The Legend of Futian Chapter 1500

1500. Chapter 1467

    Chapter 1467

    After the news came out, the powerhouse in the whole city of Vatican gathered all over the same place, the Unseen Cabinet.

    The Unseen Sky Cabinet, one of the nine days of Goddess in the city of Vatican, was one of the nine days of the Vatican’s net Goddess, and the first generation of Goddess was sealed, after which Goddess summoned Disciple and was also in the Sky Cabinet.

    The unseen cabinet is located at the heart of the city of Vatican, with ten thousand zhang stairs, straight through the clouds.

    On the stairs of the Unseen Sky Cabinet, it is possible to see the city of Vatican without a region.

    At this time, many of the alcoholic buildings of His Excellency have exploded, and there are few who have come before us and are extremely excited.

    Everyone chose their place and wanted to see the war in the city of Vatican.

    This day, the city of Vatican bombed.

    In a very good liquor building, those who are able to occupy the top of this building are extraordinary people who look at the distant entrance to the Sky Cabinet, and have concealed to see silhouette in saintess’s net day.

    It seems to be landing.

    Even though they’re in the city of Vatican, in general, it’s almost impossible to see the Vatican and the foreigners fight, and in this city who dares to deal with the Vatican’s purerhouse?

    The name of Qin’s first saintess is well known, its beauty is invisible, but no one dares to ignore her strength, and now she is self-reliant in the battle.

    And she’s going to fight, and she’s going to be one of the greatest evil people in the sky, and many are even thinking, whether this war is a queen’s arrangement, or is Qin trying to teach himself?

    No one knows the answer. Both are possible.

    If Qin wanted to choose the cultivation partner, it would also be to see who would be able to match it, and there was no doubt that fighting was the best test in the cultivation world.

    Today, more people in the city of Vatican believe that this pure day may be serious, and that it may well be the choice of cultivation for Qin.

    “This time it is said that not only are the top powerful men of the Skywalker, but also the top powerhouse of the demon, who thinks can break the unseen great array to see Da Qin saintess?”

    “There should be a chance.” Some say, “He’s down, and many people stare at the man who said it with his nose, with despicable colors in his eyes.

    When the young man sees people’s eyes, he knows what he’s saying wrong, he’s got some hot hair on his face, looking for the elders of the table.

    And see only his elders staring at him, and he said, “If the Vatican chose a partner for Qin Saintess, it would certainly be a war, and you know how powerful Qin Fairy is? Do you know how strong saintess is under Goddess’ seats for nine days? They share a great array, even if there is no chance that no one can break up with another generation.”

    “But the people who come here are also the top ones, not the ones?” Young people say loudly that they seem to be afraid of being stigmatized, and his voice is down a few points.

    “This depends on the degree of tache, the great array of the Vatican’s net Sky, the saintess, who now knows how powerful formidable power is, but don’t forget what capacity the Vatican has to do.”

    “Spirit attack.” Youth response said that the Vatican’s net Catholic Emperor remembered three Thousand World.

    Now, the Vatican has a great fight, formidable power extinction.

    “Her Majesty has not been able to do so for too many years, so that the world is now aware of her glory of Invincible, the color of the crown, but forget how powerful her Majesty was that year.” The elders are saddened, and many are mindful of rumours about the year, and there is little wave in her heart.

    “Not long ago, in Immortal Sect, those outside palaces powerhouse used very powerful audio wave tunnels, yet Qin Fairy was said to be the absolute first person under the Vatican’s purity.”

    “The Great Vampire.” Many people are fuzzy, and the Vatican’s attack is not the main audio wave, which, in fact, is an attack on the spiritual power, can disturb the will of the people, cooperate with the Clean Divine Sword, whose ability to kill the soul is seen as hostile and the most recognized tactics of the Skywalker against the soul.

    Today, saintess’s unseen great array, how powerful formidable power is, if it is impossible to estimate, knowing it only if it is seen.

    “The Vatican is also good at sound law?” At this time, a voice comes out of it, though not loud, but it looks like a magic force, and many people can hear it clearly.

    They turned around, and they saw a walk of silhouette Void, and everyone had a super meteorology, and those behind them, while not breathing, were able to feel an intangible pressure just to look at them, all of whom were present at the royal level.

    “The angels are headed towards powerhouse.” Those who are the heads of people are the gods of the heavens, Crown Prince, and those around him must be his Senior Brother.

    These people, everyone, are the top ones.

    Shortly heard of the excavations of the angels towards the forefathers’ Green, it was not known whether the power of those people had become stronger.

    “The Vatican’s voice is indeed a magic, and the Lord attacked the soul, and they were not pure musical cultivation.” The Iowa said that he, Junior Brother, came out of the palace, was the master of the palace to communicate the disciple, and that the magic was the first person under the palace, and in the heaven and the earth, it must be no one’s access.

    Next to youth nodded, smile and say, “This way, it’s even more promising.”

    “I would also like to see the proud daughter of Junior Brother of the heavens.” A young man next to a slightly older age has said with a smile, who is the highest among the people of this palace, and the Iowa has to call Senior Brother.

    “Senior Brother, do not reveal my scar.” The rumors seem to be unbelievable today, when they smile at the head, and the people next to them see this screen reveal color, in the rumors that the angel is arrogant to Crown Prince.

    Of course, it may be only in the face of the same remarkable personality that his brother, Yasect Senior Brother, will show such a scene to Crown Prince if he is confronted with a foreigner.

    “There’s a lot of Junior Sister in the palace who thinks about you, and all of them are shocking ability and stunning talent people, but at the time of the palace, you never thought about a partner, just being quiet, and now going back to the heaven, and that’s what it is.” That’s probably family mission.

    The Iowa has nothing to say, and if it is not a family mission, he should have been more spilled.

    It is just that the grievances of the two generations have fallen on him today, and he will certainly do the best, bring the angels to an unprecedented height, and this is his mission, and he will certainly do the same.

    After all this, maybe we can go after Heavenly Dao at the top of Supreme.

    He’s got a long way to go.

    At that time, Void had a voice of a tsunami, and the eyes of moving towards an empty direction, and saw the divine light, where Divine Bird came, where Metal Udivine light, Metal Light, Phoenix’s flash was shining in the heavens and the earth, and why it was.

    Everyone saw this scene, and it became clear that the Holy House of Celestial Demon was here.

    “really strong breath.” A young man next to the Iowa turned up looking towards Void and said that Divine Bird in that sacred place was overbreathing.

    “Angel Celestial Demon, you should’ve heard about it.” Iowa opened the mouth and said, people Nodded, how much they know about the top strengths of the Nine Paragon community.

    “It seems that this time there is an opportunity to look at the most popular influential figure in the skies.” Some say with a smile, some expectations.

    Even though they come from the palace, they are the supreme human beings, they are not inviolable, they are not necessarily stronger, as are the supreme demons of the heaven. Today, they have the opportunity to compete together to cross borders and top people, and naturally one of the most promising things.


    powerhouse in the Celestial Demon shrine in Void swept the bottom of the eye, with sharp eyes, and in the heaven, Celestial Demon, because it was the supreme Monster Race, could be said to be the most powerful force in the top powerhouse, not one of them, even the angels.

    “The Dragons.” Far away, there’s a whole group coming in another region, and they instantly attracted the eyes of the Celestial Demon temple, the powerhouse, and he was handsome, one of them, the Dragon Dragon Dragons, and his presence in the demon.

    Thereafter, the forces of the angels, the Purple Metal mice and the Mountain of England continued to arrive, for a period of time, in the area around the Sky Cabinet, known as the Devil Cloud.

    “Jun, Dragon, the Lord of Heaven is coming to Crown Prince, and he’s not going to show up.” His Excellency, there are countless stars to be found in different places, and the most sophisticated handkers of human race and demons are almost in place. He is said not to be present.

    “The Immortal Sect is here.” There are voices, countless visions, where Ye Futian and Silhouette came.

    In the forefront, Ye Futian, Kang Junior, Yuan Yuan Yuan, Wang Yun Yun Yuan, and the whole group are all monstrous and surrounded by terrifying.

    “This position is more terrifying than the last Purple Heavenly Palace feast.”

    Who can break the unseen, great array, headed by the first saintess Qin Day?

    The eyes of the Iowa go to the direction of Immortal Sect, and say, “They’re here.”

    “They?” The palace’s eyes moved to the other side, and then looked for too early for Kang and Ye Futian and the others, who were really out of the ordinary.

    “The white man broke the mythology.” Iowa path of sight fell on Ye Futian, especially the most evil disciple of the mythological palace beside him.

    “I want to lead the church, but first I’m going to break up for Senior Brother.” Young people are quiet, and today’s purpose is to look at the top of the world, except for God’s sake!


    (This chapter is over)

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