1022. Chapter 1001 Eighteen Years

Chapter 1001 Eighteen Years

The glass eyes are cold and stare at Ye Futian. “You are so confident that I dare not kill you?”

Ye Futian sneered with a bit of sneer, and the body was close to a few points to oppress the glass saint, saying: “Even if you want to enter my harem, do you think I am interested in you?”

The two men are opposite each other. The glass saint is filled with coldness, which makes the surrounding temperature drop a few points. The lake water under the boat is faintly frozen. Many people who are close to the lake can’t help themselves. A chill, how suddenly is it so cold?

Ye Futian is as if he can’t feel it. His lips are close to the glass saint. The glass saint is getting colder and colder, but see Ye Futian sticking to her ear. It is cold and cold: “If the glass sister is asking for help, pay attention to it later. Point attitude.”

When the voice fell, the boat he sat down directly shattered into nothingness. The two bodies fell, and Ye Futian stood up and took it one step away, leaving it directly.

Glass San is not far from Kyushu to this remote Qingzhou City. Of course, it is not just to stimulate him. Now Kyushu, there are many people who kill him. There are also many people watching the crowd. When he goes back to the revenge, there must be no less.

And the glass saint is bound to be the most urgent one.

“Zhou Shengwang and Xihua Shengjun have left Kyushu for a period of time to go to the upper bounds. As for why, go and think about it yourself.” Liu Sheng also stood on the lake and looked at Ye Futian’s disappearing figure coldly.

The Xiahuang ban was lifted, and the dark tide of Kyushu was surging. Ye Futian was reluctant to return to Kyushu because of his wife’s fall. She was still reluctant to return to Kyushu. Her glazed temple is still living outside, even if she is not willing to show up easily, she Can only come to Qingzhou City.

After all, she is not qualified to let Jiang Sheng, the Nethered Juggernaut who changed to the world, to shoot for her.

“This attitude is not much better.” Ye Futian’s voice was introduced into the ear, and the glass sacred look was still indifferent. However, although Ye Futian was extremely masculine, if she said killing, she did not.

The shape of the flash, the figure of the glass saint disappeared, but did not leave Qingzhou City, she also looked at the safety of Ye Futian, not only she can not kill Ye Futian, others can not kill.

After they left, there was a boat trip here, watching the smashing boat stunned. The woman just suffocated.

That white-haired youth is Ye Futian?

Just now, they broke out of conflict?

However, although they are curious, they have not seen it too clearly, and they do not know what happened.

After Ye Futian got the notice of the glass saint, it did not change the regular life in the past. It is still so simple, there is no change.

Every night, I will still go to the lake to enjoy the beauty of Qingzhou City.

In these few days, he clearly perceives that many people have arrived in Qingzhou City, including many who are strong to the Holy Palace.

The ban imposed by Xia Huang on Kyushu is not a secret. If people in the upper bounds know the lower bound, even if Zhou Shengwang and Xihua Shengjun are willing to pay a big price, there will be no sacred characters who will risk offending. Xia Huang’s Wind is coming down to him.

Then, the people who can be found by Zhou Shengwang and Xihua Shengjun must have only the sage, and the people in this realm are not feared by his cultivation today.

Unconsciously, the Shenzhou calendar came at the end of the year of 1977.

On this day, Qingzhou City is gathering in the city. Under the night, Qingzhou City is illuminated like a white light.

For low-level practitioners and ordinary people, each year’s New Year’s Eve is an extremely important day. They don’t have much life expectancy, and they don’t practice as a high-level realm. One year.

In the land of Kyushu, there is no possibility of the atmosphere of Qingzhou City.

Ye Futian accompanied the teacher, the teacher and Yu Sheng. They used the dinner together and they once again came to the shore of Qingzhou Lake.

This day’s Qingzhou Lake is full of fireworks, and the beauty is suffocating. In this day’s Qingzhou Lake, I don’t know how many men and women are holding hands to swim in the lake, enjoying this sweet and quiet time.

Ye Futian walks casually, some guess riddles, and some people change the trick.

At this moment, he seems to have crossed the time and space, and returned to the 18th year, this scene is similar.

“Auntie, I want a wishing light.” Ye Futian walked to a stall.

“Well.” Auntie smiled and nodded, handing the wishing light to Ye Futian, and glanced at him: “The young man is so white, his mind is not too heavy, it is easy to be old.”

“Well, thank you aunt.” Ye Futian smiled and took the wishing light, then came to the lake, put the wishing light into the lake Water, then closed his eyes and made a wish, that day jihad, the body of the mind was Destroyed, the soul drifted away, Hua Qingqing passed on to him, and he died because of his fate, and he would take care of his own words.

Therefore, although he knows hope, he still makes a wish, and hopes that the discourse is still in this world, even if there is only one soul.

Open your eyes, Ye Futian looked up at the sky, the fireworks bloomed, and the night sky seemed to be the most beautiful picture in the world.

At this moment, Ye Futian only felt like he was still standing next to him, and the girl who was so amazing, never seemed to leave, always in his heart.

Not far behind Ye Futian, Lou Lanxue and Yu Sheng stood there quietly, and they kept behind him.

Lou Lanxue is a woman, her feelings are delicate, and she can naturally perceive the emotions in Ye Futian’s heart. She knows that Ye Futian must be missing his past and Hua Jieyu’s past. Are they here to meet each other or fall in love?

Here, it is really beautiful.

Looking up at the fireworks, there was a tear in her eyes. Why did she leave like this, leaving the lonely figure on the lakeside.

Although at the moment she wanted to go over, stood by him and accompanied him to appreciate the beauty, but she knew that she was not worthy.

Even though he is alone, at this moment in his heart, he may only be standing next to the woman who will not appear again.

In Qingzhou Lake, Qin Yi, Qin General, Feng Qingxue, Yang Xiu and Feng Ruhai are also there. They are in New Year’s Eve in Qingzhou Lake, watching the figure on the lakeside not disturbing him.

They all know that here are memories that are unique to them.

“Twenty years ago today, we were at your Ye Shu home banquet, that is, on that day, she came to the house alone to find Futian.” Feng Ruhai whispered, as if he had fallen into memories.

He still remembers that they wanted to match Feng Qingxue and Futian that day, but the sixteen-year-old girl appeared, surprised everyone, and took Ye Futian to leave, presumably on that day, she and Futian determined the relationship.

“Well, today, 18 years ago, it may be the day they fell in love.” Feng Qingxue nodded gently.

“The time is really fast, is it 18 years in a blink of an eye?” Feng Ruhai muttered to himself: “I hope that after today, he can come out completely, Qing Xue, have the opportunity to persuade him, he does not belong Here.”

“Well.” Feng Qingxue nodded.

“How do you feel a little cold?” Feng Ruhai suddenly said: “Is it old?”

“Hey, I feel a little bit, maybe the temperature is cooler at night.” Feng Qingxue whispered, but she felt faintly, that coolness was not just the coolness of the surface, but a feeling of incomprehensibility. Very strange.

At this time, the cruise ship in Qingzhou Lake is endless. In one of the most luxurious boat paintings, a middle-aged man with a prodigal son lay there and enjoyed it. There was a beautiful woman playing the music in front of him. One person, these women are dressed in thin clothes, and the palms can clearly feel the soft skin touch.

A woman put the wine glass into the middle-aged mouth. He drank a drink, and his hands touched the woman’s skin, even from the skirt, which caused the woman to make a delicate voice, but the body fell softly in his arms. in.

The beauty is in the arms, the boat is playing, how happy, the middle-aged with a little lazy, inadvertently looked up and glanced at a figure on the lakeside, where a white-haired youth stood there, at this moment, middle age Although still smiling, but the slightest squinting eyes seem to have a flash of lightning, but the woman next to it is not aware.

Middle-aged is a killer, code-named killer, killing gestures in the top zenith, and second in the killer list at the sage level.

Moreover, he himself is also born in the holy forces of the upper bounds, killing the gestures, is the strength of tempering himself.

He rarely takes over the task, and there are too few people worthy of his shot, but the person who wants to kill this mission makes him very interested.

Ye Futian, the lower sacred place of Jiuzhou to the main palace of the Holy Palace, the lower morals of the king, the Zeng 闯 nine days of the dojo, pierced the nine heavens, with a crushing attitude to defeat the strongest 裴 thousand shadows on the list of nine days.

In addition to this, there is another record, the battle of the lower empire, facing the top sages of the lower ninth day of the Kyushu, and even killing the four major squadrons.

After the seven holy sites were encircled to the Holy Palace, they were still not killed, but the news about the war seemed to have been blocked by the Xia Emperor. No one knows what happened.

Such a goal has caught his attention in an instant. Under the holy world, few people who want to kill, can live, even if the characters on the top of the Tianji Heavenly Road are the same, if it is not challenging. He won’t even come at all.

Of course, besides being interested, the rewards that the person who issued the task is willing to pay are also amazing. They broke the record of the target below the holy place and caused quite a stir.

I have no life to know that the people who came here are not only him, but today, in this Qingzhou Lake, there are many people who have the same purpose as him.

But he is still confident that the person who killed Ye Futian will only be him.

At this time, the shore of Qingzhou Lake, not just Feng Ruhai, they feel the coolness, many people feel it.

On the shore of the lake, Ye Futian looked at the fireworks in the sky and smiled brightly. Then he smiled and looked down at Qingzhou Lake.

Step by step, Ye Futian did not play the piano on this day, but set foot on a boat, the boat drifted forward, like an arrow from the string, shot towards the lake.

He wants to see, who can kill him?

(End of this chapter)

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