The Human Emperor Chapter 2217

Just when famous scholar soldiers close their eyes, and expression is prepared to meet the cold tide, next moment, bombardment, a shake the sky’s bombardment is coming from the depths of the sky, just like a big hand with an invisible mask.

In that famous scholar spectacular vision, the cold tide of hiding the sky and covering the earth came through the harsh state zone, suddenly as if it had been blocked from more than a thousand zhang high places in the sky, and moved towards the south.

As for the cantonments of the coalition forces, there has been no change in temperature except to lift a slightly cold wind.


Two men, one on the tower, one on the ground, were watching the sky, and one word could not be said.

And there are countless silhouette battalions throughout the country that have gone out of their accounts, with their armoured armaments, as well as looking at the cold waves that have flown from above.


King Khitan People is wearing a white fox, looking at the darkness of the sky, and everyone is deeply touched.

Although it was prepared to learn from the very beginning that the coalition forces would not be influenced, it was a matter of knowing that it was a matter of seeing this natural phenomenon, which could change even natural formidable power, that was an unthinkable shock.

The horrors in the heart are not under King Khitan People in any way.

Almost consciously, in the aftermath of the shock, people are not free to steal their own eyes from the mountains of Amorim and nobility.

That mysterious expert called too much secrets, and he knew when the big cold tide came, and how to exempt that influence, and every place that was weird.

Mount Angelo is very close to his relationship, and naturally he can’t.

This big cold tide, I’m afraid there’s something else!

Usumis Khan’s heart fluctuated for a while, but nothing said.

At this juncture, the most calm is the Mount Angelo, whose eyes he has noticed long ago, but not at all.

The truth is irrelevant, and it is important that it be too beginning to deliver on his promises that the entire ghost territory is completely free from the tide influence.

“Wang Chong, you’re next!”


was no change in the surface of the Mount Angelo, but there was a smile in the corner of the mouth.

The cold tide has begun, and the situation is now on the side of the coalition forces, and then see how Wang Chong’s response is.

“Too early, how long do you have to finish that thing?”

Mount Angelo turned his head and looked forward to being like a ghost, flying in the middle of the sky and revealing rare respect in his voice.

Too early for expression, a little look at the shrink Elder next to his eyes.

“hehe, the grown-ups do not have to rush, and it takes some time to alter the river. It was too urgent that the river had just come out and sent it to the ghost state.”

Elder jié jié smiled and suddenly opened the door:

“Also, the big cold tide has just begun, waiting for more than a dozen days, the ice of the heavens and the earth, the snow of the wind, is the best time for everyone to take action!”

“Then there’s Laurel Elder!”

Arrow Hill slightly smiled, opened the mouth and said.

For so long, and for more than a dozen days, as long as Wang Chong is finally able to defeat Great Tang and become the true Lord of Divine Province, even the head of the World, it is worth a while.

These ideas were flattered in the heart of Mount Angelo, calm down very quickly, looking forward to Steel Fortress, south.

The snow desert, and at the beginning, he was able to see that big Steel Fortress back, but the whole Steel Fortress was completely flooded by the wind, even with the World War Armor on his body, and the Mount Angelo could only conceal a few shadows.

“By my command, send a team of Cavalry to Steel Fortress to investigate the news.”

In the heart of Mount Angelo, suddenly the Cui Ganyou lane behind him.


Cui Ganyou had a shock and had a glimpse of hesitation in his eyes.

If there is no Array protection now, I’m afraid the livestock will freeze, let alone detective information.

“Send some expert in the past and put some more cotton.”

Highness is watching the speech and explaining it.


Cui Ganyou has nodded, leaving soon.

Night silence, the entire ghost territory became the only place of tranquillity in this big cold tide, even in such a weather, in the camps of the coalition forces, and in the burning of fire.

But in Steel Fortress, which is not close to each other, this moment is another image.

hu! “

Wind storms, like ghosts crying, staring, snow desert, stuck in the heavens and the earth, halfway out, not knowing.

“Kächā chā chā!”

The cold tide has flown, and on Steel Fortress’s tall city wall, Kä chā spreads a little bit of ice along the surface of the wall, rapidly producing First Layer First Layer and First Layer.

The ice is spreading across the wall and growing rapidly, making the city wall increasingly slide.

Within the city, all houses, flags, flags, all of them are sealed by Speed that can be seen by naked eye.

Steel Fortress, like impenetrable defense, had been stringent from the high altitude, but it seemed like an empty city.

All soldiers were drilled into the barracks and disappeared.

However, just a moment, the flame flashes, and the entire city center immediately shows a huge flame, which starts very small, but quickly rises to more than 10 zhang high, and the bear’s flames disperse a lot of cold.

When the big wave came, Wang Chong finally flashed some of the kerosene stored in the city and dispersed some of the cold in Steel Fortress.

And just a moment later, the bombardment, and the city’s trembling, was in the depths of Steel Fortress, and a huge energy was coming from underground eruption, surrounded by a huge Array.


Just one moment, inside and outside the city, the emerging cold ice finally stopped signs of growth.

At the same time, a freshly shield covered the city, separating the storm from the city.

Finally, temperatures in steel cities have stabilized so much that they are no longer so unbearable.

And in Steel Fortress’s hall, Wang Chong was slowly recovering his eyes from the outside, with a glimpse of concern.

“Has all coal and materiel been distributed?”

Wang Chong went back and looked behind Xu Keyi.

“To your lord, it’s all set up!”

Xu Keyi gravely says that his eyes quickly swept out of his eyes, and he listened to the chilling of the ear crying.

This big cold tide is more terrifying than ever imagined, the brake of the cold tide crossing, and he clearly sees the whole city’s ground, bringing together a six-seven inch cold with naked eye visible Speed.

Despite the thick cotton clothing and the fox on it, the cold will still freeze the bone marrow.

“Senior, how long can Array Energy survive in the city?”

Wang Chong turned around and looked around Array old man asking.

“The current cold tide is more cold than ever thought, and I have tried to narrow the range of Array’s role and to concentrate as much as possible on the north as on the Great Army camp, but on such a large regional scale there is a real acceleration of Array’s energy consumption.”

Array old man paused, follow:

“Nor is there any good news, nor is the tide of the cold a particular meteorological energy, and I have used Array’s power to extract part of the energy from the Great Array wave to complement the Great Array, thus minimizing the energy consumption of Great Array.”

“How long can it last?”

Wang Chong asked.

“More than 20 days.”

The cartoon old man was silent and said it.

So brainstorming, there was a silence in the lobby, but just a moment, Wang Chong was like Recovery.


Wang Chong in front of calmly said:

“These things don’t let the soldiers know for the time being.”

“Wang Chong, Royal Court…”

At this point, a voice rings, Zhangchou Jianqiong walks forward two steps, looking forward to Wang Chong in front of his eyes, with concern.

“We can’t do anything now, everything depends on themselves.”

Wang Chong stood up and looked forward to the direction of the sky and had to send a long sigh.

The night is deep, and most of the temperature processes are completed at night, when Wang Chong can no longer do anything.

“Hōng lōng lōng lōng!”


earth’s ice blockade, Speed in the south of the big cold, is faster than many thought, and when most people are still asleep, the tide of rolling is from the north to the south, from the wild, like ten thousand horses galloping, across Steel Fortress in the north only in a minute, and quickly across the inland.

“Kächā chā chā!”

In the night, a canisted river frozen rapidly, but only a few minutes, and the river frozen a few feet of cold.

Jingham Canal!

After hundreds of years of operation, the major artery for North-South transport has long been taken over by the large river excavated in the previous period and has taken over the transport of less than a few North-South goods.

In the past, even when it was the coolest, the Tokyo Canal remained mobile, as in the winter of the cold wind there were ships operating on the river and transporting goods on the night and night, but the brake of the cold tide, which had completely disappeared and turned into another category of “glacier land“.

Kim Imperial Palace.

There was no sign, a loud sound, a frozen coyote slipped from the roof, fell on the ground, smashed into pieces, and, at the same time, in Taiji Hall, Li Heng, who was sleeping in the palace, heard that noise, waking up and sitting from the dragon.

Li Heng was startled first, and the consciousness looked at it, but soon realized what, Ho fell out of bed and walked to the window.

Li Heng opens the windows, next moment wings, desert snow hiding the sky and covering the earth, entering through the windows, spreading rapidly to every corner of great hall, just in the middle of the room, and in the limbs of Li Hengs, there is a thin frost, dragons, chairs, desks, all of them.

And outside the palace, even if Li Heng felt a cold mind, the whole Imperial Palace was white, the ice hanging down the roof, even over a foot.

“Is that what Prince of Foreign Region says about the Great Ice River?”

Li Heng looks outside the window muttered.

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