The terrifying energy gathered on the holy sword is extremely sultry, and even the ancient Taibai on the ground is attracted by this force, looking up at the sky, Wang Chong in the depths of the Thunder.

“Hey, did you want to take over the power of the Thunder to deal with me?”

The black flames of the ancient Taibai incarnation were sneered, just a blow, and the people around them flew away. Although the reaction was a little slower than half a beat, but the ancient white is still looking up, seeing the moment of the blue and white blazing electric light, understands the meaning of Wang Chong’s

“It’s stupid, overestimate one’s capabilities, the sorcerer is nothing, not afraid of the thunder. Even if you gather more power, it doesn’t hurt me any more. – I thought that before you and the inflammation The devil fights for so long, you should understand that you didn’t understand it at all!”

The ancient white sneer.

Wang Chong’s previous performance was too bright. Under the battle of the field, including the fall of High Priest, Gu Taibai was also careless from the original, and he attached great importance to the young Great Tang Commander-in-Chief. It is also too wishful.

“In this case, let me completely end you!”

Gu Taibai was a punch that forced Zhangchou Jianqiong and others to open. At the same time, his eyes flashed a glimpse of the cold glow. The next moment, behind the black flame, the huge moon god tree phantom became more and more taller and more Clear, a piece of silver “God” emerged in the blazing black flame, appearing more mysterious, mysterious, and full of a deadly power.

“wēng! ”

The eyes of Gu Taibai opened one by one. The next moment, there was a huge, complicated, mysterious golden imprint of flowers blooming in the forehead of the black flame. The imprint is like golden juice, as if there are countless things in it. Which flows.

“Come on, I am waiting for you!”

Gu Taibai looked at the thunder that flashed above the sky, and the “black dot” of the size of the sesame in the Thunder. The eyes were bright and the expression was stunned. The heart burst into a strong killing intent, and at the same time, two black flames and iron fists smoked. Slowly shrinking under the ribs, and with the body is more endless high-temperature flames and smoke constant compression, and then compression, the devastating power is constantly condensed, like a strong bow to the extreme, at any time May break out!

one strike!

As soon as you kill Wang Chong, the war is completely over!

Gu Taibai is not in a hurry. It is like a male lion who has found a target, crouching, accumulating, waiting for the final blow!

“hong long! ”

Finally, in the depths of the sky, thousands of blazing thunders are constantly bombarded with the dazzling Speed ​​on Wang Chong’s Xuanyuan Holy Sword. Wang Chong also feels that the energy gathered by the Xuanyuan Holy Sword in his hand has been reached.

In the next moment, without any hesitation, Wang Chong instantly launched the strongest blow that has been in stock for a long time!

“Ben Thunder!”

Deep in the sky, shouting loudly, Wang Chong finally launched a powerful trick in the hands of Xuanyuan Shengjian.

“hong long! ”

Just listening to the loud noise of dancing the Heaven and moving the Earth, like the opening of the heavens and the earth, the universe is yellow, the whole northwest is violently oscillating, even the yellow sand of the sky seems to be still, then deep in the thundercloud, Under the invisible, powerful force, thousands of lightnings are densely rain-like, all turned into a silky line, and gathered into a point in the void.

And at that moment, Wang Chong disappeared.


Only one blink, in the perception of countless people, through the yellow sand, through the storm, through the dark clouds, a huge lightning that is more violent than the sun, involving the thunder of the sky, mammoth from the sky .


There is no one to describe the power of the moment, and the moment when a huge blue and white lightning appears, has surpassed all the rays of light between heaven and earth. Everything is eclipsed in front of this lightning.


In the long yellow sand, a burst of exclamation sounds, and that glimpse of it, the entire battlefield, as long as you see this electric light, there is a feeling of great difficulty, just like the Ruin the Heavens, Destroy the Earth The Thunder is a move towards yourself.

Especially the Caliphate’s Heavy Cavalry, there is a deep panic in every eye.

Hong long!

Just for a moment, the huge blue white lightning carries thousands of nature’s blazing thunder, passing through heavy space, and falling heavily on the black flames, and almost at the same time, 吼, shouting loudly, ancient Too white furiously shouted, with a fierce fist bursting out.

With the loud noise of the shake the heavens, the terrifying power of the Ruin the Heavens, Destroy the Earth, with the explosion, the thunder of Wang Chong and the power of the Xuanyuan Holy Sword. together.

Hōng lōng lōng, no one can describe the power of that shock, the blazing lightning and the flame of black pervading void, the original thick and hard earth, this moment is fragile like a piece of paper in the perception of everyone, Intense bumps and tremors.

The fight between the two is enough to make the world eclipse.

“Wang Chong !”

This is the Great Tang, Wang Zhongsi, Li Junxian, Zhangchou Jianqiong… Everyone looks at Wang Chong and Gu Taibai in the center of the battlefield.

Wang Chong borrowed the Xuanyuan Holy Sword, touched thousands of Thunder, and used the power of nature to deal with the ancient Taibai. For everyone, this is the last resort. If you can’t do anything like this, then everyone can only die and wait.


It seems that only a moment, it seems that after countless long years, the endless thunder penetrated the body of the black flame, and finally slammed into the depths of the earth.

On the other side, in the face of the terrifying high temperature flame erupted by the ancient Taibai, and the terrifying power of the collapsed land, after a moment of survive, Wang Chong finally could not resist, slamming, being the force of terrifying The earthquake flew.

“grown ups!”

“Wang Ye!”


Looking at Wang Chong’s uncontrolled, flying body, and all the way along with the stained blood, all the people in Great Tang were pale, and they sank to the bottom.

“haha, eucalyptus, do you think that you can deal with me by borrowing the thunder of the sky? It’s stupid! You have survived countless centuries of fire, and you can’t be so easily destroyed. Now let me completely end you. End your life!”

The sound of ancient Taibai is indifferent and grand, like Hong Zhong Da Lu, shocking the void, but also shocking everyone’s heart.

“hong long! ”

Gu Taibai said as he walked, and moved towards Wang Chong’s direction, and the huge body of the flaming devil slammed on the ground, causing a violent shock.

While perceiving this scene, Adnan, Abu Musi Lin and others have a great spirit.


This is that, the two are very excited.

The war has been ups and downs, and there have been many changes. The Anguera heavy Cavalry led by Bakrham and the sudden sandstorms have caused the entire Caliphate army to be in chaos and to the point of collapse, but as long as Wang Chong is killed, the entire Great Tang army will be The tree will fall apart, and no one will be able to withstand the attacks of the Black Flame and the Caliphate Army.

– The black flame of the terrifying flame can make the Great Tang army easily collapse!

“Let your head end the sandstorm!”

The cold and cold voice of ancient Taibai echoed between the heavens and the earth, and the rolling flame swept like a wave.

“is it?”

Seeing that Wang Chong is going to die under the flame of the black flame, at this time, a faint sneer is not high, and suddenly it sounds in the ear of the ancient white.

Hearing this sound, the ancient Taibai white streaked his face, and just outside the ten zhang, Wang Chong’s hair was scattered, crouching on the ground, rising his head sharply, and the pair of cold eyes were stunned. .

“wēng! ”

When I heard Wang Chong’s words, I saw the young and strange face. The look of the ancient Taibai was stiff, and the footsteps followed. The torrent of black flames that had been rushing to Wang Chong was also set to void.

This is not the ancient Taibai’s enthusiasm for Wang Chong, but the ancient Taibai’s fist, after half of the punch, can no longer be slammed, as if there is an invisible wall in front of him to prevent him from advancing.

“What the hell did you do?”

Gu Taibai’s eyes widened and he looked at Wang Chong unbelievably.

At this point, he can’t just hit the punch, he can’t even move it.

“grown ups!”

In the distance, Abu Musi Lin and Adnan also found a strange, cried out in surprise, shattering the surrounding yellow sand, moved towards ancient Taibai.

But no one cares about them at this time.

“hē hē, you are too arrogant! Really think that no one in this world can have you?”

Wang Chong’s hair was scattered and sneered, and slowly stood up from the ground.

Finally, at this moment, the combination of ancient Taibai and the sorcerer is too strong. If it is not an accidental chance, I am afraid that it is already Wang Chong.

“You really shouldn’t be greedy, bring the power of the moon into the body with the inflammation, although the moon god tree helps you bridge yourself and the fire, but it is also your fatal!”

“Thunder can’t help the sorcerer, but why can’t you, can’t you still have the magic within the body a bronze forged Magical Artifact?”

Wang Chong stood on the ground, clouds are thin, wind is soft, and he said this slowly.

On the other side, the face of Gu Taibai was also ugly, and he suddenly understood what he was.

Behind, Adnan and Abu Musi

Lin Biao’s eyes widened and it was a stunned look.

Throughout the battlefield, the rolling sands and storms are still raging, but around the black flames, all those who noticed this scene are dead.

Ancient Taibai


Moon god tree

Every word that Wang Chong and Gu Taibai said, everyone can hear clearly, but together they hear everyone confused.

“What exactly is going on?”

Not far from where, Zhangchou Jianqiong muttered to himself. He is not a stupid person. From the reaction of Gu Taibai, it must have happened to him, but so far, no one has understood what is going on between the two.

Kā chā !

At this time, a subtle crisp sound suddenly came from the black flame within the body.

Although the sound is small, it is like a mosquito, and there are dust and sand screaming in the sky. But for the two people at this time, the slightly incomprehensible slight fragile sound is like a thunder.

And this slight crispness is just the beginning.

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