The Human Emperor Chapter 2097

I saw the yellow beacon in the front, and it was heavy in Li Xuan’s clothing for a while.

“Yellow Dawn, how dare you, within Imperial Palace, have a sacred town, and dare you counteract it?”

On the other hand, Zhao Fengchen drank his voice and quickly drew out Wootz Steel Long Sword behind his back, while moving forward with a pair of horses.

His eyes, full of killing intent, immediately crossed the heavy space and locked up yellow beams.

The triumph of the Three Kings has made great mistakes and has been able to live until now, and has been sacred and merciful.

Moreover, only the ordinary Imperial Guard was unable to block the yellow omen, and only three took action to stop him.

“The Holy Spirit? Whose saint? Sage Emperor!”

“And even if Sage Emperor is not there, it should be First Imperial Prince Li Li Li Heng.”

Yellow moon sneered, you’re welcome.


If you hear the yellow omen, Li Xuan and the others are all cold.

Li Heng, who has taken up his place, is Sage Emperor’s podium, and since his successor, Li Hengs has acted as a well-recognized lord of the Middle East, Ming, who has long gone through the chaos of the three Kings, who have also missed the dead First Imperial Prince Li Li Li, and have hidden the idea of conspiracy, which is truly unjust.

“Gentlemen, you don’t have to be kind enough to treat this riot thief. Let’s get him together.”

Zhao Fengchen gravely said.

He was struck by the body Astral Qi, and Long Sword in his hand immediately erupted a monumental rays of light and Sword Qi went straight into the cloud.

The yellow beauty is not easy for the children, but it is hard to suppress him with one hand.

The new emperor has just arrived at Kiki, and this is definitely not going to be too long, and there is a need for a quick war resolution and a speedy peace as soon as possible.

“Take me down? Then see if you have this!”

“Ladies, come out together!”

The yellow light smiled, and he stretched his hand in the back, not far from the Long Sword of the Commander of the Imperial Guards immediately flew out of the ground and fell into his hands.

How many?

If you hear the yellow omen, all three people are heart startled, and listen to what the yellow omen means. Does he have any other help?


And no matter how disturbing Zhao Fengchen is, on the other hand, the yellow omen just fell, the earthquake, Astral Qi, blinking, and two pounds of breaths, not under the yellow omen, from the bottom of the earth.

In the eyes of three people, two figures have steadily landed next to the yellow omen.

“Fumeng Lingzhao!”

“It’s disgusting!”

Seeing the two Dao Aura strong, silhouette like the mountains, even the White Cold states have to jump out of their eyes and change their faces.

The first show of silhouette, the top of the body, the black face, the black needles of the face, the deep nose, the breath pound, the visible Hu People’s character, the Herprecisely original Qixi Great Protectorate Fumeng Lingzhao!

Fumeng Lingzhao, who was not in Tokyo, brought his troops into Tokyo, was prepared to cooperate with First Imperial Prince Li in an attempt to counteract it.

Plus before, he cheated, robbing Wang Chong of his work, provoking Sage Emperor’s anger, two counts and punishments, which should have been convicted of death, but no one thought that he was alive until now.

And the other silhouette, in the original Imperial Guard, had a surprising performance, and power was not disgusting under Zhao Fengchen.

As soon as they appear, the situation has changed sharply, and even the White Cold states have not taken care of the three of them, so that they can successfully take the yellow omen, Fumeng Lingzhao.

“Fumeng Lingzhao, how dare you, first emperor, to spare your life, you rebellious thief, not only to regret, but to make it worse than die without regret!”

Li Xuan Bravo.


Fumeng Lingzhao was a former Qixi Great Protectorate, Li Xuan had several facets with him at the time of his admission to Tokyo, and he also paid tribute to the Great Protectorate of Empire. But somehow, Fumeng Lingzhao was obsessed and misled, and now the more far away and painful!

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, old love? What old love?”

“I’m Fumeng Lingzhao, the town of Empire West, standing down so much work, Sage Emperor, if he really misses old feelings, shouldn’t have pulled me off and supported the boy of smell of mothers milk not yet yet yet dried to replace me with Great Protectorate!”

Fumeng Lingzhao said that a face was distorted, and there was no global overview of Qixi Great Protectorate, the last day.

all around shouting for the slaughterhouse, Fumeng Lingzhao, whose eyes are brutal and whose hearts are no longer here.

Wang Chong!

Fumeng Lingzhao had a silhouette in his head, full of killing qi.

In return to his life, Fumeng Lingzhao, the name of Fumeng Lingzhao, was full of pride and honour, but Fumeng Lingzhao, the latter half of his life, seemed to have been crucified and accompanied by prison disaster. Turn back carefully, the original actor, not precisely, is now the one in Great Tang Call the wind and summon the rain, enjoying the respect of Prince of Foreign Region Wang Chong.


Great Protectorate Gao Xianzhi in the western region of the year, although he had also been angry with gnashing teeth, had done nothing more than that of Gao Xianzhi when he was preparing to swallow his battle, and had done so in good faith, crossing his head and personally reporting his own work to Sage Emperor.

Thus, after the incident, he was not severely punished, but simply moved to Qixi for Great Protectorate.

It’s Wang Chong, the boy who smells of mothers milk don’t yet yet dried, and in the same case, it’s a big trick to pull him off from Great Protectorate, aloof and remote, to Sky Prison.

It’s not a big deal from the seal to the jails.

Fumeng Lingzhao has been proud of his life, but this is the shame he can’t destroy.

As for the ensuing chaos, he was once again captured, thinking carefully, and because Wang Chong.

If Wang Chong hadn’t made a new Emperor for the success of First Imperial Prince, then now he would have reborn Peak, not become a prisoner again and again, as it is now, humiliated.

After the chaos of the three Kings, if not immediately after the north-west war, then Sage Emperor died, the new King Denkie, who was busy in the field, led no one to look after him, he would have been executed long ago.

Sky Prison is changing today, and he’s not easy to see the day again, and he can easily miss this opportunity.

“Wang Chong, I must die!”

Fumeng Lingzhao evil fiercely said.

And then he retrieved his eyes, turned around looking for the White Cold States, Zhao Fengchen, Li Xuan clothes.


Not until Li Xuan’s clothes and the others take action, Fumeng Lingzhao furiously shouted, and moved towards the past.

“Battle of Huang Sha!”

The Long Sword in Fumeng Lingzhao’s hands, inspired by the body Astral Qi, immediately erupted a huge Sword Qi, broken the day, directly moved towards Li Xuan’s clothes and the others’ past.

“hu! ”

That brake, all around the temperature has changed steeply, and Imperial Palace Sacred Land, the original climatefit, became the hot spot of the yellow sand.

“Dark blood omen!”

“I hate the rage!”

Almost at the same time, the sky shakes, the yellow omen and the jungle is closely following Fumeng Lingzhao, and it’s blatant to take action.

bang bang bang bang!

Three Great Commander Level’s physical strength, three like steel, is different in nature, Astral Qi, instantaneously like a giant wave, all around the corner, and one Imperial Guard’s sharp face, like kite with the string cut, is generally flown out.

Fumeng Lingzhao and the others are like tiger entering a flock of sheep, where the people who have lived are overturned and there is no match at all.


“Stop them!”

See this scene, Zhao Fengchen, White Cold States, Li Xuan laundry and the others are also angry, each and everyone smoking swords, Astral Qi shooting, moved towards Fumeng Lingzhao and the others flying.

“The army hears, fully attacks, takes all prisoners, all prisoners are unaware of death, and the resistance kills!”

“All Commanders of the Imperial Guards, full action, must take Fumeng Lingzhao, yellow omen, and I hate three Royal Courts for a felony!”

It’s been a long time, Zhao Fengchen screaming.

This is not a one-to-one match, and now Quest has to take three people to calm the rebellion as soon as possible.


Heard of the summon of Zhao Fengchen, all directions, a commander of the Imperial Guards killed in the direction of the sharp moved towards Fumeng Lingzhao and the others.

The arrow came first, listening only to a long time of bit-piercing, the surroundings of the battlefield, a martial shooter or standing under the roof, or standing in the shadows, or standing above the edge of the roof, and countless arrows flashing with the power to wear gold stones.

“Be careful!”

Fumeng Lingzhao yelled.

In the face of these and the others’ seaLevel attacks, combined with the fact that they have been imprisoned in Sky Prison, there is only one prisoner in his body, neither weapons nor passports, and in the short term, in the face of thousands of Imperial Guard attacks.

All Sky Prison inmates who fled were forced to step back to retreat under a fierce attack by Imperial Guard, and even Fumeng Lingzhao and the others could bite their teeth to support, so that failure would also be premature.

But at this point mutation starts…


In the deep depths of the ground, one iron lock struggles like thunder, suddenly ringing in the ears of the people, next minute, the earth explodes, a terror is enough to cause people everywhere, including Fumeng Lingzhao, White Cold States, Zhao Fengchen and the others, to suddenly sneak out of the ground.


Not waiting for people to react, centred on Sky Prison, within tens of thousands of husbands, almost half Imperial Palace, and the ground in the vast region is shaking up like a crumbling deck, and the huge crack in Sky Prison before the ruin is even more like paper.

And in the depths of the earth, a dark shadow breaks out of the sky and goes straight to the sky.

It is astonishing to brush the quartet, as the vast mountains generally weigh heavily on people.

“Who is it?”

One brake, Zhao Fengchen, White Cold State and the others have changed their faces, and simultaneously looks at the sky.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, for more than 30 years, the Palace has finally come out again!”

In the sky, the winds, a silhouette venture, like the days of the day, he was wearing a vast black robe of gold, starving and starving enough to make anyone see cold in his heart.

And the most horror, or the tide of the tide that erupted on him, is that white chill and the others are the top Powerhouse today, but before the man, it’s like the moon of light, and it becomes very small in the instant.

That man’s breath completely exceeded Empire Great General Level, even right and Detailed Realm!

Just one eye, it’s enough to be fearful and not to raise the sense of confrontation with one another.

“Mrs. Lee! You can’t stop me!”

The cold noise, the thunder, the quartet, and the entire Void were trembling.

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