The Legend of Futian Chapter 1633

Chapter 1595, the forces of the

Vientiane world

    , chapter 1595, the Popular Force

    of the Sword God Temple powerhouse, naturally also shows that disciple is not Ye Futian opponent.

    And this man is also a sword repair


    “Where did you fix the sword?” There’s a human Sovereign looked for Ye Futian interview at the Sword God Temple.

    “Junior spent some time in Supreme Profind Mountain cultivation, and he also refined Sword Art in God Palace.” Ye Futian responded.

    Even though the Sword God is an elephant force, how come God Palace’s name has never heard of the cultivation of Holy Land in the upper world, and God Palace in Nine Realms is a more famous force.

    By contrast, the Supreme Profound Mountain, although also known, is not feeling strong by God Palace, but it is reported that the Supreme Profound Mountain is too unseen, Dao Venamble, breakthrough Human Sovereign Nine.

    So, among those who came behind Ye Futian, there should be Supreme Profound Mountain and God Palace powerhouse, from the upper edge.

    “Before that, so far, the Sword God doesn’t go after the war before.” His Highness Sword God says that it is a small matter, not a matter of face, to stop chasing the sword just now, but how they care about life and Death, the Sword God temple.

    “But you take the sword and you cut the sword with someone under my Sword God’s door.” The Sword God temple, on the eve of the legacy of God, is not very good to listen to the fact that the sword from the upper frontier continues to be repaired, leaving the sword largely for them, but ignores the sword of their Sword God temple in a powerful gesture.

    Teachers are unfavourable, entering the legacy, and how to compete with other forces.

    All of you know what the Sword God meant, and this is the end of this failure, the face of Nine Realms first sword.

    “Junior sword cultivation is shallow and naturally less sophisticated than Sword God sword cultivate the sword way.” Ye Futian opened the mouth and say, not fear, but simply don’t want trouble. If the Sword God comes to power, he won or won? If the road is swept over, today, I’m afraid it’s over.

    “Too modest to be rude.” What do you mean, the Sword God’s Temple powerhouse is chilly open, Ye Futian is far better than the disciple that just started, but says that the sword out of the ordinary is still humble and still doesn’t want to fight?

    Can’t you fight the Sword God disciple?

    Ye Futian went out of silhouette, opened the mouth and said, “Divine Sword Li Family Lee in the upper edge, was Aristocratic Family disciple in the upper edge, known as Sword God in Vientiane, and met here today, why don’t I try sword for him, Senior?”

    The Sword God Temple powerhouse cleaned Li’s eyes, Divine Sword Li Family in the upper edge, Aristocratic Family in sword.

    I didn’t think they’d come out.

    The people around here showed up their expectations, the Sword God Temple and Divine Sword Li Family, went across the street, and the two swords between Holy Land?

    “Elder, disciple, go to the church.” In the Sword God temple, a silhouette walks out of a courtesy to the Sword God Temple.

    Divine Sword Li Family, long overheard, has the opportunity to use the sword of Divine Sword Li Family, which is a rare opportunity.

    “All right.” Sword God’s great personality nodded, see that sword moves forward and falls above the blank, and the sword card calls the tsunami.

    Li was walking on the same footsteps, a big sword energy, instantly erupting, covering the sky.

    The two bodies formed a violent sword scenery around them, and many people in the city of the legacy felt the fighting over there, looking at the battlefield, and even someone walked around, moving towards it



    Sword God sword, whose time he took, was the sword of incomparable gigantic, and was extremely heavy, when the sword was blown up, the tunnels were blown, and the meteorites fell, and the people were subjected to extreme oppression.

    Li’s search for the same summon sword, a Divine Sword on the dome, the hegemony, the sword fighting, does not seem to want to try slowly.

    “hong long long.” The two horrendous swords Dao Aura were close to each other, and when the sword fell, countless meteorites fell, the sword of meteorites was overwhelmed by space suffocation, and the sword of Li was crushed, as was the end of the day.

    The dome is turned into a final scene, extremely terrifying, suffocating repression into a closed storm, standing in the middle of the storm, and their swords collide with each other


    Ye Futian looked up above the ground and saw only two people still exploding Heavenly Sword air, and there seemed to be a fantastic sword shadow, Divine Soul was integrated into the sword, sword energy was becoming stronger and everything was torn apart.


    road collapsed, a flashlight curtain of the sword came out, everything was erased, the meteorites were crushed directly into vain, sword intent was wiped out in the air, and the bodies of both people retreated and returned directly to their places of origin


    Lee’s groaned body is a little heavy, and that Sword God’s powerhouse corner has blood infiltrating and apparently injured


    It appears that the Sword God temple has not been able to recover the colour of a previous battle, and it is clear that the battle is still raging.

    However, in Ye Futian’s view, Divine Sword Li Family not at all advantages, after all, is the sword family, the powerhouse is limited, Lee is already a core figure, and the Sword God disciple should be more, and there must be strong disciple, after all, to prepare for the legacy of God.

    “The Sword God’s Temple is a sword, and there is a place to teach.” Li Xiaoqiao has no merit, archer: “This is not the day to come.”

    How many generations of silhouette walk by the Sword God Temple?

    Two failures, bad teachers, and today, it feels like someone hit the scene


    “This is a legacy, and the battle is a legacy, and it doesn’t make much sense here, and if the Sword God wants to defeat Ye Futian, it’s not easy, after all, the God Palace trial is a chance to clean up Heavens Chosen, the Sword God temple must fight, even if it is the strongest disciple.”

    Lee has spoken, and his words have left the Sword God’s temples powerhouse blind, and then a vision turned around and fell again on Ye Futian


    God Palace is trying to get over Heavens Chosen?



    Li’s tone, he was also one of them, probably defeated by Ye Futian, who was very proud of him.
So to speak, the man who had just taken his hand was, indeed, deliberately suppressing his strength and not reacting to that Sword God’s disciple


    “The legacy of God opens, it’s hidden dragons and crouching tigers.” The master of the Sword God looked at Ye Futian, “but suddenly the descendants were the top influential figure, so leave your collision behind the legacy of God.” They

    will not be involved for the rest of their lives, and they will finally be allowed to collise.

    The battlefield, in the legacy of God.

    “Is that what happened to the Sword God Temple, and the Sword God Temple is honored as the next generation of Sword God’s descendants?” One voice comes from the far-reaching silhouette line, which gives a magical feeling that some illusory, clearly standing there, is somewhat illusory.

    The Sword God’s powerhouse moved towards the line of silhouette, the most powerful island in Vientiane, is naturally familiar.

    “If you want to see the island disciple, you will naturally see it in the legacy.” Sword God’s Temple powerhouse said something.

    “It’s not necessarily that one of them has been trying to touch him.” The people of Fantastic Island laugh at looking towards another place, where there is another supreme force, and also from the elephant world.

    This entire group is standing on a vacuum, giving people a great deal of seriousness, keeping their lives out of the way, and none of them are close, as if they were free to form themselves, only because they have a unique atmosphere, a killing ground, a very terrifying place, and people close to them feel desperate to breathe, as if they were dying at any time.


    Vientiane community has a special area called the killing community, which comes from the killing community, attesting to the killing of Divine Heart, which is extremely dangerous.

    They’re on the trail, they’re going to lift foul wind and bloody rain, kill Nine Realms Heavens Chosen, testify to killing Avenue.


    powerhouse of the Sword God Temple looked at them, and the killing of people in the world was a headache, but it was not just their disciple of the Sword God Temple that faced the killing cultivator.

    Nine Realms, face it together.

    “Junior and the others resigned.” Ye Futian retreated from the powerhouse of the Sword God Temple, when he left to see moving towards the island of Fantasy and the powerhouse of the killing community, and felt an unusual smell on both sides, fantasy on the island and the danger of killing the people of the world


    It is also just a few of the most sophisticated forces of the Vientiane community, as well as the Sun, the Sirius, Crape Myrtle, the Tibetan, the Need to Bridge and the strongest central empire, to know what foul wind and bloody rain this legacy is going to be.

    “How does the sword lord feel?” Get out of here, Ye Futian.

    “Nothing serious.” It is also deeply deplorable to say from the Lord of the hate sword that, for many years, old young cultivation base was on him, and Lee sought to call it Heavens Chosen, who was sweeping the line, to know what kind of wind it was, and there were a few powerful people around him, along with


    “There are two fruits here, and the sword lord can administer it, and it can be used to shock human Sovereign’s territory.” Ye Futian took out two fruits, the sword and the fruits of life, respectively.

    Unlike Ye Futian, the master of the hate sword, he went through a lot with Ye Futian, and naturally did not have to be polite, but the fruit was of particular value to him.

    “I have a lot on me.” Ye Futian said with a smile.

    The words “…” were silent from the Lord of the hate sword and were then taken


    “The sword owner cultivation base realm is already very high, but there are only some shortcomings in some areas where the fruits can be filled, and if there is an organic cause in the legacy, I will also help the sword.” Ye Futian said that the Lord of the hate sword had fought for him, and if he could, he would do his best to help the Lord of the hate sword break the realm bond and testify to Human Sovereign!

    (This chapter is over)

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