The Legend of Futian Chapter 1634

Chapter 1596,

    chapter 1596, chapter 1596, my master


    legacy, the town of powerhouse, continues to gather, and Ye Futian has been gathering.

    When Sky Immortal Sect was fought, people were dispersed, sent to different geographical areas by Divine Formation, and a familiar person was separated


    This time, it’s an opportunity to regroup together.

    Nine Realms, the bell, even 3,000 avenues, will know the news. Fifty years of feast, and people from all sides may come if they have hearts


    At least Yu Sheng could be there.

    He’s been in Dragon Race cultivation, and he doesn’t know what’s going on now.

    Monster Race of the Tianjin, not yet.

    Beyond that, Ye Futian is waiting for a little sculpture, and they know each other, but Ye Futian has been very distant and sent to one of the 3,000 avenues.

    More interesting, this bastard is mixed up into a human Sovereign family, with a thousand Metal Young Lady of others, who, according to the sculpture, is Demonic Beast’s partner, who takes care of it very much, of course, just according to himself.

    Now that family forces are on their way to the central empire, they are almost there, but there is still some time to come here.

    Ye Futian has serious doubts that little sculpture is deliberate.

    He can feel that the little sculpture is getting close to him.

    Now, I don’t know if he’ll show up.

    Yu Sheng and the little sculpture knew, but he was not worried that the leaves were nowhere, but there was sword protection by the king of the cold state sword, and he should also be able to take care of himself.

    And there’s Big Brother and Three Senior Brothers who don’t know what’s going on now.

    That day, a lot of Monster Race from heaven came first.

    Many Monster Race, such as Long Divine Race, Divine Elephant Clan, Heavenly Monster God, appear to be joining together in a war of great terror.

    When the great powerhouse arrived, it also found the region in which the sky was situated, and although they were in some contradiction with the Tibetan human cultivation world, Nine Realms is now relatively close to the human race in the sky.

    This time, Nine Realms doesn’t know how much power, how much influential figure will be a huge storm.

    In Long Divine Race, there are many True Dragon powerhouse, the land of Peak, the sanctuary, of which Lung is naturally a leader, whose strength has truly arrived at the holy house of the demon and is Monster Sovereign only one step away, after which Monster Sovereign will be melted


    Many dragons Divine Race powerhouse followed him, but there was a silhouette who stood alone, and there was Monster Sovereign of Divine Race.

    The young man is dark, like wearing a dark armor, and he’s full of bullies, and he’s just that kind of gas, and he’s got a good heart


    “I’m going out.” Young people talk.

    “Are you going to find him?” Next to Divine Race Monster Sovereign looked for youth.

    “Well.” Young Nodded, listen to the Long Divine Race people who say he’s now in the upper edge of the Supreme Profound Mountain cultivation, and he’s broken into God Palace, going to the Supreme Profound Mountain, and should be able to access his message


    “Aren’t you going to be with my family?” Monster Sovereign of Dragon Divine Race said that this guy was really not able to say to Ye Futian that the relationship with Dragon Divine Race continued to appear as if it had been so long after Dragon cultivation.

    Young people naturally were Yu Sheng, who did not speak.

    “Okay, I’ll take you.” Monster Sovereign of Dragon Divine Race said that he was also worried about Yu Sheng’s safety.

    However, when he took Yu Sheng to Dravine Race cultivation in Long Divine, in itself, he was instructed by Ye Futian, who was thought to be a person who might change the paradise, and therefore Dragon Fruit himself was very strong, and had been teaching him deep in the Long Valley.

    Today Yu Sheng’s initial entrance to the abyss has been different, as if it had become somewhat different, but there have been specific changes, and he has no clarity, but a magical feeling


    “Together.” The silhouette moved towards this side of the line, the dragon Divine Race Monster Sovereign, rising up, was Justin Monster Sovereign, who had their entire group, and his children were there, and they had an affair with Ye Futian, and Justin Sovereign helped Ye Futian.

    “Okay.” Dragon Divine Race Monster Sovereign nodded, then flashing, and on the other hand powerhouse, powerhouse of the Heavenly Monster God Court, in which Peacock Monster Sovereign was with him.

    On the way, there was another powerhouse in Divine Elephant Clan, which was a shock to Monster Sovereign of Divine Race, and Ye Futian was very strong in Monster Realm.

    At this time, Ye Futian’s location, Dao Venamble eyes open, looking at Ye Futian opened the mouth and saying: “Many Monster Race from the sky is coming, and should be coming at you.”

    Ye Futian in cultivation is standing up, looking towards the distance, and soon, seeing a huge silhouette moved towards this side, where the parties powerhouse.

    He saw a lot of familiar silhouette.

    Yu Sheng, Kong, Jumbo, and many senior figures have come.

    Yu Sheng stepped out and walked directly towards Ye Futian, where he had a body and Ye Futian needed a slight look to see his eyes


    Before going up, Ye Futian Extend the hand took a shot on Yu Sheng’s shoulder, but saw Yu Sheng’s body firmly rooted there as Iron Pagoda, without a slight shake


    “How about these years in Dragon Divine Race cultivation?” Ye Futian smiled and asked.

    “Want to try?” Yu Sheng asked.


Ye Futian’s smile was frozen, a black line looked at Yu Sheng, spit out a word: “Fuck off.”

    Yu Sheng, laughing at Ye Futian, “has made considerable progress over the years and has entered Nirvana Realm.”

    It’s long gone. ”Ye Futian stares at Yu Sheng and knows this guy’s asking if he wants to try it.

    However, it seems that it is a problem to win.

    This guy, at least Ye Futian, has never seen a man beaten by Yu Sheng, beating him. On the contrary, it is not a joke if he caught you.

    Now, he doesn’t know the extent to which fleshy body evolved.

    Behind the entire group looked at the two people’s moves with a deep sense of sadness, and the two guys’ feelings were different.

    Ye Futian looked behind Yu Sheng and said,” All Senior Longtime no see. ”

    I heard you were so loud on the upper side.” Monster Sovereign of Dragon Divine Race said that Ye Futian’s ravages in God Palace had been transmitted to heaven and naturally they knew.

    “What realm now?” Divine Elephant Clan’s powerhouse asked that Ye Futian and their Divine Elephant Clan, in which the body and their Divine Elephant Clan ancestors, the throne of the Ten Orthodox idols, were unusual.

    “Nicholas.” Ye Futian smiles.

    “Yes, I’m asking, how close is it to human Sovereign?”

    I think so. Almost. ”Ye Futian smiled and said, people looked at him for a while, and cultivation was fast.

    The con is a little silent. Is human Sovereign soon?

    This cultivation speed, she’s been dumped.

    “Peacock Monster Sovereign, you’re here.” The summer queen moved towards this side and saw Peacock Monster Sovereign show up, and they’re old neighbors, and they didn’t think they’d meet here.

    “Aren’t you comin ‘too?” Peacock Monster Sovereign responded.

    “Well, there’s a company together, and I’m just feeling a little bored.” The Summer King laughed at the opening.

    “Sit down, gentlemen.” Ye Futian says hi, so many people don’t know who to talk to for a while.

    “No, Yu Sheng will come here and send him to you, and then you will enter the legacy of God, and you may face powerful opponents from all sides, and if something happens to us, we can join hands and keep your hands together, of course, if there is a conflict between you.” Monster Sovereign opened the mouth and said, Dragon Divine Race, after all, is in the legacy of God, and anything can happen


    “Junior understands.” Ye Futian nodded.

    “Well, we’ll go first.” Dragon Divine Race’s powerhouse left this side, and many others left after Ye Futian slightly nodded.


    In the central empire, there is a huge silhouette on its way, and those who can encounter other routes at all times are moving towards the same direction, the city of the legacy


    At this time, among this troubled crowd, there is a woman with an appearance, an impeccable temper, who closes her eyes, seems to be sitting in cultivation, a giant black wind sculpture, two wings open to cover the day, and walks through the wind


    “Almost to the City of Heritage.” The black wind sculpts the eyes and opens up.

    “How do you know?” The woman still keeps her eyes shut and says, “This guy’s never been to the Central Divine.

    “ I told you, I’m connected to my master, he’s in the city of legacy. ”

    You only have one master.” Girls chill out.

    The black wind sculpture also wants to open its doors to women, and a bleak murderous aura has a black wind sculpture.

    “It was once that there was a woman who was so loud or Princess.” The black wind sculpture opened the mouth and said.

    “And then?” The woman indifferently asked.

    “Later he was exceptionally good in front of my master.” The black wind sculpture, a sneeze in the summer of the legacy city.

    “And then what do you want to say?” The idea of killing lies in the black wind sculpture, and this son of a bitch is really bad enough to beat up and get back to the state one day.

    “My lord glorifies the world and knows how many women are mad at him, he innate talent is the top of his right, and no one can make it right, and the sneakers of your mouth do not deserve to raise shoes for my Lord, and his rays of light are brighter than the sun, and he passes through his legend, and you’d better be with me now, like apologizing for a mistake, or I won’t help you when you see my Lord.” Black wind sculptures open the mouth and say.

    The woman’s face is blue, coldly said, “You’re so shameless, you master know?”

    The black wind

    sculptures the angry path: “Once again there was a man Monster Race Princess, beauty, pride, and like you, then”
bang. “”

    It hasn’t spoken yet, and a woman can’t stand it, smash it in her head, so the black wind sculptures freely slip in the air!

    (This chapter is over)

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