1019. Chapter 998 meets again, white is blue

Chapter 998 sees again, white blue

Qingzhou Lake, the cruise ship paintings are endless, and there are women standing outside the paintings and enjoying the fireworks.

Inadvertently turned around, I saw the youth on the lakeside, the long hair fluttering, a moment and a half white, turned into silver, dance with Wind, eyes can not help but get crazy.

I saw that the young man was slender and temperamental. He was a very handsome and beautiful man. He stood there as if he was alone, and he did not separate from each other, but he stood there and looked so lonely.

“Good young people.” Many tourists have noticed the young people on the shore. The white hair that appeared in a flash is not a spell?

“Watch what?” A young man on a cruise ship went to the bow and looked at the woman standing there. When she looked at the woman’s gaze, she saw Ye Futian’s figure, saw the face and that. The temperament of the stock, even as a man, has a faint ambiguity.

“He shed tears, and for a moment, I don’t know who it is for?” The woman whispered.

“Maybe it’s a trick.” The man smiled undecidedly. He took out a piece of clothing and put it on the woman’s body. He whispered: “Wind outside, go in.”

“Well.” The woman nodded, and some reluctantly took back her eyes and then entered the painting.

Many people in the lake looked at Ye Futian. The bold woman smiled as she cruised past Ye Futian. “Was the son come up?”

However, I saw that the young man did not seem to look at her. He still stood alone, feeling boring, and then rowing away.

Ye Futian sits cross-legged on the lakeside, takes out a guqin, and plays the piano in front of the lake.

Very simple piece of music, no power, only artistic conception, melodious sound, it seems to be integrated into this picture, no sorrow, no tears Water, only cheerful, like depicting a beautiful picture, it is a young girl sprouting Love, pure and beautiful.

In the mood of the music, many people feel that they have passed through time and space, returned to the age of youth, and remembered their own love affair. This youth who plays the music must have an unforgettable story.

At the end of the song, Ye Futian got up and walked back to the yard.

After a while, Ye Futian and Flower Wind streamed their life with extraordinarily tranquillity. Flowers Wind Stream and Nandou Wenyin sat in the yard every day to soak up the sun, play the music, and rarely go out to move, as if they had lived a seclusion life. They have never mentioned Hua Jieyu, and no one wants to mention it, nor dare to mention it.

Can only hope for time, can smooth the pain.

Ye Futian’s life is also simple and regular. Every day, sitting in the yard with the teacher and teacher, chatting and walking around Qingzhou Lake at night, even the practice is as if he has been left behind.

Every day, the people living next to the yard knew the flower Wind and flowed them. On this day, outside the courtyard, an old man knocked on the door and smiled at the flower Wind. “Listen to the piano music every day. It has gradually become a habit. How can people like you come to Qingzhou City?”

The old man is also a person who has experienced some Wind creams. He has been out since he was young. He has seen some big men in the same way, but they have not spent the temperament of Wind. He is old, but he also guessed that these people Not simple.

“The old gentleman sits.” Flowers Wind flow, the old man is also welcome, and spend the Wind stream they sit together in the yard.

“Old, I will go home.” Flower Wind stream smiled and responded to the questions before the old man.

“Well, this small island in Qingzhou City is quiet.” The old man smiled and said: “That brother, it is your son, it is really handsome, and it is blue.”

Flower Wind laughed and did not deny that Ye Futian was indeed like a biological one for them.

“Just, the teenager is white, and I don’t know what happened. I don’t ask too much. If there is any knot that can’t be solved, it will pass in a few days.” The old man advised him to live next door, he often heard it here. The sound of the piano, although quiet, but hidden sadness, this family, afraid of having a story, so he came to persuade.

“Thank you, Mr. Old.” Flower Wind nodded.

“Okay, the old man doesn’t bother you any more.” The old man said, he left the courtyard and sighed with Wind’s flow.

These days, Ye Futian’s hair is whitening every day. It is fashionable and full of black hair in Qingzhou City. Today, it is white hair.

How sad it is to be a teenager.

Nowadays, the Wind Stream doesn’t want anything else. His biggest hope is that in the Holy Week, there is good news. He doesn’t want people who come suddenly one day to take Ye Futian away.

He has lost his favorite daughter, and this is like a disciple who has nothing to do, he dare not think about it.

Qingzhou Lake has always been one of the most popular places in Qingzhou City. Ye Futian walks around the lake every day and plays a piece of music on the lakeside. Unconsciously, it has been a while, and Kyushu has not had any movements. Of course he Did not think about it.

During this time, many people who like to swim in the lake have heard that a white-haired youth will play on the lakeside every day. It is said that he is very handsome, his son is like jade, Yushu is Wind, and the head is like a silver hair. His temperament made the woman intoxicated.

In these days, even women who often have fireworks land want to invite the young man to be the guest of the curtain, but the other party has never looked at it.

Therefore, there are quite a lot of rumors about this white-haired youth. Some people say that he may miss the old man and miss the first love.

It has also been said that it may be betrayed by a beloved woman who is too sad and can only miss the good old days, self-indulge in it and not want to go out.

However, no one has ever recognized him. Although he was very famous in Qingzhou City, he even once caused the earthquake in Qingzhou City. However, when he moved to Qingzhou City, he has been in the past for more than ten years. He has never heard of him. I must know him, even if he has seen him far away, and he will not be able to recognize it when he sees his white hair.

On this day, Qingzhou Lake is still so beautiful. In the lake, there is a leaf boat running along the lake Water. On the boat, standing a pair of monks, the handsome man is handsome, in his 30s, he has a unique body. The charm, the woman is also very beautiful, although it is already a woman, but it adds a little Wind rhyme, a tight red dress, the body is perfectly supported.

“Yang Shi, ma’am.” When they passed by, they recognized two people. Obviously these two people are quite famous in Qingzhou City.

Yang Jia and Wind’s family are the top families of Qingzhou City. Yang Xiu Tian is extremely talented, Yushu Lin is Wind, and Feng Jia is also the same as Feng Qingxue. It is beautiful and beautiful, and the cultivation talent is also very good. Yang Xiu pursued Feng Qingxue for five years, many Impressed by man, the two eventually came together and became a couple, becoming a story of Qingzhou City.

Nowadays, both Yang Xiu and Feng Qingxue are teaching at Qingzhou Academy. Today’s Qingzhou Academy is different from the past. After several changes, the overall strength and the year have long been different. Both of them have the strength of the law and the situation. Feng Qingxue I even went out to travel and returned to Qingzhou Academy after a few years.

When the two meet and say hello, they will nod their heads and appear to be approachable.

At this time, there was a piano sound coming from the lake in the distance. They looked at the direction of the lake and saw a white-haired figure playing the piano. There were many people around.

“Qingxue, it is said that there is a wonderful person in the Qingzhou Lake. Every day, he plays a song on the lakeside, and then leaves. There are many rumors about him. Some people say that he saw his white hair. Yang Xiu smiled and said: “And I heard that the violinist is handsome and extraordinary. Qingzhou City is difficult to have shoulders. Many women want to ask him to draw a picture. He never thought about it. Isn’t it wonderful?”

“When you also like these anecdotes,” Feng Qingxue smiled.

“I am also a hooligan of Wind. This person is called a person who has passed through Qingzhou City. I am curious to see it.” Yang Xiu said with a smile.

“If it’s better than you?” Feng Qingxue laughed.

“I can still block others from being born out of my own, but if you look good, you can still pick up my wife.” Yang Xiu said with a joke, the boat went in that direction and gradually approached the lake.

Feng Qingxue is casual. She has never been so concerned about this kind of thing. However, after listening carefully to this piece of music, she gradually fell into the mood. From the sound of the piano, it seems to be able to feel the purity of youth. .

The melodious sound of the piano has a wonderful charm. It can take people’s thoughts to travel through time and space. Back to the past, Feng Qingxue can’t help but recall when she was young. At that time, she was innocent, but she was also arrogant and missed a person. Although she knows that the other party has not blamed her, she always has a faint loss when she thinks about it.

Although time has faded everything, she is not married as a woman, but she will not miss the same time as she did in the past, but occasionally it will still have a faint sadness. In addition, there is a trace of good memories. After all, it is the most beautiful youth. .

“This Qinqin has a high degree of lyrics.” Yang Xiu praised and was attracted by the sound of the piano. He looked at Feng Qingxue. At this time, Feng Qingxue was infected by the sound of the piano. The person who played the music was also curious. The boat gradually became more and more cautious. Close, she looked at the figure.

As the distance became shorter and the field of vision was clear, she felt a sense of familiarity from the figure played by the bow.

“Is it an illusion?” Feng Qingxue said in the heart, perhaps, because the music brought her memories.

But somehow, her heart could not calm down and fluttered slightly.

The sound of the piano is still in the ear, the boat is getting closer and closer, she listens quietly, somehow, the memories that have not appeared in many years, because of the familiar feelings are all in my mind.

Moreover, the boat is getting closer and closer, and the familiarity is getting stronger and stronger. Feng Qingxue is beating, and she tries to see the face under the white hair.

The young ten fingers plucked the strings, and a few white hairs fell in front of the forehead, blocking his face until the piano stopped, and the young man slowly looked up.

When he saw his face, Feng Qingxue’s heart trembled and his eyes turned red.

Especially when I saw the silver hair, the tears could no longer contain the flow of water.

He has already been famous in the world, no one knows about the Nandou country, but when he sees it, why is it white?

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