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The latest chapter of the Emperor Ji, the fifth chapter of the text Wang Clan first Expert, floating astronomy
    In the back garden, Wang Chong sat on a rocky mountain and pondered.

人皇纪最新章节,正文 第五章 王家第一高手,飘天文学


    He has been thinking for a long time.


    The place where my father and Yao Guangyi met was called the Vast Crane Pavilion.


    Yao Guangyi The old fox had no idea, and had a ban on the Vast Crane Pavilion early.


    At this time, no one except Yao Guangyi and King Qi's can enter. However, from the outside, the Vast Crane Pavilion is still full of friends, full of seats, and peace is no different.


    When his father was deceived by this illusion, he will be able to take Yao Guangyi's.


    Wang Chong knows that if he can't get in, he can't talk about stopping this disaster. The Vast Crane Pavilion is all Expert arranged by Yao Guangyi. If you want to be strong, you can't do it. You can only take it, you can't compete.


    I've got something


    Suddenly, Wang Chong’s eyes lit up and he remembered someone coming. How can I forget this guy, and this guy must be able to mix into the Vast Crane Pavilion. However, this alone will not work.


    "No, the Vast Crane Pavilion is an Expert, and I can't do it alone. You must also have a great Expert! ”


    Wang Chong thought of it, a pair of brows wrinkled again.


    He knows that his family knows his own affairs. If he is a lifetime, he doesn't have to be so troublesome. No matter how many Experts Yao Guangyi has arranged, Yao Guangyi can be swayed by a cultivation base. It doesn't need such trouble.


    But in this world, he is only a fifteen-year-old child. With this strength, how can he compare with those who are tempered by the tiger?


    When Yao Guangyi sent someone to throw it, he threw him out easily, and it was useless to break into the building.


    Thinking of this, Wang Chong's brow wrinkled deeper, and the little joy that just emerged disappeared.


    Such an Expert is not easy to find!


    When the heart was precisely difficult, Wang Chong suddenly heard a kick in the footsteps. Wang Chong raised his head subconsciously, only to see that not far away, several guards were escorting their own Little Sister in the yard to play and play.


    This scene has long been eccentric, but I don’t know why, this moment is quite different in the eyes of Wang Chong.


    "Oh, I am awkward!"


    Suddenly, Wang Chong laughed at his own head. Is this not a lantern to find a lantern? Big Brother and Second Brother are not there. If you talk about help, is there a better place for the entire Wang Clan than Little Sister?


    Is this not a blindness? I can't see the nearest Expert!


    Thinking of this, Wang Chong couldn't help but laugh.


    In Wang Clan, my sister Wang Xiaoyao is a "legend".


    She is only ten years old, but she is extraordinary and powerful. It is said that when I was three years old, I was able to set off a big tripod.


    At this point, Wang Chong did not see. But even the mother said so, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.


    Wang Chong is willing to bet with such a heinous talent. In the entire Capital City, including Big Brother, I am afraid that few people can surpass her.


    As for the future potential, it is even worse!


    This point, Wang Chong has witnessed it for a lifetime, and it is clear. He knows deeply how terrible the future of Little Sister's power will be.


    The reason why there is such a terrible power is simple. Because my Little Sister is born with a meridian.


    "The suffocating softness can be like a baby", this is the words in "Inscriptions of Enlightenment". As everyone knows, everyone in the mother's womb is all-pass.


    Just after being born, I breathe into the turbidity between the heavens and the earth, so I am congenital and the day after tomorrow, the whole body meridians are occluded, by Sheng Shengfan.


    All of this happened in the first cry of crying.


    But unlike her own Little Sister, she is born with a special body. After being born, there was no occlusion of the meridians. There are no such people in this way. There is no one in 100,000, and even a million is rare.


    For this reason, no matter what martial arts cultivation, she will do more and more, far more than others.


    Powerfulness is the intuitive embodiment of this talent.


    Unfortunately, Little Sister is too young, stubborn, and stubborn. When practicing, it is basically three days of fishing, two days of drying nets. However, even so, Little Sister's current strength is quite amazing, and it can compete with the young leaders who are ten years old and even teenagers.


    In Wang Clan, Little Sister, this is the first expert to be deserved. I don’t have to use Little Sister’s “First Expert” in my family. Isn’t this a far-sighted one?


    More importantly, although vengeance and hate being deceived, Little Sister still believes in this little brother. If you let her help, then absolutely please move.


    Thinking of this, Wang Chong slipped and jumped from the rockery.


    "Little Sister, come over!"


    Wang Chong waved at the distance, the thief smiled:


    "Brother takes you to a fun place!"




    "Three brothers, where are you going to take me?"


    In the carriage, Little Sister poked his head out of the window, his eyes squinting at the downtown, and he was curious. It can be seen that the anger in her heart has disappeared, leaving only curiosity.


    After all, it is only a 10-year-old girl who is usually strictly restricted in action and is not allowed to go out at will. Nowadays, it’s hard to take advantage of my mother and secretly come out and “ghost” with my little brother. I feel very grateful in my heart.


    "Oh, don't worry, you will know it later."


    Wang Chong smiled:


    "Remember our previous agreement, without my permission, absolutely not allowed to mess around. Otherwise, don't think I will take you out next time. ”




    Little Sister nodded cleverly and promised without even thinking about it. For her little brother, she is absolutely trustworthy. But I quickly remembered what I was doing, and immediately raised my fists and praised Yang:


    "Little brother, don't lie to me. Otherwise, you are dead! Hmmm


    "Where, how can I lie to you!"


    The cold sweat in Wang Chong’s heart reminds me of the horrible power of Little Sister. Just pinching it, you are so painful that you are going to die. If you really want to start, you must not lose half of your life.


    YoIsn't that Young Master Chong? ”


    When I was talking, a sudden burst of loud noise rang.




    Wang Chong stopped the dismount car with a smile on his lips. Here is the restaurant that I often visit, and I have appeared here, and Ma Zhou’s group should also appear.


    Walking out of the carriage with Little Sister, far away, Wang Chong saw a group of birdies carrying a bird cage, shaking the fan, and the youngster standing up and down the front of the body.


    A group of people seems to have long anticipated that he is coming over, waiting for him early.


    "Hey, it’s a good time to see you!"


    For the first young boy behind a bone fan, the big ears, the black eye on the right eyebrow is extremely eye-catching. When I saw Wang Chong, I immediately stepped open and greeted me with a passionate step.


    This person is Ma Zhou!


    "Chong Xiao, I heard that you were punished by the family and closed the confinement. The brothers had long wanted to see you in the past. However, the door of Wang Clan's is not allowed at all. The brothers went several times and went back to the feathers. They had to give up. You are fine, are you okay? ”


    When Ma Zhou came up, she grabbed Wang Chong's hands and asked for help. I didn't know if I thought that the two had more than one life, but the deep disdain and sarcasm of Ma Zhou's mouth could not be concealed.


    "Hey, I didn't see it before, so I will act like this."


    Wang Chong sneered in his heart.


    "From the heart to the heart, the heart is turned from the ground." In the past, I only thought that Ma Zhou laughed "real", and now I look at him, I feel that this person is very proud.


    In the depths of my heart, this guy must regard himself as a fool. It’s ridiculous that I thought people were too simple in the past, always thinking that I treat people with sincerity, and people treat me with sincerity, but they are not careful about these scums.


    As for what Ma Zhou said, it is a slippery world. Wang Chong went out and asked, even in the past few weeks, even half of the mosquitoes have not been close. Not to mention Ma Zhou, the guy.


    "Are you waiting for me here?"


    Wang Chong indifferently said.


    Ma Zhou, I don’t seem to be quite right today. When he saw himself before, he was very enthusiastic. How is it seemingly cold today?


    However, it may be that I think about it, and Ma Zhou did not care.


    "Chong Xiao, this is not to hear that you have gone out, do you want to wait for the wind to wash the dust? Brothers, you said, isn’t it? ”


    Ma Zhou said that he waved his hand behind him, and everyone behind him shouted, and then he laughed and laughed into a group, all looking at monkeys.


    "Chong Xiao, how are we going?"


    Ma Zhou turned back and smiled, and the disdain and contempt in his eyes were even stronger.


    Wang Clan is a kid who is so deceiving. In a few words, he cheated him. However, this kid still thinks that the ranger is loyal, but he does not know that everyone regards him as a Kay, who has money to play, and he is responsible for something.


    Where do you look for such a big head?


    As for the wind and dust, although it is to wash the dust for Wang Chong. But Ma Zhou doesn't think he will pay. When Wang Chong was mixed, Ma Zhou never had a son.


    To be honest, Wang Chong has been shutting down for so many days. A few brothers also lived uncomfortably with the days, thinking about it is a little miss him.


    Without such a young master, who would wipe their ass and pay the bills?


    Ma Zhou thought of it, and her heart was more proud.




    When I was proud, I suddenly hit a slap. Pa Ma Zhou, a cockroach, his face is burning, his face is swollen, and the five clear fingers on it!


    For a moment, everything is quiet, and the birds are silent.


    Everyone was beaten by this slap!


    What happened? Ma Zhou slaps, how is this possible?


    "You hit me?"


    Ma Zhou glared at the burning cheek and looked at Wang Chong opposite. He was faint in his head, and he couldn’t react for a long time.


    He still has some reaction to it now, and Wang Chong actually slaps him. How is this possible?


    Even Ma Zhou is the same person, and others are even more unbearable. One by one, scion big eyes and small eyes, and I was surprised to put an egg in my mouth.


    Wang Chong actually played Ma Zhou a slap? How was this possible?


    In this world, anyone can beat Ma Zhou. But Wang Chong alone is impossible. You know, the best and most intimate relationship with Wang Chong is Ma Zhou.


    If not, Ma Zhou did not dare to play him like this.


    But now, Wang Chong actually hit the street as a Ma Zhou slap! Everyone was shocked by this fact. No one knows what happened.


    "It's my fight."


    Wang Chong stared at Ma Zhou and smiled. The only thing that is normal in this place is him:


    "Ma Zhou, I used to be your brother, you made me a fool. You shouldn't think that I don't know anything? ”




    Everyone was in a state of sorrow, and his heart was shocked and his mouth was bigger. Is this the Wan Chong that everyone knows before and is easy to fool?


    Or is it that Wang Chong, who is a brother and a brother, is used by everyone?


    This reversal is not like what he can say. This change is too big, right?


    Everyone was stunned by the change of Wang Chong's, and there was a guilty conscience that was discovered. This Wang Chong, was it like playing pigs and eating tigers?


    "What? Ma Zhou, he is Ma Zhou! ”


    When I was in the hearts of everyone, suddenly a strange call came. Wang Clan Little Sister's eyebrows are twisted, and the apricot eyes are round and sullen.


    I don’t know at the beginning, I heard that this guy is the “culprit” of his little brother, and Wang Clan Little Sister can still bear it:


    "Wang Ba Dan!Dare to my little brother, I killed you! ”


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