The Legend of Futian Chapter 1546

1546. Chapter 1512. Whose sword?

    Chapter 1512. Whose sword?

    On Supreme Profound Mountain, riots erupted and a wave of holy powerhouse riots crossed.


    power erhouse of the Hiroshima is extremely aggressive and concealed with some excitement and with no mercy.

    At this point, a man of the West Green Gods, Void, walked around the body, the magic rolled over the roar, and the air of death surrounded, and there was a miracle behind him and a photograph of human heart.

    Only when he boxed at the front, when a man was able to fight at the same time, he saw his fist flowing through the mask, and the fear that the darkness flowing directly into the body, in a moment, there were countless dark fluctuations in the body of Supreme Profound Mountain, which meant death and eroded the body of each other.

    The human face of Supreme Profound Mountain has changed sharply, while the Hiroshima, powerhouse, is free of welcome, a boxing sweep, a tremendous shock, and each other in the body’s internal organs has been shattered, surrounded by death, and the body flies directly to the distant and falls into the ground.

    “This is a tough hand.” The man on Supreme Profound Mountain saw this scene change, and he continued to move forward, and he was a boxing, rebuilt and no one could stop.

    “The Prince of the Hiroshima, Lordo.” Some recognized the saint, and he was also a royal of the West Green gods, with great strength.

    It was at this point that a silhouette walked along, moved towards Lolo’s humble meditation, lifted up a boxing and collided directly with Lotus, and saw that silhouette when people thought it was going to be blown up, while both sides broke their minds, and Void seemed crushed around the body, while withdrawing.

    “The priest.” Supreme Profound Mountain disciple saw that man, the priest of Disciple, too unseen Sect Lord, but the shocked priest’s face was not good, and there were many deaths in the body that were ravaging and eroding his life.

    Lois meditation smiles at the priest, and says, “It’s okay.”

    Say it again, it’s a step forward, and the two are fighting together.

    At the same time, other battlefield collisions are striking, and it is surprising that the number of people in the West Green capital occupies weaknesses, but it is direct and horizontal, taking a strong place in the chaos, and it is clear that the West Green god is ready.


    is not surprising, however, that the difference between two great influences is not surprising, but that the West Green god is such a great force, and that, following the success of the four major direct disciples, the Supreme Profound Mountain has no one who can name the world, and that Supreme Profound Mountain is not always the same as Holy Land.

    In that regard, it is naturally the strongest in the upper palace.

    Too unseen Sect Lord was looking at the face of the battlefield, and when Master said to close, they concealed that someone might be in trouble, so they stayed in Supreme Profound Mountain as a respectful pride, and then came, and the man who jumped out was the West Green gods.

    At this moment, the Lordy Sun has been staring at him, like waiting for them to come out, so as to provoke greater strife.

    However, the Unseen Sect Lord is still breathing, and it is indifferent to see that Supreme Profound Mountain disciple is being reborn.

    “The supreme Profound Mountain disciple seems not to be the same.” Lou Sung swept the opening of the eyeballs and said that there were a few contempt in his tongue, making Supreme Profound Mountain disciple feel humiliated.

    When the sword disciple is stronger, like a hot knife through butter, wounds a number of people in the West Green gods, but see the whole group coming at the same time, and takes the hands off, and in a instant, countless darkness runs through Void and becomes a tornado of terrifying death.


    Only one sword was broken, and one body was conceived as a mirror, killing the Hiroshima, powerhouse, and several people were killed in blood splashed and injured by the sword.

    At this time, the shadow of a Divine devil appeared before him, and a hegemonic devil repaired his hands and brainstormed that there were 3,000 deaths directly across Void, killing one to one.

    Half a body is maimed, sword out, like cutting, and collision with each other is haunted.

    At the same time, other Western Green gods were stabbed at the same time, and death demons were printed from the sky, oppressing to the edge of disciple.

    In a moment, the sword disciple was dispersed and a number of people were injured.

    The landing month was also on this battlefield, and there was a man cultivator who seemed to be staring at her, and saw only countless deaths surrounded by the sky and covered her body in it.

    She stood up with a sword, and she cried for a weekly sword.

    The gods of the West Green were staring at her face and laughing, and then their hands were sticking, and thousands of fatalities were flowing down, together with Sword of Death’s slaughter, to the body of the month.

    “Buzz.” The sword goes all the way, the moon falls, thousands of sword shadow rolls, there are traces of countless death cuts around the earth, and the slaughter fluid goes crazy.

    “The sword year.” Only the powerhouse of the West Green Catholic said, “Okay, Sword Art, unfortunately, your sword technique is still on fire.”

    The sound fell, and he was surrounded by magic, and saw his finger moved towards the air, and in a moment, countless dark dead demon Path meteors were like death lance, crazy killing to the moon.

    The sword took off its hand, its hands and its hands, and many sword shadow appeared at the same time, and the opposite direction, the two attacks went crazy, culminating in the repression of the sword, and the body of the landing month was hit down the bottom.

    Eventually, the sword returned to her heart, she tightened the sword in her hand, sword light flowing, and born a sword.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    The attack continued to fall, and her body continued to fall down, and finally came out with a whispering voice and a pale face.


    A big noise, the moon’s feet fall on the ground, and the face is pale.

    Only saw the glory of the sacred light, and her life Spirit sword summon was born together with her sword, a glorious sword, a sword that broke Void, and in a instant, everything before her was shattered, and at the same time she had blood flowing out of her mouth.

    The powerhouse of the Hiroshima was wounded by sword qi, the cold outside of his face, he stepped out, and there was a shadow of dignity over the dome, covering the sky, and the body of the moon would be drowned.

    “Go.” The sword of the moon breaks out, shines ten thousand zhang, but sees the shadows of demons, and the death of lance is crafty bombarded on the sword, and hegemonic prints, so that the sword stops in Void, the constant shock, every shock, and every time it comes to the corner of the moon, there will be blood, and there will be increasingly pale faces.

    Taijun City Lord saw a cold release on this screen, and his daughter was attacked and he apparently did not intend to let go.

    He was released under pressure, but, at the same time, there were the emperors of the West Green god who had the pressure to release it, as if he were to do so, the powerhouse of the West Green god would immediately take over.

    “Bang…” a very sharp breath seems to have been unable to suppress, as if the other guy were to commit a real killer, the city Lord would have gone straight.

    Ye Futian’s will appears to be linked to that word, and it is clear to see the battle on Supreme Profound Mountain, and many sword disciple were injured and the month of landing was repressed.

    The Supreme Profound Mountain has no dispute with the world and does not act as sect to nurture disciple, but the trees are more than silent, and they do not dispute, not on behalf of others.

    He watched the words of Supreme Profound Mountain, felt the path of all things and felt the flow of all the breaths in the heavens and the earth.

    At this point, there was a sword in his eyes, which was in the middle of the word, as if there was a sword.

    Supreme Profound Mountain’s breath was serious, and many people looked to the battlefield in which the moon landed, too unseen City Lord daughter, seemed to have been oppressed and blood dyed red.

    However, she continued to be indifferent, with a strong sword that was intended to cover her body, as if she were a sword, her body started with the sky, her hands were stabbed, and the earth was screaming at sword qi, which seemed to be struggling.


    Only on the top of the moon, the sword qi is depressed, and there is no more than the sword of the terrifying murder, and there is a sword that is brought together and turned into a sword of substance.

    The first sword was followed by a second and third, in an instant, with countless swords on the top of the moon.

    “What’s going on?” “The City Lord, the sword…

It’s not

    just him, but the rest of us are showing the color, but the moon isn’t too much for trump card?

    Somehow, the moon itself has shown a slight color, not her summon sword.


    A voice was thrown out of her sword at the fall of the moon, but on the brake down there, the countless swords in Void moved simultaneously, across Void, the first line.

    On the roof of the sky, there are countless days to be converted into cachots in the heavens and the earth.

    The man in the upper palace, complexion slightly changed, he loudly shouted, the magic rolled, and the gas of death flowed out of lance.


    lance was crushed by an instant cutting down, where he was in that space, where countless swords were cut, Void cut, and if there were dozens of words that were intertwined.

    “Almost cut.”

    The miraculous cutting of the sword in second form of the year, and so perfect, is absolutely the cutting of Great Accomplishment, even if it’s so perfect.

    Did this change in the battle?

    One screams out, the powerhouse in the palace is passing through countless swords, bleeding, weakly breathing, like being directly abolished, moving towards the air crashes, and the eye holes are lost.

    “really strong sword.” Is there a lot of people on Supreme Profound Mountain looking at the moon, so good for City Lord’s daughter in Taiwan City?

    However, why was it oppressed before?

    Are you hiding strength or suddenly realm change?

    Some emperors powerhouse felt somewhat incorrect, but was it not clear where it was wrong and difficult to look at the word, as if there was a force that triggered the word and the earth, and the sword that was born, what was done in the month of landslide?

    “What’s going on?” There is also doubt in the heart of the city Lord, which is not like a sword that can be wiped out by the moon.

    And that wonderful feeling, too.

    The eye moved towards his daughter’s vision, and indeed, only a few fractures in the eyes of the moon itself seem to be very surprised about the sword, which is not her sword.

    But this sword, really strong!

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