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The latest chapter of the Emperor's period, the second chapter of the text is a reincarnation, floating astronomy
    Autumn wind!

人皇纪最新章节,正文 第二章 再世为人,飘天文学


    The closer to the grand hall, the more nervous Wang Chong is in his heart. The more he loses, the more he knows the precious.


    The self of the previous life, hey, don't care about anything, and don't care about anything. It's hard to imagine that just going to eat a meal will actually make you feel nervous.


    "This should be a homesickness."


    Wang Chong's heart is secretly thought. Looking up, the doors of the two lions stand, and the front is the grand hall for dinner at home.


    Wang Clan is not what Marquis Wang everyone, not so strict, but it is also the home of the family, although the mother did not set up so many rules, but the big family's Principle is still there.


    There are many children in the family, no matter who, including the father, as long as they are still in Capital City, they must have a dinner every week. Everyone got together, surrounded by a big table and had a happy meal.


    This is the last day after Wang Chong’s ban, and it’s also the first dinner in the family for seven days. However, it is not this that Wang Chong cares.


    No accidents, this time, my father has returned from the outside. Because of his official position, his father went out early and late every day. Even if he was his son, he would not see him and he would see it immediately.


    After the incident, his father will soon leave Capital City and return to the military camp. I am afraid that I will not see him for at least half a year.


    If you want to stop that thing and change the fate of the family, this dinner at home is the best opportunity and the last chance.


    But will the father believe in himself?


    Wang Chong remembered himself and suddenly became silent.


    Planting flowers, planting beans and beans, the previous life, he recognized himself as a so-called passer, cynical, game life, doing too much ridiculous things.


    In the first days, he thought about being a free-spirited man in this world, staying outside every day, and making a lot of friends.


    The "Ma Zhou" that Little Sister said is one of them.


    Wang Chong of the previous life, the character went straight, not so much intestines. Always thinking that everyone is a friend, frankly intersect. Where do you want to get, these two ancestors like you are so deep, on the surface and you are brothers and brothers, behind the knives.


    These guys are playing their own banner and doing nothing outside. Even in the end, there was a day in the sky and a strong robbing of the women.


    Other things will be forgotten, but "strongly robbing the women" is too much. Even the leader was out, and his father, who had always had little control over him, couldn’t stand it. After knowing this, he was so angry that he came back from the station overnight.


    Wang Chong was also detained for seven days.


    In this matter, the father was completely disappointed with himself. After I had traversed myself, although I had been rebellious for a long time and had done a lot of outrageous behavior, I have not fallen to this point.


    But robbing the women…


    This has already challenged the father's bottom line. From then on, the father completely gave up on himself and ignored it.


    Wang Chong also learned a long time after this incident. Being yelled by Ma Zhou's bastards, Wang Chong is also depressed.


    But these things can't be said, if you don't know who you are, you can be overwhelmed. With the mood of my father and mother at this moment, no matter what I say, I am afraid I will not listen to it.


    What can you do with a 纨绔scion that doesn't learn anything, and what is the right thing to say?


    Thinking of this, Wang Chong is very bitter in his heart, and the bitter fruit he has planted has to be swallowed by himself!


    "In any case, you can't go on with this bastard anymore." In any case, you must change your impression of your father. ”


    Wang Chong knows that to change the stereotypes of parents, this family dinner is the last chance. In any case, let them know that they are not the ones themselves.


    Gradually win back their confidence in their own child.


    Wang Chong took a deep breath and already knew what to do.


    "young master !"


    The door of the lion's head was closed. When Wang Chong came over, the two strong protective guards at the gate immediately squatted down and bowed.


    These two people bear the back of the bear, standing there like a gate tower, and they know that it is a strong pawn on the battlefield.


    "Working hard for you."


    Wang Chong stopped at the side of the two people and said sincerely.


    He recognized the two guards. They were the father Wang Yan selected from the military camp and stayed in the residence.


    Lu Yao knows horsepower, and he has seen people for a long time. When he was in the past, Wang Chong did not care about what these guards were. Until the big changes in the family, all the guards and family members were scattered. Only these two guards, with several other family members, never stayed away.


    Until that big chaos came, the two guards died in the same way as thousands of other people, and they were loyal to their death.


    At that time, Wang Chong remembered their names deeply. One was called Shen Hai and the other was Meng Long, the most loyal guard in Fuchu.


    "young master ?"


    The two guards stared at Wang Chong and were amazed. The young master used to be tall and top-eyed, unruly, and did not speak to them.


    This time I will take the initiative to say hello to them, this is the first time in my life!


    Both people saw the surprise in the eyes of the other party!


    Wang Chong knew what they were thinking, smiled, and did not explain. Three feet of ice does not form in a single day, my past image is too bad, it is very difficult to change between one and the other.


    However, taking the first step, there will be a second step. One day, one day, they will find that they have indeed changed.


    Two hands pressed on the lion's door knocker, and Wang Chong pushed hard and walked in. The door was hoarse and very loud in the grand hall room.


    It's smells nice.


    Wang Chong walked in and didn't see it clearly. The nose smelled a thick, mouth-watering dish. In the huge house, there is a large table for more than a dozen people, filled with more than twenty rich dishes.


    "I haven't eaten such a hearty meal for a long time."


    Being hooked by this fragrance, Wang Chong also felt hungry in the stomach. Carefully echoed, I was confined for seven days, but the food was always light, and there was such a richness.


    However, although the dishes are full, the atmosphere in the grand hall is not quite right.


    Wang Chong's heart was slightly shocked. He glanced up and immediately saw the big long table next to him, the father and mother sitting, and the two men were sinking like water, and no one looked at themselves.


    Although the aroma of the dinner table was full, no one moved. Only the little Sister next to the big stomach, buried at the table, holding chopsticks in one hand, holding a bowl in one hand, opening his mouth and eating hard, only seeing the two horns squatting at the table, I saw The blind man does not see anyone.


    Wang Clan Little Sister has two great hobbies, one is delicious and the other is fun.


    Wang Chong saw her dinner for the first time and was almost scared to death by her. This is still a little girl, clearly a starving Behemoth.


    But thinking about her amazing strength, Wang Chong later relieved.


    In the family, only Little Sister can eat without meals. However, in the past, when Little Sister was eating, the rice bowl was sizzling, but this time, only her mouth was wide open, but there was no sound coming out. It was clear that the atmosphere was wrong.


    In the entire grand hall, the dead silence.


    "you! die! Decision: " moment .


    Little Sister, holding a rice bowl, smirked and ate the sea, and lost a sympathetic look. She can already see the tragic fate of her little brother.


    Although the little girl is simple, she is especially vengeful. She has not forgotten her brother to lie to her before!


    Wang Chong didn't take care of Little Sister who was irritating at home. He knows well that although his father and mother have let go of themselves, this matter has not passed.


    "Hey, mother!"


    Wang Chong did not sit at the table as usual, and buryed himself like an ostrich. Instead, he circled around the table and stopped at his father and mother.


    The little Sister on the side looked at Wang Chong's move and his mouth was wide open.


    What is this little brother doing this? I don't know if my mother and I are angry. This time to go, is this not looking for death?


    But what surprised Wang Clan Little Sister happened:


“……I know this time, I know it is wrong. In the future, I will break with those of the past and will not go with them anymore. ”


    Wang Chong bowed his head.




    Wang Clan Little Sister, holding a chopstick and looking at her serious little brother, was shocked and chin was on the ground. What is going on here, my little brother will actually admit his mistake.


    Did she hear wrongly?


    Quickly wiped his eyes, and Wang Clan Little Sister found that he really didn't get it wrong.


    In the grand hall, the oppressed, heavy, solidified stone-like atmosphere suddenly loosened. On the table in the main position, a middle-aged beautiful woman wearing a large peony green tobacco gauze, brushing the clouds, looks dignified and elegant, his face flashed a stunned look to the extreme.


    This child will actually admit his mistakes?


    Zhao Shuhua can hardly believe his ears. For these things, she has already said that he has been there many times, but he can't listen to it completely, shut it down, and the stick does not care at all.


    Sometimes, Zhao Shuhua feels that her mother is extremely unsuccessful, which makes her feel very depressed in private, but she never shows up in front of her children.


    But this time, he actually took the initiative to apologize and admit his mistake. Did this child really change?


    At this moment, Zhao Shuhua was in a state of disappointment.


    She hopes that her child has really changed, but she is afraid that this is her own wishful thinking. After all, his previous watch is too bad.


    "You are the inverse! Do you still know what is wrong? ”


    A cold voice was heard by Wang Chong's father, Wang Yan. Wang Chong's father is majestic, his eyes are like a torch, sitting there, like a gun, giving a strong sense of oppression.


    "Book of Benevolent father" is said in the Book of Rites, but Wang Chong feels considerable pressure. And Wang Chong knows that this is actually the result of his father's convergence.


    "What are you saying, can't Chong'er turn back?" Didn't you also hear him admit his mistake? ”


    Zhao Shuhua was also worried that Wang Chong was happy, but when he heard Father Wang's, he was immediately unhappy. The woman is not allowed to go to politics. This is the rule of the Royal Court. Zhao Shuhua never interferes with the political and military affairs of Father Wang.


    However, Father Wang often leads the way, and this family, four children, and the house of Youda are basically in the hands of Madame Wang. In the education of several children, Madame Wang Zhao Meiren has absolute authority.


    Father Wang is a battle on the battlefield, but in this respect, the influence is less than Madame Wang.


    Although Wang Chong looked down, but the observations were clearly seen, his father, Wang Yan, still had a cold face and no eyes on himself, but his look was slightly soothing and not so rigid and tight.


    Obviously, my apology is not useful at all.


    "My father learned that Chong'er used to be too stubborn and too confused, which worried his father and mother. In the future, Chong'er will definitely be renewed. ”


    Wang Chong bowed his head.


    In a word, it was said that Father Wang and Mother Wang looked up at the same time, and both of them saw the surprise in the other's eyes. Even before the apology of the apology, even if it was reprimanded by himself, there was no backing. This is the sun coming out to the west.


    Once or for all, it may not be twice. Is this counterfeit really changed, knowing it is wrong?


    "Chong'er, don't listen to what you are, just sit down. When a family is eating, what a face looks like. ”


    Mother Wang hurriedly told me.


    Wang Chong sighed, then returned to his seat, behave in a lawful manner, and lowered his eyebrows and looked at it. Father Wang and Mother Wang still haven't moved the chopsticks, and Wang Chong doesn't move.


    This flip-flop was in the eyes of Father Wang and Mother Wang, and it was amazing.


    "This child has really changed."


    The most gratifying thing at this time is Mother Wang Zhao Shuhua.


    Who is not looking for a child to become a dragon?


    Unfortunately, the reality of this child's watch is too sad. Is your prayer fulfilled, is this child really sensible?


    At this moment, Zhao Shuhua almost cried.


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