The Legend of Futian Chapter 1499

1499. Chapter 1466 Invitations

    Chapter 1466 Invitations

    Vatican City, an increasing number of powerhouse arriving.

    Ye Futian whole group from Immortal Sect is here, and they live in the city of Vatican.

    This time, the well-know figure of the younger generation, Immortal Sect, is almost the same, except for the Eastern Flow.

    Jiang Clan Jin Jiang Clan Kang, Wah Yuan Yuan and Wang Wang’s derivatives, the three most famous powerhouse on Immortal Sect, all of which are on foot in the city of Vatican.

    In addition to them, there are Ye Futian and leaves.

    Yu Sheng, who was in Earth Dragon Massacre cultivation in the demons, is naturally unlikely to accompany them.

    However, this demon has a lot of supreme people coming, and today the human and demon communities seem to have acquiesced each other’s steps and begun to interact with each other, and the last human cultivator movement from mountain range has been on the verge of the demon, and since then people of the supreme strengths of the demon have often stepped on the world of human cultivation.

    They must know what level of human cultivator power is today, as is the case today with the human plantation world.

    Ye Futian, after they arrived, the powerhouse of the dragons came to visit.

    Ye Futian naturally met himself, and he wondered what happened to Yu Sheng today in the dragon orchid.

    “Ye Futian has seen Senior.” The prime hostage of the dragons is the emperor of the Dragon, who stands there and gives people a sense of great shore, and he is the most evil of this generation of dragons.

    Dragon is Divine Dragon of Nirvana Realm, with a strong temperature pound, a variable of Royal Family Purple Metal Dragon Race of the Dragon Triangle, which is extremely rare for the Dragon Triangle, with only one generation and only one generation after the meteor of the previous generation, with the possibility of another.

    This situation is extremely strange, and it has been argued that because of its transgression, it was too evil for Heavens Jealousy to allow a single generation of such mutants as those of a person to be asked.

    The dragon, which was born over the years, was a pride mutant, and last time he didn’t go to Heavenly Palace, until this time he was officially out of the mountains and walked out of the dragons.

    Many years ago, Royal Family was purple Metal Royal Family, but then one of the top dragons changed the bloodline as a result of cultivation, the Royal Family of the Dragon community was mutated, and, moreover, the old King was defeated and sealed as the new King of the Dragon Triangle, an evolution of the bloodline.

    Since then, the Royal Family of the Dragon Trinity, but where such variations occur, will be taken over by the King of the Dragon Triangle, a mutant called Purple Divine Dragon.

    Dragon, it’s purple blood, Divine Dragon, but you know how superficial he is.

    A long time ago, the Dragon community brought back a man of human cultivation, awakening that silent dragon for many years, making that dragon yell at the sky and shake it, and then began to teach that human cultivation.

    In response, the powerhouse of the dragon claiming that the Dragon might encounter a very rare demon Path Evil Series, which exceeded his expectations, would only react so strongly.

    Yu Sheng, who appeared on the edge of Purple Heavenly Palace, was most likely underestimated, when Ye Futian called his strength Invincible, but there were the highest figures in the skies, although they also recognized Yu Sheng’s strength, but no one really believed that Yu Sheng was hostile.

    The Draon roar voice of the Dragon gave rise to some shock on the Dragons, and everything that had happened recently in the Sky community had made the Dragons feel that the future would change, that the mountains would come out of the mountains after the dragon, and that they had officially walked out of the dragons and came to the Human Town World.

    At this point, the dragon watches Ye Futian and the others, Mrs. Kang, who heard their names very early in the Dragon Trinity, and Ye Futian was recently famous and shocked.

    This human cultivator, who has been highly evaluated, is considered by many to be one of the giants of the skies if he does not die.

    “Don’t be welcome.” Next to the Dragon Emperor on Ye Futian, “The Dragon King came to tell you today about Yu Sheng, who is already in the field of my ancestor Earth Dragon, with a great talent instructor from my dragon community, and you can rest assured.”

    “Well,” Ye Futian nodded: “The dragons take him personally, and I’m naturally relieved.”

    He made it clear to Yu Sheng that, as long as the dragons were interested and strong as Yu Sheng was, they could not be overlooked, and the dragon emperor’s emperor now came to inform himself that he understood that the dragon monarchy powerhouse, who taught Yu Sheng, must be superficial, so that the dragons would all attach great importance to it.

    However, the powerhouse of the Dragons does not intend to fully inform Ye Futian that the crimes committed by the Dragon were imprisoned in the Dragon community, that his death was already due to the presence of the Dragons, that he was still inappropriate to raise them, and that he could only be imprisoned at the origin of the dragon, even if it was difficult to see the day again.

    “This is the dragon of my dragon clan.” And the king introduced the sound that the young man was speculating between Kang and Wah Yun Yun, and that the names of each other are now slightly surprising, and that the second generation of the rumors inheritance’s Ultimate Royal Family came out of the hill, which had passed away for centuries since that year.

    “Royal Family of the Dragon Catholics, Ultimate Royal Family, above all Dragon Race’s Dragon Race, was born to be king.” The Crown Dragon derivatives spoke to Ye Futian sound transmission and explained the history of the UV Royal Family, and Ye Futian heard a little bit of a surprise.

    All the supreme existence of the heavens and the earth has come out of it.

    “Ye Futian.” Ye Futian’s on the dragon microarch.

    “It’s a lot of fame.” The dragon is very tall, and he knows about Ye Futian slightly nodded, but he didn’t come out of the mountains, so he knows about the changes that took place in the skies.

    In particular, the last change in the origin of mountain range, and if Patririarch feared that any adverse change in the origin mountain range would affect his security, he would also go.

    For the dragons, the security of dragons is of paramount importance, a rare generation inheritance, the natural King Dragon Race, and the dragons are afraid to fall lightly.

    In the demon world, the handsome status of the Dragon and Celestial Demon shrines is somewhat similar to that of the human plantation of the world today towards Crown Prince Yi and the Orthodox Immortal Sect.

    “Shame.” Ye Futian responded that, from the realm point of view, the dragon is Neal, and he can all claim Senior.

    “All go in and sit.” At this point, Immortal Sect, a powerhouse opens the mouth and said.

    “No, we just came to tell Yu Sheng about it.” The Dragon King opens the mouth and said, and then the arch withdrew, nor did the man of Immortal Sect continue to stay and send the powerhouse of the dragons away.

    The Immortal Sect is naturally willing to make a deal with the Dragons, but today the Immortal Sect is in a turbine, where the dragons are not necessarily willing to be directly involved, and they are willing to teach Yu Sheng and Sky Immortal Sect two things, as is clear to Ye Futian.

    Even more, in the original mountain range, the daylight desires to create a new king of the demon, and I’m afraid the dragons are not necessarily obedient, and they can even be called potential rivals.

    “The people of the Vatican have come to visit.” The dragons have just left, and others have come to report, making it clear to the people of Immortal Sect.

    “Please.” “The Immortal Sect powerhouse said,” Soon, there will be a beautiful silhouette coming here, and this clean day of the Vatican will be a young, beautiful woman, no emperor, Ye Futian, the head of the household, and saintess.

    “The clothing has seen Immortal Sect Senior.” The clothing saintess has slightly owed saluted.

    “What’s the matter with saintess coming?”

    “The clothing came to tell me, seven days later, that the Vatican, Saintess Qin, would lead saintess to the unseen cabinet in the city of Vatican, with a view to directing the plastic base of the wind fluid across the Catholic community.”

    The first saintess Qin for the first day of the Vatican’s day?

    And this time, it is up to the power of the people who teach them all directly.

    Qin has led the Vatican’s net saintess wave.

    “All right, I know.” The Emperor of Immortal Sect, Microslightly slightly nodded.

    “Young Master Ye must go.”

    Ye Futian showed a strange expression and everyone else looked at him, and there was no need to remind him that saintess would go, but that reminder seemed not to be deep.

    “Fairy, don’t worry, I’ll go myself.” Ye Futian nodded.

    “So I can go back to the service.” “The clothing smiles at nodded, and then I say,” Turn around. “

    After she left, everybody looked towards Ye Futian.

    “It seems that you feel right.” Shakespeare said, apparently, that last time they said, it’s probably because of Ye Futian.

    Today, the Vatican’s clean clothes saintess himself named Ye Futian, apparently hidden.

    Ye Futian looked at Shakespeare Road: “Though it feels right, it’s not as simple as you think.”

    This thing is hidden behind his back, and he can’t see it now, as if he was in a fog.

    If it is understood on the surface, this time it may be the Vatican who wants to choose his partner for Qin, and Qin sees him differently, but in fact, is it true that it is not certain?

    Soon, the top forces of the parties received an invitation from the Vatican Clean Saintess, which was debated by countless people in the city of Vatican.

    This time, the Vatican, Qin Saintess, who personally led the son of the Vatican, will personally take the power of cultivator from all sides of the Catholic community?

    In that way, it would also be possible to see what level of supremacy is now in the future.

    Since Vatican Saintess will be underneath great array, it is clear that it is not possible for a single person to enter the position, or that Qin, the first saintess, himself, is very famous and powerful, and who can break the line if she’s in charge of great array, by herself?

    This time, apparently, is to teach the top powers of the younger generation as a whole!

    (This chapter is over)

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