1167. Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141

Ye Futian turned his eyes and looked at Fei Xue, and he saw Fei Xue also facing him.

“I didn’t tell you anything,” Fischer said to Ye Futian sound transmission. The voice was a bit of a playful meaning, and he finally managed to live like a normal person. His mood was very pleasant.

In the future, I can finally stay with my father.

Ye Futian smiled in the heart, and Fischer did not say that the national teacher did not ask anything.

It seems that last night’s things have never happened, and even a few Senior Brothers are in the air.

However, in fact, no matter what you say or not, the national teacher must be able to guess something.

At least, he is not as simple as a pure sword.

But even then, he still hasn’t asked.

“Thank you.” Ye Futian sound transmission responded: “Can the eyes be cured?”

“I thank you for being right.” Fischer said: “The eyes are the ones that were inserted into my body before, and were hurt by their energy, which made them invisible and impossible to cure. However, they can live normally. Ok, why bother to look more.”

The cultivation people, even if they can’t see it, can perceive the major thousand worlds. Although they are a little bit different, at least life will not be affected much.

She is already very satisfied.

But some regret is that she can’t see what the sword is like with her eyes.

Ye Futian didn’t say anything, but still felt a little pity.

“That treasure, is it taken out?” Ye Futian asked.

“No.” Fei Xue replied: “But it is no longer fully integrated into my body, but is turned into an independent existence. It is sealed by father. Although it cannot be completely sealed, it will not directly absorb it as before. Too strong power fits into my bloodline heart, making my body unbearable.”

“In this state, I can use a little bit of power to understand the cultivation. As the cultivation base improves, I will slowly release the power of the seal, so that it can grow with me.”

This result is undoubtedly the best.

In the past, because the treasure was completely connected to the heart of the Philippine bloodline, sealing it was equivalent to sealing her life and making her sleep, but with the power of the world’s ancient trees, Ye Futian absorbed the treasure from the within the body of Philippine. Make it an independent individual.

He can even take it away. After all, the world’s ancient trees can absorb it, which means that the respect of the world’s ancient trees is far stronger than the affinity of the Philippine body. He can take it for himself.

But after all, it is the object of Philippine, and it must be an extremely precious treasure. He did not take it, but left after he finished, let the national division handle the latter things.

Obviously, after taking it out, the national division handled it very well.

“Today is really a double happiness.” Mr. Nan Zhai smiled and started talking.

The teacher finally cured Fei Xue, and she would not have to worry about her every day.

And Little Junior Brother Sword Seven, has already been taught by the teacher to participate in the same contract, this cultivation technique is the teacher’s cultivation cultivation technique, wide-ranging and profound, has the ability to capture the world, Mystery unpredictable, he also cultivation One, I have not fully realized it yet.

“The first day of the opening year is indeed a good day.” Yan Yuan also showed a smile.

Obviously, everyone is happy for the teacher and Fei Xue.

Lu Chuan looked at Ye Futian, maybe, something happened yesterday.

However, this is not important.

The national teacher’s face has always been smiling, and he has not really been so happy for a long time.

Even if the power is in the world, for the national division, power is like a cloud, he never pursues greed.

“This year is the opening day. The big dynasty is rising today, sword seven, you will go with me.” Guoshi is facing Ye Futian started talking, now Ye Futian is also a national disc direct disciple, in the big away In the dynasty, in fact, it also has a certain status, and it is reasonable to go to see the emperor.

“Good.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Let’s go.” Guoshi said with a smile, then looked towards towards Fei Xue: “You have a good rest at home.”

“Yeah.” Fischer smiled and nodded.

The national teacher licked her head, full of pets, and then took a few disciples to the air, moving towards the direction of the Imperial Palace.

Not only the national teacher, this day, the departure from the imperial city to the emperor’s road area, the major government has successively strong strong air, moving towards the same direction.

On the opening day of the year, the sky goes down.

On this day, the hustle and bustle of the palace, a great Dao all the way out, a path of silhouette came from the air, and then stepped into the palace along this road, I do not know how many ordinary people are rarely seen in the normal in.

Guo Shi and Ye Futian When they arrived, they were relatively late. Many people have already entered the palace. The entire group has stepped down. Many people outside the palace have come to see the direction of the national teacher: “Participate in the national division.”

The national teacher slightly decapitated, with Yan Yuan and others moving forward, even those who walked in front of them all stopped, let the road open, let the national division go first, to show respect.

In addition to the national division, several disciples of the national division also attracted a lot of light.

Yan Yuan, the chief disciple of the national division, in the big separation, the weight of the two words of Yan Yuan is extremely heavy.

Not long ago, he took the two Junior Brothers directly to force the Regent Palace, how discouraged, the national division did not come forward.

Ye Futian also attracted some attention. The romantic figure who caused a storm in the recent past is the most dazzling descendant of the dynasty in recent years.

He hunted in the West Mountain, and he was so arrogant.

His man, like his sword, has a sharp edge.

Going all the way to the palace, this is the second time that Ye Futian came to the Grand Palace, but the atmosphere was more solemn and solemn than the one that took him from the previous time.

That day, it was mainly a trial of the characters of the younger generation.

Today, it is a big departure from the sky.

On the ground, engraved with the sacred Metal color giant dragon pattern, claws and claws, on both sides of the Great Dao in the middle, standing on the top of the dynasty, behind them, is a root stone pillar, also carved in the color of the same Shenlong.

In front of everyone, it is a ladder leading to the sky, with an incomparable palace.

On the left and right sides, many royal clan characters have arrived. They look to the national division, and the expression is slightly cold.

The last time, once again let them see the strength of the National Teacher’s Office.

After all the people in the eyes, killing the regent Wang Sun, Yan Yuan is also strong to take people away, wounded away from the blasphemy, madly not to pursue other people.

Therefore, the vast majority of royal family members are unhappy with the National Teacher’s Office.

But even if it was not good, but when the middle-aged silhouette with no breath on his body passed by them, no one dared to look at him and bowed his head.

Do not say that the national teacher, even Yan Yan, who is standing behind the national teacher, how many people can compare today?

“National division.” Among the crowd, there are occasionally people who succumb to the ceremony.

There are also many people who look towards the front of the direction, the Regent King, where they are, the people behind him, are the people of the Regency Palace, including the separation.

It seems that at this time, the arrival of the national teacher was realized. The regent king turned to look at him. There was no dissatisfaction, but a smile, and he said slightly: “National division.”

The national teacher stopped and handed back the ceremony: “Wang Ye.”

Then the two left and right, standing at the forefront of the crowd.

A few people in Yan Yuan did not follow behind, but they were some distance away from the national division and stood in the crowd.

In front, one side of the two sides appeared in the direction of the emperor, facing the national division and the regent king, and leaving the shackles, looked at the crowd, found Ye Futian and nodded slightly.

Ye Futian nodded back.

At this time, there was an entire group coming. One of the two headed ones was Third Prince. The other one was so imposing, and there was a tyrannical majesty on his body. His eyes swept the crowd and suddenly many people did not. Dare to look straight, have lowered their heads.

He went straight to the Regent, and he handed it to him: “Wang Shu.”

The regent Wang smiled and said: “How come this time comes from the West.”

The one who came, the awesome is the king of heaven in the four kings.

“Some things have to be reported to the majesty.” The king of heaven, with a smile, then looked at other people, and his eyes fell on the national teacher. He said: “The national teacher is here.”

“Yeah.” Guoshi nodded slightly, it was a response.

The Scorpio King also stood in the forefront of the row, after which the White King also arrived.

When I was away from the four kings of the Imperial Court, I was only separated from the king. However, there are many things to deal with from the lower limit of the king. Generally, it will not appear.

At this point, the crowd suddenly quieted down, each standing in a position, before the front ladder, a silhouette appeared there.

This silhouette stands there, like the Nine-Five Extreme, the world, the solemn palace, it seems that he is alone.

“pay respects to your majesty.” All of them worshipped and worshipped, and the silhouette that appeared on the ladder was naturally the absolute master of the emperor, away from the emperor.

“Zhu Qing is excused.” From the opening of the emperor said: “After a year, I will see the elegance of Zhu Qing again, more than ever.”

“I have a national teacher from the emperor, there is a king of heaven, and there are regents and white kings sitting in the town, how can not be strong.” A courtier smiled started talking.

“National division and several princes are thank for the hard work.” From the emperor.

The national teacher and several princes are full of humility.

“National teacher, I heard that you have recently received a discipline, innate talent, and even defeated the emperor of the Scorpio King, can bring?” The emperor looked at the national teacher.

The national teacher nodded and looked back at the crowd, saying: “Sword Seven.”

Ye Futian walked out and said: “Sword Seven pay respects to His Majesty.”

“Look up.” From the starting conversation, Ye Futian looked up.

“Sure enough, temperament out of the ordinary.” From the emperor smiled and nodded: “The former national division discipline banned from the battlefield, and now has a discipline, and he is very happy, and the hoe is also married to the age of marriage, but Very stubborn, I want to match her with the sword seven, how does the national teacher think?”

From the sound of the emperor, countless people trembled.

This sword seven not only sinned the Regent King, but also killed the Xuan.

Now, His Majesty has to give him the little princess, and it is the Prince Consort.

(End of this chapter)

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