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The latest chapter of the Emperor's period, the ninth chapter of the text is more and more troublesome, floating astronomy
    “Capital City is heavy, who is playing!”

人皇纪最新章节,正文 第九章 越闹越大,飘天文学


    Wang Yan put down the glass and raised her eyebrows.


    In the sand field, the military commander will not mix sand, black is black, white is white, and the most dislike is the person who disregards the law and violates the law.


    Jingshi heavy land, at the foot of the emperor, there are people in the Vast Crane Pavilion to make trouble, it is unscrupulous, lawless!


    Wang Yan said, with a right hand press, it seems to be looking up.


    Opposite, Yao Guangyi suddenly looked at his eyes and quickly calmed:


    "hē hē, Brother Wang, you and I are the Great Generals led by the Royal Court. Where do you use the little things to me? Come, come, come, continue to drink! Today we are not drunk!"


    As he spoke, he raised his glass and gestured to Wang Yan to continue to sit down and ignore it. Just kidding, this meeting will last for a long time, the first time it is effective, the second time is hard to say.


    If Wang Yan gets up and leaves, his pains are all in vain.




    Wang Yan, though not willing, but can only sit down if he sees Yao Guangyi lifting his glass.


    Yao Guangyi Seeing Wang Yan gave up the idea of ​​getting up and seeing it. He lost his heart and took the jug and continued to add wine to Wang Yan. But in the heart, Yao Guangyi is also secretly wondering. What is the Vast Crane Pavilion? He knows better than anyone else. Now all the people in the building are his people.


    How can I play it? Could it be that someone broke in?


    For the sake of today's plan, he has already made arrangements. Impenetrable defense in the Vast Crane Pavilion, a mosquito can't fly in. Who has such great ability to make trouble in his Vast Crane Pavilion?


    "If I let me know who is going to break my bad things in the Vast Crane Pavilion, I will definitely make you die and die."


    Yao Guangyi clenched his fists and flashed a glimmer of light. This plan is related to the battle between King Qi and King Song, and the overall situation of the Royal Court.


    Yao Clan is attached to King Qi and is involved in it. There is no way out. At this juncture, whoever dares to break his plan, who is the deadly enemy of Yao Clan.


    With Yao Clan's prestige in the Royal Court and King Qi's influence, it's not too difficult to keep an Aristocratic Family out of the way!


    “Brother Wang !”


    Yao Guangyi thought about it and decided to continue to appease Wang Yan. This character is not straight, too rigid, if he does not care for him, I am afraid he will still want to get up and see:


    "Capital City Heavy, Aristocratic Family 纨绔, the rich scion is very rich, it is inevitable to fight, as long as it does not make a life. Besides, the Vast Crane Pavilion also has some Expert escorts, which will calm down in a while, and it won’t make me up…"


    The voice is not falling, hehe! Another figure cannonball usually flies out of the Vast Crane Pavilion, squatting on the street, then the third, fourth…


    At that time, Yao Guangyi changed his face sharply.




    "Little Sister! Antelope hanging angle! ”


    "Little Sister!Crane crane! ”


“……Ape picking peaches! ”




    On the third floor of the Vast Crane Pavilion, Wang Clan Little Sister hits people like a painting, kicking out the surrounding Yao Expert and the young talents of Capital City like a ball.


    Wang Clan Little Sister lazy cancer, when practicing three days of fishing for two days, the moves are even less pitiful, but they have to listen to their own little brother.


    When the Divine Strength that day was born with the vision, insights and experience accumulated by Wang Chong in his lifetime, everything suddenly changed.


    In the whole room, except for Yao Feng, who resisted the three punches of Wang Clan Little Sister, the others could not resist it. Only a little bit of effort was beaten and sorrowful.


    There are holes in the walls around the room, and there are many holes. Wang Clan Little Sister's Divine Strength kicked these people out of the air and flew directly out of the Vast Crane Pavilion to the street.


    Wretched girl!


    Yao Feng was more and more shocked, and the more he became angry, the more his eyes were red.


    Wang Chong Two brothers and sisters, one fifteen, one ten. To be honest, he didn't even look at it. But I did not expect that I encountered a hard battle on these two brothers and sisters. Not only did he stir up his party, but he was even wounded.


    "Don't worry about this little girl, grab Wang Chong! Grab the kid! ”


    Yao Feng screamed. He can see clearly that if it is not Wang Chong, this little girl is not an opponent of his own group.


    And to see how much she listens to, as long as she squats at Wang Chong, this little girl will definitely be shackled.




    When I heard Yao Feng's words, three or four Yaofu guards who came from outside gave up the seemingly most powerful Wang Clan Little Sister and went straight to Wang Chong.


    Hey, Wang Chong slipped at the foot, like a muddy, and quickly flashed the blows of these people. His strength is not enough. He is not an opponent in this room. However, after all, the visions and insights of past lives have been put there, and it is more than enough to escape from self-protection.


    "Little Sister, listen to me, quick fix! Upside down the golden bell! ”


    Wang Chong heard it clearly, and the foot of the wooden board outside the door was densely raining and was coming quickly here. These are the Experts of Yao Clan.


    The Vast Crane Pavilion is now impenetrable defense, and there are everywhere Experts placed by Yao Guangyi. These people didn't care about it at first, but now they immediately caught their attention once they got up.


    This kind of situation is not suitable for a long time, and must be quickly resolved. Otherwise, waiting for these people to come over, and Little Sister, even with three arms and six arms, can resist.




    Wang Clan Little Sister responded with a loud voice. She is more and more excited, and she is full of excitement. Although she used to fight before, but there is such a strong energy.


    Those who are tall and big, Yao's Expert, and Yao Feng, they are just like sending themselves to their fists. One punch and one punch, just like playing, a room of a few people is half-baked by her!


    "Little Sister! It is now, the snake is tail! ”


    Wang Chong took the opportunity to direct his own Little Sister to take Yao Feng.


    Yao Feng looks at the six roads and listens to all directions. He noticed Wang Chong's movement early. "The snake tail is just the most sloppy move. Wang Chong wants Wang Clan Little Sister to use this trick to deal with it. It can only be a delusion.




    Yao Feng's foot swayed, stepping on the bully, and a "squatting squat" took the initiative to attack Wang Clan Little Sister. Unexpectedly, the hammer fell, the empty, actually missed.


    "This is not good!"


    Yao Feng’s heart sinks and feels bad. Wang Clan Little Sister This trick seems to be completely different from normal, which is a distance of seven or eight.


    This is often the case with people who are less than the maturity of the temperament. Yao Feng overestimates the familiarity of Wang Clan Little Sister and underestimates the lazy cancer of a 10-year-old girl.


    This omission is usually in peacetime, but at this time it is life-saving.


    This thought mind, Yao Feng just wants to pull back, but it is too late. A thin right leg was bypassed from the back of Yao Feng, and the slap was beaten.




    Just like being hit by an invisible giant python, Yao Feng fell down and squatted like a stake in the floor of the room. The floor of that grid was like a hurricane crossing, and was smashed by Yao Feng's body.


    Hey, Wang Clan Little Sister Divine Might Hey, he took Yao Feng's hands and jumped over his back, pinching his bones.


    "young master !"


    "Yao Gongzi!"




    Outside the elegant room, the intensive footsteps came to an abrupt end. A bunch of Yao’s Experts, along with the Aristocratic Family left in the room, looked at Yao Feng’s back on Wang Xiaoyao, a frightened face.


    Yao Feng Yao Gongzi is by no means a weak person. On the contrary, he is amazingly talented. Even the lord Yao Guangyi is full of praise. No one thought that the Yao Feng's cultivation base would be planted in the hands of a half-large girl!


    "Who dares to hurt my son!"


    After the initial panic, a large group of Yao's Expert outside the door rushed in.


    "Catch the kid, he is Wang Clan's son! Use him to change the son! ”


    A noble son of Zhou Clan pointed to Wang Chong and shouted.


    When I heard this, Wang Clan Little Sister was furious.


    "Whoever hurts my brother, I will kill you guys who are young!"


    Wang Clan Little Sister twisted the handle and heard a smash of the bones of kā chā. Her Inborn Divine Strength, this indignant take action, almost unscrewed Yao Feng's entire arm.


    Rao is Yao Feng, and he can't help but scream, his face is white, and the cold sweat on his forehead is coming out. This Wang Clan Little Sister is concerned about her own little brother, and cares and cares.


    I really want this little girl to unscrew her arm, I am afraid that the future will be destroyed.


    “Stop it! Give me all the time! ”


    Yao Feng is anxious and angry. He is arrogant, coupled with amazing talent, has never suffered any major losses. This time I planted it in the hands of a few and a half children, and lost my face.


    "Wang Chong, what do you want to do? I don't believe that you are so courageous as Wang Clan, dare to do it to me here. Tell me, no matter what the day, I want you to give a confession to Wang Clan. I would like to see what your father Wang Yan said! ”


    Yao Feng's blood, half of his head broke into the floor. He was ashamed and angry in his heart. With his cultivation base, there were very few people in the entire Capital City peers who could win him. However, this half-sized girl counted one, which made him feel ashamed and helpless.


    The form is stronger than the people. The Wang Clan Little Sister is younger, but he is stronger than him. He is not allowed to accept it. Just eating such a big loss, he is absolutely unwilling to be willing.


    I can't beat this little girl, but it is still possible to deal with Wang Clan behind the two brothers and sisters Wang Chong and Wang Xiaoyao with the family and influence of Yao Clan.


    "You really don't know?"


    Wang Chong squinted and looked at Yao Feng on the ground, and his eyes were very meaningful. However, looking at Yao Feng's stunned look, I finally decided that this thing is probably not known to Yao Feng.


    Yao Guangyi dealt with his father Wang Yan. In order to hide, except for a few people, even Yao Feng, the son of his own family, has been smashed, and it is really omnipotent!


    Wang Chong can only sigh the determination and perseverance of the old fox in this matter.


    Although Yao Feng is not aware of it, this does not hinder Wang Chong's plan. The old fox Yao Guangyi is not a thing, but the little fox is not a good bird!


    Ma Zhou can see his sinister intentions.


    "Little Sister !"


    Wang Chong blinked and strode over. Now that Yao Feng knows nothing, Wang Chong is too lazy to say more to him:


“……Don't leave your hand, give me apart his bones! ”


    "you dare!"


    A group of people, including Yao Feng on the ground, were all shocked.




    In the horror of the full house, Wang Clan Little Sister's childish voice is exceptionally crisp. For his own brother's command, Wang Clan Little Sister never thought about it, and would not doubt it.


    Now that the little brother said that he wants to marry someone, it must be the reason for others.


    Bang, in the gaze of the full house, Wang Clan Little Sister's horrible little hand was lifted high, then a boxing.




    A scream of screams broke through the void, and the whole Vast Crane Pavilion shook.






    At the basement level of the Vast Crane Pavilion, when the upstairs was thrown out, Yao Guangyi didn't care, and he calmed Wang Yan on the table and said, "Nothing to say."


    But when Yao Feng's voice came out, Yao Guangyi was shocked and couldn't help but stand up.


    From the first person being thrown to the present, Yao Guangyi heard it all clearly. But he did not expect that even his son Yao Feng also rolled in.


    Yao Feng What cultivation base He is clear, there are only a handful of Aristocratic Family in Capital City. And the Vast Crane Pavilion didn't know how many Experts were arranged. Can also hurt the wind in the heavy encirclement, the strength of its cultivation base can be imagined.


    And Yao Clan is such a man, and he is also preparing to support him so that Feng Er will take over his clothes. If the wind has something that is three long and two short, then Yao Clan is not a ruin, how can he go to the ancestors of Yao Clan?


    Thinking of this, Yao Guangyi can no longer sit still.


    "Brother Wang, forgive me!"


    After saying this, Yao Guangyi was shaken by the robe, and a majestic golden flame spurted down from the foot. Hōng lōng lōng, I saw a flash of light, a huge hole appeared at the top of the room, Yao Guangyi actually broke the floor and went directly to the third floor of the Vast Crane Pavilion.




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