The Human Emperor Chapter 2311


next moment, the white clothed priestess slightly took a deep breath, and soon recovered the calmness and calmness of the past, and naturally revealed the sacred taste of grace.

The breeze breeze slightly, the white clothed priestess put on the white silk scarf again, and walked out of the great hall. Her palms stretched out, and the palms appeared a plurality of divide symbols, hidden into an Array, ready to be the same as before. Start Great Array and close this hiding.


With a subtle wave, as if two curtains were slowly pulled up, the space where Luoshan was rolled disappeared and closed again.

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However, just when the space in the whole area was about to “pull up” again, the air flowed outside the great hall, like a ghost, and two figures suddenly appeared silently beside the white clothed priestess.


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“Who are you?”

White clothed The priestess looked at the two figures that suddenly appeared in front of her, her face solemn.

These people in front of her were aware of it before. In fact, Wang Chong did not deliberately conceal the hiding, but at that time, the white clothed priestess didn’t care too much, just thought It is the peerless Powerhouse in some clans.

No matter how strong the ants are, they are just ants. Not at all is the difference in front of God’s eyes. But at this moment, the white clothed priestess immediately knew that they were underestimated. These people were by no means as simple as the ordinary Peerless Powerhouse.

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For a while, the white clothed priestess was very vigilant. The owner’s divine oracle would never go wrong. These people were weird.

“hmph, a small sacrifice, how can there be so many words.”

On the side, Li Xuan pictured coldly snorted. Take a step forward, grab the white clothed priestess with one hand, and get information about Taisu and Tailuo from her.

The so-called sacrifice is just a slave. Li Xuan is a former Crown Prince of Great Tang and has a noble identity. Naturally, she won’t see such a priestess.

“wait one moment!”

But at this time, Wang Chong stretched out his palm and blocked the Li Xuan picture.

“You are the biological mother of Anlu Mountain?”

Wang Chong looked closely at the white clothed priestess in front of her, and suddenly opened the mouth and said.

The woman in front of her is a passerby to Li Xuan Tu, but not to Wang Chong.

The relationship between Anlu Mountain and Turkic War God has a lot of rumors in the previous life, and at least half of them were circulated by Anlu himself. In the past, Turkic War God was just an illusory concept, just A legend, Wang Chong naturally does not take it seriously. However, knowing that thousands of years of Turkic’s legendary Turkic War God did exist, and that it was Tailor in the Heavenly God organization, Wang Chong’s felt suddenly different.

If everything is true, then the hidden meaning is far from simple.

On the other side, the white clothed priestess, who had been trying to keep calm, heard the word “Anlu Mountain” and shivered, and finally couldn’t calm down.

“How do you know …”

The white clothed priestess was almost an instinctive rhetorical question, but when she said it, the white clothed priestess seemed to realize something. Looking at the young face with the Middle-Tang People style obviously, the white clothed priestess thought. When the rays of light flashed, I suddenly thought of something:

“You are the son of destruction!”

Wang Chong is only differently smiled, not at all denied.

Taylor is organized by Heavenly God. It is not surprising that she can know from Son of Destruction that the son of destruction, and seeing her response, it is true that Anlushan is the son of Turkic War God.

Wang Chong’s smiled nodded, and in the eyes of the white clothed priestess, ten thousand zhang waves had already set off in her heart.

A child of destruction doesn’t actually mean anything. What really makes the white clothed priestess shock is that if this person is a child of destruction, it means that he and his child An Lushan have been entangled for a lifetime, and they are the last to kill. His people.

At that moment, the face of the white clothed priestess was unpredictable, and for a moment, a strong murderous intention surged in her heart.

However, the white clothed priestess is not his opponent at all, as Li Xuan said, sacrifices are the servants of gods, and she does not have the ability to fight at all. Even if she understands Wang Chong’s identity, she can do nothing.

“You are the mother of that scourge!”

Li Xuan pictured his eyes narrowed, took a step forward, grabbed the white clothed priestess’s neck, and lifted her up.

Li Xuan does not know that An Lushan has such a relationship with the priestess in front of him. Although he has not cared about politics for a long time, he is a son of surnamed Li after all. This woman gave birth to An Lushan. With Middle-earth, it was enough to kill her a hundred times.

However, the white clothed priestess was lifted in the air by Li Xuan, and there was no fear in her eyes.

“No, Luoshan is Child of Destiny. He is the child of God. He is destined to unify the world. It should not be like this.”

She muttered to herself, but her eyes soon fell on Wang Chong’s:

“It seems that you are really the son of destruction, after all, this world will be destroyed in your hands!”

“Let her down.”

Wang Chong at this time opened the mouth and said, he can see that this white clothed priestess is just an ordinary person, not at all what special ability.

Wang Chong cannot kill her because she gave birth to An Lushan. After all, having a child is not a fault.


While talking, a sudden roar came, Wang Chong came back to his senses, and I saw that the huge Array of Luoshan underground has been fully operated, and the curtain of the entire space has been completely pulled up. The film area is completely closed.

While Li Xuan’s hands, the white clothed priestess hanging in the air heard this sound and finally came back to his senses.

“You are all coming to the host, I will not let you succeed, no one of you can leave here today!”

White clothed The priestess suddenly opened the mouth and said, a resolute expression on her face.

Her life has been dedicated to the greatest deity of the Turkic nation. Although Anlu Mountain is important, in contrast, the Turkic deity hidden in the depths of time and space is the most important .

At this moment, she is ready for Death’s awareness.

“It’s not that bothersome, I just need your eyes to see something!”

Wang Chong slightly smiled, walked over, a finger straight on the eyebrow of the white clothed priestess.


next moment, too prime and the others appeared in the great hall. The scene of searching for the entrance to the space through the too prime compass immediately appeared in Wang Chong’s eyes.

The sky’s silver white longitude and latitude beams envelope the void like a Tonglu net, and in this net, another area is extremely special.

“That’s right there!”

Wang Chong’s eyes flashed a sharp light. Before, in the distance, something didn’t look real. Now, with the memory of the white clothed priestess, through her perspective, she saw something completely different. Immediately made up for the lack of information in Wang Chong’s hands.

Cultivation base reaches Wang Chong Realm. If you want to know a space, you don’t necessarily need to get a divine blood or a too-compass. With its own powerful space skills, you only need to get some key information. He could also find the entrance to that kingdom of God.

Predecessors planted trees and descended to take advantage of the cold. It was much easier to enter there along the road that Tai Su had already opened up.


Ignoring the white clothed priestess in front of her, Wang Chong shook her body, grabbed the Li Xuan picture, and immediately burst out like a flash of lightning. Several flashes immediately disappeared into the depths of the sky.

This is not Wang Chong’s first time-traveling time and space. Entering the passage, you can feel the countless large and small dimensions and space on the left and right sides flowing backwards like flowing water.

More than that, in this secret space-time channel, Wang Chong can even clearly feel that a large number of Arrays and prohibitions are attached to both sides of the channel.

It seems that from the moment he entered the corridor, the Tailor who betrayed Heavenly God’s organization was well prepared.

But a considerable part of these Arrays and bans have been destroyed, apparently due to their writings.


The thoughts flew past his mind, and a dark golden ring of time and space spread on Wang Chong’s body, protecting his whole body.

While making enough preparations, Wang Chong immediately without the slightest hesitation, speeding up, and moving towards the breath locked in the depths of endless space and time.

At this moment, if you look down from the endless heights, you will find that the space-time channel looks like a twisty, most complex curve. It jumps, turns, and turns in countless spaces. The place has been separated from Turkic’s Luoshan by 108,000 li. To some extent, it is even close to being in the universe.

“This Tai Luo is really cautious!”

Wang Chong secretly thought while walking through the passage.

Few people-like Tailuo have set up their own space so complicated, such as Taiyuan. Although he is also afraid of the Heavenly God organization, his hidden space is actually under the Hyderabad mountain range, just It is not easy to find, and unlike Tai Luo, jumping in countless time and space.

The purpose of his setting is obviously to guard against the Heavenly God organization and avoid being easily found by them.

But none of these can stop Wang Chong. He can feel that the space where Tailuo is located is getting closer and closer to them.

“Be careful!”

Suddenly, there was no sign of it at all, Li Xuan’s voice sounded in Wang Chong’s mind, with a hint of vigilance in his voice:

“There is something weird ahead!”


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Soon, in the shocking eyes of Wang Chong and Li Xuan, the space-time channel is centered in front of it, as if some kind of Array is activated. Within several hundred li of the circle, countless golden thunderclouds roll over, Countless golden lightnings are like Flood Dragons. Shuttle and roar among these thunderclouds, and every thunderbolt contains terrifying and destructive power.