The Human Emperor Chapter 2406


In the chanting of the Buddha ’s voice, the giant Buddha ’s main hand has a Buddha, and six huge gold and steel arms are pushed out at the same time, like a lotus blooming. Welcoming the purple giant who fell in the sky, and the horrible “Heaven Realm Net Fire!”

In just one moment, two huge forces violently collided together in the sky.

hōng lōng lōng!

No one can describe the impact of this moment. The landslide-like tsunami power has already surpassed the imagination of the ordinary martial artist, kā chā, just a moment, this World created by “Heaven”, or time and space The maze was completely cracked.

One after another huge crack, appearing in all directions at an amazing speed.

When Wang Chong and Tian rushed out, the energy fluctuation had exceeded the limit that this World could hold!

In just a blink of an eye, Astral Qi Haohao, Wang Chong and Tian appeared at the same place where they had disappeared at the same time, and once again were in the depths of billions of time and space and planes.

The infinite purple flames and golden Buddha’s radiance are flowing all over, rushing in all directions, time has long been out of order here, each and everyone small planes, small dimensions, constantly breaking, but again in the blink of an eye Back to the way it was before the breakup, as if time was flowing backwards.

Everything is constantly changing!

One after another destroys the storm, roars, and fills the entire void, all around them.

Wang Chong is wearing War Armor. He stands in the void, destroys the torrent through the endless storm of chaos, and sees the armored puppet on the opposite side. He looks like Deity’s “Heaven”, his eyes. Even brighter than thunderbolt, it is almost dazzling.

However, the look of “Heaven” has changed significantly compared to the previous one.

Although Tian tried his best to hide, in his eyes there was still a deep shock.

He never thought that Wang Chong could reach this level. Three years ago, in Heavenly Palace, Wang Chong even had to cope with his avatar, but now it has reached such a level. , Can compete with his body!

Even this World he broke up with was completely destroyed by the two of them!

Wang Chong hasn’t been able to defeat him, nor has he been able to pose a lethal threat, but his ability to resist his “Celestial Emperor” and “Heaven Realm Net Fire” has been extremely shocking. .

At that moment, Tian suddenly realized that the young man in front of him was far more terrifying than he thought, much stronger!

The silence is empty, neither of them speaks, and finally the silence is broken first.

“I really didn’t expect that the seeds that were sprinkled and the so-called martial study could let you practice to such a degree! Well, I really look down on you!”

“Heaven” staring at Wang Chong on the opposite side, with an inscrutable murderous intention.

Wang Chong is too strong. According to the Intrisic Principle, God Martial has just reached half a step. It is less than three years old and should not be so powerful.

Wang Chong is so horrible to be able to exert such powerful strength.

An opponent like this, such an enemy, is enough to make people sleep and sleep.

The more powerful Wang Chong is, the more intolerable the sky is, the more he wants to kill him!

This World is enough to have a “Celestial Emperor”, there is no need for a second!


The rays of light flashed, “Heaven” dressed in “Celestial Emperor War Armor”, disappeared into the void instantly, and when it appeared again, it was already in Above Wang Chong’s head, the silver-white Long Sword in his hand opened a fire-like rays of light, slashing down towards Wang Chong.

In all directions, all the destruction storms are driven by “Heaven” and swept towards Wang Chong at the same time.


Wang Chong’s response is extremely fast, almost “Heaven” “Celestial Emperor sacred sword” is cut off, and instantly disappears in place, at the same time, in the hands The Xuanyuan sacred sword came out, and a sharp Sword Qi suddenly headed to “Heaven” above his head.

However, Sword Qi crossed the air and passed through the body of “Heaven”, but nothing happened, just like passing through the air.

But Wang Chong clearly felt that “Heaven” was there, not an illusion, but an entity.

Almost at the same time, alas, a subtle sharp howling came from my ears. Wang Chong’s Xuanyuan sacred sword was empty, but the “Celestial Emperor sacred sword” in “Heaven” was lightning fast. After breaking through the reincarnation of Wang Chong’s War Armor, the crowds of Wang Chong were behind him, and drew into their hearts.

The most weird thing is that Tian Mingming is right in front of him, and there is no halfway silhouette behind Wang Chong.


Rao is Wang Chong. The response is very fast. In a flash, he has already responded, but he is still stabbed by the sharp sword. Not only that, but The moment of Long Sword’s stabbing, a sharp, full of destructive power burst out suddenly.

That sword not only destroys the armor of reincarnation, but also incredibly destructive power to the soul and body.

However, just a moment, a little faint fluorescence, erupted from the place where Wang Chong’s was stabbed by Long Sword, and then, like the light backwards at the same time, the reincarnation armor of Wang Chong turned naked. The speed of Eye’s visible Rapid Recovery is intact, and more than that, even the violent and devastating Sword Qi bursting out of the sky is wrapped in a faint golden light and discharged from the body.

“Oh, it ’s not just you who use time Principle.”

Wang Chong eyes flashed, and suddenly opened the mouth and said.

“Haha, I didn’t expect you to find it so soon.”

At the same time, the voice of the sky sounded in Wang Chong’s mind.

Wang Chong’s is right. The sacred sword in the sky is indeed very sharp, but this is not the only reason he can stab Wang Chong’s.

The reincarnation of War Armor on Wang Chong is not without weak spot. The state of this War Armor is very special. From storing in Destiny Stone to putting on Wang Chong instantly, the whole process is not in one go. Instead, there is a special state in the middle.

Here is the reincarnation of the War Armor on Wang Chong to that special state, and then pierce the Long Sword in his hand into Wang Chong’s back.

Normally, this should not have happened, and it is impossible for anyone to take advantage of it.

But Heaven masters the most special force of time between Heaven and Earth. Time is the essence of all things. It is Supreme Existence above all Principles.

There is nothing unavailable before Tian.


Although I was talking to Wang Chong on my mouth, the action of Tian take action was not slow at all, without any hesitation. In the blink of an eye, Tian was a sword take action again, but this time, a sword became The six swords stabbed at Wang Chong from all directions at the same time.

More than that, the power of retrospective action has once again acted on Wang Chong’s reincarnation war armor. Long Sword points out that there is a gap in each position.

Pu chi, blood light shot, Wang Chong was stabbed at the same time by the six-handle Celestial Emperor sacred sword, but only for a moment, Wang Chong’s injuries were immediately recovered as before.

At the same time, six powerful Sword Intents, including their devastating power, were once again expelled from the body by Wang Chong.

Wang Chong is unharmed.

Tian controls the power of time, and Wang Chong also masters this power.

The power of the sky is too powerful. Wang Chong does not have such a strong cultivation base and can control such a huge time force, so Wang Chong directly applies the power of time to himself within the the body, and the scope is even limited to the injured part.

In this way, Wang Chong ’s consumption of time is very weak, but it can also resist the attack of the sky.

This is four or two pounds.

There are big and small usages, small usages, the ruler is short, and the inch is long. This has been understood by Wang Chong long ago.

Boom ~ boom ~, in a short period of time, a burst of Time and Space Strength, wrapped in a powerful force of retrospective time, constantly exploded in the sky.

The fighting between the two has, to some extent, exceeded the limit that a martial artist can imagine.

All Principles are completely inapplicable to Wang Chong and Tian. Looking at it, the whole void is full of Wang Chong and Tian’s phantom.

But all phantoms are not complete, either an arm, or a sword, or a half-length body, or an angle of clothing.

After that, in the whole time and space chaos, the silhouettes of the two were everywhere.

Wang Chong is not completely defensive. At the same time as the sky attacks, the Xuanyuan sacred sword in Wang Chong’s hands is also approaching pinnacle. Sword Qi, one after another, also cooperates with the power of time. sky criss-crossed.

Heaven can use the power of time to attack the reincarnation war armor of Wang Chong, and Wang Chong can also act on the Celestial Emperor War Armor in the sky.

It’s just different from the way of the sky. Wang Chong directly acts on the War Armor, which makes the War Armor expose itself. Wang Chong’s powerful Sword Qi and a devastating High Rank universe energy, as long as it passes through the armor The gap blasted into it.

Whether it is Wang Chong or Tian, ​​all kinds of combat skills and the use of energy have been wonderful, enough to make anyone amazing.

Several times, Tian has tried everything to pierce Wang Chong’s skull and completely destroy his soul and Fleshly Body, but no matter what God does or how he attacks, Wang Chong always It is defensive not one drop of water can leak out.

In his within the body, there is an extremely tenacious power, every time when it is not time to send out, it resists the fatal blow of the sky, and excludes the power of the time of the sky. As a result, the attack of the sky always fails at a critical moment.

So, even if it is heaven, if you want to defeat Wang Chong in a short time, it is difficult to do it.

“Son of Destruction, your strength is really strong, but it ’s a pity that no matter how you struggle, you can’t change the fate of this world. Even if you are here to fight it hard? Wait until the battle points between us Winning and losing, the battle on the land World has long ended, the entire human World has long since perished, and the plutonium’s purification plan has been successfully completed! “

At this time, the voice of the sky was so loud that in the sky Ringing.


With the sound of the sky, the entire void of light changes, and in the blink of an eye, another scene is immediately displayed. Precisely across the Turkic Prairie, the scene of the Great Army battle between the two sides.

I saw a huge doom Behemoth, killing wildly on the battlefield. Although the entire human Great Army did its best, it was not an opponent at all, and batches of human soldiers kept falling.

“Wang Chong, did you see these? These are the troops you train. People can never compete with God. It won’t be long before all your troops are destroyed!”