The Human Emperor Chapter 2216

“Oh, still not giving up?”

Wang Chong hearing this, lose your voice, shook the head.

Great Tang was not a mere custodian, and Wang Chong had sent a number of military forces to spur the coalition forces, such as burning some of their food grass like the South-West War, which would certainly be of great help to the situation of Great Tang.

– Although the food of East/Turkic Khaganate, Khitan People Tribe and Tribe is predominantly cattle, it is not for all, at least the ghost states and Goguryeo.

Just as a result, there was not much to do with Wang Chong, except for the burning of one or two small food warehouses.

On the side of the coalition forces, Mount Angelo, although not a wise man, has a high rank with him, who can claim to be standing behind the Mount of Amori and lift up the whole man who killed him.

As far as Wang Chong is concerned, the name of Soldier Saint indicates everything.

Wisdom has reached Wang Chong and the high monks, and it is difficult to count on others and there is little strategy to deceive them.

In more than a dozen days, the two people tried to find each other, almost all of them failed, and there had been little change in the Bureau except Wang Chong, who had taken advantage of some small advantage.

“I’m going out to see.”

Wang Chong was thinking about it, taking a step and moving quickly out of the lobby.

hu! “

When Wang Chong walks out of the hall’s brakes, it looks like a world goes into another world, and the storm of the tsunami comes up like a ghost crying.


‘s frozen out there, Wang Chong climbs up, sees only one piece of the sky, and doesn’t know how much snowflowers dropping from the sky, where sand sands don’t know how much snow seeds are covered.

Look carefully, the snow in Steel Fortress seems to be much smaller than outside the city, and this is a huge array under Steel Fortress that is playing a role.

The vast array of the ground has improved the Great Army by dispersing in a special way the cold around Steel Fortress.


At a time of thought, suddenly Wang Chong’s heart moved and immediately noticed a familiar silhouette passing through the snow and moving towards himself.

template: precisely, map old man!

“Wang Chong, I have something for you.”

The cartoon old man’s disease is not near, immediately opening the mouth and said:

“With regard to Great Array on the ground, I would have thought it would have been enough, but in accordance with your request, two additional ones have been created, although that would have helped Great Army to be in a position, to increase the energy burden and consumption in the city relatively.”

“While some energy sources have been drawn from the royal side, I have also tried to use the cold tide’s original energy, while extracting the groundwater itself for Great Array’s operation, but this is far from enough, and I estimate that, for a maximum month, all energy will be depleted, and several hundred litres of land can be extracted and even triggered by mutation.”

Title old man gravely says, in the sound of Warning.

“So fast?”

Wang Chong brows slightly wrinkle, think about it.

Very often Great Array needs only to extract the ground depths that are already available, and very few cases of Array, as old man said, are underground Origin Qi insufficient to drive Array.

“Wang Chong, you really don’t think about canceling an Array, or a rescheduled Array? This could also slow down for a while.”

Title old man opened the mouth and said, one face feared:

“At least you can remove the one that consumes the most.”

“No need.”

Wang Chong is on shook the head, without the slightest hesitation:

“A month is enough, and this war will never last that long for a month. As for Array, as you said, while there was little protection, it was a life-saving protection for all.”


Wang Chong didn’t expect it, but think carefully that Wang Chong didn’t say Intrisic Principle.

One month, albeit short, in terms of the war that Wang Chong had gone through, every war he had, from the beginning to the end, almost not more than a month.

“If so, do as you say.”

Title old man sighs.

Live in the old man, Wang Chong took a deep breath, harvest the heart, and soon get on the top of Steel Fortress’s wall.

Stand at the end of the city, look at it, the whole Northern Section is free and open.

For such a long time, the previous battlefield had been cleaned up, but looked forward to seeing a lot of abandoned swords, as well as some broken armor.

The kind of heat that the whole Northern Section expands, even after more than a dozen days, makes it possible for those who have not experienced this war to feel how cruel that war was recently.

Wang Chongs saw not all of them at the battlefield, crossing the heavy space, and Wang Chong saw camps far away from the coalition forces.

East/Turkic Khaganate, Khitan People, Tao, Goguryeo… The military strength of the countries is clear, well well well well well is well established, and many outposts are set up outside, one circle and one circle is extremely tight.

You can arrange everything to be well and noble, even Wang Chong.

“It is only a shame to recognize as a father and sell as an enemy.”

Wang Chong sighs.

Wang Chong had tried to find nobility and, if possible, Wang Chong wished to drag him into his camp, but it was only a shame that he had surrendered to Mount Angelo.

Those thoughts were looted from the heart, and Wang Chong had a mind.

There are things that cannot be changed, and it is imperative that this war be brought to an end as soon as possible.

Soon, Wang Chong noted a number of busy craftsmen and soldiers in the coalition military camps.

From about a dozen days ago, there was nothing around the state where the craftsmen were brought together until now.

“Things must be evil, the state of the ghost and the rest of the country’s surgery and Array are no better than the middle of the earth, and suddenly the earth is thrilled, and I’m afraid they’re planning what major event they’re planning!”

A familiar voice is thick, suddenly coming from behind.

It is not known when Zhangchou Jianqiong, Wang Zhongsi and Zhang Zhongsi and the others took note of Operation Wang Chongs and put the wall on the back.

“Our men have been spying on several times, all failed, Prince of Foreign Region. Do you see anything?”

Crown Prince Young Protector Wang Zhongsi also opened the mouth and said.

Wang Chong learned to argue that even Array had a hunting stake, and that was a more voice than they did.

“The truce has been too long and the state’s hands shake the river, but so far there has been no action, except for small-scale harassment, no major offensive, which is not normal in terms of the nature of that animal. He can now be so quiet that he must do something small and want to get something bigger.”

Open the mouth and say.

He has considered everything before and after having been blamed by Mount Angelo for the first time from the front line and following Wang Chongs’s constant patience.

There have been many obscures in the past, and this time has come to light, as well as to understand what kind of white wolf it was adopted.

In the aftermath, after this robbery, he already knows very well about the Mount Angelo, and in that regard neither Zhangchou Jianqiong nor Wang Zhongsi can compare.


Just when Wang Chong was ready to open up, answering Wang Zhongsi and the others, a familiar feeling suddenly came out of his mind.

“Warning! Special events, the Great Ice River period officially began, and the host has six hours to prepare.”

“Warning again! The Great Ice Ridge is about to begin!”


sound of the stone of fate is like the flood clock, and every word is in an extraordinary amount, with the last word and silence.

The cold winds in the ear, Zhangchou Jianqiong and the others are still watching themselves, but Wang Chong’s heart has already raised ten thousand zhang waves.

Six hours, that’s half a day!

That means that, just in the middle of the night, that unprecedented wave of cold will erupt altogether.

By contrast, the previous climate change, including sudden snowfall and ice blocks, was just a front, not even a real ice river period.


a moment, Wang Chongs’s face became so dizzy.

“What’s the matter?”

Zhangchou Jianqiong realized that Wang Chongs was different.

“The big cold tide is coming. They’re setting Array up to resist the cold!”

Wang Chong, look ahead, Syndrome.

And all around, a few of Great Tang’s Empire Great General has changed all the way.

When everyone also focused on the unprecedented war in Northern Section in the East, few noted that the temperature of the entire land world was declining with alarming Speed.

Especially until the night curtain, the temperature down Speed goes far beyond any time before.

Up north of the battlefield, the East/Turkic grasslands, the Titana pastoral area.

“hong long!”

The earth explodes, screams, and as a wave of deaf ear calls, there are thousands of zhang high cold tides like rolling snow balls, hiding the sky and covering the earth, landing at the sea with an astonishing Speed spreading rapidly to the south, heading towards the central Divine Province of the South.

The cold tide is over, the terrestrial ice, those battalions, flags, sheep fences left behind by Turkic People, have been instantly transformed into ice sculpture.

Only half an hour ago, the scary tide of hiding the sky and covering the earth has crossed the Turkic grasslands and reached the ghost state zone in the south.

“Well, what is that?”

On the high post, an East/Turkic soldier at the outpost looked north and immediately noticed that horror, as well as that hiding the sky and covering the earth, flourished, even during the night.

Not good! Yes, it’s a cold tide! “

Another East/Turkic soldier who stood with him immediately recognized that his face was pale, grabbed a strong bow in his hand, almost barely went to retreat and slipped off the post.

That horror tide too terrifying, and anyone who has seen the cold tide crossing is deeply aware of what that means.

That means the final Death!

– The first East/Turkic Khaganate sent a military force north of the road to detect the cold tide, one of which he precisely did.

“It’s too late!”

Then the famous scholar were shaking up, just one eye, knowing that he couldn’t escape.

Speed in the cold tide is too fast and there is no way out of this field.

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