“Hwan, are you worried about me?”

Sage Emperor laughed at shaking his head, but still looked forward and looked at the whole Tokyo teacher in the south.


Gao Lishi said that there was a dark expression in his eyes.

No one knows more about Sage Emperor at this moment than he does, and it’s not much time left to him.

“Can’t that stop, Your Majesty? In your current situation, that would add to your burden.”

Gao Lishi started talking, which seemed to mean something.

“Yuan, I know what you’re thinking, but life and death, as usual, and no one can escape, and you’ve been with me so long, can’t you see?”

Sage Emperor indifferently said, for the first time Gao Lishi’s “word”.

Gao Lishi, known to all, was not surname Gao, and he had another name, and it was “loyalty”.

Gao Lishi heard that familiar name, trembling, getting more sad in his eyes, and still heard Sage Emperor in his ears:

“… and, uh, that thing is the only thing I can leave to the mainland and to this Empire, and after you and me, the only one who can help him!”

Sage Emperor didn’t say who he was, but Gao Lishi had understood.

“The old slave understands that as long as His Majesty wants it, the old slaves will do everything they can!”

Gao Lishi suddenly bowed down.

the great hall was silent and suddenly silent, Gao Lishi expression startled up, looking forward, but seeing Sage Emperor’s mouth, somehow bleeding out of blood.

Gao Lishi in the heart trembled, even before busy, took out a dark pill medicine that served Sage Emperor to swallow and see only Sage Emperor’s breath slowed down, but his face became a bit sick.

“Nothing, you go down and leave me alone!”

Sage Emperor, start talking.

Gao Lishi was worried, but did not disobey, bowed for a week and withdrew from great hall.

The proposal of King Song to form a new cabinet was soon adopted.

The whole Great Tang is calm, but Wang Chong’s concerns are getting stronger.

In the morning, Wang Chong was in the residence, looking at treasure in the mountains, which had been granted by Wang Chongs, the Aristocratic family community everywhere and the sect authority in the woods, sent to heavenly materials, earthly treasures.

Wang Chong only said that he was used to treat wounds, requiring all the top treasure, without mentioning Sage Emperor, immediately triggered a tremendous change in the next day, with treasure coming from a variety of things that were difficult to see for the rest of his life, all of which was in front of Wang Chong.

What Judo, spiritual root, 100 years Fleeceflower Root, the Thousands of Mystery… all appeared in front of Wang Chong.

But looking at these treasure, Wang Chong is just a deep sigh, and he’s been searching with Spiritual Strength, these heavenly materials, earthly treasures, although Spiritual Qi is abundant, have little effect on the Powerhouse of Sage Emperor, close to Divine Mar.

“Oh, is there no way?”

Wang Chong has a deep sigh, eyebrowing beat, and I don’t know why he always has a very bad feeling this time.

Lower down, Wang Chong looked for the twin fish in his hand, Jade pendant, delivered to him by Sage Emperor, the backyard, which so far contained countless clandestine dual jade pendant, appears to be more reliable than such heavenly materials, earthly treasures.


When Wang Chong gathered Spiritual Strength again on the hands of this double fish jade pendant, suddenly, Wang Residence’s door was hit by a giant bump out of the outside, and a Kingdomi Captain under Wang Chong rushed into it:

“Prince, Eunuch Gao is here!


Wang Chong frowned, big surprise.

Wang Chong and Eunuch Gao are quite familiar, and while Eunuch Gao rarely comes to Wang Chongs’ residence, it’s just a message that Kingdoms doesn’t have to be so anxious.

But Wang Chong can’t think about it. Next moment, the air flows, a storm comes out of the temple, the wind goes unhappy, and a familiar silhouette walks in with clouds.

Eunuch Gao!

Look at that silhouette at the threshold, Wang Chong is full of severe shake, and the eyes are open.

It’s not Wang Chong’s first time to see Eunuch Gao!

In Wang Chongs’s impression, this Great Tang first hybrid, Sage Emperor’s heart is always so “jewellery”, as if he was the most known feature of that red luxury.

However, this moment appeared at Eunuch Gao at the gate, but it was completely different from that of Wang Chong.

His body was skinny and skinny, and his face was full of red light, and he looked older, and no longer had the old man, like a normal old man.

And in his eyes, Wang Chong saw a deep old and sad one.

That’s a shock, Wang Chong.

He never thought, so soon, Eunuch Gao changed so big and became so pale.


At the gate, not yet until Eunuch Gao opens, the next moment, a familiar voice is like Hung Chongs, and suddenly in Wang Chongs’s mind:

“Special incident, True Dragon!”

“Soaring Snake was fog, but it was ash. A generation of Ming King is coming down!”

“Hōng lōng lōng lōng!”

With this noise, Wang Chongs has an illusion right now.

In a wave of thunderstorms, countless landscapes were looted from Wang Chong’s eyes, the clouds were rolling, Wang Chong’s ears ringed with shocking shouting, like endless Cavalry, walking, screaming from the earth, horses neigh, sword blowing, bugle horn sound, painful * *.

And right here in the Great Army of this long day, Wang Chong saw a mountain of great silhouette, with coronation, hands on Long Sword, hōng lōng lōng lōng lōng, directing Great Army to kill like floods.

Under the leadership of the Emperor, countless soldiers brush the quartet, smash all opponents, a foreign race flag is two or three, falling down and finally winning the final victory.

But there is always a time for a stronger presence.

Just after the big victory, the great emperor silhouette, who was like a Japanese rays of light, guided the existence of the people, and Hōng lōng lōng lōng, finally fell heavy in front of Wang Chong’s eyes.

The heavens and the earth are bleak!

“True Dragon, no change, no change. The host has the opportunity to see True Dragon on his last side, to get True Dragon inheritance!”

The ear also rings the stone of fate.


Like a thunderbolt, Wang Chong is trembling, a face becomes pale and all blood is quickly faded clean.

“How did that happen?”

Wang Chong’s heart is ambiguous, and this is as if all the forces are flowing from their feet, and the whole population is almost unstable.

“Wang Chong…”

And at this point, Gao Lishi and his lips were shaking, his voice was dumb, and he had a grief:

“Your Majesty has orders to call you into the palace!”

That short sentence seems to have exhausted all his power.

Wang Chong walked through the door, went on the carriage, went all the way to Imperial Palace on the streets, with cold carriage walls, and Wang Chongs’s brain was filled with nightmares and a blank.

He heard a second word of “driver” and heard what one of the guards in the palace seemed to say, and soon opened the palace door and let the carriage enter.

“Prince, here we are!”

out of bar, a low voice.

Wang Chong opened the door and walked down and saw Taiji Hall in the clouds.

The sky clouds, the clouds are all the same.

And under the clouds, Taiji Hall was very tall, such as wings on the same roof, flying the sky, giving people a great sense of oppression and renewal.

There is no doubt, however, that once again this Taiji Hall, Wang Chong, suddenly has a sense of great gravity and sadness.

“Wang Chong, come on in, Your Majesty has been waiting a long time!”

Eunuch Gao walked over here, sad one.

Wang Chong picked up and went to the top of White jade Dan, stretching the door of Taiji Hall.


That sounds like a million years back, Wang Chong crossed the threshold, and soon walked in.

Taiji Hall has some cold, all around a dead silence, no noise, Wang Chong’s up, up on the top of great hall, where he saw that familiar silhouette.

Sage Emperor, a dragon robe, on the side of his body, an arm with a head, seems to be in a state of thought.

“You’re coming.”

One voice rings on Wang Chong’s ear, well hall, Sage Emperor just wakes up, started talking.

He slowly sat straight, and at the same time, a pound of temperature was like a flame of the sun, and a pound of wave, coming out of his presence in the body, full of great hall.

Within Taiji Hall, that cold and silent smell was completely dispersed, giving people a feeling of sunlight once again.

And in the Nine Dragon Throne, Wang Chong saw that Sage Emperor’s pale cheek suddenly flowed up a blood, that his expression was strong and subjective, once again Recovery became the civilized God Martial of Wang Chong’s impression, a holy image of all.

Wang Chong may not care if he does not hear the sound of the stone of fate, but that is a deep sadness in Wang Chong’s heart, looking at that familiar silhouette in memory.

But just one moment, Wang Chong hides all sorrow and sorrow in his heart.

Time goes back again, and finally, again to the time of the Sage Emperor meteor.

It is absolutely important that Wang Chong know that Sage Emperor summoned himself at the last moment of his life, and that he never wants to see his own grief.

“humble official pay respects to His Majesty! Long live my emperor!

Wang Chong took a deep breath, expression calm, strong, quick kneeling, and congratulations in great hall.

“Get up, you don’t have to be polite!”

well hall, see Wang Chong, Sage Emperor’s mouth slowly shows a smile.

Somehow, seeing that smile, Wang Chong suddenly had some acid in his heart.

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