The Human Emperor Chapter 2331


The voice was not high or low, but listening to Wang Chong’s ear, it seemed like a thunder exploded instantly, his body shocked and lifted the head suddenly.

I saw Li Heng not far from the front. Both eyes were as bright as a sword, and extremely bright, staring at himself.

His face tried to keep calm, but the fluttering lips and the corners of clothes leaked the excitement in his heart.

“Your Majesty, you …”

Wang Chong looked at Li Heng in front of him, and suddenly ten thousand zhang waves were set in his heart.

Junchen I, there is actually a deep bond between him and Li Heng. If he is completely wiped out today, everyone will forget his existence.

Wang Chong secretly tried it out before. Even Qingyang Young Master and Old Eagle who went to Sindhi with him have been influenced by Heavenly Palace and have forgotten him. Not long after Li Heng took over, now that he “leaves”, all the pressure is concentrated on Li Heng alone.

This time sneaking into the deep palace, Wang Chong pretends to be the town hall General, and follows the Little Huang gate, influence his memory, and arrives at the Royal Study Room all the way. He originally wanted to take a long look at Li Heng and be alone Leave silently.

After all, everyone has forgotten him, and this recognition of monarchs and ministers has no meaning.

Wang Chong absolutely did not expect that Li Heng still remembers himself.

Great Tang Imperial Palace is the center of the Beijing Normal University. According to the Intrisic Principle, this place should be the place most heavily influenced by Heavenly Palace. However, it seems that Li Heng has not been affected by the slightest influence.

Tian deliberately missed Li Heng, or some kind of mistake occurred, but how is this possible.

“It’s you, it’s you!”

Seeing Wang Chong in front of you, Li Heng cannot to contain one’s joy.

“I knew that I remember correctly. Although the Manchu dynasty and military thought that I was wrong, Great Tang did not have a Prince of Foreign Region and everything was false, but I always believed that it was all true. “

At this time, Li Heng felt particularly tired, and everything seemed to him like a dream.

I can’t remember the day, but when I was awake and got out of bed, I suddenly felt a strange feeling, as if something had changed, everything became a little unreal.

But he still faintly remembers that Wang Chong and Xu Family Young Lady Xu Qiqin will get married soon, and the marriage was decided by themselves.

So, as usual, Li Heng invited the Minister of Ritual, but unexpectedly, when Li Heng said “Wang Chong”, the Minister of Ritual on the great hall looked blank and asked Wang instead. Who is Chong, saying that there is no such person, or let them launch the Ministry of Revenue to find this person.

Li Heng heard that he suddenly became furious and thought that the official was teasing himself. He attaches great importance to the marriage of Wang Chong and Xu Qiqin. For Li Heng, Wang Chong is both a teacher and a friend. He must not allow anyone to insult him.

Li Heng removed the post of the Ministry of Rites on the spot, and then invited other ministers to inquire about the progress of the matter. However, unexpectedly, everyone unanimously said that without Wang Chong, they did not know him at all.

Li Heng was shocked.

Ministry of Revenue, Ministry of Rites, Ministry of Penalties, Ministry of War … The six ministry officials couldn’t have the courage to unite to deceive him. Li Heng spotted the problem on the spot.

Li Heng calmed down, and described to everyone the great achievements of Wang Chong, including the fight to the southwest, the northwest, the Caliphate, and the You Prefecture. ……, Wang Chong’s martial arts shaking the ancient and present, through the ages, absolutely no one can compare.

However, after Li Heng said all this, everyone is at a loss. In the Hall of Spreme Harmony, there is an absolute silence, and no one remembers anything related to it.

Li Heng felt ridiculous at the time.

He immediately found King Song again.

King Song lineage and Wang Clan have many generations of friendship, not to mention Wang Chong is the one that King Song admires most. During the growth of Wang Chong, King Song also promoted, and anyone may forget Wang Chong, but King Song is impossible.

It’s just that Li Heng absolutely didn’t expect that even King Song completely forgot Wang Chong’s existence.

Although he thought hard, he finally shook the head. At that moment, Li Heng felt an unprecedented shock and shock.

The news that follow closely from behind keeps Li Heng completely dead.

—— He sent to Wang Clan’s guard to reply that the southwest of the capital was not at all Wang Clan mansion and there was no Prince of Foreign Region mansion. Even the Wang Chong’s Big Uncle Wang Gen family and the little uncle Wang Mi family in Li Heng’s mouth. Disappeared.

It’s not that everyone remembers Wang Chong and Wang Clan’s, but that the foundation of their existence does not exist.

It seems that the so-called Wang Chong and Wang Clan are just fantasies deep in Li Heng’s mind.

There was anxiety inside and outside Asano, even Grand Preceptor and Grand Tutor had sent a doctor to examine him under the name Li Heng’s, as if he had hysteria.

At that moment, Li Heng even felt a sense of isolation from the entire world, and even wondered if his memory was wrong.

But after all, it is a generation of kings. The chief of ZTE identified by Wang Chong and the heir of Sage Emperor, Li Heng will soon stop talking about it, as if it was just a joke on his whim.

But in private, Li Heng is still ordering Dark Guard to investigate the matter.

Although the entire world is suspicious of himself, Li Heng is still a little special and soon analyzes some clues.

About Wang Chong’s, if it’s just his dream, there are too many details. He should not remember so clearly, even many irrelevant daily details.

The most important thing is that everyone can forget about Wang Chong, but they cannot erase the books about Wang Chong’s.

Wang Chong ’s great achievements in shaking the ancient and present are recorded in the official history and books, and are well documented. In this regard, Divine Province in Middle-earth has done very well in all dynasties. If you find “Wang Chong” in related books, and his great credit, everything will naturally break through.

But Li Heng absolutely did not expect that when he sent someone to search related books, he found that all records had been tampered with. All the books of Great Tang recorded a completely different history from his memory. :

Great Tang, Kings of the past, inspiring to rule, wise God Martial, and constantly wipe out Eight Desolates and Six Directions. By the time of Sage Emperor, the nations of the world had already appeared in the status of acknowledgement allegiance. Under the domination of the world, Li Heng leader personally brought troops into battle, defeating Caliphate and Goguryeo in succession, and painted a strong ink for his imperialism.

These two victories came out. At that time, they were also celebrated by the people of Divine Province in Middle-earth and recorded in the books. After these last two Empire battles, the nations were deeply impressed by the Great Tang and eventually incorporated into the Great Tang territory to form the current unification Empire.

When he saw these historical materials, Li Heng was deeply shocked. He had no impression of these two leaders personally bringing troops into battle, but the historical materials were clearly recorded.

Li Heng is hard to believe, what kind of forces can have such a large handwriting, in addition to erasing everyone’s memory, even the records in all books are also tampered with.

Since then, Li Heng understands that no matter what the truth is, it is never easy.

Li Heng buried this secret deep in his heart, and no longer mentions it. He still goes to the early morning every day to review the memorials, as if nothing had happened, but Li Heng deep in one’s heart knows that there are some things that do n’t It’s the same.

It’s just that Li Heng absolutely didn’t expect it. I will see Wang Chong at this time.

“very good, I knew you would come back.”

Li Heng’s excited one’s feelings in one’s speech.

Wang Chong is also a joy in his heart at this moment, no matter what, at least there is someone in the Jingshi who remembers him, and this person is still the Great Tang emperor.

“This is all done by the Heavenly God organization, right? After thinking about it, only they have this ability.”

Li Heng suddenly opened the mouth and said after the old story, and with the appearance of Wang Chong’s, the sediment in his head appeared, and more memories were awakened.


Wang Chong ordered nodded, not at all concealed in front of Li Heng, and simply said everything.

Li Heng was shocked when I heard the sky appeared:

“It turned out to be him, and Imperial Father saw him as his worst enemy in his life. If it were him, everything could be explained.”

If it’s a take action, no matter what happens, nothing unexpected.

“But there is one thing, I’m very strange. Now the entire Jingshi is in the influence range of that Heavenly Palace. I have checked that all Heavenly Dragons, including Zhangchou Jianqiong and the others, are affected by Heavenly Palace. , Completely forgotten my existence, but why, Your Majesty alone has not lost the memory, and still retains the memory related to me. “

A moment of silence, Wang Chong suddenly opened the mouth and said.

“This …, I don’t know. Actually I want to come now, I don’t know what happened, but the Heavenly Palace you said has no influence.”

Li Heng said that even though this happened to him, even Li Heng himself could not explain it.

While very quiet in the Royal Study Room, Wang Chong lowered his head and lost his thoughts.

Li Heng’s martial arts is not high. Although Wang Chong has changed his blood for him, as a prince, he has too many common things, and he is not the peerless genius of Sage Emperor, so he is not destined to be too much on Martial Path High achievement, at least in this Jingshi and Imperial Palace, there are many Experts stronger than Li Heng cultivation base. Even the more powerful martial artists are erased from memory. Without the Intrisic Principle, the weaker Li Heng is not. Subject to influence.

And in this Capital City … Li Heng is also Chinese, not at all. What ’s so outstanding? As for the low-probability incident, it may happen to anyone, but Wang Chong does n’t think it will. It happened to this Emperor, the Great Tang emperor.