1023. Chapter 1002 asks the palace to return to the palace (two thousand April ticket plus chapter)

Chapter 1002 asks the palace to return to the palace (two thousand April ticket plus chapter)

Yu Sheng saw Ye Futian go on a lonely boat. He stepped out and stepped into the lake, chasing it quickly, and the speed was incredible.

At the same time, there was a suffocating pressure in the Qingzhou Lake. At this moment, both Feng Ruhai and other people who visited the lake felt cold and bitter, too cold.

The atmosphere was gone in an instant.

“The horrible atmosphere is for Futian.” On a ship, General Qin looked worried about the direction of Ye Futian, and Qin Yi was also the same, but at this level, they only felt themselves. It’s so small that I can’t get involved.

The next moment, a suffocating rule of pressure swept through Qingzhou Lake, everyone felt it, this pressure is too strong.

Across the figure, I couldn’t keep up with my eyes.

“Blocking the lake, people who have nothing to do, quickly leave.” A voice came out and rang through the Qingzhou Lake. In the direction of Qingzhou Lake, there were strong men.

It was only a short moment, and I saw a figure standing in different places above Qingzhou Lake. The statue that stood tall in the sky, like a god, is strong enough to be suffocating.

The person who spoke was a sword demon. He also came to Qingzhou City. Not only him, but many people came to Qingzhou City today. Among them, many elite figures were wrapped. The glass saint knew that Xihua Shengjun and Zhou Shengwang went to the upper bound. Naturally, the Holy Path Palace also knows.

Ye Futian stopped and the boat floated in the middle of Qingzhou Lake. His fine Juggernaut was filled with the vast Qingzhou Lake. A terrible rule of power shrouded the endless space, and Qingzhou Lake was covered.

Time and space seem to be completely still, even if the fireworks in the sky have stopped blooming at this moment, the beautiful picture is actually fixed in the air, as if time has stopped flowing at this moment.

Countless people are watching this scene shockingly, they seem to be able to hear the sound of their heart beating.

What a terrible ability, this is, let the time and space have stood still, they feel that they can not move, everything stops.

Is this really the power that manpower can release?

Suddenly, an extreme chill came out, Ye Futian’s place, Lake Water, a little bit of ice, turned into ice sculpture, this ice force spread to Ye Futian body, the next moment, Ye Futian clear Feeling that under the Lake Water, there was a terrible killing, which was always hidden very well until it broke out at this moment.

“嗤嗤…” There was no loud noise. From the bottom of Lake Water, there was a very subtle sound. Lake Water was directly opened, and the whole lake, Water, was divided into two, a knife that could cut the void from It’s almost the limit in Lake Water.

Knife out, as if everything in the world had to be cut off by a knife, the knife has not yet arrived, the knife has already opened a gap in the space, annihilating everything.

Ye Futian’s body flew to the sky, and the space under his feet gave birth to a more powerful space to solidify the rules. Everything was still, even though the knife could be broken, it was still slowed down. At this moment, Yu Sheng turned to that. Going in the direction of the knife, the tomahawk in the hand directly smashed out, and a crack appeared in Qingzhou Lake. It was opened from the middle, and Lake Water roared and rolled to both sides.

The knife light was directly opened by the axe, and the ruling axe continued to squat down, disconnected the lake, and a crisp sound came out, and blood was shot, and the lake water was red, and a figure in the lake. Was directly divided into two paragraphs.

There must be brave men under the reward, not to mention the top killers of the upper bounds. They are also extremely proud figures. Even though they have heard of Ye Futian’s brilliant record, they are still coming.

However, the first killer was directly smashed by Yu Sheng.

Ye Futian’s body came, and suddenly there was a devastating Wind storm around his body. Thousands of swords were strangled, but at this time, there was a figure whistling out, and the sky was approaching to the extreme, and it was the end. In the holy palace of Qinzhuang, he appeared directly in front of a sword repair, and the sword was horrified.

The two men’s attacks instantly gave birth to terrible destructive power, and they dispersed toward Qingzhou Lake. Several strong people were shocked and their swords were enough to kill them.

A sword is swaying to the people in Lake Water, but at this time, a terrible spiritual power comes to the fore. When the sword is threatening their lives, the powerful mindfulness comes directly and destroys it. Drop it.

A number of strong figures appeared, and several strong people went to Ye Futian, but they saw that there were many strong people in the lake. At this time, everyone’s breath was the top of the sage. Powerful to amazing.

The rumbling sound of the rumble came out. In front of Ye Futian, a figure body suddenly expanded and became bigger, turning into a huge yellow Metal giant, a loud voice, the world was shaking, many cruise ships were dumped directly, some people Fall Water.

The lake’s crazy rolling roar, like the end of the day, they look at the huge boundless Yellow Metal body, the inner shock can not be added.

There was a strong man who came forward and collided directly with the Yellow Metal, and Lake Water rolled and roared.

The people in Qingzhou Lake feel a little numb. Today is the end of the year. Countless people come to visit the lake to celebrate. Why suddenly there is a god-like demon-like existence. The strength of these people is beyond their imagination.

It seems that they are coming to kill Ye Futian.

Ye Futian’s body fell back to the lake and looked at the calming battles around him. If it weren’t for today’s killer, he didn’t know that there were so many people in the palace that they came to Qingzhou City. They didn’t bother him before.

A glance at the battle, a strong rule of power shrouded the entire battlefield, these killers are not weak, even if the characters of Qinzhuang and Yuan Hong, the other side directly hit the confrontation, not weak under Wind.

“Yu Sheng, you go to clean up.” Ye Futian spoke, Yu Sheng nodded beside him, then stepped out and joined the battlefield that broke out.

Suddenly, there was a fog in Qingzhou Lake.

The fog was so cloudy that the line of sight became blurred and I couldn’t reach my fingers.

A ship rushed in the direction of Ye Futian, and a middle-aged figure broke out. The next moment, there were many figures in the fog around Ye Futian. Those figures were all one, but they seemed to be everywhere.

Ye Futian reached out and waved, and suddenly a terrible Wind storm swept out to annihilate those illusory figures, but he felt that the body images were branded in his mind, ubiquitous, and could not be expelled.

“Spiritual illusion.” Ye Futian secretly, the brand directly into the fine Juggernaut, can not be erased.

His eyes suddenly became extremely sharp, like the blue color lightning bloom, an extremely powerful Juggernaut devastating force shot out, colliding with the invisible power, the power seems to be able to smash Breaking the fine Juggernaut of others, causing others to lose continuity with the outside world, and the perception of the heavens and the earth will fall, and naturally they will not be able to exert their strength, more terrible, and the reaction will be slow.

All the shadows drifted toward Ye Futian’s body, and Ye Futian glanced at those figures indifferently. He still floated quietly on the lake, not moving.

A strong sense of crisis came, and he knew that the killings were in the shadows that could not be erased, and the other party could approach him.

Being close to a powerful killer is naturally a very dangerous thing.

However, Ye Futian did not feel dangerous. In his hand, there was a time and space.

The lifelessness has not yet arrived. The time and space of Ye Futian’s hands are slowly assassinated in front of him. Many of the illusory eyes of the lifeless are sneer, so that they can hit him?

A horrible Wind storm was born, suffocating, and the time and space smashed straight ahead, as if it were against the murder.

The next moment, Ye Futian took a step forward and his body disappeared directly from the place.

Space rules, moving in an instant, one step across the void.

The ruined Wind spurs to one of them, and the figure suddenly disappeared.

The time and space has been assassinated, and at the moment Ye Futian arrived, it broke out directly, with almost no time difference.

“Boom…” The ruined Wind Bloom blooms, and the lifeless body gradually becomes illusory in the Wind Storm. His eyes are extremely intensely fearful.

With his strength, the strong under the holy world, few people can not kill him.

But today, why is he even struggling with his own strength?

Space tearing, space shifting, space solidification, Ye Futian seems to understand everything, and how does he know his true position?

He does not understand without a life.

However, he does not need to understand that Ye Futian’s eyes are not in the slightest wave. The uninhibited figure bursts directly and disappears, smashing into nothingness. He puts away the space and time, the surrounding illusion disappears, and Ye Futian body once again landed on the lake. Fight around.

This is a suspenseful hunting battle. The killers think that they are hunting and killing others, but they are hunted by the Holy Palace. Nowadays, the power of the palace is strong, even if it is the strongman of the upper bounds. A killer, even if it is the top killer under the holy world, how can it be?

It didn’t take long for the battlefield to calm down, coming suddenly and ending quickly.

Ye Futian stepped on a leafy boat in the lake and went back. On the Qingzhou Lake, a gaze fell on Ye Futian, and his heart was not calm.

Are these strong people coming for Ye Futian?

“Please, the palace owner returns to the palace.” At this time, in the void, a voice came out and resounded over the land.

Ye Futian stopped and looked up at the sword.

“Please return to the palace.” Another voice came out, it was the voice of Qinzhuang.

On the Qingzhou Lake, except for this sound, it is silent.

“Please ask the palace to return to the palace.” In the void, there is another figure appearing on the sky, just like the gods, it is a battle.

Across the sky, the land over Qingzhou Lake suddenly appeared in the top 100, including Ye Futian familiar people and people who are not so familiar, but they are all Taoist practitioners.

At this time, these figures are neatly sloping, and Ye Futian, who looks down to the sky, said loudly: “Please return to the palace.”

“Please ask the palace to return to the palace.”

A voice sounded through the heavens and the earth, as if the entire Qingzhou City, at this moment, only this shocking voice.

Ye Futian looked at the figures, then turned back and saw a few figures coming, the village head, the teacher and the teacher.

“Futian, go back.” Flower Wind whispered, he knew, Ye Futian left, not only because of the explanation, but also because of him and Nandou Wenyin.

On Qingzhou Lake, the white-haired youth looked at the flower Wind stream, and then he kneeled on the knees, facing the flower Wind stream and the Nandou Wenyin three daggers, then got up and looked up at the void, saying: “Back to the palace!”

When the voice fell, his body went straight into the sky!

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(End of this chapter)

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