The Legend of Futian Chapter 1501

1501. Chapter 1468

    Chapter 1468

    Ye Futian naturally saw the Iowa and the others, but only by looking at them and sweeping away from the other side.

    It was not assumed that the charm of the first saintess day of the Vatican would be so large that the powerhouse position would be stronger than Purple Heavenly Palace, and, of course, the accumulation of a number of things that might have occurred in the near future, making a slight change in the weather situation and the sensitivity of all the powers of the Skyscrapers.

    At this point, many are looking at the direction of the unseen cabinet, seeing only the 10,000 zhang ladder of the Unseen Cabinet, a path of Fairy dropping out of the sky in a long dress, falling in different steps, beautiful and impressive.

    On the roof, silhouette continues to float, and if the fairies fall in dust, they will stand on the stairs in different places and appear to be quiet.

    At the highest level, a generation Fairy slowed down, even more beautiful and suffocating, the first saintess of the Vatican’s clean day, Qin.

    The Silhouette of Qin, who stopped directly at the end of the Unseen Cabinet, saw only her sitting in her seat and running in her hand, and an ancient zither appeared before him and appeared to be ready to stand by the piano.

    “The Great Vatican?” The inwardly shiver in the hearts of the people, who are naturally listening, is simply the first saintess in the city of Vatican, so that her strength will be ignored.

    And the Great Vatican’s voice is a slaughter of the gods, and I don’t know what it would be like to put it in the hands of Qin.

    “How many people do saintess have?” Some people say that the number of acquiescence appears on the stairs of the Unseen Skyscrapers.

    “Eighty-one saintess, in full.” Everyone will soon see, on top of the stairs, saintess eighty-one.

    And the Vatican, for nine days, Goddess, nine days under Goddess, each with nine Great Sage women.

    This means that eighty-one saintess, all saintess in the Vatican’s net day, is in, like, terrifying.

    Of course, the sealed saintess does not necessarily have to be realm high, and in the Vatican’s net day, there are lots of people in cultivation base above saintess, so they cannot be described as the most powerful person in the Vatican.

    But at this point, there are many more silhouette coming from the Unseen Skyscrapers, who are the people of the other Vatican’s pure holy state of affairs, who are constantly moving down and surrounded by saintess, as if they turned from a small position to a great array.

    This makes it clear to many people that the Vatican is going to do a lot of power this time?

    However, hundreds of holy cultivator appeared simultaneously, and the number of people still appeared to be dispersed under the 10,000 zhang ladder of the unseen cabinet, but in all positions there were already people.

    At this time, the Emperor powerhouse, who was on the roof of the Unseen cabinet, showed up there, and she looked down to the bottom and opened the mouth and said: “The Vatican will now be led by Qin to the top of the Catholic community today, and the men of the forces of the Sky community will be able to join the fighting simultaneously and indefinitely, and I will adjust the number of people who come out on the basis of the situation, and, if there are injuries, the next person will be replaced.”

    “There is also a point in which the murderous force is not necessarily controlled in this table, so that if cultivation realm is not sufficient, care will be taken not to enter the position easily, and those who can directly enter the unseen cabinet will be seen today as a breakthrough.”

    她的声音传遍Void ,所有人都能够听得清清楚楚,只见她向诸人挥手道:“请。”

    Then she turned back into the Unseen Sky Cabinet and gave it to Qin.

    At this time, Qin alone is sitting on the stairs, and she stretches out fibre jade hand, falls on the string, staring at the strings.

    She didn’t go to the bottom of the world, as if it was the luxury and confusion of the world down there, and she had nothing to do with her.

    At that time, Qin gave people a sense of loneliness, as if the world was alone.

    Beyond that, Qin seems to have no kind of moderate and tender intentions in general, instead of being cold, the lengthy skirts on her body are slight, and there seems to be a number of serious killings in the heavens and the earth.

    Even if it was far apart, it was clear that Qin’s atmosphere had changed and that normally it had become two distinct people.

    “Music law.” “The young man around the mythological palace raised his head to the Void, and said,” It’s beautiful. “

    “Indeed, if Junior Brother was able to marry her, it would be a good thing.” The Senior Brother smiled at the opening mouth and said, and if it were placed in them, it would be the same color as Invincible for generations, it would be difficult to be more beautiful than the shoulder, even though it was in their realm, but who still loved all the good things.

    “Someone is going to do it.” At this point, they look in one direction, and they see only one line of silhouette moved to the bottom of the stairs, and this human condition comes out of the ordinary, with a gorgeous shirt, very glaring, but their faces are disgusting.

    Purple Metal mice powerhouse.

    I didn’t expect Monster Race to take the lead.

    “These rats powerhouse are so anxious to break in, and it seems like they’re delusional, not trying to change the latter’s color?” There are people around the corner of the human cultivator with low irony.

    In the eyes of the people of human cultivation, purple Metal rats are naturally untouched by Qin, and if there are some ideas, they are absolutely delusional.

    This is probably why the powerhouse of the Purple Metal mice has been struggling to move forward, even though they have become the supreme force of the demon, but there is still bias against them, and the mouse is a low Monster Race in the impression of the world that it is only a generation that is difficult to change that perception, requires a succession effort, and one day the real Peak-Stage of the demon community, so the world can only admire them.

    Only the powerhouse of the Purple Metal mice came to the bottom of the stairs, and they looked to the top, and the arch opened the mouth and said: “Teach.”

    “Thirty-second powerhouse.” People whispered, and the UV Metal rats moved out of 32 priests powerhouse.

    When their voices fall, there is a glorious purple Metal Holy Light on their bodies, and there is an extremely sharp rush, like a path of Metal.

    At the same time, Qin’s hands on Void began playing the piano, and the moment the piano was ringing, the intent of a serious killing was to cover the ten thousand zhang ladder and make people feel very cold.

    See only a lot of saintess at the same time, with Holy Light shining on their bodies, just like being integrated into the piano, Great Dao of the World, moving fast, and people find the world as it is now.

    There were countless illusions on that ladder, like ten thousand zhang steps, all of which were silhouette of saintess’s net day.

    These silhouette, as if saintess’s will were to be heard at this moment, as if Qin was led by Qin, a super great array began to operate on the ladder for a while.

    “Buzz.” Thirty-second radical Metal Holy Light goes straight through the clouds, fast to the limit and has the ability to pass directly through the streets.

    “Bang, bang,” see only Void, a path of illusion, which is directly fragmented, and that 32nd pride goes to the top of the high altitude, with purple Metal divine light no stronghold one cannot overcome, as if some kind of resonance had arisen, leaving the gods directly through the road.

    “Quickly.” People look for a path of divine light, and it’s hard to even see their silhouette.

    In a very short period of time, little illusions have been destroyed, which has led many to reassess the power of the UV Metal rats, who, while living ugly, are now very powerful.

    But the rays of light on saintess are getting worse and more urgent, passing through Void, directly into the ear of the Purple Metal Mouse powerhouse, as if they were caught in a position, as if they were killed in the endless saintess fantasy.

    “If you want to break it directly, the Purple Metal Rat should not be so powerful.” The Immortal Sect is heading, the Wall Cloud says.

    Ye Futian agrees with him that the Vatican is so easy to make breakthrough.

    Unless it is absolutely stronger than Qin’s power to do so, it would be very passionate to enter the position directly.


    powerhouse of the Purple Metal mice seems to be in a bit of a hurry.

    Maybe it’s because they’re eager to prove themselves.

    Even the souls of those who stop fighting seem to have been strongly disrupted by the great Vatican’s voice around the heavens and the earth, as if the images that have been seen before are already unrealistic and numerous saintess dances.


    powerhouse of the Wikipedia Metal mouse naturally felt that, although they were experiencing extreme speed, as they walked up, their will was somewhat shaken, their souls were unstable, the Great Vatican was insane in the ear, and their voices were brought directly into their minds.

    “Bomb.” The most centrally situated ultraviolet Metal glow on their bodies, and their speed continues to rise sharply, directly penetrating countless illusions, and only now continues to break the path.

    But next moment, they find countless saintess fantasies, while shaking Divine Sword, the glory on Divine Sword directly threatens their souls.

    “Be careful.” The ultraviolet Metal mouse opens the mouth and said, and as if it’s too late, the Great Van Voice becomes strong, with no less powerful seriousness. At the same time, in their minds, countless Divine Sword is wiped out simultaneously, such as Heaven Flying Immortal.

    The sword came out of their souls and seemed to be able to directly ignore the defence of fleshy body and to cut directly over their souls.

    There were several weak UV Metal rats who suddenly screamed, as if they had been torn in their souls and cut into countless pieces, they had been throwing blood directly, moving towards the air, and the rays of light released on their body had suddenly become bleak and had no previous light.

    pu, pu… “

    a The way of spit blood, the powerhouse of a purple Metal mouse, continues to fall down and cannot afford such an attack.

    Seeing this screen, secretly sighed, is a good counter-productive example of those who want to be the first to do it, if they are very bright, but if they fail.

    This situation today, when the Vaticay is so great, how can it be so relaxed that when they’re in position, how bright they are at this moment?


    (This chapter is over)

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