1018. Chapter 997 Seclusion

Chapter 997 Seclusion

Ye Futian went to look at Yu Sheng again, and then came to the place where the teacher spent Wind Stream and Shishang.

Flower Wind flow seems to be a lot of old days, not the past Wind flow, the face of the teacher Nandou Wenyin wrinkles, it looks very embarrassing.

When Ye Futian came here, the two were playing the piano, the sounds were the same, and the mind was connected, but from this sound, Ye Futian only heard the faint sadness.

Seeing Ye Futian coming, the two stopped their movements and smiled at him, but the smile still made Ye Futian feel a bit bleak.

“Teacher, teacher.” Ye Futian bowed his head and whispered.

“Futian, how is your injury?” asked Wind Flow.

“Much better.” Ye Futian nodded.

“It’s been seventeen years since I came out of Qingzhou City.” Flower Wind whispered: “I still remember that you were carrying this disability, crossing the East China Sea, going back to Donghai City, and found your teacher, one. It’s been a long time in a blink of an eye, and time is really fast.”

Ye Futian did not answer, in front of the flower Wind stream and Nandou Wenyin, as if still a teenager.

“After a long time, I miss my hometown, Futian, I and your teacher, I want to go back to the East China Sea.” Flower Wind whispered, his voice fell, Ye Futian couldn’t help but his eyes were red, he was kneeling on the ground, low Head: “Teacher, disciple is not filial.”

At that time, he and the discourse were married in Shushan, East China. They were the closest to the teacher and the teacher. The teacher and the teacher naturally followed. Now, the teacher said that he wants to go back to the East China Sea. I can imagine what kind of mood I am. .

“Futian.” Nan Dou Wenyin stepped forward with Ye Futian. She looked back and looked down at the flower Wind. “Futian has just recovered, what are you talking about?”

“Shi Niang, I know.” Ye Futian, how could he not understand the teacher and the teacher’s heart, the two naturally do not blame him, but the interpretation is the life of two people.

Flower Wind ran to Ye Futian, pulled him up, then took him to sit on the ground and said: “You still remember that when the words were gone, it was our men and women who lived together, and then went to Donghai City together? But now the teacher’s luck is better than you, I still have your teacher and Tang Yan, so the explanation is gone, the teacher knows that you are definitely more painful than me.”

“But I have to go out again, the answer is for who is leaving? If you have anything, you will completely disappoint her. At this time, you should cheer up. After all, you should be very clear what is waiting for you.” , promised teachers and teachers, is also the biggest expectation of the solution, live well.”

The Wind Stream is a secret to know Ye Futian, and he certainly understands what Ye Futian might face.

“Teacher, you don’t know, this time I can only listen to my life.” Ye Futian sits in front of the flower Wind stream, Xia Huang sent people to guard the Taoist palace, if it is to kill him, it is now, even if he The same is true for sanctification.

Flower Wind stream heard Ye Futian’s words silence for a moment, then smiled and shook his head, he looked up at the distant sky, whispered: “You said that you do not respect the teacher, how can I accept you as a disciple You are a fan of the wind, not as handsome as I am, how can I marry my daughter to you, meet you, I am unlucky.”

“Yeah, why did you blink your eyes and look at me? If you don’t accept me as a disciple, don’t marry me.” Ye Futian also looked at the distance and whispered.

Nandou Wenyin saw the two men and the teacher sitting in a chat and burst into tears.


A few days later, Ye Futian explained some of the things in the palace.

On this day, there was a sword out of the palace, and the strong man sent by the Xia Emperor appeared, blocking the sword that wanted to leave. Xia Qingqi came forward and his eyes fell on Ye Futian.

In addition to Ye Futian, there are village chiefs, who spend the Wind Stream, Nandou Wenyin, and Tang Yin.

“I want to leave, the princess can let people follow.” Ye Futian looked at Xia Qing’s faint opening, then said to the village chief: “Go.”

Xia Qingying looked at Ye Futian coldly, this git guy.

The sword was volleyed, and the direct air left. The eyes of the people around Xia Qingyu looked at her. They only listened to Xia Qing’s words: “Let him go, send people to keep up, don’t bother, where to go with him.”

“Yes.” The person behind him nodded.

To the Shengxian Palace in the Holy Palace, a few people looked up and looked at the disappearing sword shadow. He, Zhuge Mingyue, Gu Dongliu, they watched Ye Futian leave.

The rest of the Taoist palace did not know the secrets hidden in Ye Futian’s mind. They did not know what situation Ye Futian faced, thinking that only the Xia Emperor was investigating the Jiuzhou Jihad.

After leaving the Dojo, the Holy Sword went all the way to the east, from Zhongzhou City to Shengtiancheng, passing through the East Wilderness, passing through Shushan, passing through the Loulan Ancient Country… all the way east, it was the time that Ye Futian used to come. road.

Ye Futian didn’t know when Xia Huang would start with him. His fate is no longer in control. So he didn’t bring his teacher back. He was not fast enough. He was worried that he would be taken back on the road, so let the village chief Escort this journey.

Entering the land of the 100 countries, there are many familiar memories of Ye Futian, Cangye State, Nandouguo, Shengjian all the way, entering Nandou East Sea City, and the small town below, there are Nandou family and Donghai Academy, both It was a memory of the past, and Iraqi should still be the master of the palace in the East China Sea.

However, he did not stop in Donghai City. His sister Nandou Wenyin did not even go to the Nandou King’s Palace to see her brother, nor did he go to the Nandou family. They passed through the East China Sea, and the holy sword sailed into the East China Sea and sailed over the sea. Go all the way to Qingzhou City.

This island city is where Ye Futian grew up. After he left last time, he thought he would never come back.

“Chairman, come back.” Arrived at the coast of Qingzhou City, Ye Futian told the village chief.

“Well.” The village chief nodded gently, and a sword broke through, and the figure disappeared instantly between the heavens and the earth.

“Teacher, teacher, where do we live?” Ye Futian asked: “Qingzhou Academy is afraid of being occupied early, are you going?”

In the past, the teacher and the narrator had lived together for three years at the Qingzhou Academy, where they grew up watching the idioms and naturally had special emotions.

“Don’t bother others, Futian, you decide, you can find a place at random.” Flower Wind whispered, this time Ye Futian sent them back, and also planned to stay together, accompany them for the last time, if it is Xia Huang or Donghuang the Great wants him to die, then he will die in this Qingzhou City.

Here, it is a hometown, and it is also a good choice.

I hope that instead of the teacher of the church, I will come to a group of people and take them away.

“Wind Lakeside scenery is not bad, it is better to go there and buy a house.” Ye Futian said.

“Listen to you.” Flowers Wind flow has no opinion, they come back to live in seclusion, no longer want to experience the outside Wind Wind rain, so peace of mind this life.

The death of Hua Jieyu is too much of a blow to them.

“Good.” Ye Futian nodded and the group entered Qingzhou City directly.

Ye Futian thought about going back to the former Yefu, but it was bought by his father friend Uncle Feng Feng Ruhai. When he came back to Feng Qingxue and lived there, Ye Futian didn’t want to bother.

He does not want to alarm anyone, just hope to spend this quietly.

Perhaps this may be his last life, and why it is necessary to disturb others.

Qingzhou City is very small for him, but for ordinary people living in Qingzhou City, it is still very big, just like he used to be.

Ye Futian soon bought an elegant small courtyard on the shores of Qingzhou Lake. It was small and simple, but it was more than enough for them to stay.

After the busy placement, in a simple small courtyard, Ye Futian moved the flowers to Wind Stream and Nandou Wenyin to let them sit down. Tang Yan stood silently, and Ye Futian handed a stool: “Don Juan, You are also sitting.”

“Well.” Don Juan nodded and saw Ye Futian sit down, lying there lazily, closing his eyes and feeling the sun.

“Futian.” Tang Yan seems to stop talking, Ye Futian smiled: “Don Juan, what happened?”

Tang Hao looked at him. After all, he didn’t say anything more. He shook his head. Although these people always chatted and laughed, it seemed that there was no sorrow, but she felt the desolation and sadness from the depths of her heart.

All this seems to be covered in a smile.

“Futian, do you really want to stay here too?” Nandou Wenyin Road.

“Yes, my sister, I am with the teacher and the teacher.” Ye Futian nodded.

“He likes it, he will be by him.” Flower Wind flowed to Nandou Wenyin Road, Nandou Wenyin nodded.

Ye Futian opened his eyes and looked at the sky. The explanation was gone. This last time, accompanied the teacher and the teacher.

“Teacher, teacher, I am going out.” Ye Futian got up.

“Well.” Flower Wind nodded.

Ye Futian got up and left. The micro-Wind on the shore of Qingzhou Lake had a touch of coolness. He walked freely, and unwittingly, he came to the place where he and his words were hand in hand.

On the lakeside, there are many people, young girls, and young lovers, just like a painting.

Wind stunned, and Ye Futian’s body stood like a sculpture, and he always had a faint smile in his eyes.

I don’t know how long it stood here, the sky is red, then the sunset falls and night falls.

The night view on the shores of Qingzhou Lake is even more beautiful. The boat paintings are endless, and sometimes there are fireworks blooms. They are placed by tourists on the boat. They appreciate the scenery and laugh.

Ye Futian looked at the fireworks, his eyes were a bit boring, and the time seemed to be through. When he returned to the day eighteen years ago, the two held hands at the lakeside. They stood at his present position and looked at the sky. The fireworks bloom and the beauty is suffocating.

That year, she took his hand and looked at the fireworks all over the sky, so that we were sure of the relationship.

That year, the fireworks were so beautiful.

That year, she was more beautiful.

With a smile and a smile, a tear fell down.

Wind blew, swaying clothes, flying long hair, this moment, full of black hair, half white!

(End of this chapter)

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