The Legend of Futian Chapter 1786

The person of Huang Metal Divine Kingdom left, he came, and just announced.

As the people of God Palace thought, it was just to make an excuse. God Palace preached Holy Land for the upper heavens. If you want to start with God Palace, you still have to find a reason, although there are some reasons for this absurd.

The people of God Palace cultivation still release a touch of coldness after the other party leaves.

“It seems that they are ready to start.” Human Sovereign said, everyone nodded, obviously also aware of it.

“Get ready,” God Palace elder said.

Ye Futian also came here, gazing into the distance.

“It is said that many forces in Nine Realms are coming now, I do n’t know which forces Huang Metal Divine Kingdom contacted.” Ye Futian murmured: “There are forces of Divine State, except for the original Holy Land. , Who else. “

They do n’t know much about Divine State forces, but Ye Futian feels that besides the early Holy Land, there are other Divine State forces participating and preparing to share together Upper bounds.

Moreover, Nine Realms all influence is coming, it must be that Yellow Metal Divine Kingdom will not give up such an opportunity to join other people, such as his hostile forces, God Palace.

The hatred between God Palace and them is so deep that he can think of how Huang Metal Divine Kingdom might not have thought.

Thus, although their alliance is powerful, Ye Futian not at all has too much confidence. Until now, it is still not clear who the opponent will be and how strong.

But no matter what, this battle must be resolved. As an ally of God Palace, this battle must be spared no effort, otherwise, the meaning of the alliance will no longer exist.

In the coastal city on the edge of Daohai, the crowd gradually increased, just as when Ye Futian came to participate in the opening of the God Palace Secret Realm, countless powerhouses came here. Even, this time more people .

Last time, it was only the battle of Secret Realm, which belongs to the battle of innate talents of the younger generation, and it was also a test for entering God Palace. event, even, the World War I laid the future high-level isolation, and even affected Nine Realms.

This is a battle of destiny in the upper heaven, who can control the upper heaven, it is conceivable how many powerhouses will pay attention, the cultivation base of the people who come this time is generally very high, the human of upper heaven The people of Sovereign realm cultivation base came almost here, and settled in the restaurant Inn on the edge of Daohai.

These days, the beach next to the sea, people coming and going, and then throwing a stone and hitting people, it is possible that there is a Human Sovereign class existence. I can imagine that this time I came to powerhouse How many.

Many people look at the vast sea, and the sky in the distance can’t see the side. At this time, God Palace’s fate, how will it be, the future of the upper heaven, where will it go.

Now Metal Divine Kingdom has released some news, saying that it is time for this crisis. God Palace, as a missionary Holy Land, not only failed to fulfill his duties as Holy Land, but also Selling the interests of Shangjie Realm, Ren Peak’s Peak force was exterminated by the Heavenly Prophet’s forces, conniving and sheltering, and keeping people in God Palace cultivation, not to spread the ancestral land, wanting to move it to the Tianyu Academy.

In short, a case of guilt was deducted, as if God Palace was no longer Holy Land, but a reputation for fishing, ignoring the interests of Shangjie, and betraying the sinners of Shangjie.

The next step is to replace the God Palace in the Holy Land.

For this, the people in the upper sky world naturally also understand, so they are waiting at the seaside of the road.

With the passage of time, these Tian City have more shadows of powerhouses from all walks of life, especially the edge of Daohai. I do n’t know how many powerhouses have arrived, but they are still in the crowd.

On this day, a line of silhouettes walked on the beach by Dao Hai. Someone looked at Dao Hai opened the mouth and said: “There are more and more people, I ’m afraid it wo n’t take long, Huang Metal Divine Kingdom may be here. “

” They are waiting, Huang Metal Divine Kingdom wants to lay the alliance of the Tianyu Academy. It is fundamentally impossible. Therefore, it must inevitably use other forces, Nine Realms, each with a ghost, other Peak forces also want a place, but there are definitely not many forces that can really participate. Moreover, it is difficult for these forces to win God Palace. Therefore, I am afraid that these days Yellow Metal Divine Kingdom has been waiting. “

“Wait?” a young man who bathed in Flame divine light asked.

“En.” Elder nodded, opened the mouth and said to him: “Waiting for the power of Divine State to mobilize, Gai Qiong was under the emperor’s hand, how could he not use the power of Divine State in the upper realm, And you also said that there is a deadly feud between Huang Metal Divine Kingdom and Ye Futian. If you want to get rid of Ye Futian, with the help of Divine State Peak, it is undoubtedly normal. “

” Understood “Diwu nodded, opened the mouth and said:” Before Ye Futian dies, he wants to fight against him once. “

” Look again, if Ye Futian is really forced to that step , Maybe you may have a chance. “The elder replied that he is the Sun God mountain powerhouse. In the Sun God palace, he found that Diwu is indeed a very good seedling, so he intends to focus on cultivation and will bring it to Divine State cultivation in the future.

At this moment, the elder ’s eyes suddenly rose, looking at the entire group coming from the opposite direction.

The entire group looks towards them as well. Both sides stare at each other, and they can feel the strong aura between each other.

Then, passing by, as if nothing had happened, but heart is like a clear mirror.

“It seems that Ye Futian can’t escape this tribulation this time.” Sun God Mountain powerhouse said, Diwu looked back at the silhouettes that had passed by. Didn’t expect World is so small, Walking on the seaside of Dao, you can meet the giant power from the central imperial world, Divine Race powerhouse.

Moreover, this time the Divine Race lineup seems to be somewhat terrifying, Divine Race Great Elder Divine Ji is inside, but this time, Divine Race does not seem to be the protagonist, he is standing beside him People’s status is higher, which shows the level of strength.

The relationship between Divine Race and Tianyu Academy is unknown. Now Divine Race is here, and the lineup is still so strong, the purpose is self-evident.

It seems that there are many forces who want to deal with Tianyu Academy and do not want to see their rise.

On this day, the clear sky ten thousand li, Daohai calm and tranquil, on the edge of Daohai, as usual, gathered countless cultivation people.

At this moment, at one place, suddenly many people moved towards the direction of Daohai, many people around noticed that their eyes suddenly looked over there, only to see that the entire group entered the Dao one after another In the sea, one after another gorgeous yellow Metal divine light appeared on the Daohai Sea, and the page of the lone boat moved directly towards the Daohai Sea.

“Come on.” In an instant, the land on the edge of Daohai caused a sensation. Did Huang Metal Divine Kingdom come in a low profile?

At this time, in other directions, some people stepped into the Daohai and sailed. The grandiose cultivation people seemed to have traveled to Daohai and went to Daohai. God Palace.

“Go.” Countless people walked at the same time and stepped into Daohai, especially the Human Sovereign realm powerhouse. They came to watch this battle.

Now that the army is heading to Daohai, how can they miss it?

It ’s not Human Sovereign. Some bold powerhouses have also embarked on a lonely boat, wanting to witness this storm that has not been seen in the upper heaven for hundreds of years.

Although it may be dangerous, if they miss it, they are afraid they will regret it.

Gradually, more and more powerhouses are joining. So, standing on the coast of Daohai, at a glance, you can see a piece of black pressure, just like a terrorist army, starting from the coast.

Of course everyone understands that overwhelming majority people are just going to watch the lively.

Obviously, Huang Metal Divine Kingdom did not go directly, but chose this way, the purpose is to allow the world to witness together, he deliberately let everyone can follow them to go.

Nine Realms ’various powerhouses are naturally mixed into the army, moving towards the sea and sailing.

“I do n’t know if God Palace preached Holy Land this time, whether it can still exist.” Someone looked at the direction in the distance and sighed in his heart. This will be the greatest after the domination of the East Phoenix Emperor A grand battle.

The arrow is already on the string, and it is triggered at the touch of a button.


In God Palace, on top of ancient mountain peaks, many powerhouses are standing there, expression is solemn, they have got the news that the army has moved towards God Palace.

At the top of God Palace, God Palace, and other powerhouses. Here, God Palace ’s expression is solemn, divine sense envelopes the boundless space, and the endless roads and seas, as if they are also covered in his soul Inside.

In his soul, I saw the vast sea and the army was sailing towards this side.

In the back direction, there is a bright space divine light blooming, rushing into the sky, the space avenue is full of breath, one after another silhouette dropping from the sky, coming through the ancient road of space avenue.

At this time, a few silhouettes were very fast and flickered, and came to Ye Futian.

They do n’t need to go to war, they only need to deter the Two Great Influences in the Purple Tenuity world, and they can also indirectly affect the battlefield here.

It seems that Huang Metal Divine Kingdom is extremely well prepared this time!

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