And well hall, people don’t know about this, see Anya Luoshan’s move, and everyone’s obsessed.

The grand feast, the work of the funder, who, while successfully returned to the ghost state, was solemnly staying there forever, and Anya Luoshan was cut off by Wang Chong, who seemed strange, and that was the eternal pain in Anya Luoshan’s heart.

“until Divine Province is extinguished, I will have to crush him for the first time in order to break his heart’s hates!”

Anya Luoshan hates, and he spreads out of his sight a terrible hatred.

Time slowed down, and what happened in Taiji Hall that day, no one knew.

It was only known that, after that day, the whole Great Tang was finally back to Recovery, the wise God Martial, who was familiar with Sage Emperor again appeared on Imperial Court, just for a short time, all of the absurd orders issued earlier had been revoked.


building was overturned and the election orders were withdrawn everywhere, and three mysteries had been confused to refine the “old medicine” secrets for it, see power is far from good, and were caught in Sky Prison early ambushed Imperial Guard and royal courtesy to flee.

Sage Emperor issued a medal laureate for Crown Prince, exaggerating Crown Prince’s qualities and repairs and being devalued around 35882; Imperial Censor and Royal Court Minister were also ordered to resubmit each and everyone and resume their duties.

This is definitely the most inspiring news of months in the case of the Minister of Civilization on the Royal Court.


the past, Sage Emperor’s manifestations are as dreaming as ever, but in any case, the outcome is precisely what people want to see.

In the wilderness and outside, a vibrant, and the entire Imperial Court swept up the pre-emptive order, Recovery.

However, despite some excitement inside and outside Royal Courts, Wang Chongs remains deeply disturbed.

“How’s it going?”

Prince of Foreign Region Government, Wang Chong, standing up, looking forward to Zhang Que Road in front of the door, his brows tightly knit, reveals a deep concern in his eyes.

“Back to Princess Eunuch, who had sent a message that his client had stolen checked, that everything was as usual there, and that it was just less and less food that the womens were sending every day than ever before.”

“What did the raccoon shop say?”

Wang Chong again.

“Everything is as usual!”

Zhang Que bowed down, gravely said, paused, hesitated to:

“But we checked the dragon robe we received a few days ago in the raccoon room, and there was a sleeve on dragon robe, which was freshy, and seemed to have passed by Astral Qi’s steam Blood Qi, because the color was poor and the water was soaked, so we couldn’t judge between now!”

Zhang Que Road.


Hear two words of blood, Wang Chong’s eyes jumped, and the whole man suddenly changed his face.

Collecting Emperor’s thing in the palace, it’s taboo for a minister, and if you don’t get it, you can hold a name that’s an attempt to be incorrect, but Wang Chong doesn’t care.

“How did that happen?”

Wang Chong’s heart is ambiguous, and Sage Emperor is the spiritual pillar of this Empire, and all about him must be properly addressed.

Zhang Que would never have found blood from Sage Emperor.

But Wang Chong is equally aware that Zhang Que will never find a common stain, and that cultivation base will reach a Level like Sage Emperor, and that there will be no stain.

“Is it still no use for the grapefruit I’ve been looking for?”

Wang Chong, get up, get in the heart.

The ancient antiquities that were found earlier, although reference was made to the effects of the five-dium grass on the failure of the Divine Mar. The failure of the Divine Mar.

Wang Chong, in Taiji Hall, crushed the grass into dust, spreaded into Void, allowed three unseen absorption to be just a one-time measure of discretion, and had no effect at that time, even Wang Chong had no idea.

But from the information gathered by Zhang Que from the backyard, it doesn’t look like a good news.

And let Wang Chong worry not just about this.

Sage Emperor’s shock on Divine Mar. Age Realm’s failure, its power degradation, has occurred a day before he reappeared, and, according to his memory, former life, Sage Emperor fell.

So after the last time he came back from Kyung, Wang Chong had a strong disturbance.

However, Wang Chong has never raised it before Zhang Que.

Similarly, he was not aware of previous efforts, including whether the grass had been effective and how much had the effect?

Everything is unknown.

What Wang Chong can do is to give full attention and to monitor the development of the matter on a continuous basis.

“hua la la la!”

And just as Wang Chong thought, a bunch of wings suddenly passed into the ear.

Wang Chong’s height of consciousness has only seen a marginal feather showing fresh golden, and a good flying pigeon is coming from outside, and a gold ring on the right foot is clear.

“Prince, it’s King Song’s letter!”

Zhang Que stretched his hand, picked up the pigeon, dismantled the letter and delivered it to Wang Chong at a speedy rate.

Zhang Que is responsible for all the information that comes under the door and is no longer familiar with Song Wang Residence’s information pigeon.

“Yes, you go down.”

Wang Chong answered the letter, nodded, indifferently said.

Wang Chong, despite his political power, has now withdrawn from the Imperial Court.

Now, the four seas have escalated, and the fears of the unrest of the war have not been discussed in Imperial Court, and as for the rest of the rule, as well as politics everywhere, the minister in Imperial Court is much better than he is, there are them, and there is no difference between him.

So Wang Chong naturally won’t be much involved in Imperial Court.

Nonetheless, the Minister of Civilizations in Imperial Court, including King Song, still has a lot to discuss with Wang Chong.

Zhang Que is leaving soon, and good hall is quiet.

Wang Chong opens the letter, reads it soon.

King Song’s letter is a little bit of a piecemeal, Sage Emperor’s place, the joy of the elders, the withdrawal of the selection show, local ease… and also shared some exciting news with Wang Chong about Great Tang’s steam day, and Recovery’s positive track.

He also wrote to Zhangchou Jianqiong about Prime Minister Li Linfu.

Wang Chong saw this place, not a smile.

Li Linfu, this man astuteness is too deep, too hidden, and his rights are extremely serious, but the biggest problem is not obvious.

Anya Luoshan, Hu People, hidden his heart, trapped him, and worked with Goguryeo and others, Li Linfu, just to deal with himself and weaken his relationship with King Song, thus letting Early Stage’s efforts ruin.

Although there is no conclusive evidence, the Imperial Court, both inside and outside of the Court, has done decades of “clarity” for this person and is no longer in the drum, as it was before.


least King Song and Zhangchou Jianqiong and the others have identified the true “truth”.


entire letter does not appear to be too large and almost as it was previously sent by King Song, but at the end of the letter King Song mentioned one thing that made Wang Chong pupils shrank slight into his face.

King Song mentioned in his letter that, since all Recovery’s normal, Sage Emperor has been moving from good to good, and Royal Court Recovery has seen it before.

But King Song and Zhangchou Jianqiong and the others also noted the fact that Sage Emperor, while on a daily basis, appeared to be tired and powerless, often halfway to the meeting, and that Sage Emperor faced a fatigue.

More than that, I wonder why King Song has felt Sage Emperor a lot older since Sage Emperor was back up.

This feeling is not just King Song, but also many in-court elders.

On one occasion, King Song and Zhangchou Jianqiong and the others felt that Sage Emperor had more white hair on his head, but that Sage Emperor had not shown anything for the time being and that the daily meeting was normal, so King Song and the others were not too good to say.

However, King Song and Zhangchou Jianqiong have discussed the formation of a new and more experienced cabinet to deal with in-court matters in order to ease the pressure on Sage Emperor and to allow Sage Emperor to regenerate and rest.

King Song, they’ve pulled a lot of ministers, and now Wang Chongs needs to sign.

Wang Chong cares, not about the formation of a new cabinet, nor about the need for his signature, but rather about Sage Emperor, as disclosed in Song *.

From Sage Emperor to now, and only for more than ten days, when Wang Chong was in the first place and saw Sage Emperor, when everything was normal, but only a short time, King Song said that Sage Emperor appeared to be exhausted and old.

In a moment, Wang Chong became so heavy at the heart of his heart.


number of meals decreased, blood on the sleeve, fatigue and old age in Imperial Court

That brake, Wang Chong had a lot of ideas in his head.

“Don’t you…”


a flash, Wang Chong had a single thought in his head, but Wang Chong in one heart trembled was afraid to continue thinking.

“Hope everything’s not what I thought, Your Majesty.”

At the same time, Imperial Palace is deep.

Micro drums, door holes open.

Sage Emperor was above, looking forward, looting over heavy space, crossing the gate of Taiji Hall, looking forward to the Great Kyrgyz teacher, and the far more elusive mountain rivers.

The air flowing and plundering over the ears of a generation of wise monarchs, the face of God Martial’s bright face, was filled with more stringent wrinkles, and it became apparent that it was old.

If King Song and Zhangchou Jianqiong were here, they would have been quite surprising, because Sage Emperor, and they saw it in Imperial Court, clearly changed much more and older.

A common person, perhaps only a year ago, would appear to be an old man, but in Sage Emperor, this change seems to have been calculated on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, those two deterrents created an era in which countless Powerhouse and kingdom feared their eyes, but they were still, as they were, filled with a firm, tolerant, upright and undivided confidence.

It’s a force that can’t take time and Death down and bow!

“Your Majesty, you should rest.”

One voice suddenly came from behind, Gao Lishi stood by, looking at the darkness of the sky, suddenly started talking, with a glimmer of concern.

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