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The latest chapter of the Emperor, the eighth chapter of the main text Vast Crane Pavilion, floating astronomy
    "Yao Gongzi, I suddenly remembered that there was something wrong, just go!"

人皇纪最新章节,正文 第八章 大闹广鹤楼,飘天文学


    "Yao Gongzi, today's feast is here, there is time for us to get together again!"




    A powerful son sneered a few words, got up and left. Then more and more people are leaving.


    Yao Feng's face is blue and green, and it changes again. Finally, the black is the same as the bottom of the pot. He has been careful and forbearing again and again, that is, he hopes that he will not disturb the people. He will persuade the Wang Chong brothers.


    Unexpectedly, at the end of the day, it still fell short. A party that was finally created, and the two brothers and sisters were stirred up by the two.


    Although these people said that they will gather again next time, but Yao Feng knows that they will gather again next time. These people actually smelled the "smell", and in a short time they will never be related to themselves.


    "Wang Chong, now that your brothers and sisters don't want to go, don't leave! Come on! Give them to me, I have to see, how to say Wang Clan over there! ”


    Yao Feng was angry in the eyes, took a table and stood up fiercely.




    The wind was strong, and the two guards outside the gate stood guarding Yao’s face, like a wolf, and slammed into it. The two did not say a word, crossed the threshold, five fingers arrogant, squatting like a talons, bringing a strong wind, straight to Wang Chong, Wang Xiaoyao two brothers and sisters!


    The two men are active and sophisticated, and they know that they are the origins of the team. The use of the military is a big move.


    This kind of move locks the shoulders and wears the shackles. If Wang Chong's two brothers and sisters are caught, they must suffer a lot.

    这种招式锁肩胛、穿琵琶,王冲两兄妹若是被抓中 ,必然要吃不小的苦头。

    “Little Sister, hands-on!”


    Wang Chong felt dangerous and shouted.


    He and Little Sister have been in the three chapters of the law, and have always restricted her hands-on. She did not let her take action even when she dealt with Ma Zhou, but she did not hesitate at this time and let her move freely.


    The two Yao guards came very fast, in a flash, that is, when I heard the voice of Wang Chong, Wang Clan Little Sister moved!


    Kā chā ! No one knows how she did it. She only heard the crisp sound of the bones. The first Yao guard screamed and squatted on the ground. One left palm changed backwards at a strange angle and twisted to the back of the palm.


    The second guard was even worse. The wow spurted a blood, and the whole person did not rush to fly out like a broken kite. The bang hit the wall and knocked out a huge hole and flew out. .


    Just before and after the moment, the battle is over! And Wang Clan Little Sister was still standing at the table, clutching an unfinished chicken leg and a full mouthful of oil.




    The silence of the whole game!


    Yao Feng's eyes were shocked. Others are not. No one thought that the young body on the table contained such a mighty power!


    The two well-trained Yao guards were completely vulnerable in front of her and were completely crushed!




    Several guests who were close to Wang Clan Little Sister subconsciously went to retreat with a look of horror.


    Terrible! How can she have such terrible power? ”


    "If this punch is on me, I am afraid I can't bear it." How can a little girl who is less than ten years old be so horrible! ”


    "Yao's guards are all elite! If you don't see it with your own eyes, I don't believe it! ”




    All the people who stayed in the room felt a deep shock. The so many competitions in Capital City every day are less than the shock of the ten-year-old girl’s power in the moment!


    "Whoever hurts my little brother, I will kill him!"


    Wang Clan Little Sister stood on the table with two horns on his head, glaring and arrogant. Although it looks fine and young, but which one dare to despise?




    Wang Chong was happy and secretly gave a thumbs up. Sure enough, it is "Wang Clan's first Expert", exactly the same as in memory. Although three days of fishing, two days of drying nets, lazy cancer into the bones, but no talents remarkable ability, endowed amazing.


    Although there is no such thing as a move, but it is powerful and quick to respond. It is easy to clean up these guards in Yao.


    "Yao Feng, I am sorry. It’s up to you, I’m afraid it’s not our brothers and sisters! ”


    Wang Chong poured oil on the fire and watched Yao Feng sneer.


    "Globe! Give them to me! ”


    Yao Feng was furious and was shivered by Wang Chong.


    The imperious Yaofu elite, but still can not beat a half-size girl, this face of Yao's face will be thrown away. The banquet could not be done, but the Wang Chong brother and sister had to kneel down.


    Wait until you are married to the two brothers and sisters, then go to Wang Clan to ask for help!


    Boom, Yao Feng has a big hand, this time the four Yao's Expert take action at the same time. The four temples bulged high and talked about the cultivation base, which was much stronger than the two defeated by Wang Clan Little Sister.


    If you can't get it, then Yao Clan is really a face.


    However, this time, Wang Chong did not sit still. Almost at the same time that Yao Feng sent four Yao's Experts, Wang Chong pointed his finger at Yao Feng and shouted:


    "Little Sister, grab him!"


    "Chen the first shot of the horse, the thief first smashed the king", Wang Chong did not forget his purpose this time. What is the use of defeating a few Yao guards? Even if it is all defeated, it makes no sense. It is the right thing to leave Yao Feng first.


    Now that Yao Feng has already started, there is no need for Wang Chong to endure any more.


    "Hong!" "Hong!"


    Wang Clan Little Sister The amazing explosiveness and speed appeared at this time. Hey, the four Yao Experts almost did not stop her from being shaken out in a few seconds.


    Wang Clan Little Sister, when he was off, crossed a table and took the Yao Feng, the first son of the banquet.




    Yao Feng was long and sturdy, his eyes were cold and shimmering. He was completely angered by Wang Chong and Wang Xiaoyao. The robe swayed and banged, and within five feet of it, it was full of energy and made waves.


    Wang Chong stood at the door of the door, separated by a long table, and felt the storm-like pressure. The atmosphere was forced, and the consciousness of the squatting step back a few steps, suddenly screaming.




    Almost at the same time, Wang Clan Little Sister and Yao Feng both made one big and two iron fists in the air.


    Bang, the wind was blowing in the room, and the wind was so strong that it seemed to blast a thunder in the air. Hey, Yao Feng’s body swayed and he retired three steps.


    At the same time, Wang Clan Little Sister also shook a bit and retreat a half step.


    "Hmph!" What do you think your brother and sister are? Really thought that no one can pick you up? ”


    Yao Feng's face was white and was irritated by Wang Chong's brother and sister. It is not outsiders who can stay here. At this time, Yao Feng does not need to retain any demeanor:


    "Come on! Everyone is with me. Your brother and sister, each of them, enjoys a golden sum, War Armor!


    The sound didn't fall, and with a bang, Yao Feng shook his body and hurried out. And around him, everyone was so excited that a brain rushed out.


    Even the princes who did not take the action originally took the tiger out.


    In the Great Tang Empire, the name of "Duke of Jiu" is awesome, but unfortunately not everyone has a choice. The family behind them is all tied tightly with Yao Clan.


    If Yao Feng is humiliated, they are not much better!


    "This is not good!"


    Wang Chong heart severe shake, a heart instantly sinks to the bottom of the water.


    Thousands of calculations, Wang Chong never expected Yao Feng's strength to be so high. Although it is far from his future generations, it is a time of glory, but Yao Feng still shows a terrible talent on the Martial Path.


    With the strength of Little Sister, he actually refused to accept him!


    If you can't catch Yao Feng, then all your plans are in vain.


    At that time, a strong sense of crisis emerged from my heart!


    Wang Chong knows that his plan has a huge flaw, and if it can't solve the immediate difficulties. Then everything is all in vain.


    “Yao Feng, let us help you!”


    In all directions, all the powerful sons took action together and all of them came.


    At the same time, the sound of the whole floor rang, Yao Guangyi arranged the Expert in the Vast Crane Pavilion, and heard the movement upstairs, all together.




    Wang Xiaoyao screamed loudly, facing the first time that the overwhelmed Expert had panicked. Although she is Inborn Divine Strength, she is bold, and she is still a little girl who is only ten years old.


    This kind of battle, she has faced it before!


    "Little Sister, don't panic, listen to me!"


    At the beginning of the millennium, Wang Chong suddenly calmed down, and the voice contained a kind of comforting power. Upon hearing this voice, Wang Xiaoyao suddenly settled down without a reason, and his heart was full of confidence.


    "Tiger flea!"


    When Wang Chong's voice came out, Wang Clan Little Sister collapsed and contracted inward, then slammed out.




    Just listening to a scream, behind a Wang Clan Little Sister, a Yao guard was kicked by Wang Clan Little Sister, piercing the wall, smashing the railings, and being smashed into the street with great power.




    "Brother Wang, come, I will honor you!"


    On the basement level of the Vast Crane Pavilion, the huge space is decorated with jewels, and two mountain-like figures sit opposite each other.


    No one knows, it is here to determine the fate of the two great families of Great Tang Empire.


    Yao Guangyi has wide sleeves and is sitting in danger, constantly adding wine to Wang Yan. But the purpose of this party is not to mention.


    "Yao brother, you invited me to meet this time…"


    "Ha Ha Ha, Brother Wang, don't mention this first, you and I are in the frontiers of the towns, it's rare to meet, this time you don't say anything else, drink two cups and say."


    Wang Yan’s words were interrupted by Yao Guangyi before they finished. Compared with Wang Yan, the meticulous leader of the Great General, although the same is the Ministry of War general, Yao Guangyi is a long-sleeved dancer, more like a Confucian, not a general.


    Wang Yan's brow wrinkled, her lips moved, and she finally stopped.


    Wang Yan is a traditional military commander with a straightforward personality and not so much. This time, Yao Guangyi suddenly invited, and Wang Yan actually guessed that Yao Guangyi would have to recruit himself.


    When he came, Wang Yan had already noticed that as long as Yao Guangyi said the purpose of the invitation, he would reject him with righteous words and show his position.


    However, the wine has been drunk for three rounds, but Yao Guangyi did not even mention it, so Wang Yan did not know what to say. According to the Intrisic Principle, if Yao Guangyi wants to recruit himself, he should be more anxious than himself, but the real situation is not the case at all.


    This made Wang Yan feel a bit skeptical in his heart. Isn't his own judgment wrong? Yao Guangyi is actually not trying to recruit himself?


    Although I feel a little embarrassed, but deep inside, Wang Yan sincerely hopes that Yao Guangyi is really just looking for himself to describe.


    Regardless of Yao Clan or Wang Clan, it is the shareholder of Empire. If you can work together, and you will work together for Empire, this is the blessing of Great Tang and the well-being of the world.


    However, in either case, Wang Yan is frank. "The gentleman is frank, the villain grows up, as long as he is upright, sitting right, straight, no matter what Yao Guangyi has any plans, he is fearless!


    "Yao brother, drink!"


    Wang Yan sat in jeopardy and raised his glass.


    Bang, when the two raised their glasses, the earth shook, and a figure squatted on the street…


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