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1168. News from Chapter 1142

1168.第1143章 刀圣

Chapter 1142 Message from Departure

    第1143章 刀圣

This move from the emperor shows that it is important to the national division.


Of course, His Majesty will match the princess, and it is also because of the superiority of the sword seven. The first person under the saint, defeating the emperor, the demon saint is not dead, dare to be in the public, and both innate talent and courage are all extraordinary. And handsome and extraordinary, age is also appropriate.


Such a thought, many people secretly admire, seemingly sudden marriage, but like the pen of God, although the Princess Thousand Metal, but the sword seven for the national division discipline itself is extremely out of the ordinary, in this big away from the dynasty, indeed also Not finding a few people is more suitable than him.


Many people of the Imperial Family are looking up, and they seem to be a bit wrong, but whoever dares to question the words of the emperor?


At this time, Ye Futian among the crowds also stunned.


He did not expect that he came to the DPRK with the national teacher today. He first saw the emperor, and the emperor actually separated the princess from him, and he felt extremely weird.


Let him, stunned, become the Prince Consort?


Not to mention that he is willing to leave, he is coming from the emperor for what he wants, and he is so arrogant, this is simply…


a path of all eyes on the national teacher, I saw the national division took a step, facing the emperor’s body, started talking: “Your grace is so honored, since the sword seven honor, I take the sword seven for the discipline, know Although the innate talent is outstanding, but his personality is not awkward, some are arrogant, his fear is that he is wronged to ask the princess, it is better to ask his thoughts, otherwise if the princess does not like it in the future, it is the crime of the subordinate.”


“The national teacher said it is reasonable.” Nodded from the emperor, looked towards Ye Futian said: “Sword seven, are you willing?”


Ye Futian bowed his head and could only come out with a hard scalp.


If you are married to the emperor, who can dare to refuse it easily, this is a gift from the emperor. When you thank the emperor, you are right. What is your rejection?


Therefore, if the response is careless, I am afraid that it will lead to some disturbances.


Of course, with his understanding of some things in the past, even if he refuses to leave the emperor, he will not know how to discipline him.


“The grace of your Majesty, the subordinates feel the five inside, before the subordinates have seen the princess, innate talent is not a generation of glory, is a subordinate to the heart of the ambition, and, before the subordinates have their own, in the National Teacher’s Office If you have a chance to meet someone, how can you dare to marry a princess.”


Ye Futian slowly came, if the unwitting person thought he was sincere and fearful, he did not dare to climb.


However, the Imperial Family had experienced the last Imperial Family hunting. Ye Futian was a bit rude to the princess. He once said that the princess can afford me a sword?


Nowadays, it has become an innate talent, and it’s not a generation of glory.


I admire you.


Life is like a play.


However, even knowing who dares to expose, first offend the national division.


Secondly, you have to marry him. If you don’t want to try your best, you dare to provoke the right and wrong. I don’t know how to die.


It is obvious that it is a great teacher from the emperor.


Also, he said that he had to meet someone in the National Teacher’s Office?


National Teacher’s Office, who else can be, the daughter of the National Teacher.


It seems that this sword seven has not been in the country for a long time, so I want to be a teacher of the country.


However, Ye Futian has a way, can’t just live with Philippine, so that you can’t say anything from the emperor?


After his words were finished, even the National Teacher and Yan Yuan couldn’t help but look at him. This guy used Feifei Snow as a shield.


A look at Ye Futian from the emperor, do not care about smiled and said: “The original, the national division, if the two juniors in the future are interested, they personally give them a marriage.”


Before leaving, the nature has passed, and the emperor valued the national teacher. Since the sword is the daughter of the national teacher, he will be loved by the emperor, and that is the face of the national teacher.


On the contrary, it is the emperor’s temperament to personally marry the emperor.


Not to mention the emperor, others naturally do not dare to mention.


Above the hall, it is stupid to take such a thing to suppress the National Teacher’s Office. No one will do this.


“Many thanks 陛, the things between the juniors have never been asked, if they are interested in each other in the future, they must be clear.” The national teacher is started talking, he naturally knows Ye Futian in the letter, but since Ye Futian does not want Promise, this is really a very good way to easily resolve it.


“Yeah.” Nodded from the emperor, and then looked at the people: “Zhu Qing can have something to play?”


“Returning to the next, the minister has something to do.” At this moment, one person said, and he was the king of heaven in the forefront.


“What is the king brother?” asked the emperor, the king of heaven is the brother of the emperor, and the king of the heavens, and naturally can be called a brother, this claim, showing his closeness to the king of heaven.


As if he was a national teacher or a king of heaven, he is equally respectful.


“I am far from the imperial dynasty and now the martial arts are strong, the national division has created a large national hospital, and cultivated a number of strong people. I also have many people in the mountains. Even the upper realm, I am more and more away. If the national teacher can help out, and then train an iron-blooded sacred army, it will surely be invincible.”


The voice of Scorpio King is solemn, started talking: “Therefore, under the squad, please order the order, let the national division enter the army to build an iron-blood army, let me greatly strengthen.”


“National division has been doing a lot of things in the city since the beginning of the year. Many people have been cultivating and cultivating the strong, and they have been arrogant, and they often go to school with the teacher. They are taught in the army. Wang Xiong, you are good, I want to Let the national teacher go to the army.” He smiled at the emperor.


“Your Majesty, these years the national teachers have worked hard, and I have done too much for the strong dynasty. Nowadays, everything from the Imperial City to the Imperial City can be operated freely. The Great National Palace has already become a climate. I heard that the national teachers have rarely After asking about the great departure from the National Academy, now, the Third Prince cultivation base has broken into the innocent sacred place, and can be the only one, for the National Teacher, to leave the National Palace, the main imperial city, and, also, Regent Wang Shu and Bai Wang. At, the Imperial City is stable.”


“National division and Yan Yuan digital disciple, all have the ability to strategize, if you can join the army in the army, I and the national division team, will be able to create an Invincible army.” Tianzhu Wang continued to speak.


Suddenly everyone expressed the dignity, the front of the ladder, the top figures from the Imperial City gathered here, but at this moment no one dared to make a sound.


Scorpio Wang, I want to bring the national division and the national division discipline to the army at one time. As for the great departure from the National Palace, it is ruled by Third Prince. This is not the hard work of the national division for many years.


However, everything that is away from the dynasty belongs to the Imperial Family, so that the Third Prince can control it. Can the national teacher still say no?


“Listen to Wang Xiong, you said so, it seems that this is really the case. If Guoshi and Wang Xiong can join hands, it will indeed create an invincible army.” The emperor laughed and laughed at the national teacher: ” What do you want to say about the views of the National Teacher on the King of Heaven?”


Guoshi arched his hand and said: “Now the Great National Palace is indeed functioning freely. It does not need to spend any energy. Yan Yuan will be well governed. If his Majesty is willing to let several of his Royal Highness leave the National Assembly and be responsible for the affairs, I am happy. Leisure.”


“As for entering the army, if a new battle is developed, the subordinates will be sent to the palace and then to the army.” The national teacher continued: “And the army is not good at subordinates, if it is heaven. When the king is governed at the same time, it is easy to have differences.”


“Is there a national teacher who is not good at this world?” After hearing the words of the national teacher, Tianzhu Wang said: “As for differences, the national division does not need to worry. As long as the national division is willing to join the army and create a super army together, I can even become The deputy of the national division, assisted the national division.”


“Wang Ye is so motivated to move the crowd, is it because he wants to prepare for war?” asked the national teacher.


“Now the big dynasty is strong, what can’t it be?”


“The battle of the boundaries is too expensive. Once it breaks out, even if it is not a large-scale war, there will still be many casualties, and it will be far from that.” National teacher started talking.


“Because of this, we need the national division.”


Since the emperor has never spoken, it has become a battle between the national division and the king of heaven.


The Regent is standing very quietly, never showing up, as if everything has nothing to do with him.


“The two will not fight again.” From the emperor said with a smile: “The national teacher said yes, the war is too expensive, once it is launched, it is to take the lead and move the whole body, but also need to be long-term, after the meeting, the country The teacher and several princes left to talk freely.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.” Both Tianyi Wang and Guoshi nodded and did not continue to argue.


“Other people, can you play something?” The eyes of the emperor looked forward to the rest of the people, some people spoke, but things are not big.


Ye Futian was a little bit guilty at the moment, King of Heaven, want to provoke war?


Will it target the Xiahuangjie?


Thinking of this, he passed a thought to the vulture and told him to sing a summer breeze.


But soon, Ye Futian’s message of help from the figurine came to her, which made Ye Futian feel weird. After seeing what happened there, he also secretly concealed this guy’s deserving, and turned this side to the meeting. The thing that comes out is qiqixia, is this not courting death?


Coming from the emperor, it was for revenge. I almost became a member of the Prince Consort. I can imagine the mood of Xia Qingyu. Is this not going to be a person from the emperor?


Perceived the horrific situation in which the vulture was beaten with Xia Qingyi and Qingyi Holy Beast at the moment, Ye Futian could only mourn for the vulture.


The end of the mouth.


Through the endless distance, Ye Futian seems to be able to hear the screams of the black wind carving echoing in his mind.


This time, Xia Qingyi’s woman’s hand is really a bit unrelenting.


When I left the palace, the emperor announced that the meeting ended, and the people were all active. It was a pity to look at Ye Futian from the gaze. If Ye Futian promised to be Prince Consort, then in the position of great separation, it would be true. It can be described as a day in the sky.


But this guy refused, but it still has personality as always.


However, the departure did not come to Ye Futian, but to the White King and the King of Heaven.


Not long ago, he got a message that he needed the help of Bai Wang and Scorpio King. Otherwise, as a member of his prince, the number of people who can be transferred normally is limited!


(End of this chapter)



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