The Legend of Futian Chapter 1497

1497. Chapter 1465 Palace of Disciple

    Chapter 1465 Palace of Disciple

    Sky Immortal Sect, naturally, has received news from the outside.

    The news is very sensitive, as today’s dark tide of the border, and, like what happened today, and what happened in the Vatican’s net day, is major event, which may affect the statutes of the Skyscrapers, and naturally they cannot afford to be surprised.

    Ye Futian sat on the mountains of the fairy fog, and there was a lot of people around here, and there was a rush by the east.

    “Junior Brother.” ”Chinatown’s headed to Ye Futian.

    “Three Senior Brother.”

    “Did you hear about the Vatican? Just now, the Vaticaly Cleaner Heavenly Sect came to you and invited you to go.” And Ye Futian looked at the East, and said, “Senior Brother, did Senior Jiang say why the Vatican did it?”

    Previously, the angels were invited, and now he is invited.

    “Sect Master said that there was never a precedent for saintess’s initiative to enter into marriage after the Queen opened the Vatican, and this time no one knows why, unless the Queen fears a radical change, he wants to take the lead in finding alliances through marriage, and to stabilize the position of the Vatican in the heavens and the earth, so that it will not prevail in such a paradox.”

    Ye Futian’s eyebrows have slight wrinkles, and today’s actions of the top forces have led to a sense of inspiration that the Vatican is so unusual as a clean day.

    “I felt like it was for you.” At this point, I was passing around a voice, Ye Futian turned around, and I saw Charlotte looking for him.

    “Me?” Ye Futian Road.

    “The gods had shown a relationship before, and the Vatican had not taken it, and then Qin had contact with you for a lot of time, perhaps the first saintess liked your initiative to find an excuse for marriage, and wanted to see your attitude.”

    Ye Futian looked towards her, and showed a strange expression in her eyes.

    Sharon saw him staring at himself, and he couldn’t help it: “What are you looking at?”

    “Princess felt, maybe right.” Ye Futian said it loudly.


    Charming blinked his eyes and looked at him.


    People next to them are staring, and this guy, his face is thick enough.

    But what Ye Futian thought about is not that Qin likes him so short as to have a feeling, at the most, to talk about, like, being too lightly, being people who have reached the Holy Land for years, who are already not a teenage age age age age, and that their hearts are not that easy to make a difference, and that they are not that easy to enjoy one.

    But he always feels like there’s something behind him.

    For example, after the war of Purple Heavenly Palace, even though he failed, he was not even the brightest person in the sky, and the angel in Crown Prince, but why is Qin different from him?

    Qin has contacted him for unknown reasons and has been with him in a palace, and if this is Qin’s style of action, it will all be ‘s, but then the king’s derivatives, as well as the day’s visit, were accepted outside the palace.

    That means that this may not be the original will of Qin, so what is the purpose of Qin’s contact with him?

    Sha Qing reminded him if it would happen again?

    This guess is not at all logic, it’s a very delicate instinct.

    He’s invisible, the Vatican is like a fog.

    “Three Senior Brother, are you going to go this time?” Ye Futian asked about the East.

    “Go to the House of Commons.” Responding to the East, Ye Futian nodded, the whole group moved towards a direction, and there are many Immortal Sect powerhouse here.

The man

    who presided over the matter was Jiang Clan and Elder of the Wallace, who only saw Elder’s eyes falling on the East Floor and Ye Futian, opened the mouth and said, “Did Ye Xiaojun tell you?”

    “Well.” Ye Futian nodded.

    “This pure day invitation from the Vatican, we intended to hope that the Eastern Flood would be able to marry the Vatican’s net saintess, or in the future to marry Goddess, just because it called him a wife, and he can only do it, and that he is not going out today.” Elder opened the mouth and said of the Wallace, who today looks very sensitive to the identity of the East, fearing that he will be assassinated by the other side.

    Although the probability is low, it is always precautionary.

    “The Vatican’s net saintess Qin, well known and well known as your relationship is not the same, before living in the palace, and now the Vatican’s clean day is likely to choose a partner for her. What do you think about Qin Elder?”


    relationship between Ye Futian and Qin is, of course, a useful thing if it is to go further.

    Ye Futian is somewhat naughty, and he naturally understands the Immortal Sect idea, which would be of great benefit to Immortal Sect if he was able to match Qin.

    But his relationship with Qin doesn’t even talk about being a partner.

    “Senior, I and Qin are just ordinary friends, not Senior thought.” Ye Futian opened the mouth and said.

    “But even so, Qin cannot, in any case, come together with Iowa.”

    Everyone understands this, and if Crown Prince of the Heaven has married the first saintess of the Vatican’s clean day, it will be a disaster for Immortal Sect.

    That situation is therefore absolutely impossible.

    “Chinatown is unable to go this time, but Kang is too early, clouds and leaves, and you have to go hard.” Jiang Clan’s Elder said at this time that even Ye Futian cannot be with Qin, he must stop the Iowa.

    So they have to go to the Vatican on a clean day.

    “Good.” Ye Futian Micronesotdded, a very good answer, and he wants to see what the Vatican is doing, and what does it have to do with him, as his instincts feel?

    “Difficulties.” Several people Nodded, said, “It’s not too late, and this brings people together, and you’re all ready.”

    “Well.” Everyone withdrew from the House of Commissions and then went back to prepare themselves.

    After a while, from the sky Immortal Sect, the fairy light goes straight to the clouds, and from silhouette on a journey, moved towards a distance.

    Destination, Vatican.


    The Vatican is located in the northern part of the heaven and the earth, far from the sky Immortal Sect, and even through the earth where the angels are required, but the Immortal Sect clearly avoids, will not touch the people of the angels, or will not know what will happen.

    The City of Vatican, which is the main city of the region where the Vatican is located today, is under the direct control of the Vatican, and what happens in the city is almost impossible to conceal the eyes of the Vatican.

    Of course, the Queen of the Vatican, Ho and the others, remembered three Thousand World, the main city under the eyes of the city of Vatican, whose ideas could be directly covered.

    No one has ever thought about what to do here to hide the Queen’s ear.

    Therefore, in this main city, everyone must abide by the rules of the Vatican.

    Now, the top figures of the parties in the skies come to this city of Vatican.

    The city of Vatican has been extremely excited for some time.

    At this point, in a wine building in the city of Vatican, there is an extraordinary human being who packs the whole building, and everyone else can only look far and show the color of admiration.

    The whole group’s atmosphere is superfluous, sitting upstairs and chatting, and many of the people standing on each side, many of whom are royal, are hidden from different places, blocking the building very tightly and wind and rain.

    Crown Prince, the God of Heaven, is in this liquor building, and the others, naturally, are his Senior Brother.

    “They, from the palace.” Far away, people are looking at silhouette, with slight fluctuations in the heart, and now the Hindu Place, where these people come from, naturally, no longer secrets.

    They come from the rest of Paragon Road, and they are mortal.

    In that direction, there is a piano, a piano with a strong penetration, falling into the ears of the people, as if it were to enter the piano altogether, which is the most beautiful picture.

    It’s quiet upstairs and people listen to the piano.

    The player is handsome, and the temperature is superfluous, and when his hands are touched, there is nothing to say about it.

    The piano is gradually getting high from comfort, Metal Goma, swallowed for a long time, an arrogant air is going straight over the clouds, with a desire to be higher than Heavenly Palace, which makes people away feel hot and boiling, and at the same time very unstable in their hearts, who have not released the piano spell, just a pure play, with such a strong influence.


    a long time, the piano became peaceful until it stopped.

    Finally, the people upstairs seem to wake up from the drunken, a man said with a smile: “Good.”

    “Junior Brother’s piano music has been built, Martial Uncle has been faxed, and it is difficult for a few people to compare in the palace.” One smiles at praise, and people are moving around nodded.

    “The prophet of the mythodox palace is, in general, that I can’t shoulder my generation, and nobody can shoulder Junior Brother.” Izumi also praised the silence of young expression, and he put his hands down and looked for the earth’s path: “However, the magic is broken.”

    “Does the man who breaks the mythology pass the law?” Youth say hello.

    The head said, “The man innate talent is great, but not at all before he has been able to break the mythology, and because of the restraint of technique of cultivation, Immortal Sect has an extraordinary fairy law, and if Junior Brother is alone, it cannot be broken.”

    “No sound law can break the mythology, if it does come out of the ordinary, and it is extremely remarkable that people in this world can win without distinction with Senior Brother.” Young people continue to open the mouth and said, and the palace has a link between disciple and common disciple.

    The names of these people, all of whom are the legendary disciple in the palace, are capable of entering the disciple stone of the palace, will record their lifetime stories, and everyone is innate talent, otherwise only common disciple.

    And all of them belong to the disciple, and the Iowick is in the disciple, as is well-known figure, standing at the top, and not many people can mention on equal terms with him!


    (This chapter is over)

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