The Legend of Futian Chapter 1545

1545. Chapter 1511

    Chapter 1511

On the

    first day of the opening of the 30th year of Divine State, the Supreme Profound Mountain, who had always been quiet, had bombed the upper world.

    Supreme Profound Mountain announced that all those who arrived could go to the mountains.

    For a while, countless powerhouse boards.

    The Supreme Profound Mountain is extremely large, and therefore it is not a problem even if the eight parties come forward.

    And of these arrivals, nature is the largest number of people in the Unseen, all of whom come with a sacred mind, and this is, after all, the Holy Land of the Unseen.

    And now, Hyun-jung is shutting off the realm, is it possible to break the border?

    What happens if realm breaks?

    Unseen, will you establish a sect?

    In the upper world, there is no doubt that the most powerful influence has led to the upper palace for no reason, that there are several top figures in the upper palace, and that, under the heaven, there has been a lack of knowledge of how many storms have been cultivated, and that many of the top family forces have sent their descendants into the upper palace plantations, and even a few others across the border, to send their descendants to the palace for asylum.

    Thus, in the event of influence, the upper palace is the first of the well-deserved upper circles.

    In addition, there are a number of powerful forces standing in Peak, which, compared to them, are the top figures, are not as obvious as Supreme Profound Mountain, nor is the scope of the unseen area too large, because he is not really established a section because he has only taken four main direct disciples, or today, his eldest disciple superior Sect Lord in the open section and established school, to expand the territory of the Unknown area.

    Many of the others in that area had ideas, and they also hoped that the influence of the Hydrographic Dignity would be stronger and that the gatekeepers would also have access to Supreme Profound Mountain cultivation.

    Today, if there is an opportunity to go further, the influence will be expanded again and the boundaries will be blown up, and if he establishes a sect, it will be 100 times, and the powerhouse clouds will be flown in the heavens and the earth.

    Just look at the scene of this day.

    A lot of people moved towards the sign that flown at Supreme Profound Mountain, as if they had seen Worlds Living Things, was incredible enough to give them comprehend for a long time, but at that time Supreme Profound Mountain was not suitable for cultivation, and so much for powerhouse.

    At this point, you see only one line of silhouette out, and it’s the three eldest disciple, with the exception of the Lord of the Unknown Sect, who walks in the forefront, moved towards the whole group, and the whole group is excellent, even if it comes out of the ordinary group.

    “From the palace.” Some voiced that this whole group was recognized, and the palace influential figure brought some disciple to Supreme Profound Mountain.

    It can be seen how much the shutdown of this hypocrite has caused.

    “Meet the Lord of the Mythological Palace.” The ancient man in the palace, the chief of which is saluted, has a god, wearing a silver long shirt, and is the owner of the mythological palace in the upper palace.

    “There is no need for courtesy.” The Lord of the Theory said, “He has a very modest tone, but he has also been given a frank courtesy and, after all, is in position.

    “How’s Dawn Town?” The Lord of the Spirit Palace said, “This is also one of the most important concerns for all, and is it broken?”

    “Teachers are closing down and Senior Brother is personally guarded there, and now we do not know what happened to Master’s old cultivation.” Too unseen City Lord opens the mouth and say: “Supreme Profound Mountain is ready for a dinner, and the Lord of the Holy House has asked.”

    Let’s just say that Hyun-city Lord is in the front, that the Lord of the Holy House is behind him, and that he has brought some disciple to walk.

    Thereafter, powerhouse, with a number of strong forces, came into the Supreme Profound Mountain, all of whom were courtesy to the city Lord.

    At this time, a strong, horizontal breath is sweeping and people rise and see Metal divine light spreading down, and many people hold their eyes in their hands and leave a seal on the watch towards the sky, and under the gloomy light of that eye, silhouette dropping out of the sky.

    “The gods.” People see this line of powerhouse having a heart shock, even the ancient people of the world are thrilled.

    On the east side of the upper border, there is an extremely old clan who claims to be descendants of the earth’s pregnancies, and in the body they flourish into Metal blood, and life is immense, known as undying and indestructible, opening up ancient countries in the east, and the yellow Metal god.

    This yellow Metal kingdom is an absolute hegemony in the eastern part of the upper world, and its forces are extremely powerful, but this is not the Lord of God, but also the supreme man of extreme terrifying, the goddess of Huang Metal.

    There are rumours that there are the highest figures in the kingdom, and that under the East Phoenix Emperor of the Lord of the Divine State, the kingdom has conquered for the East Phoenix, has set up the Hezbollah battle, and today in the Holy Power, there is also a precious gift from the emperor, which makes the Huang Metal kingdom shocked and perceive.

    The crowd automatically allowed a way forward, the powerhouse of the Empire of Huang Metal to move forward, the city Lord and the others to meet, and there were slight fluctuations in the heart, without thinking that Master was just closing the border, which led to such a campaign, with the highest power, such as the Holy House, the Huang Metal.

    “Where is the dignity?” At this point, there are hegemonic voices, many frowned on Supreme Profound Mountain, looking for a way to talk, see a walk in silhouette, black robe, and going this way, where they’re all set up to be superficial, with a very powerful overview of gravity.

    In particular, that’s the top middle age person, and there’s no hegemony in it.

    Too unseen City Lord and the others are looking forward to that, and there’s a slight change in expression, and they’re here.

    “The Lord of the West Green Lords.” Supreme Profound Mountain’s inner vibration of powerhouse is yet another top force, and Crown Prince Lou of the West Green Angel came by himself.

    Crown Prince is also a powerful human being for many years, although only Crown Prince, with his father’s Western Green God, Old Demon, father and son, claiming hegemony, hegemony and no one dares to violate his gravity.

    The Lordy of the Hiroshima is the absolute king of the vast region.

    Old Demon is not here, nor is he here, but the gods Crown Prince are here, enough to give attention.

    It’s not surprising that you just came to the point where your dignity is, if it’s Lou Yang, it’s not weird.

    “The Lord of the West Green, Lordo, who listens to the legend of human dignity, came to see respect.” The Lou Yang Yang said that his voice was huge and that he had a direct impact on Supreme Profound Mountain, making it clear to many that many people were exposed to colours and that the hearts of the people of the Unseen region were unhappy, not to interrupt the spirit of dignity?

    But the other side is Lou Yang, and they are afraid to say nothing.

    “Lou Yang, if you’re so impudent, please go down the hill.” Together, the voices are spreading, and people look around a place, see the depths of Supreme Profound Mountain, and a silhouette walks out, and that’s exactly the Hyun-jin Sect Lord, who’s got the same breath on him, moving towards Lou’s lofty sun, Sydney.

    “Sect Lord’s great wind.” Lou Sung-looking towards each other. “Say with a smile:” I’ve come to visit my respects and not welcome? “

    “Teachers are closing up cultivation, and if you come to visit, you wait quietly, and I’m Junior Brother’s own hospitality.” Too unseen Sect Lord is indifferent.

    “How long will it take to turn off?” Lou Yang asked.

    “Unknown.” Too unseen Sect Lord Road.

    “How long will this take?” It is clear that Loung Yang is not a sincere visit, that the relationship between Hiroshima and Supreme Profound Mountain is not as friendly as it is today, that human dignity is likely to break the border, and that there are natural fears of destruction.

    This lofty sun came to Supreme Profound Mountain, and there was a sign of a disturbance, trying to disturb the human dignity of the Unseen, thereby affecting him in breaking the veil.

    “Loung Yang, how do teachers choose, it seems that you will not decide?” The Sun Sect Lord’s voice is cold, and now the people on Supreme Profound Mountain can see that this lofty sun is a bad one.

    “This is true.” Lou Yang laughed, who uplifted the line of looking towards Supreme Profound Mountain, opened the mouth and said: “The consequences of moral dignity are so unpredictable that the Supreme Profound Mountain, in the words of Supreme Profound Mountain, must have created a lot of storm fluids, so that today it is not too boring to bother with the repair of moral dignity, sit here, and always find something to do, and ask you to teach Supreme Profound Mountain Disciple the power of purely teaching and to look at its gaps.”

    “To comply with Crown Prince’s order.” The Lordy Word fell, and he walked in the direction of moving towards Supreme Profound Mountain disciple in the aftermath of his vast Silhouette, which allowed for complexion slightly changed people from all sides of the region.

    This lofty sun is a mess, and it is not a question or a direct order to let the West Green gods come directly, in nominal terms, and the truth is that the dispute is deliberately provoked in an attempt to make it a big deal.

    In the middle of the year, Prestige of Saint Void, the people of the West Green Lower clan were directly fighting, and it was a shame that the old Demon Sect of Lordy came out.

    The Supreme Profound Mountain disciple looked forward to the Lord of the Unseen Sect. At this point, only the Unseen Sect Lord Set was cold, shirt hunting and crowded, but seeing Lou Yang was smiling at him, his eyes were deep, as if he were waiting for him, and he would have let Junior compete, and if he were King Supreme Profound Mountain, they would have fought without the slightest hesitation.

    In so doing, the Pope War is sufficient to ease the collapse of Supreme Profound Mountain, and too eloquent to be disturbed.

    “Bang…” During the hectare, the West Green god, powerhouse, has released the attack, the dark air of death surrounded by the heavens and the earth, and the hegemonic magic roll, and the power of the strike is very hegemonic, with a strong intent to kill, without a little left.

    Where are these consultations?

    “What else does it look like?” The Unseen Sect Lord was indifferent to respond, when the Supreme Profound Mountain St. Hall was released from the atmosphere and moved towards the front.

    In the meantime, on Supreme Profound Mountain, a war of chaos broke out.

    Ye Futian was still in the pocket, and his idea was to be integrated into that ancient word, to be aware of the road, and to be sure he was aware of what happened on Supreme Profound Mountain.

    It is true that no one wants to see that dignity breaks down, and that he picks up a dispute by looking for an excuse!

    (This chapter is over)

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