the sun. After the wall, countless soldiers took on the shackles, one by one, the whole body collapsed, killing qi, and staring at the opponent.

The same is true for the opposite Caliphate Heavy Cavalry.

After a night of rest, whether it is Great Tang or Caliphate, the momentum of both sides is stronger and more magnificent than the previous day!

Among the Great Army, the ancient Great White, High Priest, Abmuslin, Saleh, and Wang Chong, Wang Zhongsi, Zhangchou Jianqiong, Caliphate and Great Tang, each of their top Commander-in-Chief and leader, They are relatively opposite each other and compete against each other.

The atmosphere is very tight!

Everything is a sign of a tragic war, coming soon!

“It’s finally time to win a battle!”

In the direction of Great Tang, among the densely populated Great Army, Wang Chong rode White-hoofed Shadow and looked at the huge pictogram Behemoth opposite him. His eyes were firm.

Between Great Tang and Caliphate, victory or defeat is today, and this battle must have a result. However, at this critical moment, Wang Chong’s heart became more and more calm.

“Tang People, the last time you were lucky to win,”

Suddenly, a loud voice rang between the heavens and the earth. In the eyes of the people, the Caliphate army, like the sea, was separated. The great saint Zanggu Taibai rode the huge pictogram Behemoth and slowly advanced:

“You won’t have such good luck this time! I will fulfill my promise and let your Tang People be a slave forever!”

“hē hē, Da Shengzong, this is what I want to say. After this war, there will be no more war between us, because Caliphate will become a great country of Great Tang, this time will not be lucky. I Will lead the Great Tang army, all the way to Baghdad, conquer the entire Western world, Caliphate will always surrender to the Great Tang rule!”

Wang Chong rides up and opens.

At that moment, in the gaze of thousands of troops, the two confronted each other, and no one had the meaning of retreat.

“It seems that we have nothing to say, so if so, then go to war!”

The ancient Taibai white icy cold, suddenly opened.


A loud bugle horn sound, from the rear of the Caliphate army, and at the same time Wang Chong came back.

“Get ready to fight!”

Wang Chong gravely says.

Along with a dense array of drums, the atmosphere was chilled, and thousands of densely packed warriors armed with giant shields and long-sleeved, ready to fight.

The atmosphere is tight, but the time of the war is much faster than anyone thinks.


With the roar of dancing the Heaven and moving the Earth, this unprecedented battle has finally begun.

Hōng lōng lōng, in the loud noise of the sky, in the direction of Caliphate’s camp, a head of Behemoth came in the direction of Great Tang with an amazing Speed.

The smoke rolled into the sky, this time, no longer a temptation, just after all the Behemoths were dispatched, millions of Caliphate troops marched toward the Great Tang’s Square Formation.

At that moment, the earth roared, and the huge momentum, even the heavens and the earth were changed.


In the camp of Great Tang, with Wang Chong lifting a right arm, countless long squats and heavy shields were placed on the ground. The rolling machine was full of sound, all the arrows were winding, and the sharp arrows pointed at the same one direction.

This time, the 600,000 Caliphate army, holding the breath, all the people’s breath is integrated, heavy and heavy, like a huge mountain.

This is an unprecedented battle, and everyone is ready to fight hard.

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