1169. Chapter 1143 Knife St.

Chapter 1143 Knife San

From the emperor’s national division, as well as the king of heaven, the regent, the white king, and so on, they are summoned to the proceedings, and the rest are prepared to gradually disperse.

Leaving to Yan Yuan and Ye Futian on their side, then said with a smile: “Sword Seven, if you promised, you will call me a brother later.”

“Nothing to blame,” Ye Futian said.

He shook his head and shook his head: “Since you have love for the teacher’s daughter, you will not blame you naturally, and you will not be blamed for it. If you really nod, you are afraid that you will have something to do.”

How strong is the character of Jianqi, and the first time he met with the sword, with swords drawn and bows bent, it really makes you marry the sword seven, this… thinks it seems quite terrifying, afraid that this couple can play stand up.

Ye Futian didn’t say much, Yan Yuan was started talking next to him: “His Royal Highness, it will take a while for the Master to stay in the Master’s deliberation. We will retreat first.”

“I sent the Senior Brother.” Leave the talking.

“His Royal Highness stays.” Yan Yuan was a polite, and then several people turned and left.

Looking away from the back of Ye Futian, the mind gave birth to a thought. In the battle of the former airspace, the Ye Futian is also a genius. No one in the battlefield can fight with one.

Today, he is also a legendary figure like Jianqi from the emperor. If two people appear on the battlefield, who can win?

The news he recently received is about Ye Futian.

If you know the two people who compare him, you are actually the same person. I don’t know what kind of mood.

Of course, two very different people, Ye Futian is good at long halberd, and the sword is good at long sword. He has also been in close contact with Ye Futian several times. The atmosphere of the two is completely different. Even if they are smart, they will not Think of the two as one person, or even go there and think about it.

Who would inexplicably imagine two completely different people on one person?

After Ye Futian and others left the palace, they were said to have fled into a rage in the palace. They threatened to kill the sword seven. They dared to humiliate her so much. The father’s personal marriage was openly rejected. Did she think she could not match? She heard that the woman of the national division was seriously ill, her eyes could not be seen, and she often needed to sleep.

Does the heart belong? Is this saying that she is not as good as a half dead person? This is not what humiliation is.

Of course, after all, it is the daughter of the national teacher. I can’t say anything in my heart. No one dares to mention it when I meet in the DPRK. I can understand it in my heart.

The people in the princess’s house are trembling with fear, but the people in the palace are just as busy, and it will pass away. If the sword is really promised to marry her, she is afraid of being the same.

For this, even if it didn’t reach Ye Futian’s ear, he wouldn’t care what he thought.


Xia Huangjie, the black wind carving in the palace was blood-scarred.

On the mountainside where the cottage is located, on the mountainside, the knife is quietly standing on the edge of the cliff, and the black clothed is flying with the wind.

Behind him, a silhouette walked over and shouted: “What is the Big Senior thinking?”

The person who came here is the three churches of the church.

“Nineteen years.” Knife Saint started talking, like some inexplicable.

However, Gu Dongliu understood it. He went to the knife saint and nodded: “Nineteen years.”

In the year of 10,2004, the dynasty of the dynasty Princess Huang Huang descended to the east of Shushan, and took away Mr. Du.

Today, it is a tens of thousands of years of the Chinese calendar for a full nineteen years.

Others may not understand the meaning of the knife saint, but Gu Dongliu does not understand.

In the past 19 years, there have been too many things. They have stood at a height that they could not have imagined, and they have experienced countless hardships. Even after several times on the verge of life and death, they have come to this day.

But even so, it still seems to have a long way to go.

Knife San looked up towards the sky, started talking: “Dongliu, how high is this day?”

The lower bound looks up at the sky, and the upper bound looks up and still looks like heaven.

How high is the day.

“The Promise.” Gu Dong flow.

“How high can we go?” Knife asked again.

“The heart is also endless.” Gu Dongliu said again.

Knife San heard the words of Gu Dongliu and smiled and nodded, the endless days, the heart is also endless, and the road is also endless.

It has been said that his innate talent is unusual, his mood is extraordinary, and he can witness history.

He doesn’t care if he can witness history. He cares when he can see the teacher and complete his wish with the teacher.

However, this seems to be too far away. The more I think about it, the more I feel out of reach.

“Dongliu, I want to be holy.” Knife said.

Gu Dongliu sneaked, then revealed a smile, saying: “Okay.”

Big Senior Brother, has broken through that layer.

Since the Big Senior Brother said that he wants to be holy, then naturally he wants to be holy. He has no doubt, even though he is still not holy at this moment.

Knife San smiled, and he reached out and suddenly turned into a magic knife. The magical turm around the heavens and the earth converges and gathers in the body, roaring between heaven and earth.

“Even if it is Promise, I want to chase it.” The knife stepped out, holding a magic knife and rising into the sky. The more powerful magic power rolled and roared into the knife. The magic knife swallowed a terrifying knife. Mang, the entire mountain is covered with a layer of pressure.

In the villa, many people looked up at the sky, 丫丫, 璃圣, 村长, they all looked at the knife in the void, I saw the other side swayed, like to see how high the sky.

“Big Senior Brother.” Zhuge Mingyue, Luo Fan, Yi Xiaoshi, and North Tang Xinger also saw the silhouette of the knife saint, and looked at the sky.

I saw the knife stalking all the way up, getting higher and higher, but the magic power is getting stronger and stronger.

Above the higher sky, the wind and the clouds are discolored, and there is a looming light, just like the end of the day.

This day has changed.

“Robbery.” The people in the mountain village fluctuated and gave birth to waves.

“The Big Senior Brother, you have to go to the holy road.”

Zhuge Mingyue’s slender hand stretched out, and the long hair of his forehead was smashed, and the eyes in the void were exceptionally clear and bright.


Caotang discipline, there will be a sacred character.

In the future, the Big Senior Brother is the true knife.

If the teacher can see this day, he will be very happy.

In addition to the Big Senior Brother, Dongliu and Little Junior Brother are also the sages of the realm, and sooner or later will take that step, especially Little Junior Brother, his cultivation base has caught up with everyone, maybe, he really Can achieve the teacher’s expectations of him.

“Senior Sister, today is a good day.” North Tang Xinger walked behind Zhuge Mingyue and smiled.

On the first day of the first year of the Chinese calendar, the Great Senior Brother entered the Holy Land.

Unfortunately, Little Junior Brother is not there, otherwise it will be happy for the Big Senior Brother.

Above the sky, the black clouds are pressing the sky, just like a robbery. Because of the different cultivation, everyone’s robbery is different.

The robbery of the knife is far stronger than the robbery of the battle.

That pressure, as if to crush the knife.

However, the church discipline did not doubt whether the knife can survive this robbery. At the time of the cultivation, the teacher said that the Big Brother innate talent is mediocre among many Senior Brothers, but every step is extremely stable. .

Since he has robbed the Holy Path, then all the conditions must have been fulfilled.

This will be Water’s success, and even though the sacred sacredness may cause some trouble for the Big Senior Brother, they believe that there will be nothing.

Above the sky, the body of Knife is still up, as if to rush into the Great Dao, the knife in his hand is still, the infinite robbery shines down.

Accompanied by a terrifying thunder, the robbery.

At the same time, the knife arm lifted up, the knife smashed out, and opened the Great Dao robbery, as if a knife opened the sky, the coffin was opened.

This scene, the impact of the heart of the people.

Subsequently, the robbers gathered again, the knife and the palm of the hand were put down, the knife dissipated, the robbery came, rushed to his body, and refined his body.

The Great Dao robbery is dangerous, but it is a must, and only through Great Dao baptism is the complete holy.

That knife is not to annihilate, but the heart of the knife.

Even if there is no endlessness and no way, he will go up and see.

Under the looming robbery, the knives are standing in the sky, just like a god, even if many people in the distant mountains look up towards the direction, the heart trembles.


In the evening, Ye Futian got the news of the big Senior Brother’s sanctification from the small eagle, and his eyes were cultivating, revealing a bright smile.

He stood up and looked at the sky.

The church hall disciple, and finally someone stepped on the holy road.

It is a pity that he is not in the mountain village and cannot witness this historic moment in person.

The Big Brother is sanctified, and he will be in the future, as will the three Senior Brothers.

They will all go higher.

“What is so happy?” A soft voice came, Ye Futian turned to see Philippine, she was facing his direction, said: “I can feel your excitement from afar.”

“Nature is a happy thing.” Ye Futian smiled.

“Yes, I heard that today, above the pilgrimage, you want to give the princess to you. If this is the case, you don’t have to refuse.” Philippine lightly said with a smile: “And, when did you like me? ”

“Amount…” Ye Futian looked awkward.

Fei Xue smiled indifferently. She was able to perceive her emotions. Naturally, she knew that Ye Futian had not had the idea of ​​giving birth to her.

Otherwise, she would not be able to marry her when she faced her.

“Why did you refuse to marry him so simply, is it true that you really have a loved one?” Fischer asked with a smile, and she suddenly wanted to find out what Ye Futian thought, and it would be fun.

Ye Futian heard the words of Philippine, but it was like a pin-up. It was a bit faint, even though it had been a few years, every time I remembered it, it still hurts.

Fei Xue’s smile disappeared. She suddenly hated her own bad taste, bowed her head slightly and whispered: “I’m sorry.”

She knew that she had asked what she should not ask.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Ye Futian smiled, and he naturally understood that Fischer was not intentional.

“Then you still think about the things you just had fun, I will go first.” Philippine whispered, then turned and walked away, seemingly worried that he would affect Ye Futian’s emotions here.

Ye Futian saw her back and smiled and shook her head. Since it was mentioned, it could be put down in a flash.

However, the news of the big Senior Brother’s sanctification still makes people feel happy from the heart!

(End of this chapter)

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