1024. Chapter 1003 is divided into two ways

Chapter 1003 is divided into two ways

In the spring of the 1000th year of the Chinese calendar, Kyushu heard the news, and Ye Futian, the head of the Aboriginal Palace of the Holy Land, returned to the palace.

For a time, the land of Kyushu, the surging tide, especially the six holy places that participated in the cofferdam to the Holy Palace, is even more heart-rending, and many people feel a little uneasy.

Nowadays, in addition to the Holy Light Temple at the level of the Holy Land, it may be able to hold the Holy Land Palace. The other five holy places, even the Sanhua Mountain with Sansheng, may not be able to hold it.

The wasteland to the Holy Road Palace, now there are four holy, the battle is unknown, but Jiang Shengsheng list twelve, stabilized Xihua Shengjun, Da Zhou Sheng Dynasty only double holy, weaker, as for the endless sea of ​​the three holy places of the Holy Land The level of the environment is worse than that of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

This is the level of the sacred world. If the sage is in the world, there is Ye Futian, and now the whole Kyushu, which holy place can say that it can be suppressed to the Holy Palace?

Nowadays, in the Zhongzhou City, I don’t know how many dark lines of the six holy places are gathered to monitor the movements of the wasteland to the Holy Palace. If there is Wind blowing in the Holy Palace, the six holy places will immediately prepare for countermeasures.

However, after Ye Futian returned to the Causeway, nothing happened, just like there was no return, there was no movement, and there was no such thing as the Kyushu people imagined to go to the six holy places.

At this time, the Holy Path Palace has been rebuilt, and it is more magnificent than before. Many palaces stand.

It’s been nearly a year since the war, and the palace has gradually recovered. Although the war has fallen down a lot of people, except for the wife of the palace, other important figures are still there, and they have experienced that battle. These days have grown.

War, life and death, is the best baptism for practitioners.

No one will doubt that the Holy Path will only grow stronger and stronger. After all, Ye Futian and the best people around him are growing, and this jihad has plundered many holy devices.

After Ye Futian came back, he reorganized and began to practice retreat. For him, practice is always the most important.

He did not directly kill the holy mountain of Xihua or the Great Zhou Dynasty. After he came back, the six holy places will surely get the news for the first time, and he will be more vigilant. If he directly leads the army to kill the past, he may not be able to directly fight.

Spring is coming to autumn, and in the blink of an eye, it is half a year later.

In the autumn, with a bit of sorrow, in front of a palace in the sacred palace, a white figure sits quietly there, and there is a wonderful atmosphere around the world, as if it is close to this side, it will be mad. The place is shrouded, and the power of the powerful rules is felt and controlled by it.

At this time, there were slight footsteps. The two figures stood behind Ye Futian. There was a man and a woman. The temperament was extraordinary. The men were handsome and the women were pure. They did not disturb Ye Futian, but they were quiet. That is waiting.

It was like a long time, Wind blows, Ye Futian opens his eyes and then stands up.

“The medicine is already ready, you can start the test.” Xu Che-han said to Ye Futian’s back, he looked at Ye Futian’s back, and now, fear that he really can’t kill Ye Futian. Of course, he will not want to kill Ye Futian now, and even for Ye Futian, his heart is still a little grateful.

Without Ye Futian, perhaps he still hasn’t understood the teacher’s good intentions and the mind of Xiaodie.

“How about Yu Sheng and the vulture?” Ye Futian turned and asked Xu Chenghan.

“There is no problem. Yu Sheng’s ability to test the drug is not worse than the last time you tried the drug, but his body is very strong. As for the vulture, we have been trying to make it evolve stronger body.” Xu Che-han said. .

“Go and see.” Ye Futian said, Xu Che Han and Xiaodie nodded, and the two led the way to the medicine pool area, which was built after Jiang Sheng announced his entry into the palace.

After Ye Futian returned, he set up a drug palace for Jiang Sheng. Jiang Sheng naturally also served as the Holy Elder of the Holy Path, and his status was detached.

A strong man of the Holy List is willing to enter the Taoist temple, and Ye Futian naturally gives the highest rules respect.

Even if there are only three people in the drug palace, the same house is still set up separately. However, when Ye Futian is still in Qingzhou City, the medicine pool is built and in the Shengxian Palace, so the drug palace is still in the Shengxian Palace, Ye Futian said In addition, Jiang Sheng is too lazy to change, and the three of them can not occupy much of the site, mainly cultivated herbs.

Before they came to a medicine pool, they saw a terrible air flow in the huge medicine pool. Like an endless lightning looting, in the medicine pool, there was a huge body of Demonic Beast, which was a black Wind sculpture. But its black feathers are faintly shining with the radiance of Metal. Each feather is as sharp as a blade. Its eyes are fierce, like a konjac. The huge claws are strong and powerful. With a metallic color luster.

An ordinary black Wind carving, there is a hint of the power of Metal’s winged Dapeng.

“The medicinal materials of the small sculpt test are controlled by the teacher. In addition to tempering its flesh and bones and the strength of the spiritual will, there is also the treasured Demonic Beast blood in the medicinal material. The blood of the Metal Wing Dapeng and the blood of the Metal Dragon are mixed into it. And with Demonic Beast’s advanced medicinal herbs, plus it has the same feelings as your heart, and today’s strength, it is difficult to have rivals under the holy world.” Xiaodie said softly.

“It’s hard.” Ye Futian said, this drug palace is now not only for him to test drugs, Yu Sheng, small eagle, nine songs, and dust-free, they are all added to it, is the first batch of people who test the drug Of course, he will not use the most overbearing medicinal materials directly with him, but will consider the specific situation of all people and gradually strengthen them.

In the end, it is necessary to see which step to strengthen, and it is necessary to see the effect of Ye Futian after the end of the test. Ye Futian is the first to succeed. Jiang Sheng needs to observe the final results of the test.

“Let’s go.” Ye Futian whispered, then went to the medicine pool for him.

Nowadays, his cultivation is already the realm of the Chinese sage and the medicinal materials prepared for the test. This time, it has not been weakened, but Jiang Sheng was prepared before.

Ye Futian walked straight into it, and soon, the violent roar of the medicine pool was terrible.

After a full eighty-one days, Ye Futian re-experienced a full round of trials.

Eighty-one days later, in the medicine palace pool area, there was a horrible lightning raging. Many people looked at the leaves and saw a terrible destructive force on the sky. It was like a thunderstorm, destroying everything, and madly falling. Then, feeling the terrible power, many people trembled inside, this power is strong.

After a long time, when the sound dissipated, a figure skyrocketed, his body was over the sky, bathing in the horrible lightning light, like a robbery, a silver long hair flying, each long hair is as sharp as a sharp edge.

“Successful.” People who go to the Palazzo Vatican naturally know what Ye Futian is doing these days.

On the top of a pavilion, Jiang Sheng also looked at Ye Futian, and finally one person succeeded.

The process of testing drugs is extremely dangerous. The ultimate goal he wants to achieve is to prevent the people in the world from being hindered by the sacred sacred. Naturally, he does not want to suffer from the test during the trial. Otherwise, what is the significance of the test? ?

Therefore, he needs to prove two things. One is that someone needs to be able to reach his ultimate goal, and the other is that the successful person can ignore the sacred as he imagined, and after he proves these two things, he can I have been working hard in this direction to let the people who test the drug break through their limits one time and again to reach the standard set by him.

Now, look at Ye Futian, which step has been reached.

In the void, Ye Futian’s eyes closed slightly and several orders were issued.

At this moment, in the land of Xiazhou, where the strong man of the month is located, there is a Demonic Beast hovering over the land of the Moon. He said: “Ye Futian, the Holy Land, asked the seniors of the month to enter the West. ”

“Good.” Yue Sheng only responded to a word, and then, the strong man of the month mobilized the army to set off.

At about the same time, in the land of Dongzhou, in a small town, on a barren palace, the glass saint and some of the strongest of the glazed temples.

At this time, there was a Demonic Beast flying in the distant sky, hovering over the sky, and the glass saint looked up at the Demonic Beast. She knew that this was Ye Futian’s Demonic Beast and Ye Futian returned to the Holy Palace. The message went to the Dojo and told Ye Futian where she would be, and then Demonic Beast found her.

“Departure, the Great Zhou Dynasty.” This Demonic Beast spit out words, with a bit of indifference, like the voice of Ye Futian.

The glass long hair moved with Wind, and Mei looked at the Demonic Beast. She closed her eyes. At this moment, her mood was surprisingly calm.

This day, is it finally coming? I hope that this day will let Zhou know his death.

At the Holy Path Palace, Ye Futian opened his eyes and his body floated over the Taoist Palace. Lang said: “Lao Jiang Jiang and the teacher led the sages to go to the holy mountain of Xihua.”

“Good.” Jiang Sheng faintly opened, at this moment, there was a slap in the air to everyone in the Holy Palace.

The day of revenge, is it finally coming, they have been waiting for this day, it has been a long time.

A group of figures vacated and the army gathered to prepare for the sacred mountains of Xihua.

Ye Futian’s figure flashed and appeared in one direction, where he and the village chief stood together and looked up at Ye Futian.

“Would you go to the Great Zhou Dynasty?” Ye Futian yelled.

The clear eyes looked at the white hair figure in the void, then nodded gently, oh, it was a response.

Her body flashed, her body vacated, and the head of the village followed.

“Daogong swords repair, gather.” Ye Futian screamed openly, and the sword was in the air, and the swords were swayed and gathered in the air.

Qinzhuang, Jianmo, Xu, Ye Wuchen, Xu Wei, and so on, are all in the palace.

“Departure, the Great Zhou Dynasty.” Ye Futian spit out a voice.

(End of this chapter)

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