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Ye Futian listened to the second Senior Sister, because of the existence of the white land, many of the great people in the Holy Palace A certain consensus has been reached.

Now, knowing that the Vientiane Palace has measured the qualifications of White Land, Ye Futian has faintly guessed something.

It is no wonder that the sage palace chose Bai Ze and Zhuge, but did not choose the first person in his battle for this palace.

Of course, it’s not because of Bai Ze. After all, Bai Ze’s defeat in his hands has been seen by everyone. The great characters of the Shengxian Palace are not worthy. It’s only because Bai Lu’s sacred palace has extraordinary significance. .

It’s just that Ye Futian is a bit strange. The strongest on the list of the wilderness, except for those who show up against the sky, like the white land, the other should be the peak of the sage, but there is no I have heard of the existence of saints.

However, the Three Great Courts have a sacred inheritance. The founder is a saint. The Holy Path is the strongest sanctuary in the wasteland. Of course, there is also a sacred inheritance. It must have been before. Sage’s.

Could it be that the sacred people can’t accommodate the saints, and then go to higher places after entering the holy?

Or is it another reason?

“Lou Lan, you left with the small eagle to clean up, we went to familiarize with the next palace.” Ye Futian said, the people who practiced the demand for the residence is not high, the seven rings also said, Most of the people in the Sixth House have gone to practice, and there are very few people who stay in the Sixth House.

He naturally wants to see what the holy land of the wilderness is.

“Good.” Lou Lanxue nodded lightly.

“I stayed to help.” Yi Qing sneered.

“Alright.” Ye Futian nodded. “Let’s go.”

After that, a group of four people stepped away and they walked outside the Palace of the Holy See and looked at Miyajima Castle. There is no end to the margins, and an island city is a place of practice.

“The Daogong is so big, it is not easy to get familiar with it quickly. Is it ready to start?” Yi Xiaoshi said, and Ye Futian also felt this way.

“When we came, we didn’t see an active area. Let’s go there first. If you meet someone else, you can also inquire about the next palace.” Ye Futian said, everyone else has nothing. The opinions, the four people will go straight into the sky and go in one direction.

After a while, Ye Futian came to the street area, where many people are active. In one of the places, there is a stone wall with some handwriting, many People stop here to watch.

“Hua Fan, even got the qualification to enter the temple.”

“The sage palace, there is another enchanting enchanting figure stepping into the temple, the future absurd list will appear A newcomer, I don’t know who will go on.”

Many people have argued that Hua Fan, a disciple of the Shengxian Palace, is engraved on the stone wall. He has been recognized by the Shengxian Palace and can enter the temple and make many People are not calm, although they have already known Huafan’s enchanting, but only six years later, they have been qualified to enter the temple, which still makes people feel.

The disciples of the Holy Ghost Palace certainly understand the meaning of their representatives. All the disciples who have stepped into the temple at the Most Holy Palace have stepped into the list of the ruins.

Among them, the most famous people are the Baiyun City Lord, the Zhuge family, the white land, and of course, there are many great people in the Holy Palace.

“This time into the temple, Hua Fan may impact the realm of the sage.” Someone said.

“It is true that six years ago, Huafan won the first battle of the palace in a perfect way. It was praised as the most outstanding talent of the Holy Land Palace after the White Land, and then opened in the Holy Palace. The road of enchanting, I did not expect to enter the temple so quickly.”

“The West Gate Hanjiang should be under pressure.” Someone said, the West Gate Hanjiang is the road three years ago. The first battle of the palace, known as the rare genius of the Ximen family in Zhongzhou City, with the goal of white land separation, now Huafan in front of him has been qualified to enter the temple, presumably Ximen Hanjiang will have some feelings.

“Ximen Hanjiang is very talented, but he wants to enter the temple. It is not easy to be afraid. In the same period three years ago, some people are not worse than him.” Someone smiled and said. There are so many enchanting figures in the Holy Palace, but there are very few who can enter the temple.

“I just got the news, not long ago, the first person in this time, has already stepped into the Holy Palace.” Someone said.

The first person in the road to the palace will always attract attention.

“This time the disciples of the Dao Palace have come one after another. It seems that there will be some excitement again. I heard that Ye Futian and Bai Ze have no small contradiction. On the battlefield, they will almost be Bai Ze. It’s abolished, and the humiliation is awkward. I think the palace will be very lively.”

“I’ve heard about this. It’s said that Bai Ze invited Hua Jieyu to follow him in the chat. Together with the sage, ignoring the existence of Ye Futian, but did not expect to kick the iron plate, attracted Ye Futian’s anger, but this white knives are really shameful, his brother Zhu Yuyu in front, what characters, waste Invincible of the state, he was blatantly humiliated in the Taoist palace. Now he is afraid of killing the heart.”

“Some people did not enter the Holy Palace in this Daogong battle, but it is reported that There are a few good seedlings, Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Xu Wei, and Hua Jieyu, who are very good. Although Bai Ze is defeated, but the talent is not so bad.”

” Is it?”

At this point, a young man with a white face came, his face was clear and his face was shallow. That faint smile, will be able to see that this man is a very confident person.

“I see this war in the Dojo Palace is just like this.” The young man smiled.

The eyes of the people turned and looked at the young people who came here with interest. Someone laughed: “Yunfeng, you entered the Tibetan palace last year and went directly to the Dao Zangxianjun. The battle of the Dojo Palace, I must have some disdain in my heart?”

Yunfeng’s mouth outlines a faint smile. Every three years, the battle of the Taoist Palace, the first few people have attracted attention and become the focus. However, he did not participate, because the self-confidence from the heart, whether participating in the battle of the Dojo, is the same for him, his goal is to the sanctuary of the Holy Palace.

“The two kings and nine princes can enter the top ten. How much weight can there be in this battle of the Daogong?” Yunfeng said casually, and then did not mention it again. He looked at the front. Stone wall.

Hua Fan, qualified to enter the temple.

This is what he wants to do.

The people laughed at Yunfeng, and he would say that this is not an accident. Yunfeng is a descendant of the painter, who draws his way into the Tao.

The painter and the Taoist prince are friends. Therefore, Yunfeng was sent to the sanctuary of the Taoist Temple under the Taoist Temple. He once said that Yunfeng’s future paintings would be above him.

After entering the Holy Palace, Yunfeng also showed a enchanting talent. Although very young, it is already the Wind Cloud character of the Daozhu Palace.

He would say that, naturally, it’s not surprising.

“I think so too.”

At this moment, a voice came, and the eyes of the people turned, and they saw a few steps, and the people who spoke were handsome. It is also very young.

“Is it?” Yunfeng glanced and smiled.

“The ninth prince can enter the top ten, maybe it is really too weak this time, the two must be lucky, luck is too good.” The young man responded with a smile.

Yunfeng smiled faintly. Without much words, many people looked at the people next to him. They were curious: “The students are very new, this is a newcomer?”

The man showed a weird look and looked at the people who came here. He saw the battle of the Dojo.

“Well.” The man nodded.

“Who is it, see if you have heard it.” Someone asked.

“Ye Futian.” The young man smiled. Hearing his words, everyone was a glimpse, which made the space quiet for a moment. Then many people laughed and looked at them with great interest. Ye Futian.

It’s interesting.

Yunfeng is also a glimpse, looking towards Ye Futian next to him. This time his eyes stopped there and did not move away immediately. “My name is Yunfeng.”

Ye Futian looked at the stone wall in front of him, and naturally saw the handwriting of Hua Fan’s admission to the temple, which confirmed the thoughts in his heart.

To the Holy Palace, it really has a sacred path.

In the other direction of the stone wall, a line of writing is engraved from top to bottom. The first is the Huafan who is qualified to enter the temple.

At the end of these writings, Ye Futian saw his name.

“Senior Brother, what is this?” Ye Futian asked with a smile.

Many people looked at Ye Futian with great interest. One person responded: “The Taoist list, we also call it the Little Wilderness List. Just after the introduction of Ye Shidi, it is famous on the list, although it is only ranked. At the end, but still surpassing the vast majority of people.”

To the Taoist Temple, there are only one hundred people, and the disciples of Wang Houjing, who are taken to the Holy Palace, are also ranked according to their potential potential. The Wilderness List is therefore called the Little Wilderness List.

The goal of the people of the sages of the Holy Grail is the list of the ruins.

He just entered the palace and did not show any performance. He was on the list. The reason is naturally because the first time he started the game, although it was only the last.

Ye Futian also saw the name of Yunfeng, which is ranked 96th.

It’s no wonder that Yunfeng has an idea.

“It seems that luck is a bit good, and you have a smile at Senior Brother.” Ye Futian said with a smile, it seems to be very humble and curious, this is really the rumor that Bai Ze defeated the emperor’s nine songs. The first battle?

“Right, I am completely unfamiliar with the Dojo, where is it?” Ye Futian asked again.

“The place where the Taoist list is located, here is called the Taoist War Area. If there is a disciple between the disciples in the Holy Path Palace, it will be in the front of the road.”

< p> “Is it not forbidden to fight to the Holy Palace? Why do you have a place to fight?” Ye Futian asked curiously.

“It’s always a bit of a sense of ritual.” The man smiled and said: “Not to mention, the characters on the road list started a war, but the rankings changed.”

“Understood, in addition to this war zone, what areas are there in the Holy Palace?” Ye Futian asked again.

“The land of the war zone is called the Dafa area. It has seven secrets. It is very wonderful. It is suitable for all mage practice. Before going forward, there is a Tongtian Tower, which is a dividing line. The Tongtian Tower is the treasure of the Battle of the Holy Palace. It has an excellent effect on the martial arts practitioners. It is a chaotic practice place to jump over the Tongtian Tower. There are caves, mountains and ruins, and the secrets left by the ancestors. The area is the most vast, occupying half of the island city, and the younger brother needs to feel it himself. In addition, the Sixth Palace of the Holy Palace also has its own practice sites, as well as the forbidden land to the Holy Palace, the remains of the temple.” /p>

Someone patiently introduced Ye Futian briefly. Ye Futian nodded: “Thank you for the Senior Brother.”

“When you raise your hand, just ask anyone to know.” Carefully smiled.

Ye Futian is thinking that this vast island city should be able to support itself to a certain level.

If you have the opportunity, you should also enter the temple of the Holy Palace.

At this time, a sound came from afar. The people looked up and looked into the distance. They saw that there was a big battle, and there was a strong collision sound coming to this side.

“It’s the direction of the battle platform.”

“Is Ye Shidi going to see?” Someone looked at Ye Futian.

“Good.” Ye Futian nodded, and then the group walked in the direction of the battle wave. In a short time, they came to the battlefield area. There are two strong people on the battle, and many people around watch the battle.

“Zhu Li?” Ye Futian blinked. On the battlefield, one of them released Baoding Life Spirit and suppressed everything. He was the clock with him to the Holy Palace. He came from the road. The defeat is in the hands of the battle, and the strength is very strong.

However, at this moment, Zhong Li was crushed and beaten. The other side was higher than him. It was a sixth-class prince. Zhong Li was stubbornly resisting some moments. After all, he was slammed on the ground and spit out blood.

Defeat the clock to stand in the void, look cold and proud, overlooking the figure on the ground: “It is the pride of heaven that can enter the Holy Palace, but you are naturally the same, but when you arrive at the palace, you will To understand, as a newcomer, be honest.”

The clock is far from the look of Tieqing, and I did not expect to be humiliated when I first entered the first battle of the Taoist Palace.

Ye Futian’s eyes are a touch of color, new people, honest?

But he has always been relatively low-key.

“Ye Futian.” At this time, the people who saw the entry war fell on Ye Futian’s body: “There are Yu Sheng and the battle of the war, all of them are the top ten people in the palace.” ”

The eyes turned and looked at Ye Futian.

“The first person in the palace battle, the nine kings and other princes entered the list.” Many people smiled, some people said: “The first person of this newcomer came to the battle platform, is looking for Do people learn?”

“Through.” Ye Futian laughed.

“Since it is here, why not try it, I also want to teach the strength of the first person in this road battle.” The man who defeated Zhong Li on the battle platform said with a smile, he is called Wang. Yu, three years ago because of the low realm was only selected by Qiansheng Island, but later entered the core island with his own talent.

“No, the first battle of the palace is pure luck. Fortunately, it is not the Senior Brother opponent.” Ye Futian smiled and said: “Let’s go.”

The group will step on and prepare to leave. He came to the Holy Path Palace mainly for spiritual practice, as soon as possible to enhance his strength, and he will not fight if he does not fight.

“Why are you so modest in the entry list?” Wang Yu’s body was put out and shrouded in Ye Futian, and he still refused to give up.

“Hands,” Ye Futian whispered, his voice falling over his body, and Wind wrapped his body around Wang Yu directly, causing the people around him to kneel down.

The next moment, I saw the vines on the Yi Xiao lion madly rolled out, and the squadron smashed out with a palm print. Yu Sheng sacrificed the sacred scorpion and stabbed it directly. Ye Futian appeared in the hands of the smashing scorpion. The unparalleled powers blasted down.

This sudden change made everyone stunned, and Wang Yu stunned, releasing a terrible power defense, but many attacks came at the same time, and the raids came and killed.


A loud noise came out, and then everyone saw Wang Yu’s body directly on the ground, bloody in the mouth. threw up.


The people haven’t reacted yet, Ye Futian, they will leave.

“This…” Many people stunned, and they were still modest, and suddenly they slammed their hands.

“Despicable.” Someone faintly opened, this is the first in this session.

“The sixth-class prince challenges the princes of the ninth, saying that others are mean?” Zhong Li got up and chilled, and sure enough, he was too honest, just like Ye Futian, it was quick and embarrassing.

“It turned out to be so boring.” Yunfeng smiled and shook his head. He thought that Ye Futian would be on the voluptuous squad, but he did not expect it to be like this.

He stepped up and he stepped away.

At this moment, Ye Futian, who was left in the void, screamed an idiot.

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